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This article appears in the May 5, 2017 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Belt and Road Initiative, the World Land-Bridge, and Corresponding Ideas in Western and Chinese Culture

Panel II
The Physical Economy of the Future

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The Panel II presentations, in the afternoon of April 13, focussed on the development aspects of the Belt and Road Initiative. The presentations by Jason Ross, Benjamin Deniston, and Dr. Hal B.H. Cooper, Jr. provided an overarching scientific perspective regarding the “incommensurables” that must be measured and built upon, in realizing the new New Silk Road and World Land-Bridge economic platform. The singular role of nuclear energy development, including fusion power, was underscored, along with mankind’s extraterrestial imperative to explore and colonize the solar system.

They were followed by four speakers on China’s infrastructure accomplishments at home and abroad (see page 23, this issue).

Panel II as a whole carried forward and applied the overall dynamic of the Panel I focus on the conceptual level (see EIR of April 21), and addressed the following subjects:

  • A discussion of Lyndon LaRouche’s economic concepts as applied to infrastructure as a platform,
  • The programs for integrating the Americas into the Belt and Road Initiative,
  • The stunning success China has had in becoming the world’s leader in high-speed rail,
  • The potential for southern Asian integration with reference to the example of Bangladesh, the most densely populated nation on the globe,
  • The energy requirements for full development,
  • The long-term maintenance and physical sustainability needs for a project of such immense scale and duration, and
  • The need for an outlook toward space infrastructure as a driver for mankind as a whole.

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EIRNS/Jason Ross
Conference participants in discussion between sessions.

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