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This article appears in the October 21, 2016 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Fact Is, Barack Obama
Must Be Impeached!

by Dennis Speed, Oct. 18, 2016

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“Now what I want is Facts. Teach these boys and girls nothing but Facts. Facts alone are wanted in life. Plant nothing else, and root out everything else. You can only form the minds of reasoning animals upon Facts: nothing else will ever be of any service to them. This is the principle on which I bring up my own children, and this is the principle on which I bring up these children. Stick to Facts, Sir!”

                                                         —Charles Dickens,
                                                             Hard Times

“The central formal problem of contemporary knowledge is that the fact, which naive opinion takes for the elementary or simple basis of human knowledge, proves upon critical examination to be a highly suspect authority. The concept of a ’fact’, we discover through reflection, is the result of a process of judgement and therefore by no means as simple or self-evident as naive opinion assumes. In the process of judgement the experiential continuum is apparently arbitrarily bounded to form a notion of particularity from what is actually a continuous process; upon that constructed, artificed particularity of objective reference a mental construct as such is imposed. It is that mental construct which represents the best of ordinary opinion’s ‘hard facts’.”

                              —Lyndon LaRouche,
                                  “The Production of Consciousness”

Lyndon LaRouche
Barack Obama, Thermonuclear Nero

Until September 28, it was a universally accepted “fact” that it was impossible to deploy the United States Congress to successfully act against Barack Obama in the interest of the American people and Republic. When the dust cleared after the vote to override Obama’s veto of the Justice Against the Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA), however, the Congress, particularly the entire United States Senate minus one, had joined hands in its greatest show of unity in this century to humiliate Obama—the real Barack Obama. They had been inspired by the families of 9/11 victims, by former senators, by their oath of office, and by an unseen, unacknowledged cultural shift in the United States, centered in Manhattan, to do what most of the Congress had secretly wished to do all along. Now, with the world placed the edge of a recklessly provoked “global thermonuclear showdown,” Obama should be “overridden” out of the Presidency, deploying the power of the United States Constitution to use his latest provocation against Russia’s Vladimir Putin, as the occasion to suggest that fully justified recourse.

That such an action does not appear likely or probable, though it may be absolutely necessary for the continued foreseeable survival of the planet in the short term, means that the accepted world of facts must yield to a higher platform of judgement and action. The electoral process be damned, since it has already been, once the two nominees of the Republican and Democratic parties were “chosen.”

When a Russian head of state, through various diplomatic channels, makes it clear that his government views threats, such as that made by vice-President Joe Biden on Sunday’s October 16th edition of Meet The Press, toward Russia, to be unlike those of any period other than that of the October, 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, the first thing to realize is that the post-November 1989 period of history has been officially declared to be over. The “post-Soviet unipolar world” fantasized by the neo-conservatives of “Project for a New American Century” fame has withered away. A new period of history, either far more dangerous, or more hopeful, has begun. That apparently sudden and fundamental world-shift will not tolerate an Obama (or Clinton or Trump) at the helm of the world’s most powerful but rapidly declining “superpower.”

“But isn’t it a fact that one of these people is going to be President of the United States for, or in the foreseeable future?” Actually, it is possible that Alexander Hamilton, the designer of the American Federal system and its first Treasury Secretary, could at last become President of the United States. Hamilton’s policies, as captured in Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws, could become, almost overnight, the dominant discussion among crucially influential portions of the citizens and the electorate of the United States. The means to make such a process occur exist.

Alexander Hamilton

Why should LaRouche and Hamilton be read, in depth, and their ideas be mastered, as if “overnight”? The impending, momentary descent into the maelstrom of a terminal planet-wide monetary collapse of the trans-Atlantic financial system could itself, also, be the catalyst for an Obama-provoked thermonuclear war confrontation—especially because Russia, China and other states have taken steps to avert that very economic fate, and Obama’s controllers are not amused. Their “old, mad, blind, despised and dying” world view asserts that if this is indeed “Götterdammerung”
—the twilight of the monetary gods — then there should rather be a planet-wide thermonuclear extinction war, than that their system should be collapsed and a just community of sovereign but cooperating and prosperous nation states supersede it. Is Barack “Nero” Obama the thermonuclear pyromaniac selected for the job?

“But who would be insane enough to blow up the whole world, since that would destroy them as well?” Ask yourself: would the persons that drove the planes into the World Trade Center not have preferred to have hijacked American military planes equipped with nuclear weapons? Would they have been stopped by the consideration that using such thermonuclear weapons in a terrorist attack might start thermonuclear World War Three? Clearly, there are forces and individuals that are criminally insane enough to do so. Could that happen, has that happened, in the case of the U.S. Presidency? Was for example, the Kennedy Presidency pressured to that same effect, that is, to use nuclear weapons against the Soviet Union in October of 1962?

Fortunately for the world, Vladimir Putin is a brilliant leader of Russia. Fortunately, also, China has for over two decades, in various ways, perfected a design presented to China and the world by Lyndon LaRouche—the New Silk Road/
World Land-Bridge—for the creation of a new, unique world physical-economic platform. This is to be accomplished by way of development corridors through the interiors of continents—a completely revolutionary approach to economic growth, including the technological development of Earth’s atmosphere, near-Earth space, and the exploration and mining of the Moon as the extended neighborhood of that new industrial platform. LaRouche’s collaborators in Russia, particularly from the 1990s when LaRouche was made an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Sciences even as he sat in a Minnesota prison—a position not unfamiliar to the best of Russian intellectuals in their own time—had early recognized his unique contribution to physical economy and science more generally. That “fact” was registered throughout the entirety of post-1989 Russia, on top of the fact of LaRouche being the chief interlocutor for and designer of the 1983 beam-weapons policy that was termed the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) by the Reagan Administration. LaRouche, upon his release from his unlawful imprisonment in 1994, renewed his work in Russia. Professors Taras Muranivsky, Pobisk Kuznetsov, and Stanislav Menshikov, among others, were his collaborators. Today’s Strategic Defense of the Earth (SDE) initiative on the part of Russia is a descendant of the earlier 1990s and 1980s work.

April 1994, Pobisk G. Kuznetsov, center, with Lyndon LaRouche, right, in Russia.

These facts are not actually unknown in the United States: they are simply denied. But the facts are not denied in Russia, and Vladimir Putin, among others, is well aware of LaRouche’s true capabilities in the field of physical economy. Therefore, when LaRouche announces that he has formulated the core of Hamilton’s four Reports, written by Hamilton in 1790-91 as Secretary of the Treasury of the United States to then-President Washington—dealing with manufactures, public credit, the national bank and mint, and his opinion on the constitutionality of the national bank—into what LaRouche terms “the Four Laws,” China and Russia listen. Something that, despite or perhaps because of the size of his ears, Barack Obama would find impossible to do.

The American people must have the courage to listen to LaRouche’s Four Laws, to supplant the President, supersede the pornographic Presidential mule-race, and open up and read Hamilton’s Reports immediately—partially, even, as a thermonuclear war­-avoidance measure. Sometimes the high-profile evidence of a public commitment to vigorously change course on the part of a powerful nation’s citizens, is the most effective sign one can use to change a potentially deadly adversary into a close friend. Thousands of Americans, rather than worrying about voting, should elect themselves to become true citizens of the United States by reading Hamilton’s founding documents.

The solution to our present crisis, is, in fact, that search by the American people itself, for signs of intelligent life in the United States, including in the Congress. That must start with insisting that Hamilton’s measures be implemented by the government on an emergency basis, which means that Congress must return at once to Washington and start by overriding Obama’s certain veto of the reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act, and the other measures that would be immediately required. (The fact that both the Republican and Democratic Party platforms support Glass-Steagall’s reinstatement provides the stage to re-enact the JASTA legislative victory, over Obama’s certain, “Governor Andros ”-like imperial veto.)

The hard fact is that unless the U.S. population at large is quickly perceived to be truly deeply involved in a crash self-education course in the American Constitutional System, there is a high probability, at least according to members of the Russian government, that the October Surprise that might happen in 2016 is that neither Trump, nor Hillary, nor Obama will be President, because very possibly, no one will be.

Barack Obama: Ritual Murder in the Name of War

“While many Americans, myself included, were all hypnotized by the bizarre spectacle of the Republican nominee for president, a US navy destroyer fired a barrage of cruise missiles at three radar sites controlled by the rebel Houthi movement in Yemen. . . . this particular military engagement has the potential to drag the US straight into a protracted and escalating conflict. . . .” Author Moustafa Bayoumi reports this in a London Guardian op-ed on October 15.

The U.S. strike was widely reported as retaliation for missiles that were fired at an American destroyer which failed to even reach their targets and did no damage.

“But we would also find that immediately prior to those incidents, on Saturday 8 October, a 500lb laser-guided US-made bomb was dropped on a funeral procession by the US-sponsored Saudi-led coalition fighting the rebels who, the Saudis say, are backed by Iran. This bomb killed more than 140 people, mostly civilians, and wounded more than 525 people.”

Since then, the Saudis have admitted that “the on the ground intelligence was inaccurate.” The Saudis regularly kill people indiscriminately in market-places, in funeral processions, and in wedding parties—in fact, in any social formation that is pre-judged to be suspicious. (The Saudis spend the third largest proportion of money on their military in the world—more than Russia. The Saudis spend about 8% of their GDP on military affairs compared to Russia’s 3.5-4%.) Their war has been vicious, without merit, a series of war crimes from beginning to end. There are reports from Yemenis on the ground to EIR, that several persons working for the perspective of peace through development of the New Silk Road may have been killed in the latest attack.

In a blog entitled “Obama Could End The Slaughter In Yemen Within Hours,” the Black Blue Dog Website states: “Using U.S. support, [the] Saudi-led coalition fighting Iran-backed rebels in Yemen has been responsible for the majority of the 10,000 deaths there since the conflict began 18 months ago, and a brutal attack on Saturday that has reportedly killed hundreds. It has left more than 28 million people on the brink of famine. And it has allowed militant Islamists—notably Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which is focused on targeting the U.S.—to seize more influence and room to operate than they have had in years.”

Yemen Post Newspaper
The funeral hall in Sanaa was destroyed.

But, as the Russians know first hand, it’s not just Yemen, or Libya, or Syria where Obama’s mass-murder in the name of war abides. It has been true since Obama first took office, increasing year by year. Nicholas Davies reported in 2012 that “Obama has overseen the largest military budget since WWII; an eight-fold increase in drone strikes; special forces operations in at least 134 countries, twice as many as under Bush; and a massive increase in the special forces night raids. . .which increased from 20 in Afghanistan in May 2009 to 1,000 per month by April 2011, killing the wrong people most of the time, according to senior officers.”

It hasn’t gotten better. Benjamin Powers reported in an article in May of this year, “Obama’s ‘Kill List’ Is Here To Stay,” that “in March of 2016, drones and other warplanes bombed an al-Shabab training camp in Somalia and killed about 150 alleged militants who were gathered at a graduation ceremony. Yet U.S. officials privately acknowledged that they didn’t know the identities of those they killed.”

Powers also wrote that “the program has little-to-no transparency in its decision making apparatus, and has even been called an extra-judicial assassination program, given the lack of due process provided to the targets, who in the past have included U.S. citizens.”

Joseph de Maistre
On The Executioner

“Who is this inexplicable being, who, when there are so many agreeable, lucrative, honest and even honorable professions to choose among, in which a man can exercise his skill or his powers, has chosen that of torturing or killing his own kind? Is there not something in them that is peculiar, and alien to our nature? Myself, I have no doubt about this. He is made like us externally. He is born like all of us. But he is an extraordinary being, and it needs a special decree to bring him into existence as a member of the human family—a fiat of the creative power. He is created like a law unto himself.

“Consider what he is in the opinion of mankind, and try to conceive, if you can, how he can manage to ignore or defy this opinion. Hardly has he been assigned to his proper dwelling-place, hardly has he taken possession of it, when others remove their homes elsewhere whence they can no longer see him. In the midst of this desolation, in this sort of vacuum formed round him, he lives alone with his mate and his young, who acquaint him with the sound of the human voice: without them he would hear nothing but groans. . . . The gloomy signal is given; an abject servitor of justice knocks on his door to tell him that he is wanted; he goes; he arrives at a public square covered by a dense, trembling mob. A poisoner, a parricide, a man who has committed sacrilege is tossed to him: he seizes him, stretches him, ties him to a horizontal cross, he raises his arm; there is a horrible silence; there is no sound but that of bones cracking under the bars, and the shrieks of the victim. He unties him. He puts him on the wheel; the shattered limbs are entangled in the spokes; the head hangs down; the hair stands up, and the mouth gaping open like a furnace from time to time emits only a few bloodstained words to beg for death. His heart is beating, but it is with joy: he congratulates himself, he says in his heart, ‘Nobody quarters as well as I.’ He steps down. He holds out his bloodstained hand, the justice throws him—from a distance—a few pieces of gold, which he catches through a double row of human beings standing back in horror. He sits down to table, and he eats. Then he goes to bed and sleeps. And on the next day, when he wakes, he thinks of something totally different from what he did the day before. Is he a man? Yes. God receives him in his shrines, and allows him to pray. He is not a criminal. Nevertheless no tongue dares declare that he is virtuous, that he is an honest man, that he is estimable. No moral praise seems appropriate to him, for everyone else is assumed to have relations with human beings; he has none. And yet all greatness, all power, all subordination rest on the executioner. He is the terror and the bond of human association. Remove this mysterious agent from the world, and in an instant order yields to chaos: thrones fall, society disappears. God, who has created sovereignty, has also made punishment; he has fixed the earth upon these two poles: ‘for Jehovah is master of the twin poles and upon them he maketh turn the world.’ . . .
I Samuel 2:8).”

[From St. Petersburg Dialogues, quoted in Isaiah Berlin, Crooked Timber, pp. 116-117.]

Barack Obama: Joseph de Maistre’s Executioner Redux

The Obama White House’s approach to law, war, and life, bears closer resemblance to the French Terror under Robespierre, or the Spanish Inquisition under Torquemada, than to the American Revolutionary and later Constitutional governmental forms invented by Franklin, Washington, Hamilton and their associates. The Tuesday “kill-in” is the distillation of the very nature of colonial rule, but with the quasi-religious notion of a “higher cause”—the “war on terror.”

It is the moral opposite, in every respect, of the March 4, 1933 Inaugural address of Franklin Roosevelt (“the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror.”) and of the Second Inaugural Address of Abraham Lincoln (“With malice toward none, with charity for all.”). There is no sign whatsoever, there is no reason to believe, the the Obama Administration does not continue every Tuesday to carry out killings, including mass killing worldwide, as well as killings of American citizens. There is also no reason to believe that the kill list is to be discontinued when he leaves office. The institutionalization of the kill list is now the most enduring, efficient, self-reinforcing feature of the present legacy of the Obama Administration. Can you, in all conscience, say—especially when you hear what you have heard as reactions from the governments of thermonuclear powers China and Russia
—that you can morally or physically afford one more day of Barack Obama, or what he represents, remaining in the office of the Presidency because of the lack of lawful, nonviolent action to induce the Congress of the United States to remove him?

The fact of that lawless killing being done under the pretext of “defense of the homeland,” despite its being unacknowledged, has also had a great destructive effect on the psychology of U.S. domestic law enforcement, many of whom are former military personnel. Take for example the problem of the shootings and violence, as well as police violence, in American cities. To what degree has the resonance of eight years of drone killings, mass executions, murderous depositions of heads of state as in Libya, special forces operations, extraordinary renditions, and collusion with terrorist organizations we claim to oppose, seeped into the very fabric of American society itself? How much of the military suicide, mass shootings, and violence, permanently seared into the mind of the combat veteran or the veteran’s family, including the children, is reflected in what we are seeing play out, in infinite variation, in the playgrounds and elementary schools, and on the street corners of America today?

If you issue kill orders each Tuesday under the pretext of fighting a war that you know is not a war, since you are regularly executing people that are not only not fighting you, but don’t even know that they are about to die; a “war” where you yourself fund, equip, logistically support and even place and maintain in power your own enemy, including the people who have mass-killed Americans on American soil; a “war” where the intellectual and cultural heritage of centuries and millennia is permanently destroyed by laser-guided bombs that you have sold to people who have sworn to eradicate the very memory of the ancient civilizations of Africa and Asia, and whose victims on the ground you regularly, indiscriminately kill in funeral processions; if this be your behavior, can it be said that any human life matters to you at all? Can the real lives of the citizens of your nation, U.S. citizens that you have already been proven to have killed without due process with drones overseas, drones that you believe you have the authorization to use in a universal , imperial war on “terror” which includes the United States—can the lives of those citizens actually mean anything to you at all?

President George Washington’s military was of a contrasting morality. He established the reputation of the American military as morally superior to that of the British on precisely the difference in the two armies’ treatment of prisoners, and his general conduct of the war. Alexander Hamilton, Washington’s aide, in his advocacy and participation in the establishment of the formation and deployment of African-American troop units during the Revolutionary War, and his fight for the abolition of slavery on the basis of the conduct of those men as combatants in that war, understood, unlike Barack Obama, what just war is, and what the conduct of lawful war entails.

But who does the executioner Barack Obama do his terror work for, if not for the “defense and safety” of the American people?

U.S. drone killed 17 innocent civilians in Ra’ada, Yemen in 2013.
Barack Obama: British Functionary

Since its founding in 1782, British intelligence has worked to undermine the American Presidential system, even before it was created. Today’s London, the center of world terrorism, financial crime, scientific fraud and Babylonian god-building (today called “celebrity”), continues in the footsteps of the East India Company of 1763 to target the United States as its mortal enemy. The revolution in 1776 America was intended to end all that. The Americans invented a new nation and a new economic policy—Hamilton’s policy—which is still yet to be implemented today. Those first Americans recognized that the “Mother Country,” exemplified by British Royalty, was actually “the Whore of Babylon.”

Post-Revolutionary America, however, has had few great Presidents. Washington, John Quincy Adams, Lincoln, and FDR were the standouts. Hamilton was also a President “without portfolio.” Others, such as the patriot Ulysses Grant, William McKinley, or John Kennedy, were fully justified in their proud opposition to Britain, although they were defeated in the execution of their intentions. When FDR died, the United States Presidential system, through co-option, assassination, blackmail and misleadership, was and has been captured by these British interests more or less continuously since November 22, 1963.

The Bush family was the worst—that is, until their protege, Obama, became President. Without the events of September 11 and the subsequent eight years of Cheney-Bush, Barack Obama would never have been possible. It is the kind of inside joke of which British intelligence insiders are particularly fond.

Copyright Washington Star collection/Washington Post/
Reprinted by permission of D.C. Public Library
Prescott Bush

The Bush family—especially the Nazis’ American banker, Prescott Bush, with his personal relationship to the Dulles Brothers and Averell Harriman, husband of Pamela Churchill—is the center of British intelligence’s managerial control of the American Presidency, especially from the time of the near-assassination of Ronald Reagan in March of 1981. Economist Lyndon LaRouche, author of the Reagan Administration’s 1983 beam-weapons policy, ran a 1980 campaign for the Democratic nomination of President, during which he spoke at some length to the future President. LaRouche’s campaign was central to the defeat of Bush’s drive for the Republican Presidential nomination in the February 1980, New Hampshire primary. Bush was not happy with the outcome.

LaRouche was nearly assassinated on October 6, 1986, though actions of the same secret government apparatus that—through the 1980s Bush “41” Vice-Presidency, the 1988-92 Bush Presidency and Cheney Defense Department, and the Cheney/Bush “43” Presidency of 2000-2008—seized control of the Executive Branch from the American people. When that assassination setup failed, a series of pseudo-legal actions was initiated, and LaRouche was indicted in Boston in June of 1987. The case ended in a mistrial after several undisclosed documents showed the involvement of Bush “41” in direct operations against LaRouche. A second railroad was then begun against LaRouche in Alexandria, Virginia.

The American people were thwarted of the opportunity to elect LaRouche President after his 1987-88 judicial “railroading” by the Bush League. Former U.S.
Attorney General Ramsey Clark, in a letter to then Attorney General Janet Reno on April 4, 1995, said of the LaRouche trial: “I bring this matter to you directly, because I believe it involves a broader range of deliberate and systematic misconduct and abuse of power over a longer period of time in an effort to destroy a political movement and leader, than any other federal prosecution in my time or to my knowledge.”

LaRouche was tried in Boston, Mass., retried in Alexandria Virginia, convicted, and incarcerated from January 27, 1989 until January 27, 1994. That legal travesty was never corrected, and LaRouche became “factually impossible” to elect as President throughout the 1990s and afterwards. In 2000, the American people were adapted to the toleration of “virtual reality Presidents” by the Cheney-Bush “September 11 Reichstag Fire” two-term Presidency. Obama’s two terms were the perfecting of the Satanic nature of that British “Sir George Bush” Presidential intention.

That can all now come to an end, if Americans simply choose to read, study and understand the works of Alexander Hamilton, and the LaRouche Four Laws’ restatement of the Hamiltonian principle of economy, in time to avert the financial and military catastrophe that Obama “slouches toward Moscow” to give birth to.

Hamilton’s works are imbued what poet Heinrich Heine called “der Liebe Geist”—the Spirit of Love that was the soul of Hamilton’s fight against slavery, poverty, and injustice—against, in other words, everything “British imperialist.” It was that same “der Liebe Geist” that Abraham Lincoln spoke about as “with Charity for all.”

Hier sind nun die Lieder, die einst so wild,
Wie ein Lavastrom, der dem Ätna entquillt,
Hervorgestürtzt aus dem tiefsten Gemüt,

Und rings viel blitzende Funken versprüht!
Nun liegen sie stumm und totengleich,
Nun starren sie kalt und nebelbleich,
Doch aufs neu die alte Glut sie belebt,

Wenn der Liebe Geist einst über sie schwebt.
Und es wird mir im Herzen viel Ahnung laut:
Der Liebe Geist einst über sie taut;
Einst kommt dies Buch in deine Hand,
Du süsses Lieb im fernen Land.
—Heine, “Mit Myrten und Rosen”

(Here now are the songs which, once so wild,
Like a stream of lava that flows from Etna,
Burst from the depths of my heart,

And spray glittering sparks everywhere!
Now they lie mute and death-like,
Now they stare coldly, pale as mist,
But the old glow will revive them afresh,

When the spirit of love someday floats above them.
And in my heart the thought grows loud:
The spirit of love will someday thaw them;
Someday this book will arrive in your hands,
You, my sweet love in a distant land.)

The world awaits the United States that would return to that distant land from which Alexander Hamilton and Lyndon LaRouche’s words have emanated—the real America. No more “Howdy Doody,” “Bart Simpson” or “Freddie Kruger” Presidents. Simply remove them; you have not only the right, but the duty to do so, according to your Declaration of Independence. The ingenious, scientifically progressive, hard-working, generous, innovative, optimistic intention that was America, is only as distant from this moment as is the hand of the citizen, not from the voting lever, but from the pages of Hamilton’s Four Reports. Tolle Lege!—“Take Up, And Read!”


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