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This editorial appears in the August 10, 2018 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


Are You a Dupe for British Dope?
Marijuana Effectively Legalized in New York City

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Aug. 5—As of August 1, 2018, New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. has mandated that marijuana possession and use are no longer considered criminal acts in New York County (Manhattan).

If you believe that this is a good thing, you have already lost your mind. Hopefully, you are still able to muster the attention span required to consider for a moment the possibility that you are terribly, terribly wrong.

Although Vance’s action does not have the authority of state law, the order to end all prosecutions effectively makes the use of marijuana de facto legal. This follows on the heels of the complete legalization of “recreational” use of marijuana in Colorado, California, Alaska, Maine, Oregon, Massachusetts, Nevada and Washington state—all of this in direct defiance of Federal statutes which classify cannabis as a Schedule I drug under the federal Controlled Substances Act of 1970.

It has now been fifty years since Lyndon LaRouche warned in the 1960s that the emergence and toleration of the “rock, drug, sex counter-culture” would lead to the destruction of the United States. What was then the “counter-culture” has now become “popular culture.” Ask yourself: was LaRouche correct? Have we been destroyed?

On the one hand, we now inhabit a nation where hundreds of Americans commit suicide on a daily basis; a nation where tens of thousands of talented young Americans die every year of opioid overdoses; a nation where tent cities and homeless encampments are becoming commonplace in urban areas; a nation where tens of millions of Americans seek escape from the pain and carnage of everyday life through anti-anxiety, anti-depressant and other prescription medications.

We also inhabit a nation where massive areas of land, housing cumulatively millions of people, are now engulfed in fire or flood due to lack of investment in basic water management infrastructure; a nation which has still not rebuilt the areas devastated by numerous hurricanes and storms, going all the way back to Katrina; a nation where life expectancy is declining, the death rate is increasing and tens of millions suffer under inadequate health care.

Over the past fifty years America has been destroyed by the murderous financial and economic policies that have flowed from the City of London and Wall Street. In the midst of this, what is the message coming from the pro-drug crowd? Can’t find a job? Can’t exist on the minimum wage? Can’t afford to rent an apartment? Can’t afford to have children or raise them properly? Stuck in an existence which is going nowhere? Relax! Relax, and light up a joint. Get high—and maybe play a video game while you’re at it. If your troubles still exist tomorrow, well, just fire up another joint!

The legalization of drugs plays the same precise role it played 175 years ago in the British Opium Wars against China: to keep people who are being economically exploited servile and stupid—and to entice those same people to stupidly embrace their own servility, their own slavery. Drugs are a means for the conscious self-oppression of the population. If this is tolerated, then America is finished as a nation.

This is the critical juncture at which your own personal responsibility arises. It is not enough that YOU don’t smoke marijuana. This is absolutely not an issue of “personal choice.” Your toleration of the legalization of drugs is itself almost a criminal act, for if drugs are legalized, the nation which gave birth to you, educated you and gave you opportunity—the nation which millions fought and died to defend—will be destroyed. You have no right as a citizen to allow that to happen.

The Destruction of the Human Identity

The actual issue we are confronted with, in the widespread support for the legalization of drugs, is that the majority of our people have lost all understanding of what it means to be a human being. To be very explicit: the survival of human beings depends entirely on our ability to think! If we cannot think, we will not survive! People who are on drugs cannot think properly. They may think they can; they may insist—angrily—that they can. But they can’t. This is true in the very acute case, like someone driving an 18-wheeler 80 mph while high; but it is more true, and more devastating for the species as a whole to lose the ability to make and assimilate a scientific discovery when the survival of the species depends upon it. Do you think that a bunch of people smoking dope are going to figure out how to stop an asteroid from hitting the planet? Do you think these same dopers will find a cure for cancer, or discover how to travel to remote planets and galaxies? A society which tolerates the destruction of the creative potential of its citizenry will never do any of these things. That is why legalizing drugs must be considered a crime against humanity.

Take the case of our present culture which is built around the worship of money and monetary values, as a measure of economic success. Earlier generations understood that a successful economy must be based on physical-economic production, and this requires revolutions in physical economy, energy production and transportation. Today, it is difficult to get people to even think in physical-economic terms. People who support solar energy and oppose nuclear power or people who support “bicycle lanes” but oppose high-speed rail, are people who have lost their ability to think rationally about economics and science. They think they think. But they don’t think—at least not above the level of a baboon. And this is all the product of fifty years of increasing drug use in the country.

Take also the case of the British-run environmentalist movement, a crucial part of the “rock, drug, sex counter-culture.” The trans-Atlantic oligarchy has spent billions of dollars over the last 60 years to convince you that there is no difference between a human being and an animal. In fact, they argue that beasts are superior to humans. Yet, it is the same elites who enforce policies of brutal economic austerity who finance the environmentalist movement, as well as the push for drug legalization. Why? Because they are determined to eradicate human creativity, human discovery and scientific and technological progress. They desire to run the world as one giant Malthusian plantation, just as the British Empire ran India and her African colonies. Keep the natives backward. Keep them stupid. Keep them drugged.

And young Americans, those who have not yet killed themselves through suicide or drug overdose—what do they do? They are instructed to support a “Green Agenda,” to “Save the Planet,” to stop “dirty” industry and “dangerous” nuclear power, all the while toking away.

In the history of the Planet Earth, 99 percent of all animal and plant species have become extinct. They suffered this fate because they could not change! They could not discover new principles of science and economics which allowed them to transform their relationship with nature. Only humans can accomplish that. That is what it means to be human.

Let’s take one simple example that Lyndon LaRouche has cited on numerous occasions: human beings cook their food. This seemingly simple act alone must have increased the average lifespan dramatically, by reducing disease and pestilence found in decomposing flesh. Who made the first fire? We will never know; and it’s likely that fire was brought into use by different groups of people in different locations, but what we do know, is that the use of fire in cooking was not a result of a genetic permutation. That is, the first person to ignite a fire did not have any physical features that other people did not possess. Discovering the use of fire was not a function of having a longer or shorter nose, or arms, or whether one was left or right-handed. The discovery of a new principle, which can transform the entire universe, occurs uniquely, and willfully, inside the mind of a human being. Human beings also are capable of forming societies where such discoveries can become integrated into the behavior of the species as a whole, thus making it possible for them to live longer and transform their mode of existence. Human beings are able to improve their species at will!

Ending the Scourge

What is required is a War on Drugs, precisely as Lyndon LaRouche formulated in a March 9, 1985 speech, “A Proposed Multi-National Strategic Operation against the Drug Traffic for the Western Hemisphere,” to an anti-drug conference in Mexico City. What is required is Total War, one into which every person reading this editorial should enlist.

The people pushing the legalization of drugs are the ones who run the drug trade already! People like George Soros and the Koch Brothers already have made their fortunes through speculation and money laundering, with murderous results. Now, through legalization, they seek to turn your children into drug-addicted, suicidal, homicidal zombies. It is no coincidence that these are the same individuals who are to be counted among the fiercest enemies of President Donald Trump.

Some among you may have bought into the ridiculous argument that the legalization of drugs will “reduce crime” or increase government revenues through taxation. Those arguments come from the drug pushers themselves. Ask yourself, has the legalization of gambling reduced crime? Have the revenues from it improved our schools, our health care, or built needed infrastructure? Don’t be a dupe. Wall Street and London oligarchs want to legalize drugs to enslave us. That is the only issue.

Others among you insist that a War on Drugs is “racist.” Again, don’t be a dupe. The minority populations in America were deliberately targeted with drugs to destroy the movement of Martin Luther King, to make people servile and obedient. Remember the almost military-style saturation of the inner cities with Crack some years ago? The legalization of drugs will increase drug usage among minorities. Is that what you want? Will legalization of drugs stop racism? Will it stop people from being pulled over for “driving while Black?” No! Drug legalization goes hand-in-hand with economic policies which will further impoverish the population, leading to more crime, more incarcerations, more hopelessness. This is why Barack Obama’s pro-drug-legalization outlook is so despicable.

The only solution to this scourge is to shut down Dope Inc.—to destroy completely the financial and banking nexus that stands behind the inter-locking regime of financial speculation, drug trafficking, and economic looting. This will require fundamental changes in economic and banking policies. A critical first step must be re-enactment of Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall legislation, to clean out the speculation and money laundering mess. At the same time the United States should begin negotiations with other nations for a return to a global system of fixed exchange rates, as Lyndon LaRouche has proposed in his call for a New Bretton Woods conference. This all must occur within a shift back into technologically progressive investment and increased funding for advanced scientific enterprises, such as NASA and fusion energy research. All of this is contained in the economic recovery proposal put forward by Lyndon LaRouche in 2014, “Four New Laws to Save the U.S.A. Now!

The American people have been through 50 years of degradation; they have accommodated themselves to a bestial standard of culture and behavior. But, Americans are also human, and as Lyndon LaRouche put it in his 2004 study, “On the Subject of Tariffs and Trade,”

. . . despite those excursions into depravity, we have, until now, remained, genetically, in the political sense of the term, what [Benjamin] Franklin’s legacy made us. . . . Our Constitution, and our conception of an anti-British East India Company policy known as the American System of Political Economy, our fundamental opposition to an intrinsically predatory and imperialist Anglo-Dutch Liberalism, is a deeply embedded special character, our patriotic tradition, even today.

It is that patriotic character which we must call upon today to bring ourselves and our fellow Americans back to our right minds. You can only call yourself a citizen if you are engaged in this battle. The ruling of Cyrus Vance, Jr. must be rescinded! New Yorker Alexander Hamilton’s ghost is warning you: Don’t be a slave of the British!