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This article appears in the July 27, 2018 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


British Lawn Jockey Obama
Seeks a White Horse

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White House/Samantha Appleton
Killer Barack Obama receives the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009.

July 21—On July 17, that loyal servant of the British Empire and its liberal monetarist system, Barack Obama, used the podium of the annual Nelson Mandela Lecture, on the centenary of tata’s [Mandela’s] birth, to arrogantly claim his mantle, loudly proclaiming his willingness to fight for justice, “democratic values,” “human rights,” and a more equal distribution of wealth, and in effect offering to lead a global movement to fight for these values. The former U.S. President and full-time British black lawn jockey now seeks his “white horse” to ride—that is, a movement of fools and dupes, whom he will lead to their own slaughter, in an effort to “reform” the liberal monetarist world order. That order cannot be reformed. It must be totally discarded, if mankind is to survive much further into this new millennium.

Judging by the response of the large and cheering crowd that packed Johannesburg’s Wanderers sports stadium, his offer and message were well received. His message was not only addressed to South Africans, but, via the mass media, to a global audience.

Perhaps when the air clears a bit, some people may reflect on what he said, and will find it to be so much sophist bullshit, in classy packaging, presented by one of the foremost sophists of our day. Thinking a bit harder, they might see, all over this speech, not an echo of our great leader, but a great hollowness played by a dying British Empire and its bitch Queen—they who would use Obama to put his finger in an already failing dyke, to hold back a truly global revolution that is welling up to wipe away the old failing monetarist order, along with its British Royal masters and such loyal servants as Obama.

Obama tried to put a label on our revolution, calling it reactionary, and saying that this is what we must fear. No Mr. O, it is precisely those like you who claim that the system can be saved and reformed that we must fear. Reactionaries are present in every revolutionary period. In the end, because they have nothing positive to say about the future, they are swept aside by the revolutionary process itself.

No, it is Obama and his ilk we must fear, because they seek to deceive people into believing that there just might yet be a way to save their sinking selves within the existing paradigm, when this is impossible. They divert people from the true tasks at hand, as they vainly attempt to disrupt and delay the process of revolutionary change, so that their masters might have a chance (as they imagine) to put in place what is needed to slaughter their potential opponents.

The Killer with the Peace Prize

Obama is a liar, a fact known to many Americans, who heard for eight years his lies about wanting to fight the “powers of greed and money,” when all he did as President was bail out the big banks and keep the big-time crooks and speculators—who run the banks and other corrupted financial institutions—from being prosecuted. It’s no surprise that the Obama Foundation is funded with millions upon millions of dollars from Wall Street and the institutions that protect Wall Street. It is funded not only by Goldman Sachs, but by the Ford Foundation and other foundations that front for Wall Street.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Obama claims to seek “peace,” proclaiming he wants to end the bloodshed in the Middle East and elsewhere. Yet, as President, Obama was the most savage and brutal of leaders, who organized the destruction of nations, such as Syria and Libya, murdered and assassinated leaders, and ordered the deaths of those he claimed were terrorists—without trial, and often without any proof at all. Obama was in reality “the black Bush,” whose policies and directions, like the white Bush, left a trail of dead bodies strewn across the planet.

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Leaders of the five member nations at the Ninth BRICS Summit, in China, September 2017 (from left): the Presidents of Brazil, Russia, China, and South Africa, and the Prime Minister of India.

Obama Recruiting Against the BRICS

What Obama didn’t say, what he deliberately ignored, speaks volumes as to his agentry for, and loyalty to his British masters. There was not one word about the BRICS alliance, which represents the seed crystal of a new global order based on peace through economic development, and whose July 25-27 Summit our nation will host. This is where the true challenge to the existing system lies. In the policies of the One Belt One Road initiative of China there are no losers, only winners; there are no adversaries, only collaborators. No mention of any of this by our self-proclaimed visionary, who did find time, however, to attack China and by implication Russia, our nation’s most powerful allies, for their allegedly “authoritarian” forms of economics and mercantilist trade policies which, he said, African nations and others are supposed to reject:

Many developing countries now are looking at China’s model of authoritarian control combined with mercantilist capitalism as preferable to the messiness of democracy. Who needs free speech as long as the economy is going good? The free press is under attack. Censorship and state control of media is on the rise. Social media—once seen as a mechanism to promote knowledge and understanding and solidarity—has proved to be just as effective promoting hatred and paranoia and propaganda and conspiracy theories. (Applause)

Africa should reject what? Are you crazy—you stupid, arrogant British tool? While you lie about the true content of China and Russia’s policy towards the world, you want to drive all of us back into the hands of the masters of the dying monetarist system, which even you admitted is not working so well.

For reasons I have discussed before, there is no possibility of reforming the monetarist system, whose death occurred, in reality, more than 50 years ago, which system has been sustained only at great and unacceptable suffering and death, and by the ability of its British masters and their American allies to extract their “pound of flesh” to support mountains of worthless speculative and other paper “assets.” Nevertheless, the British wish to use their black lawn jockey Obama as a sort of Pied Piper who, through clever sophistry, will end up leading those who follow him to their own slaughter when the moment of revolutionary change is at hand.

For him to do so by invoking the name of a true revolutionary, Madiba—as I warned he would—is disgusting and a desecration of Mandela’s memory and life’s work. It was equally disgusting to see our President and other leaders fawning over Obama, as if he were some deity.

I urge my fellow Patriots not to be diverted by this sophist, but to “keep your eyes on the prize.” As I said, the BRICS Summit is now only days away. That is where real history must and will be made, where the pathway to a new global order must be laid out.

Barack Obama and his masters would prefer to make no mention of the BRICS, while they seek to target and destabilize its members—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and our own country, South Africa. They know, even if they don’t say it, that the present form of the monetarist order may not survive beyond this year, but they do not want a BRICS challenge to that order.

We should be happy to be alive in a truly revolutionary moment, in which great change is possible—if we ignore false leaders and their sophistry. Change must occur. Change will occur.

Do you have the courage to determine what it will be, and not leave your children’s future to livery like Obama, or worse?

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