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This article appears in the September 30, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Obama’s Veto of JASTA
Must Be Crushed Now!

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It is reprehensible that one man is standing between justice for the murder of 3,000 people and this legislation becoming law.

                                                        —Kristen Breitweiser
                                                            9/11 widow

Sept. 24—On Friday afternoon, September 23, 2016, President Barack Obama vetoed the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), legislation which had been passed unanimously by both the United States Senate and the House of Representatives. As this issue of EIR goes to press, an intensive mobilization to override the President’s veto is being carried out by LaRouche PAC, the survivors and victims of the 9/11 attacks, first-responders to those attacks, and many, many other concerned and patriotic Americans. The moment of truth has arrived as to whether justice will be given to the victims of 9/11 and whether those who were responsible will be held accountable.

More than seven years ago, on April 11, 2009, Lyndon LaRouche delivered a live historic webcast in which he diagnosed the mental unfitness of Barack Obama to hold the office of the Presidency. Mr. LaRouche presented a clinical profile of Obama’s murderous narcissistic personality. Dismissed by many at the time, the validity of that warning by Mr. LaRouche has now been proven.

By the time this article appears, the question of a potential override of Obama’s veto of JASTA may well have been settled, but regardless of the outcome, the urgency for the immediate removal of Obama from office will remain. We print here edited excerpts from the LaRouche PAC International Webcast of Sept. 23, 2016 that deal with these matters.

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Above: Pro-JASTA organizers. Below, participants in Sept. 23 LPAC webcast, left to right:: Matthew Ogden, moderator; Elliot Greenspan, from New York; Jeffrey Steinberg, EIR.

Matthew Ogden: Good afternoon! It’s September 23rd, 2016. My name is Matthew Ogden, and I would like to welcome all of you to a special broadcast here from on Friday afternoon. We are broadcasting our regularly scheduled webcast early this week at 4:00 Eastern Time because we are in the midst of a showdown in Washington, D.C., where every minute counts.

I’m joined in the studio by Jeff Steinberg, from Executive Intelligence Review, and we’re joined via video by Elliot Greenspan, coordinator for LaRouche PAC activities in New York City.

All-Out Battle Behind the Scenes

As all of you know, we’re in the countdown to the “moment of truth” right now. As of 1:00-2:00 this afternoon, during the White House press briefing, it remains clear that President Obama is committed to vetoing the JASTA Bill (Senate Bill 2040). We’re going to put, right now, the phone number on the screen for you to call in to Congress in order to contact the Senators and Representatives from your State, in order for you to be mobilized during the show. Don’t even delay. Call in. Make sure that your voice is heard. Tell every single Member of Congress to remain strong in their commitment to override Obama’s veto.

This Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (or JASTA), despite unbelievable pressure, threats, lies, money, and intimidation coming from the Saudi lobbying machine and from the White House directly,— at last reading on Capitol Hill, Congress is still set to override this veto, delivering a very historic first veto override of Obama’s entire Presidency.

What’s become clear from the coverage, is that this has been an all-out battle behind the scenes. I’d like to read just the beginning of a New York Times article that came out on Wednesday, September 21st, which was headlined, “Fight Between Saudis and 9/11 Families Escalates in Washington.” I think this gives a dramatic overview of exactly what has gone down behind the scenes, and in public view, during the course of just the few days this week. It reads, in the beginning:

On Monday, a constellation of lobbyists for Saudi Arabia, which has spent more than $5 million this past year to buy influence in Washington, called a crisis meeting to try to stop legislation allowing the families of victims of the Sept. 11 attacks to sue the Saudi government for any role in the plot.

On Tuesday, the 9/11 families, represented in their multibillion-dollar lawsuits by lawyers including Jack Quinn, a former White House counsel with deep relationships in Washington, demonstrated outside the White House to pressure President Obama not to veto the legislation, as he has vowed to do.

On Wednesday, these two powerful forces, one operating in the shadows and the other more in the open, converged on Capitol Hill in the culmination of one of the biggest and most emotional lobbying fights of the year. The battle is a reflection of the enduring dominance in Washington of the 9/11 families and the diminishing clout here of Saudi Arabia, which once advanced its agenda unencumbered in the West Wing and the corridors of Congress.

LaRouche’s ‘Marching Orders’

Now I think it’s very clear that what has happened, is that the 9/11 families—but also other citizens, including those of you who are watching this broadcast here today—have played a central role in fueling this showdown. And that’s why we’re asking you, right now, if you haven’t called in to your Congressmen, to call right now—202-224-3121—to say “Override Obama’s threatened veto of JASTA.”

We do have some video clips from the press conference that occurred on the Senate side of the Capitol on Tuesday afternoon, where Terry Strada, Kaitlyn Strada, Alison Crowther—all three members of the 9/11 families—and also Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) absolutely demolished and debunked the lies that were coming out of the Obama Administration and the Saudi lobbying machine.

But before we get to that, I’d like to ask Jeff Steinberg to say, in brief, what Mr. LaRouche’s “marching orders” for this moment are, in the face of Obama’s upcoming threatened veto of the JASTA Bill. And then we will play this press conference clip. Jeff, I’m going to let you just summarize what Mr. LaRouche’s comments were today.

Jeff Steinberg: It’s pretty straightforward. He just simply said that if Obama goes ahead with this veto, then he should be immediately impeached. This is such an act of overt and witting treason against not just the 9/11 families, but against the United States as a whole.

One of the news accounts today said that if Obama goes ahead with his veto, then once again he’s siding with the terrorists, against the interests of the United States.

In the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, one of the first responsibilities of the President is to defend the national security of the United States: to “provide for the common defense” and to “promote the general Welfare,” and if President Obama cannot see why it is in the urgent interests of all Americans, and of anyone around the world who wants to actually fight against this terrorist scourge emanating from Saudi Wahhabism and from the Saudi Royal Family,— then he had better think about what the implications of this are.

Mr. LaRouche’s marching orders are very simple: Get the veto override. Mobilize your Senator, mobilize your Representative. But, on top of that, anyone who is unclear about the strategic implications of an Obama veto, should think long and hard and should join in the chorus that must immediately demand his impeachment from office. This is a deadly serious matter, and that’s the step that must be taken.

9/11 Families Speak

Ogden: Great! We’re going to elaborate a little bit more on the context of that a little bit later. But right now, I want to play a very short excerpt from the speeches of Terry Strada, Kaitlyn Strada, Alison Crowther, and Sen. Blumenthal, in which they debunk every single media propaganda line that you’re going to hear coming from the White House and the Saudi lobbying machine on the subject of the JASTA Bill. Here is that excerpt:

LPAC/Jason Ross
Terry Strada of 9/11 Families & Survivors United for Justice Against Terrorism, as she addressed the Sept. 20, 2016 press conference at the U.S. Senate in support of JASTA.

Terry Strada: In our quest for the truth, accountability, and justice for the murder of my husband and the thousands of other innocent souls lost and injured, my colleagues and I have worked tirelessly with Congress for over four years, advocating for the 9/11 families in support of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA).

I am frustrated, angry, and tired of the mis-truths being carelessly spewed about this legislation, and I am here today to set the record straight. The President’s rationales to veto JASTA hold no weight. They are 100% wrong. The issues the White House is raising now ... have all been considered, repeatedly, and addressed.

This issue about the possibility of threats of reciprocal laws and lawsuits is a knee-jerk reaction, raised by all novices looking at the Bill, until they actually read the text and consider the policies. Then, only those who would favor Saudi interests seem to cling to the mis-truths. Those who favor sound, anti-terror-financing policies, support JASTA.

The most recent statement from the White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, last Monday, when he told the White House press corps that there were concerns about judges all over the country designating terror organizations for U.S. sanctions, is nonsensical. No judge overseeing a civil jury trial for injuries would ever be imposing U.S. sanctions. That is simply outlandish.

‘Denying Us Justice Is Un-American’

To be crystal clear: JASTA does not and cannot have anything to do with suing our diplomats. That issue is controlled by something entirely different from JASTA—the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. And if I know it, I suspect the White House knows this, too.

JASTA has nothing to do with whether a private citizen, or even a private company, can be sued for alleged wrong-doing. JASTA deals with the immunity of foreign states. So, the White House’s press comments that enacting JASTA will threaten suits against the United States—which Mr. Earnest emphasized as a risk of JASTA—are categorically untrue. I am sure the White House knows that, too.

And most importantly, our military is not at risk for being sued if JASTA is enacted. The narrow text of JASTA, like our legal history, specifically distinguishes between acts of war and acts of terrorism. The text of the Bill, for anyone who cares to read it—and it is surprisingly short—specifically excludes acts of war. I’m sure the White House knows that, too.

No one who seriously opposes terrorism disagrees with a bill that at its core, accuses no one. All JASTA does, is simply ask those accused of sponsoring terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, to answer on the merits and to stand to account for those accusations.

For us, the 9/11 families and survivors, all we’re asking for is an opportunity to have our case heard in a courtroom. Denying us justice is un-American. In our case, the existing and still growing mountain of evidence against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, demands that they address those accusations, if for nothing else, to normalize our relations with a nation that claims to be our ally.

I would suggest, that if the Kingdom had no part in the horrific attacks of 9/11, they should welcome the opportunity to address the allegations head-on, and fix our relationship. Instead, they have hired dozens of highly paid lobbyists, who roam the halls of Congress, intimidating our Members of Congress and trying to strong-arm our legislative process. This, too, is un-American.

We, the 9/11 community, have suffered far too long at the hands of far too many that would prevent us from seeking accountability before a jury of our peers. Neither the President, nor Congress, nor the lobbyists for foreign kingdoms should be permitted to make us wait another day to pass JASTA.

LPAC/Jason Ross
Sen. Richart Blumenthal (D-Conn.): “If the Saudi Government is innocent, it has nothing to fear.”
Saudis ‘Should Be Held Accountable’

Sen. Richard Blumenthal: The basic objective here is to hold accountable wrong-doers and law-breakers and evil-doers. Because that is the rule of law. Behind that over-arching, seemingly abstract ideal, is a loop-hole in the law. And it’s a modest loop-hole. The loop-hole is that a foreign actor or agent can commit an atrocity in this country, but be immune from any kind of legal accountability if the aiding and abetting is done outside our boundaries. That’s basically what may well be shown in a court of law about the Saudi agents or operatives who aided and abetted the 9/11 terrorists. There’s a basic principle here. If a foreign agent or actor gives a bag of money or a ton of explosives to someone who then does harm in our country, and it happens outside the country, there still should be legal accountability . . .

Take an analogy: If another country launched a missile from within its borders, from its soil, that blew up an American citizen, nobody would say, “Well, that’s okay, because they did it within their own borders.” And the same principle applies here. A foreign government that aids and abets an act of terror that does harm in our country, should be held accountable, even if those actions occurred outside our borders ...

If the Saudi Government is innocent, it has nothing to fear from a day in court. If it is culpable, it should be held accountable. And there is mounting evidence, revealed in the 28 pages, kept secret for so long, about potential Saudi complicity.

So, I am urging the President, as I did in a letter with my colleague Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) about ten days ago, to sign this measure, and I believe that there are now, and there will be, well more than the necessary votes to override this veto. It was unanimously passed, and I believe it will be overwhelmingly approved again, if need be.

LPAC/Jason Ross
Kaitlyn Strada: “Show that you, our elected officials, stand on our side, that of the American citizens.”
‘Do Not Yield to Powerful Influences’

Kaitlyn Strada: After hearing our cries for justice, our U.S. Senate and House of Representatives unanimously passed legislation called the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act. This bill would give me and thousands of other children who lost their parents on 9/11, the opportunity to see some degree of accountability. JASTA does not determine whether the accused foreign state is actually responsible; the accused just wouldn’t get a free pass on accountability. Under existing law, a foreign state alleged to be responsible for a car wreck has no free pass and must face the music; the same should be true for terrorist attacks that kill or cause injury to Americans on U.S. soil. It is the right thing.

So, I am imploring Congress to override the President’s impending veto, and help my family and all the 9/11 families and survivors seek the justice we deserve. Fifteen years is far too long for us to have to wait already. The veto should be overridden at the first opportunity, and we should not be forced to wait a day longer. Please show that you, our elected officials, stand on our side, that of the American citizens. Do not yield to the pressure of powerful foreign influences looking to escape accountability. It’s past time to enact JASTA.

LPAC/Jason Ross
Alison Crowther: “We are engaged in an insidious war of hearts and minds.”
‘An Epic Battle for the Soul of Humanity’

Alison Crowther: I’ve come here today along with many other 9/11 families and victims in support of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act. The purpose of this act is to hold accountable individuals in nations that fund terrorist activities in our country. JASTA, if passed, will open pathways to choke off foreign sources of funding and bankrupt terrorism. We first and foremost exhort President Obama to approve JASTA. We are engaged in an insidious war of hearts and minds, an epic battle for the soul of humanity. To quote President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” If we allow fear of potential consequences to rule over right action, the bad guys will win.

JASTA is a weapon in our nonviolent arsenal to fight against those who would intentionally target and perpetrate heinous crimes against innocent men, women, children, and the unborn. If President Obama decides to veto JASTA, we trust that the Senate and House, who represent the will of the 9/11 families and the citizens of our great country, will stand by their unanimous convictions and override a Presidential veto of JASTA without delay. Thank you very much.

Ogden: Now while you were watching that video, we received a breaking news announcement; I am going to let Jeff announce to you what has just developed.

Now the Onus Is on You

Steinberg: At 4:27 this afternoon, President Obama signed the veto of JASTA.

This now means that the onus is on all of you and on the members of the U.S. Senate and then the U.S. House of Representatives to deliver a unanimous rebuke to a President who puts his future business dealings with Saudi Arabia and his commitment to cover up the crimes of 9/11, ahead of the interests of the American people. This is a shameful moment for the institution of the Presidency; and I hope all of you will take that absolutely seriously and do your part as citizens. As Mr. LaRouche said, “This is an unconscionable act by President Obama that deserves his immediate impeachment.” But first and foremost, he’s got to be delivered a brutal message by the Congress, by the Senate; but first by you, the American people, that this is thoroughly unacceptable. He will go down in infamy for this hideous act on his part.

I just want to amplify a little bit what the stakes are in this fight. We all know that 2,997 people perished on 9/11; but the death and destruction from that event continues to this day. I want to read to you a news item that I wrote earlier this afternoon, and I think you’ll understand why this is an appropriate thing to be reading to you right now:

On the weekend of the 15th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks earlier this month, Newsweek magazine published an extensive report on the tens of thousands of New Yorkers and other first responders who are suffering severe medical conditions as the result of their heroics following the 9/11 attacks. The Newsweek story was graphically headlined, “9/11’s Second Wave: Cancer and Other Diseases Linked to the 2001 Attacks Are Surging.” While much of the article was devoted to heartbreaking case studies of the first responders who are now either dead or are suffering serious illnesses as the result of their efforts, the statistics provided in the article are harrowing, and reveal the extent to which the consequences of the 9/11 attacks continue to take lives.

The Body Count Is Continuing

This is a quote from Newsweek: “Doctors with the World Trade Center Health Program, which the federal government created in the aftermath of the attacks, have linked nearly 70 types of cancer to Ground Zero. Many people have fallen victim to cancers their doctors say are rare, aggressive, and particularly hard to treat.”

More than 411 emergency rescue workers died in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, and that number has reached 1,064 as of July 2016, according to data that Newsweek obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). But the full account is staggering: “As many as 400,000 people are estimated to be affected by diseases such as cancers and mental illnesses linked to September 11th.” Four hundred thousand! That figure includes those who lived and worked within a mile and a half of Ground Zero in Manhattan and Brooklyn, the vast majority of whom still don’t know they’re at risk. Mark Farfel, director of the World Trade Center Health Registry, which tracks the health of more than 71,000 rescue workers and survivors, says, “Many people don’t connect the symptoms they have today to September 11th.”

Dr. Michael Crane, director of a clinic at Mount Sinai Hospital which treats 22,000 rescue and recovery workers from 9/11, told Newsweek: “Today, fifteen years after the attacks, doctors are starting to understand why people are still dying. When the towers came down, they released a massive plume of carcinogens, turning lower Manhattan into a cesspool of cancer and deadly disease.”

A Natural Resources Defense Council report, issued soon after the 9/11 attacks, estimated that the North Tower alone released 400 tons of asbestos into the atmosphere, along with lead, mercury, volatile organic compounds, and deadly poisons. Among New York City firefighters, the cancer rate after 9/11 increased by between 19 and 30 percent over pre-9/11 rates.

So the body count is continuing, and therefore, the magnitude of the President’s crime in failing to sign JASTA into law, is that much greater.

Ogden: I am going to hand over to Elliot right now in New York City. The activity on the ground is intense, both in terms of forcing an override on this JASTA veto, but also activity for ushering in a New Paradigm, a new international economic order, which is now on the table for discussion at the United Nations General Assembly meeting. I’m going to let Elliot say a little more about the situation there.

Report from Manhattan

Elliot Greenspan: Thank you, Matt. Four concerts—this is now two weeks ago—four concerts were performed as a living memorial to the 3,000 who perished on 9/11, to the first responders, to the survivors, to the families, and to the millions of victims in regime-change wars caused by the Bush and Obama administrations. A living memorial. We had upwards of 3,000 New Yorkers at these concerts; we had reached at least 100,000, probably hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers in the run-up to this, for the purpose of focussing the city, the metropolitan area, and the nation, on 9/11, on the implication of the declassification of the 28 pages, and on the potential for a breakthrough with JASTA. So this goes back a couple of weeks. Then, we come to the UN General Assembly.

Among other events at the General Assembly, is the intervention by the Saudi government spokesman before the General Assembly—that is, before the world—saying that JASTA was an affront to the sovereignty of Saudi Arabia. At the same time, the Wall Street Journal in New York is editorializing against JASTA; the New York Post has a Congressional op-ed supporting JASTA; and there were two major New York Times articles in the last two days. This situation is super-charged.

In that context, we released—twice this week—editions five and six of the LaRouche newspaper, the Hamiltonian, which had headlines, “Traitor Obama Stalls on JASTA, Impeachment is Nigh,” and “Obama’s Doomsday: First JASTA, Next Glass-Steagall.” Insofar as Obama has perpetuated the Bush-Cheney policy, the British-Saudi policy of regime-change war and of international terrorism, we took the gloves off in Manhattan over these last days, targeting Obama. We had banners at our rallies throughout especially the East Side near the United Nations, Midtown, and the Upper West Side: “LaRouche: Cameron Is Out; Make Obama Next!” and “Good-bye Cameron: Take the Pig with You,” which had a picture of a pig with Obama’s face on the pig. Also, “Duterte Was Right! Obama is a Son-of-a-B****,” “Obama’s Legacy—5 Wars, 60 Million Refugees,” “Obama Backs ISIS in Syria,” and it goes on like this. We hammered away at this.

Chinese TV
The Sept. 4-5 G-20 Summit in Hangzhou, China, led by President of China Xi Jinping, concentrated on creating a new financial architecture committed to a new economic order.
A Transformation Is Building

Let me, however, locate this in the broader context of the UN General Assembly. There was a revolution to finish off the British Empire on the 4th and 5th of September at the Hangzhou summit of the Group of 20 (G-20), led by the Chinese under the direction of President Xi Jinping. There was the creation of a new financial architecture, and of an international governance agency—the G-20—which is committed to a new economic order, the New Silk Road, and the World Land-Bridge,— ideas which were put forward in 1975 by Lyndon LaRouche, and which were brought by LaRouche’s allies, in particular Guyana’s Foreign Minister Fred Wills, to the United Nations General Assembly for the first time 40 years ago this week.

Without going through that history, those ideas, which we’ve organized for, day by day for over 40 years, have now created a new economic system based on scientific and technological progress and great projects of infrastructure. This occurs at a moment when Deutsche Bank, the Italian banks, and the London and Wall Street banks are facing their demise—far beyond the 2008 explosion. Buholzer
China’s Premier Li Keqiang brought to the UN General Assembly the commitment of the G-20 summit to development, while Obama convened a summit at the UN on the refugee crisis, which his policies have created. Here Li Keqiang speaks at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Jan. 21, 2015.

In that context, we see the creation of this new system. The Chinese government, under Premier Li Keqiang, over the last several days, has brought this breakthrough, the commitment of the G-20 summit, to the United Nations General Assembly. He has put forward the conception of the UN Sustainable Development 2030 Agenda, which is a commitment adopted a year ago by the UN General Assembly to eliminate poverty by the year 2030. What the Chinese have done, is to emphasize the “development” part of “sustainable development,” and they’ve enlisted the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in a first Memorandum of Understanding between the UNDP and the Chinese government.

There is a transformation building, as a result of the leadership of President Xi with President Putin and with the BRICS nations as a unit, which has become ever stronger through several summits—the G-20 of early September, into the General Assembly, and from here into the BRICS summit in mid-October in India. A new economic potential is unfolding for humanity. The Chinese have standing on the matter. As President Xi put it at Hangzhou, they have eliminated poverty for 700 million Chinese; they will eliminate poverty for 57 million more by 2020. They’re spreading this through the New Silk Road already to at least 70 nations, and soon 100.

Intervening into a Super-Charged Environment

The great question is, what is the United States doing in response? What is Western Europe doing? In a discussion with Mr. and Mrs. LaRouche this morning, Mrs. LaRouche emphasized that China is the stellar nation fighting for this perspective; but no such thing is coming from the United States or from Western Europe yet, and instead, one sees the treason of Obama in his aiding and abetting of ISIS, al-Qaeda, and al-Nusra’s international terrorism. What an irony that Obama convened a summit on the refugee crisis at the UN this week! Obama created the refugee crisis!

So in our work on the streets of Manhattan this week, there was a super-charged environment. There was a battleground there. There was, for example, a demonstration heavily funded by George Soros and the neocons attacking the Presidency of Rouhani of Iran—about 500 demonstrators attacking Rouhani. Joe Lieberman became the spokesman of that demonstration, and Joe Lieberman announced that it’s Iran that is responsible—he says—for the mass murder of Syrians. Daniel Burke, LaRouche PAC leading organizer in the city, happened upon this demonstration and he yelled out, “Lieberman, you’re lying! Obama and the Saudis are responsible for the mass murder in Syria!” There was a brief dialogue, and Lieberman at some point seemed to agree with Daniel Burke.

Then there was a demonstration organized by the Syrian-American Forum, including large numbers of Syrian-Americans and others, and Lynne Speed—leading LaRouche organizer in New York—took the microphone and outlined what we have done to create the potential for this transformation in Syria. One of the Syrians there asked, “What about Senator Richard Black?” And Lynne answered, “Yes, he just spoke at a Schiller Institute conference which was addressed by Jeff Steinberg, by Helga LaRouche, by Ambassador Ja’afari of Syria.” And Lynne developed the potential to end this regime-change policy by virtue of the G-20 agenda, of the Chinese and Russian agenda. To crush terrorism militarily, and to develop and reconstruct that region.

Daniel was interviewed at the same time by ABC Television in New York, and was asked, “Well, President Obama is giving his final UN address. What do you anticipate?” And Daniel said, “It’s going to be treason; it’s going to be a disaster. Obama has created the refugee crisis,” and he spelled out the alternative policy which is what we now have on the table.

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LPAC organizers near the UN General Assembly in New York, advocating China’s implementation of LaRouche’s World Land-Bridge perspective as the alternative to the refugee crisis.
‘If More Americans Were Like You . . .’

Let me conclude: The new Hamiltonian—and I should emphasize that the lead report in the Hamiltonian and the banner headline is: “Appeal to the UN General Assembly: A New Paradigm for the Common Aims of Mankind.” Helga Zepp-LaRouche penned this appeal explicitly to build upon the G-20 breakthrough, the G-20 revolution, and that was the challenge that she posed to the governments of the world, many of whom are receiving this Hamiltonian; we’ve gotten out about 4,000 Hamiltonians in several days. We will intensify this over the weekend and into next week. The idea is the challenge to the governments of the world to join China and Russia and India and the BRICS; to join LaRouche under LaRouche’s leadership.

This morning, as we were distributing this and organizing, a Chinese businessman came to our table, and said, “If the United States and China work together, we can solve all the problems of the world. Drugs, terrorism, war. But the United States doesn’t want to do it. India and China are doing things; in the United States, it’s just talk and fighting. If you want to be rich, build a road. It makes everyone richer. If more Americans were like you,” he said to our organizers, “we could solve all problems.” I think that’s a useful microcosm. This is the LaRouche movement, the new Presidency which LaRouche is creating, centered in New York with the Hamiltonian—our drive to work with China and the BRICS countries. That’s my report.

Ogden: Thank you very much, Elliot. As can be made no clearer, the lever of history is in our hands. Many members of the LaRouche PAC New York City chapter took the bus down to Washington, D.C. to be involved in these JASTA rallies. That made a huge difference in the White House rally and the Senate rally. These are people who have the physical means to do that. You, right now, can pick up the telephone and call Congress. We still have a few more minutes on the East Coast before Congress leaves for the weekend. Call them now! That’s why we’re recording at this early time. We’re going to display again the phone number on the screen. This is the Capitol switchboard; you can call both of your Senators, and you can call your member in the House of Representatives, and tell them now is the time to override Obama’s veto.

Financial Collapse and Glass-Steagall

Steinberg: I want to say two things. Number one, I think for those citizens out there who’ve not engaged in this kind of level of political mobilization, let me be very clear. If you walk into any office on Capitol Hill, the first thing you encounter are several young people, usually they’re new employees—fresh out of college—sometimes they’re even interns. They’re there taking phone calls. And they are instructed by every member of Congress, to take detailed notes on every constituent call that comes in there. And of course, we’re two months away from elections in which every member of the House and one-third of the Senate are up for re-election. They want to know what issues are on their constituents’ minds.

When Congress was considering whether to give President Obama the authority to bomb Syria back in September of 2013, the switchboards were ringing off the hook on Capitol Hill. Every office received massive numbers of phone calls, emails, and letters; and they were running 100 to 1 against any kind of new wars in the Middle East involving the United States. So, you do make a difference.

I think the other thing that needs to be remembered in the context of what Elliot has just reported, is that one of the things that is going on, on both sides of the Atlantic, is that the entire financial system is crumbling at an accelerating rate. If anything, we are also at a moment where not only is it necessary to pass JASTA and to get this treacherous President out of office—not wait ’til January, not wait ’til the November elections—but now! After what he’s just done, it should be clear as day. But the other thing that’s got to be done immediately, is Congress must take up the Glass-Steagall Act. There are bills in both Houses of Congress to reinstate Glass-Steagall, which means breaking up the too-big-to-fail banks.

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LPAC organizers near UN headquarters in New York are getting across to people the necessity of restoring FDR’s Glass-Steagall Act as a precondition for rebuilding the U.S. economy and enabling the United States to play a positive role in the development of the world.

The FDIC, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which insures your deposits in the Federal commercial banks across the United States, has issued a report in the last few days in which it reported in great detail and with great alarm, that the major banks of Europe and the United States have once again built up such a mountain of leveraged debt that they could blow at any moment . . . The leverage that these banks have built up criminally, is worse than where things stood at the time that Lehman Brothers blew out. The leverage of debt to reserves of Deutsche Bank is over 37 to 1; and all the other banks that we’re talking about here have leverage ratios of 25 to 1, or 30 to 1.

So this whole system is about to blow, and once again, the Obama administration, in the same way it’s opposed to JASTA, is opposed to reinstating Glass-Steagall. Congress has to really stand up, and you’ve got to be the spine that pushes that issue forward, as well as what we’ve been talking about in the first part of this show—about the urgency of a veto override of JASTA and moves to bring this President down all together.

Ogden: I could foresee Glass-Steagall being the second veto override of Obama’s administration.

Steinberg: Right, exactly. And it’s got to happen in September. We can’t wait ’til after November for this, it’s too risky.

New Presidency Without Hillary or Trump

Ogden: Absolutely. The appeal that Elliot referenced from Helga Zepp-LaRouche, which is now going into the hands of UN ambassadors and others as we speak, is critical. At the same time, I know that over the course of this weekend, everything will be dominated by this fight over the JASTA veto override. Congress will be in session at the beginning of next week. The district offices, high-profile appearances, op-eds, and calls into radio shows: everything that you can do over the next 24-48 hours, will determine what happens on Monday morning when Congress comes back into session.

So again, the number is on the screen—202 224-3121—so you can call into your Congressional office; you still have a few moments left to do so. Circulate this broadcast as widely as you can. That video excerpt that we showed you with Terry Strada, the other 9/11 families, and Senator Blumenthal is available on the LaRouche PAC website. You can circulate that, too. That debunks all of the lies that are coming from the Obama White House and the Saudi political lobbying machine; you can use that to inform your own activism over the course of this week.

Elliot, do you have any final words from New York to conclude this show?

EIRNS/Stephan Ossenkopp
Helga Zepp-LaRouche at the T-20 Summit in Beijing, China, July 29, 2016, which laid some of the groundwork for the G-20 Summit.

Greenspan: Insofar as Lyndon LaRouche’s objective with the creation of the Hamiltonian newspaper was to launch a new Presidency of the United States, a new institution of the Presidency independent of these hated candidates and independent of Obama,— this is a fascinating and decisive moment, in which Obama, for the first time in his entire Presidency, is about to be overidden. Where Obama can be brought down. Jeff emphasized LaRouche’s point about impeachment; we will now take the Hamiltonian onto the streets in a heightened way tomorrow morning and Sunday and into next week, to build both this process of veto-override, potential impeachment, Glass-Steagall, and the new Presidency.


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