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This article appears in the June 15, 2018 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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The Economics You Need To Know To Create a Future for Mankind

June 8—Two systems are now before the world. One, the City of London/Wall Street trans-Atlantic financial empire, has been in a state of “free fall” since the 2007-2008 crash, a crash forecast by Lyndon LaRouche in a July 25, 2007 webcast, in which he said:

What’s listed as stock values and market values in the financial markets internationally is bunk! These are purely fictitious beliefs. There’s no truth to it; the fakery is enormous. There is no possibility of a non-collapse of the present financial system—none! It’s finished, now! The present financial system cannot continue to exist under any circumstances, under any Presidency, under any leadership, or any leadership of nations. Only a fundamental and sudden change in the world monetary financial system will prevent a general, immediate chain-reaction type of collapse. At what speed we don’t know, but it will go on, and it will be unstoppable! And the longer it goes on before coming to an end, the worse things will get.

How could LaRouche forecast this?

The other system now before the world, the World Land-Bridge, better known as “the New Silk Road,” and called by China and its allies in 140 nations the “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI), is a product of the 25-year-plus collaboration of Lyndon LaRouche with China, Russia and other nations. The immediate, future upward direction of world economic progress has been outlined by LaRouche in a book entitled Earth’s Next Fifty Years.

How can LaRouche, or anyone else, forecast the future for mankind?

Recently, the LaRouche Political Action Committee (LPAC) launched a Campaign for the Future, the three planks of which are: (1) Stop the British coup d’etat against the U.S. Presidency; (2) Implement Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws of American System economics; and (3) Join the World Land-Bridge, a conception initiated by LaRouche in the 1990s, launched by the Chinese in the form of the One Belt, One Road policy, and now embraced by over a hundred countries.

Starting June 22, LPAC will offer an eight-part class series on the science of physical economy. Completely untaught in American universities today—despite the work of 19th century American economists Mathew and Henry Carey, Friedrich List, E. Peshine Smith and many others—physical economy is the only competent basis upon which a prosperous future for the United States, or any other country, could be established. Originally created by German scientist Gottfried Leibniz (1646-1716), and advanced by Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton among others, it was Lyndon LaRouche who achieved breakthroughs in physical economy in the 1950s that allowed him to accurately forecast, in nine different instances, crises in the financial system and the economy, all of which could have been averted. As a result of his documented success, today LaRouche’s ideas are widely studied in China, Russia, and other countries.

Shouldn’t these ideas be studied in the policy circles of the United States?

During and after his successful campaign for President, Donald Trump called for implementing the American System of economics, but he has done little so far to demonstrate a scientific understanding of what that means in practice. Does he have such an understanding? It is unclear. And yet a more important question is, do you know what the American System of economics is? Would you like to know all about real economics, not money? Are you ready to fight to gain that knowledge?

The bad news is: If you have taken a course in economics at a university, it is absolutely certain that you have no idea what the American System of economics is, because it is not taught in any known university. All that is taught is one form or another of British monetarism. If the instructors even mentioned physical economy, you were probably falsely told that the American System is based on the free trade policy of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations—against the which, the American Revolution of George Washington and Alexander Hamilton was actually fought!

There are other traps set for every ideological taste. If you are a Republican, you have probably been brainwashed into following Milton Friedman. If you are a Democrat, you are probably a follower of John Maynard Keynes. If you are a socialist, it is a certainty that you don’t know that Marxist economics is just another anti-American branch of British economics. So, how can a person escape the indoctrination that passes for education?

If you don’t want to be a mere underling of the Anglo-Dutch liberal imperialist system; if you want to free the United States and the rest of the world from our historic and contemporary British enemy; if you want to be truly mentally free to shape a positive future for mankind, your only efficient choice is to get to know the work and wisdom of Lyndon LaRouche, the most successful economic forecaster in history and the only scientific proponent of the American System of economics in the world today.

In an eight-week course in LaRouche’s economics, you will be challenged to question all of the accepted, but nonetheless false, axiomatic assumptions which have wreaked economic havoc on this nation and much of the rest of the world, increasingly since World War II, and which continue to be an obstacle to the creation of a New Paradigm of Global Peace based on Economic Development. More importantly, you will learn the anti-entropic scientific principles which underlie mankind’s limitless future. Most importantly, by challenging and having the courage to change your own axioms, you will be challenged to make the creation of that New Paradigm the mission of your life.