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This article appears in the July 15, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche’s Four Laws
Urgently Needed To Save
the U.S. Space Program

by Kesha Rogers

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July 12—Following this article, the reader will find Lyndon LaRouche’s June, 2014 statement, “The Four New Laws to Save the U.S.A. Now! Not an Option: an Immediate Necessity.” In Mr. LaRouche’s pronouncement, he stresses that the only pathway out of the escalating global financial crisis and economic breakdown is through a return to the economic outlook of the “specific intent of the original U.S. Federal Constitution, as had been specified by U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton while he remained in office.” The urgent necessity for the reprinting of this article at this time is highlighted by events of the past week, centered on the heightened danger of an imminent banking collapse in Europe, including the precarious position of Germany’s Deutsche Bank.

The steps that Mr. LaRouche prescribes must be adopted at this time as a matter of policy, both in the United States as well as in Europe. The full discussion of these measures is to be found in the accompanying article. Here we will simply state that LaRouche insists that no economic recovery is possible unless the following four criteria are met:

  1. The immediate re-enactment of the Glass-Steagall law instituted by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, without modification, as to principle of action.
  2. A return to a system of top-down, and thoroughly defined as National Banking.
  3. The deployment of a Federal Credit-system, to generate high-productivity trends in improvements of employment, to increase the physical-economic productivity, and the standard of living of the persons and households of the United States.
  4. Adopt a Fusion-Driver “Crash Program.” The essential distinction of man from all lower forms of life, hence, in practice, is that it presents the means for the perfection of the specifically affirmative aims and needs of human individual and social life.
Return to Real Economics

We must put an end to a culture of degeneracy and economic collapse which has been brought about under the murderous policies of the last two U.S. Presidential administrations of collectively Dick Cheney/George W. Bush and Barack Obama. The actual attack carried out on the physical U.S. economy by these two presidencies, is now most clearly expressed in the destructive policies of Obama to move to ultimately shut down our manned space program, exemplified by the elimination of the Constellation program in 2010, a program which had been established as part of a mission to return to the moon, including the development of a permanent base of operations for space travel from low earth orbit to the moon and other planetary bodies, such as Mars. In addition, the continued egregious cuts to fusion energy research under Obama are intended to keep society in a state of backwardness and to promote a system of zero-growth, and the bestialization of human society.

We are re-introducing LaRouche’s Four Laws policy paper, with special emphasis on the fourth law, “Adopt a Fusion-Driver ’Crash Program,’ ” as this is integral with my campaign to revive the space program. As LaRouche stated in his policy document, “A Fusion economy, is the presently urgent next step, and standard, for man’s gains of power within the Solar system, and, later, beyond.”

As far back as the 1980’s, LaRouche had defined a space program which would be the most important and efficient science driver program to develop the physical economy and productive potentials of the nation. This was presented in his 1986 paper “The Science and Technology Needed to Colonize Mars,” and also in his popular video presentation of that program in “The Woman on Mars.”

The development of space travel and colonization is the expression of a healthy human culture, which rejects a zero-growth society that confines humans to one planet, in a state of so-called limited existence. A fusion science-driver crash program is essential to increasing the powers of a society’s productive abilities for progress, to an ever-higher level of per-capita existence. The revival of a clearly defined national mission for our space program, would lay the basis for the development of highly skilled productive work, which would produce net returns, not merely in monetary accounting terms, but in the increase of the creative and productive powers of the human mind. A system of federal credit, as defined in LaRouche’s Third Law, will be absolutely required to invest in long-term capital improvements of the real economy, while the unleashing and rapid development of the space program will create powerful net returns through technological spin-offs, as we have witnessed under the Apollo program before.

Space Program Requires Fusion Power

Krafft Ehricke, a German-American space pioneer, and a collaborator of Lyndon LaRouche, made remarkable contributions to the creation of our space program and the development of the rockets and space craft that carried our astronauts to the moon. Ehricke was also very aware of the necessity for nuclear power and fusion energy as the basis for efficient space travel and colonization. He stated, “The universe is run by nuclear energy. Space will be conquered only by manned nuclear-powered vehicles. Planning anything else for the late 1960s is, in my opinion, flirting with obsolescence almost from the start. . . .”

Ehricke’s prophetic 1960 warning was absolutely correct. Today people are foolishly calling for manned flights to Mars using chemical propulsion — a dangerous proposal which would subject astronauts to the harmful zero-gravity and high-radiation environment of space for many months at a time. Advanced fusion propulsion could cut the trip down to weeks, or less, truly opening up the entire Solar System to mankind.

What has been demonstrated here in the presentation thus far, is the essential need for a fusion energy crash program, as defined in LaRouche’s Four Laws program, as the basis for human progress, and the freeing of mankind from a state of lower forms of bestial existence, to reach mankind’s fully human, creative potential, as defined as absolutely superior to that of all lower species. LaRouche presents this as:

The knowable measure, in principle, of the difference between man and all among the lower forms of life, is found in what has been usefully regarded as the naturally upward evolution of the human species, in contrast to all other known categories of living species. The standard of measurement of these compared relationships, is that mankind is enabled to evolve upward, and that categorically, by those voluntarily noëtic powers of the human individual will.

The stated program must be adopted immediately as the measure for improving the condition of life on the planet and beyond. We must define a new national and international economic platform that establishes peaceful cooperation among nations, and puts an end to the drive for war once and for all. This is clearly represented through the policies of space exploration now being defined by the nations of Russia and China, in cooperation with other nations. Most emphatically, it is China, in its course to develop spacecraft for landing on the far side of the moon, which represents a total shift of unlimited potential for the progress of mankind. We must move now to put forward this urgently needed program for development and cooperation, and end Obama’s continued attack on human progress.

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