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This article appears in the August 17, 2018 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Fish Stinks from the Head Down: An Update on the Mueller Inquisition

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Aug. 9—The question to be answered here is, to which “head” do we refer, when citing this ancient cross-cultural metaphor in our headline? We have insisted, since we began covering the continuing regime change operation in the United States, that the “head” is the Anglo-Dutch imperial system, whose capital is the City of London and whose leading colonial administrators here in the United States, were led most recently by Barack Obama and those he chose to run his intelligence agencies: John Brennan, James Comey, and James Clapper. The torso associated with this “head” here in the United States includes the establishment wing of the Republican Party and the neo-conservatives, who, through such institutions as the American Enterprise Institute and the Koch Brothers, are fonts of British geopolitical schemes. The Anglo-Dutch Empire is the entity which has dedicated its intelligence agencies, its controlled media, its think tanks and foundations, Hollywood and all of its other institutions engaged in manipulating mass popular opinion, and its bought-and-paid-for Senators and Congressmen, to removing Donald Trump from the Presidency, by whatever means necessary.

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Left to right across top: White House/Pete Souza; C-SPAN; LBJ Library/Jay Godwin
The leading British colonial administrators in the United States (left to right) John Brennan, James Comey, James Clapper, and their hitman (below) Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump has completely and repeatedly enraged them by laughing off their power and taking his case directly to the people, ridiculing these “elites” publicly in front of mass audiences, and by threatening to produce a world in which China, Russia, the United States, and similar rational populations fully develop the economies of the world.

According to reliable reporting, the President is also engaged in serious discussions with Vladimir Putin about eliminating nuclear weapons, while maintaining the technological capacities of both Russia and the United States. This is a policy—like the Lyndon LaRouche/Ronald Reagan Strategic Defense Initiative—which the British view as a mortal threat to the financial containment, regime change, and information warfare operations by which they maintain their power. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is simply the designated amoral legal assassin for this imperial entity, the blunt instrument by which Donald Trump is to be delivered for impeachment, if all goes as planned, at the conclusion of the 2018 U.S. midterm elections.

Trump has been so mercilessly targeted because he threatens to end the decades-long reign of terror, poverty, and endless war emanating from the deliberate destruction of Franklin Roosevelt’s Bretton Woods system in August 1971, and the founding of the new speculative Anglo-Dutch Empire on its ruins. As LaRouche’s Executive Intelligence Review has exclusively documented, after the destruction of Bretton Woods, these newly emboldened imperialists set out to deliberately cause the “controlled disintegration” of the advanced sector’s physical economies under a plan specifically articulated by British economist Fred Hirsch and confessed in the CFR “Project 1980s” documents produced by the New York Council on Foreign Relations.[fn_1] The physical hollowing out of the United States economy, the outsourcing of our productive economy to China, Mexico, and other countries whose economies we attempted to freeze in cheap labor manufacturing, raw materials extraction, or worse—all of these horrors flow from the system which Donald Trump now threatens to overthrow.

Popular ignorance is our enemy’s chief weapon in this war. Some in the Trump movement, for example, proclaim themselves partisans of British free trade, not knowing that that was the central issue our American revolutionists had with the British. Some in the Trump movement claim that the City of London/Wall Street monetary enslavement of the economy is a “free market” and mistake dirigism for socialism, ignorant of Alexander Hamilton’s economic mobilization policies which made good on the Revolutionary War debt, created the infrastructure of our prosperous new republic, won both the Civil War and World War II, and resulted in decades of sustained economic growth. Some in the Trump movement utter jingoism against Russia and China, without recognizing that the same people who are out to remove the President would destroy these nations as well, because they, too, threaten to upset the “order” which has immiserated the world.

To put a fine point on how public relations bilge conceals and confuses, hiding the actual essence of people and institutions from those without the time to study them—in July 2018, the supposedly “right wing” and “pro-business” American Enterprise Institute and John Podesta’s “left wing” “cradle of the Resistance,” Center for American Progress, merged programs to unite against a common target—the “authoritarian populism” they ascribe to President Donald Trump.

In the same vein, aiming at nothing less than the “head” in the coup operation—the Anglo-Dutch imperial system—to totally dismantle it and send its human appendages, both in the U.S. and in Britain, to jail, is the only path to victory now. Otherwise, you will be stuck, shouting impotently, or, for purposes of pure political survival, making short-term pragmatic compromises within the present system. Such pragmatism, the mortal flaw of most politicians, according to Lyndon LaRouche, only promises death by a thousand cuts rather than in one spectacular blow.

Happily, new and explosive revelations in the last few weeks about the British and American actors in this coup, have brought us ever closer to exposing the “head” here, and beginning wholesale dismantlement. These include the revelation that Christopher Steele, the MI6 author of the anti-Trump dirty information warfare dossier financed by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, and a major long-term asset of the Empire, was working as a human source for the FBI as of February 2016, if not earlier, well before the launch of the “official” FBI counterintelligence investigation of the Trump Campaign in late July 2016, and that Steele was in a back channel relationship with the number four official at the U.S. Department of Justice, Bruce Ohr, long after Steele was fired by the FBI in late October 2016, for his leaks to the news media.

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Ukrainian Embassy of Washington
Jonathan Winer (top photo), Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland and Ukrainian coup leader, Andriy Parubiy.
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Peter Strzok

The Steele/Ohr relationship lasted through May 2017 or later, according to documents recently obtained by Congress. After Donald Trump’s election, Steele’s work was funded, to the tune of $50 million, by George Soros, and by Tom Steyer and other Silicon Valley billionaires. These funders were seeking the President’s impeachment. Christopher Steele and his British masters wanted Trump’s impeachment also, but they had two motives. Their other motive was to mobilize U.S. public opinion to support the ongoing British destabilization and regime change operation against Vladimir Putin, in which Steele had been a major and continuous player since at least 2006.

These new revelations, and others, show that, by no later than late 2015, British intelligence was operating against the Trump campaign, feeding information to a task force convened by John Brennan at the CIA, and to Victoria Nuland and Jonathan Winer at the Department of State. Peter Strzok, the now notorious and biased lead FBI case agent on Russiagate, was the FBI’s liaison to John Brennan, generally, and to John Brennan’s anti-Trump task force specifically. John Brennan, of course, didn’t blow his nose without reporting it to President Barack Obama. As we will detail below, it is now clear that the FBI’s investigation of the Trump Campaign in 2016 was entirely predicated on British operations, conducted on foreign soil, and then laundered into the FBI through the CIA and the State Department. These operations were funded by the Clinton Campaign, the FBI, the CIA and other agencies of the United States, and various public and private entities in Britain.

To put what I just told you in boldface: A foreign government (the British), conducted entrapment operations on U.S. persons associated with an American presidential candidate (Donald Trump), on foreign soil (Great Britain), in coordination with the sitting President of the United States (Barack Obama) and his intelligence agencies, in order to fabricate a pretext for an FBI investigation, in which the target (Donald Trump) could be effectively defamed in the U.S. media as a Russian puppet, to wit, as implicitly engaged in treason against the United States. The President’s favored candidate (Hillary Clinton) together with Obama’s intelligence agencies, financed the entire operation.

After Donald Trump won the election, the same forces massed to create the basis for his impeachment, by the appointment of a known legal hitman, Robert Mueller, to take out the President. Mueller is well known for his abusive, in terrorem deployment of the prosecutorial power. His present effort to turn Paul Manafort into a liar against Donald Trump, for example, by overcharging a tax case in such a way as to threaten a sentence of 305 years in prison, would win admiring applause from the Spanish Inquisition’s Tomas de Torquemada.

As Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said on television Aug. 8, the whole Mueller investigation is about to blow, and instead of the President, the legal system is about to put its focus on Mueller, and the complicit Obama Administration officials who have run an actual criminal conspiracy against the United States. What Giuliani did not say, which is critical, is that this conspiracy was run on behalf of the British.

The new revelations come at a time when the Empire has set a variety of traps to box in the President concerning Russia, most recently in the wake of his historic and successful Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin, and the insane response it provoked. On Wednesday, Aug. 8, the State Department announced new and horrendous sanctions against Russia based on a provable intelligence hoax—the discredited British Sergei Skripal poisoning, which the British government, without evidence, blames on Russia. This time Congressman Ed Royce, the bullethead, compromised, and as the retiring head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, stepped forward as the Empire’s useful idiot. He set into motion a legal process which seemed to require mandatory sanctions to be imposed by a U.S. State Department, which, for most of the period since Franklin Roosevelt’s death, has been nothing but an adjunct of the British Foreign Office. Back in March, when the British generated this hoax, and Boris Johnson demanded NATO action against Putin, Trump had refused to jump to the ramparts. As we shall show, it is hardly accidental that Christopher Steele’s Orbis Intelligence also shows up, front and center, in the British Skripal poisoning operation.

A Short History Lesson

As Professor Stephen Cohen has usefully elaborated, U.S. and Russian interference in each other’s elections is hardly a new phenomenon. On the Russian side, it has existed since the founding of the Communist International in 1919; on the U.S. side, since Woodrow Wilson sent American troops to fight in the Russian Civil War.[fn_2] President Bill Clinton notoriously threw millions of dollars into securing Boris Yeltsin’s 1996 election win, including providing a team of American consultants. During the brighter times of our relationship, Russia virtually assured the survival of this nation, first in the Civil War and then in World War II. The most recent and intense sprint into the dynamic of the so-called “new Cold War,” which began when Russians again asserted their sovereignty against the wholesale looting of their country by the Empire in the 1990s, dates from the 2012 election which sent Putin to the Presidency a second time. The British, along with the Project Democracy forces run out of Hillary Clinton’s State Department, intervened in Russia’s 2012 elections, encouraging street riots opposing Putin, and then claimed that he won only as the result of a massive vote-fraud.

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Underwood & Underwood
Soldiers and sailors from many countries, including the U.S.A., parade in front of the Allies’ Headquarters Building in Vladivostok, Russia, September 1918.

The British hate Putin because he, like Trump, refuses to be caged by them. As soon as Putin ascended to the Presidency for the second time, the British used Bill Browder, the American exile who found a home in the City of London and British intelligence operations—together with Jonathan Winer of the State Department and U.S. Senators John McCain and Ben Cardin—to create the Magnitsky Act financial sanctions against Russia. These previously unprecedented financial sanctions against internal judicial and police actions in a foreign state, were based on Browder’s completely fraudulent claim that his tax accountant, Sergei Magnitsky, had died a whistle-blower’s death at the hands of the Russian government. In reality, as independent investigators such as Andrei Nekrasov have documented, Magnitsky assisted in a massive fraud conducted by Bill Browder against the Russian government. So, again, it is no accident that Bill Browder and Jonathan Winer re-appear as major figures in Russiagate. They are part of the same British intelligence apparatus which surrounds Christopher Steele, and which specializes in creating and selling fake tales and legends to the gullible for purposes of low intensity warfare.

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Left: CC/Hudson Institute; right: World Economic Forum/Benedikt von Loebell
Left: Bill Browder; right: Dmitri Alperovitch.

In 2014, as part of the Obama Administration’s military encirclement of Russia, the British and the U.S. State Department ran a coup against Viktor Yanukovych, the duly elected President of Ukraine and a client of Paul Manafort. While partisans of maintaining Ukraine’s relationship with Russia battled with the neo-Nazis used by Victoria Nuland and her British friends as the shock troops in the coup, and which they later installed in the government, Crimea held a referendum, voting, once again, to become a part of Russia. Christopher Steele, the very same author of Trump dirt and the MI6 protégé of Sir Richard Dearlove, provided hundreds of intelligence memos directly to Victoria Nuland, Jonathan Winer, and John Kerry at the State Department, to advance the Ukraine coup. Outflanked in Crimea and in Eastern Ukraine, the British claimed that their setback was due to Putin’s superior mastery of “hybrid warfare,” a key component of which was modern information warfare techniques based on social media and press manipulation. It was impossible for the British, in their arrogance, to fathom that anyone would vote against being terrorized or killed by neo-Nazis, or for remaining associated with Russia. When Crimea voted for the Russian alternative, the arrogant British and American coup-masters chalked it up to a Russian “disinformation” campaign.

To counter an alleged Russian advantage (in Hillary Clinton’s words, the Russians were “eating our lunch” when it came to information warfare), in 2014 the British formed the 77th Military Brigade, dedicated to advanced propaganda techniques on behalf of NATO and British and American intelligence agencies. This later morphed into the NATO Centre for Strategic Communications, a font of British hybrid warfare operations against Russia. As with all information warfare, the task is to paint the adversary, in this case Putin, as the monster of the century, while presenting your side as just beyond Heaven on Earth. Since 2014, millions have been spent to pump out endless bilge about the Russian threat, while censoring any skepticism, let alone any actual Russian viewpoint on world events. This censorship and propaganda offensive now encompasses every legacy media institution in the advanced sector, and, more recently, as the result of Russiagate, all major social media platforms as well.

The Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensics Lab was the first among many such operations in the U.S., and is actually a part of the NATO Centre for Strategic Communications. It receives major funding from the British government, and now, from Facebook. Again, it is no accident that Dmitri Alperovitch, who used his company CrowdStrike to author the “Russia hacked the DNC and John Podesta” hoax, is also a major player in the Digital Forensics Lab. Now, there are dozens of similar censorship and propaganda operations, including StopFake, PropOrNot, the State Department’s new Global Engagement Center, and multiple offshoots of Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s Institute of Modern Russia. As a result, it is not an exaggeration to state that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is on life support. This is not because the controlled fake-news mandarins have been called out by President Trump as a danger to our Republic. Rather, the Anglo-American elites have determined that only censored propaganda can be safely offered to Americans. In their view, the rubes, rabble and deplorables who voted for Donald Trump need to have their minds sanitized lest they vote again for Trump or similar candidates.

Facebook recently hired the Atlantic Council Digital Forensics gang to police their platforms. This resulted in the banning of the popular, if completely obnoxious, Alex Jones, on the grounds that his speech is offensive. Speech in the United States, public discourse about public events, has never been censored under the U.S. Constitution, unless it creates an imminent danger of violence or physical harm. Nonetheless, the National Defense Authorization Act of 2016, sponsored by the Obama Administration and the anti-Russia, anti-China neanderthals in the U.S. Congress, allocated major funding to create the State Department’s Global Engagement Center, a Big Brother censorship and government propaganda apparat no different from George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, as portrayed in his novel, 1984.

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U.S. Army/Hubert D Delany, III
Lance Cpl. Abdulla Mohamed (middle), a British psy-ops soldier in the 77th Brigade, with U.S. soldiers in Allied Spirit VIII exercise, Hohenfels, Germany, Jan. 25, 2018.

In 2015 and 2016, the British establishment watched in horror as the Trump candidacy in the United States and Brexit in Britain, gathered momentum in angry populations that had never recovered from the Wall Street/City of London collapse and bailout of 2008. Rather than look in the mirror and repudiate the insane post-industrial, consumer societies they created, and a globalist order founded on population control and cheap labor, the British and their satraps in the United States chose to continue and deepen operations to destabilize Putin and Russia. They claimed that Russia’s superior “hybrid” warfare techniques were responsible for Trump’s victory, and have set off an utterly mindless and increasingly violent hysteria in this country, worse than that of the McCarthy era. In Europe, they claimed a Russian plot to destroy the European Union, leading with the British Brexit vote. Again, not surprisingly, Christopher Steele authored a study in April 2016 about the alleged Europe plot, parading out the same bilge about Russian social media operations deepening and exacerbating social divisions, which the Senate Intelligence Committee proudly and fraudulently presented to the America public as the Senate’s own, original work product.

To what end? French counterintelligence and security expert Paul Barril has said that the Empire set out to destabilize Putin and Russia, setting into motion a slow regime-change operation, beginning with the murder of the dissident Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006. Russia was blamed for Litvinenko’s polonium poisoning, following an investigation led by none other than Christopher Steele, who was Litvinenko’s handler in MI6. Barril says the name of this operation is “Operation Beluga.” Whether or not Barril is correct on the specifics, something like that is very surely operating here, and, as President Trump has appropriately warned, the operation risks a thermonuclear confrontation between the world’s two nuclear powers—a confrontation the world will not survive.

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public domain
John Podesta, White House Chief of Staff to President Clinton, and Counselor to President Obama.

The Russian Hack That Wasn’t and the Move to Eliminate Julian Assange

The founding fake premise of the ongoing British-instigated coup against President Trump, and the chief legal ground for Robert Mueller’s inquisition against the President, is the claim that the Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee and the Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, John Podesta, and provided the results to WikiLeaks, which published them beginning on July 22, 2016. Two days after the June 12, 2016 announcement by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange that he had an upcoming release of “leaks” related to Hillary Clinton, the DNC announced that it had been hacked. The very next day, an online persona calling itself “Guccifer 2.0” made its appearance, and claimed to be the source for the WikiLeaks material on Clinton, claiming to have acquired it by hacking the DNC. Guccifer 2.0 helpfully released a series of five documents to accompany its claim, including a document that the DNC announced had been stolen.[fn_3]

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Cancillería del Ecuador
Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder, published a trove of documents related to Hillary Clinton.

As most know, the trove of documents later published by WikiLeaks proved to be authentic, and showed that the DNC had systematically sabotaged Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential primary campaign against Hillary Clinton. The documents also demonstrated Clinton’s sordid subservience to Wall Street. As President Putin noted during his July 16 summit with President Trump, what the documents actually showed—what Clinton and her Democratic Party colleagues were doing to destroy Sanders—was more troubling for our nation than the source of the documents.

Within three days of Assange’s June 12 announcement, CrowdStrike, the DNC computer security vendor hired by Perkins, Coie—the same law firm paying Christopher Steele—claimed that the Russians had hacked the DNC, thus painting any future releases from WikiLeaks with a “Russia-did-it” brush, making it possible to distract attention from the gross misconduct of Hillary Clinton and her DNC. Christopher Steele chimed in with memos in his dirty dossier, specifically claiming that Putin personally ordered the DNC hack, to advance Trump’s campaign.

Dmitri Alperovitch, CrowdStrike’s founder and the aforementioned Russian émigré Putin-hater otherwise ensconced at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Research Lab, led the “investigation.” According to the Guardian, the British had already warned the DNC that their computer system was compromised back in 2015. The FBI delivered similar early warnings. If you believe the DNC’s account, nothing was done about this for months, until a DNC researcher named Alexandra Chulapa—who ran social media operations during the Ukraine coup and was working with Ukrainian intelligence to discredit Paul Manafort—sounded the alarm in April 2016. Even then, CrowdStrike allegedly waited until June to act against the attack—hardly the actions of a presidential campaign under attack by what it believed to be an enemy foreign government. Incredibly, the FBI and the U.S. intelligence community simply adopted CrowdStrike’s findings without ever forensically examining the DNC’s computers. When the DNC denied the FBI access to their servers—the crime scene in this incident—James Comey’s FBI, which we now know was preoccupied with exonerating Clinton from her email malfeasance, and was positively rabid about destroying the Trump candidacy, stood down, with no further inquiry needed.

If the DNC and Podesta were hacked by Russians, the NSA would have been able to demonstrate that fact through actual evidentiary proof, a point made repeatedly by former NSA Technical Director Bill Binney. No such proof was, or has yet been offered. Instead, the main document presented to the American public was the January 6, 2017 “assessment” by analysts hand-picked by John Brennan, a major player in the outrageously illegal operation against Donald Trump.[fn_4]

On July 24, 2017, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) members Ray McGovern and former NSA technical Director Bill Binney, with other members of the VIPS, published an analysis based on what has been the only independent forensic investigation conducted to date concerning the alleged DNC hack.[fn_5] It concluded, on the basis of data transmission speeds, that the materials released by Guccifer 2.0 were consistent with a download or a leak, rather than any hack by the Russian government or anyone else.

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Left: LPAC/Jason Ross; right: State Department/Ron Przysucha
Left: Bill Binney, former NSA Technical Director; Right: Mike Pompeo, CIA Director.

Following media coverage of the VIPS study, then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo met with Binney, at President Trump’s urging, to discuss his findings. Other critics, such as Scott Ritter, stepped forward at the same time, to convincingly debunk the so-called “intelligence community assessment,” although on very different grounds than Binney and McGovern.

Going directly to the question of source, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has long maintained that the source was not a Russian or a state actor. And Assange’s colleague, Ambassador Craig Murray, claims to have acted as an intermediary to receive, in person, the damning trove of DNC and Podesta documents from a non-Russian whistleblower.

Well before the VIPS critique, Julian Assange himself had stepped forward to open negotiations with the U.S. Justice Department in early 2017. As revealed by John Solomon in The Hill, Assange had acquired the CIA’s top secret, codeword-classified hacking tools, the Marble Framework, and was preparing to publish them. These were equivalent to the crown jewels of CIA cyber-warfare, as they provide tools for hacking by the CIA or its contractors, while attributing the hack to a foreign entity. Among the sophisticated tools in this program are tools for attributing hacks conducted by the CIA to the Russian government. In return for immunity, Assange offered to subject the CIA cyberwar materials to redaction to protect sources and methods prior to publication; to discuss the CIA’s security vulnerabilities which led to WikiLeaks’ obtaining the material; and to provide evidence to the U.S. government demonstrating that a Russian hack was not the source of the DNC and Podesta publications by WikiLeaks. According to documents produced by Solomon, the Justice Department was conducting serious negotiations with Assange’s lawyer when the FBI’s James Comey, and Comey’s sidekick, Virginia Senator Mark Warner, intervened to kill any deal in February 2017. Needless to say, Robert Mueller has not interviewed either William Binney or Julian Assange.

On July 13, 2018, however, Mueller produced an indictment of twelve alleged Russian GRU military intelligence officers for hacking the DNC and Podesta, claiming that Guccifer 2.0 and the related DCLeaks site were GRU fronts. While Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein emphasized that Mueller did not charge any American with colluding with the Russians, and that the hack did not impact the result of the 2016 election, Mueller’s move had two purposes: wrecking the summit, just days away, between Trump and Putin, and reviving the now-discredited foundation for his own investigation—the alleged Russian hack of the DNC and Podesta.

Neither ploy really worked. The summit proceeded, albeit with demands from Trump’s deranged opponents that he should publicly kick Putin to the ground at the summit, if Trump wanted to avoid being accused of outright treason back here in the United States. The indictment itself only produced further fodder for those thinking critically, including Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. Putin’s offer to make the accused GRU officers available for interrogation by Mueller in Russia, in exchange for the U.S. making Browder and other British agents similarly available, was greeted favorably by Trump, creating a predictable firestorm in the United States. My use of the term, “thinking critically” here, means that I think that Putin and Trump have access to information about what actually happened which has not yet been shared with the general public, information which could send the perpetrators of the coup straight to prison. Mueller’s indictment itself admits that CrowdStrike was in, and modifying, the scene of the crime—the DNC computer server—not just for two weeks in June, as originally claimed, but through September 2016. Further, the indictment’s meticulous and shiny detail is really only a more detailed version of CrowdStrike’s original analysis.

Bill Binney notes that the indictment’s detail does not reflect NSA materials or an inside Russian source, as some have speculated. “Those materials are classified and are subject to criminal penalties for disclosure under U.S. law,” Binney emphasized to this reporter. They would never be revealed in such a tawdry fashion. Since no purported officer of the GRU will ever appear in an American court, the novel written by Mueller and Rosenstein, still lacking anything resembling convincing proof, will never actually be tested. Mueller’s prior indictment against the St. Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency, which created a media frenzy continuing over several news cycles, concerned a measly $200,000 in Facebook ads, most of which occurred after the 2016 election. That indictment has been challenged in federal court by one of the indicted corporate defendants, much to Mueller’s surprise and chagrin, in a criminal case which is ongoing in Washington, D.C.

So, with rationality about Russia, at least on President Trump’s part, having survived yet another determined effort to completely destroy any potential relationship, and with serious doubt about the central premise of Mueller’s investigation still intact, on July 31, British journalist Duncan Campbell intervened with a long-winded and wandering hit piece, published in the nondescript Computer Weekly, attacking participants in the VIPS analysis as Russian disinformation agents.

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none needed
Duncan Campbell, famed British journalist and whistleblower, now cozy with GCHQ’s Robert Hannigan, attempted to get Bill Binney to change his analysis concerning the alleged DNC hack.

Campbell is considered to be the dean of British whistleblowers. He was the first to expose and name GCHQ, the British NSA. He was prosecuted under Britain’s Official Secrets Act. He has otherwise exposed key aspects of Britain’s surveillance programs. Lately, however, Campbell has re-fashioned himself to be an expert on Russian disinformation, teaching a course on it at Sussex University, and becoming deeply involved with the Consortium for Investigative Journalism. At the same time, he has developed a new coziness with GCHQ, and praised a “new openness” there under Robert Hannigan. Hannigan, of course, abruptly resigned his post right after Trump’s election, a resignation which can be attributed to illegal spying against Trump by the British agency. And the Consortium for Investigative Journalism is funded by George Soros, Peter Omidyar, the Ford Foundation and other public opponents of Donald Trump, and most famously published the “Panama Papers,” a leak which many attribute to British intelligence and the CIA.

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UK Government
Robert Hannigan, GCHQ Director, Nov. 2014 to Jan. 2017.

Campbell is also a personal friend of Bill Binney, and he invited Binney to Britain to review the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) research concerning the DNC hack. His article implies that Binney completely changed his analysis after conducting an independent review with his old friend, and that Binney had been snookered by Adam Carter and others who participated in the VIPS study and related forensics. When interviewed by this reporter on August 6th, however, Bill Binney was emphatic that he stood by the central conclusion of the VIPS study: “Guccifer 2.0” was a fabrication, and the DNC materials were downloaded, not hacked by the Russians. “The only thing I said I could not prove, was where the download occurred and by whom,” Binney said. Binney noted that he cannot be held accountable for the mental derangement with which some of his friends, including some in the VIPS, have greeted his basic scientific inquiry. He noted that the only people who are really in a position to provide details about the “who and the where” of the download, are Julian Assange and former Ambassador Craig Murray.

It is hardly coincidental then, that in the past weeks Assange has been threatened with eviction from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he was granted asylum after Sweden launched a prosecution against him. His access to computers, the Internet, or any form of communication have now been completely cut off by the Ecuadorian government. Both the British and the Americans stand ready to indict him. His friends say his health is going bad. WikiLeaks reported on August 8, that Assange has now been invited to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating Russiagate, at a time and place of his choosing. Given the stakes, there is every reason for the concern voiced by Assange’s friends that his life is in imminent danger.

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public domain/Domusrulez
Sir Richard Dearlove, KCMG, OBE, Chief of British Secret Intelligence, SIS/MI6, 1966-2004.

Christopher Steele’s Perfidious
True Crime Trail

It is now almost two years since the election of 2016. Over the course of those two years, through the diligence and tenacity of a few honest U.S. Congressmen and journalists, of Judicial Watch, and of intelligence community whistle-blowers on both sides of the Atlantic, and through the courage of President Trump, the brazen nature of the British interference in the 2016 election, and their all-out effort to force Trump from office has been forced into daylight. Christopher Steele and his mentor, Sir Richard Dearlove, are central players in the British plot, not just to retake the United States, but also to force regime-change in Russia based on a long-standing British hybrid warfare campaign. In addition to staging a coup against the President, they are attempting to recruit the entire population of the United States to this insane perspective against Russia. They have a long and storied history in creating fake news for political and strategic purposes, and running operations which leave a trail of bodies in their wake.

During the past week, we have learned that Steele was being paid as a human source by the FBI as early as February 2016, if not before, based on a release of his highly redacted FBI file to Judicial Watch in an FOIA suit. After he was fired as an official FBI human source in October 2016—based on the obvious fact that he was using his FBI relationship as coinage in the information-warfare operation he was running against Donald Trump for the British government, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton — his relationship with the FBI was continued through a back channel. That channel was the number four attorney at the U.S. Department of Justice, Bruce Ohr, whose wife, Nellie, worked for Steele’s American employer, Fusion GPS, on the Trump Russiagate project.

According to documents finally released to Congress by the Justice Department, Ohr would meet with Steele, who would convey new “information,” and then meet with the FBI to convey Steele’s findings. This relationship lasted through May 2017, if not later. Ohr’s meetings with the FBI were meticulously recorded on FD 302 forms by the FBI agents—the Deputy Associate Attorney General of the United States having become, in effect, an FBI informant, in order to circumvent Christopher Steele’s firing as an informant for egregious violations of FBI Guidelines. Steele sought Ohr’s intervention when Senators Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley referred him to the Department of Justice for prosecution, because of lies he told the FBI. Steele also sought Ohr’s help in getting placed on Robert Mueller’s investigative team. These entreaties were obviously based on the calculation that Ohr and others working with him were in a position to fulfill Steele’s demands.

Previously, as the result of Congressional investigations and numerous British publications, we learned that the British were already warning John Brennan about Trump and the Russians as of late 2015, and that Brennan convened a task force at CIA headquarters no later than March 2016, to investigate the British claims and to launder them to the FBI. Brennan has stated that the British were screaming that Trump would “destroy the special relationship.” The CIA is barred, generally, from U.S. domestic spying as a matter of law—let alone the completely illegal intervention into a U.S. presidential election which is at issue here.

As the result of the British/Obama Administration conspiracy, a whole slew of entrapment operations were set loose on British soil beginning in February-March 2016, targeting individuals loosely associated with the Trump campaign, specifically Carter Page and George Papadopoulos. A very sketchy character, the Maltese Professor Joseph Mifsud, who has multiple connections to British intelligence, targeted Papadopoulos during this period, providing him with a job, telling him that the Russians had Hillary’s emails, and encouraging Papadopoulos to meet with various Russians introduced by Mifsud. Papadopoulos reported back to the Trump campaign what Mifsud told him, as well as what he was told by the Russian contacts to whom he was introduced, thus creating a documentary trail of fabricated “evidence.”

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Stefan Halper

CIA-MI6 asset Stefan Halper, a close friend of Sir Richard Dearlove, was recruited to repeatedly interrogate Carter Page and Papadopoulos about Russian “dirt” allegedly held by the Trump Campaign on Hillary Clinton, based on supposed collusion with the Russian government. The Australian High Commissioner to Britain, Alexander Downer—another player closely tied to Sir Richard Dearlove, Halper, the MI6-associated intelligence agency Hakluyt, and the Clinton Foundation—was set loose to get Papadopoulos drunk and induce confessions on the same topic, “Russian-generated dirt on Clinton” provided as a result of “collusion” with the Trump Campaign.

All of these story-lines and operations echoed claims that Christopher Steele was simultaneously making in his “dirty dossier” memos. These entrapment operations were intended to, and did, create a fabricated evidentiary trail, providing at least minimal credibility to the otherwise completely bogus and wild claims Steele was making in his dirty dossier, about Russia and Donald Trump. It appears that many of the results of these foreign operations were reported through State Department channels, including the U.S. Embassy in London, and then to the FBI. At the State Department, Victoria Nuland, the case officer for the Ukraine coup, and Jonathan Winer, were the early recipients of Steele’s memos, and, according to them, they forwarded them to the FBI, while vouching for Steele’s credibility. Winer also forwarded to the FBI memos from Clinton operatives Cody Shearer and Sidney Blumenthal, memos which he said buttressed claims made by Steele. At the same time, the same or similar communications were forwarded by Brennan’s CIA to the FBI, including apparently, surveillance of the Trump Campaign conducted by GCHQ. Robert Hannigan visited Brennan personally in the summer of 2016, to deliver, according to the Guardian’s accounts, a top secret, director-to-director briefing concerning Trump and Russia.

Halper, Dearlove, and Christopher Steele had targeted Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Director Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as early as 2014, apoplectic that Flynn was calling out the Obama Administration and the Brits for supporting terrorists throughout the Middle East, and was seeking collaboration with Russia on destroying ISIS and similar terrorist groups. According to Chuck Ross of The Daily Caller, Halper falsely claimed that Flynn was compromised by a Russian woman, Svetlana Lokhova, and circulated this baseless and bogus claim throughout the British and U.S. news media in 2014. Many believe that Flynn was fired from the DIA by Barack Obama as the result of British complaints.

When the FBI opened its “official,” “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation of the Trump Presidential campaign in July 2016, the immediate targets were Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, and Carter Page—all of the groundwork having been provided by operations conducted by a foreign government on foreign soil, in collaboration with Brennan’s CIA and the State Department.

Manafort, whose unorthodox monetary dealings are no different from those of other swamp-like public relations gurus in Washington, D.C., committed the unforgivable sin of crafting Viktor Yanukovych’s successful return to power in the Ukrainian elections, while the British and their Washington friends sought the opposite result in their ongoing destabilization campaign directed at Putin and the Russian state. In Manafort’s case, the foreign government generating the evidence for his prosecution was most specifically the Ukrainian intelligence services, although a British role can in no way be discounted.

The June 2016 Trump Tower meeting, which has become such a focus of the news media and Robert Mueller again, is no different from the rest of these British-generated entrapment operations. Only the location for the operation, whose moniker was really “Planting Russian dirt about Hillary Clinton,” was relocated from British soil to Trump’s iconic home in Manhattan. Bill Browder, the British agent and the joint author, with his close friend Jon Winer, of the fake legend behind the Magnitsky Act, appeared for this operation as its putative scribe. He cited the Russian-American contingent accompanying the Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya to the Trump Tower meeting, and others, as unregistered foreign agents, in a complaint he promptly delivered to the U.S. Department of Justice after the meeting.

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Left to right: CC/MSNBC; FBI; Institute of Politics/Kristyn Ulandcy
Left to right: Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, Michael Flynn

By October 2016, Carter Page had become the target of the first of four successive FISA surveillance warrants based on Steele’s unverified memos, and on other fraudulent claims made by the FBI and Department of Justice to the FISA court—warrants which have shocked legal observers in the United States. This corrupt FISA operation, based on Christopher Steele’s propaganda, was clearly aimed at turning Carter Page into a human microphone targeted at Donald Trump and his associates. According to Devin Nunes, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, declassification of the 20 still-classified pages of the FISA warrant applications, will produce the largest shocks of all to an American public which is now focused on the major corruption in Obama’s DOJ, FBI and other intelligence agencies.

Sir Richard Dearlove, KCMG, OBE, was Christopher Steele’s boss as head of MI6 from 1999 to 2004. Steele and his business partner, Christopher Burrows, remain extremely close to Dearlove. By their own accounts, Sir Richard mentored and shepherded their calculated information warfare and legal entrapment operations against the Trump campaign. A major force in the U.S./British anti-Russian Henry Jackson Society of neo-conservatives, Sir Richard is widely blamed, correctly, for the fake intelligence that led the United States into the disastrous Iraq War.

Since the Litvinenko poisoning in 2006, the British have been in an all-out low-intensity war against the Russian state. Christopher Steele, who headed the Russian desk of MI6, has played a major role in all of these operations. According to Steele’s own account, his firm, Orbis Business Intelligence, makes millions of dollars providing intelligence to warring Russian oligarchs, the perfect cover for disruption and low-intensity warfare. For example, the oligarch Oleg Deripaska, the Russian aluminum magnate who did business deals with Paul Manafort and later sued Manafort, is one of Steele’s clients.

While deeply enmeshed in wrecking Donald Trump’s campaign, Steele, by his own account to Jane Mayer, authored a study alleging a huge campaign of Russian interference in European elections with the goal of destroying the European Union—primarily aimed, no doubt, at Brexit and the “Leave” campaign. In April 2016, he claimed that the Kremlin was engaged in social-media warfare aimed at inflaming fear and prejudice, while it provided “opaque financial support” to favored politicians in the form of bank loans, gifts, and other kinds of support. Supposedly it specifically targeted Silvio Berlusconi and Marine Le Pen, as well as lesser-known right-wing nationalists in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. The Kremlin’s long-term aim, the report concluded, was to “boost extremist groups and politicians at the expense of Europe’s liberal democracies,” according to Mayer’s account in the New Yorker. Steele called his report “Operation Charlemagne.”

Steele was the case officer who investigated the Alexander Litvinenko poisoning on behalf of MI6, immediately concluding that Russia had committed the spectacular murder, on specific orders from Putin, using polonium-210 as the poison. Prior to the poisoning, Steele ran Litvinenko, a defector from the Russian FSB, as an asset in Britain’s destabilization operations against Putin and Russia. This murder was the opening shot of the war Britain has conducted against Putin since, with its intensity increased by orders of magnitude following the Ukraine coup.

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cc/John Armagh
Grave of Alexander Litvinenko at Highgate Cemetery, London, August 12, 2007.

Litvinenko worked for Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, who, after making millions looting Russia, fled to London and went to war against Putin on behalf of MI6. It is not a stretch to opine that Steele also ran Berezovsky’s operations. Litvinenko was characterized as Berezovsky’s “bomb thrower” against Putin. While the British authorities originally charged former FSB officer Andrei Lugovoi with the poisoning, and demanded his extradition, they did not charge the Russian state in the 2006 proceedings. This was despite claims that Litvinenko had made a death-bed statement blaming Putin for his murder, a sensational statement circulated world-wide by the British propaganda and public-relations apparat. That statement, it turns out, was drafted by another Berezovsky associate, Alex Goldfarb, a former employee of the infamous George Soros. The statement was further crafted by Bell, Pottinger, the disgraced British public relations firm famous for such contracts as its $540 million effort for the CIA making fake al-Qaeda propaganda films for the war in Iraq.

In the wake of the Ukraine coup, in May 2014, Theresa May, then Britain’s Home Secretary, revived the Litvinenko case, purely for its propaganda value, eight years after his death. The revived review, lasting two years and ending in January 2016, ended up charging that Russia and Putin were “probably” responsible for the poisoning, in a report which used the word “probably” 35 times with respect to its major findings. Sir Robert Owen’s report otherwise claimed that Andrei Lugovoi and another former Russian intelligence colleague of Litvinenko, Dmitry Kovtun, were responsible for the poisoning. The Owen report has proven to be highly controversial, even within Britain itself. Litvinenko’s father, who still lives in Russia, blames the often violent operatives working with Berezovsky for his son’s murder. Berezovsky himself apparently committed suicide by hanging in Britain in 2013.

When former MI6 double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned in Salisbury, England, in March 2016, the British and U.S. propaganda mills immediately announced that this was a repeat of the Litvinenko murder, this time using novichok, a widely-available nerve agent originally developed in the former Soviet Union. Former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson ranted that this required action by NATO, presumably characterizing it as an act of war. This sensational claim collapsed, however, when Porton Down, the British biological warfare lab, refused to back the major claim of the May government, and stated that it did not know from whence the nerve agent that poisoned the Skripals had come. The same conclusion was made by the international Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). This seems abundantly clear, as the two now-dissident scientists who developed the agent now live in the United States, and published its formula all over the Internet. Further, both Skripal and his daughter survived the attack, pointing to far less competent putative assassins, and a far less potent agent than that proclaimed by the British government.

Once again, however, we find Christopher Steele in the middle of this new attack on Russia. Pablo Miller was Skripal’s MI6 handler. He met with him regularly in Salisbury, and arranged speaking engagements for him in the former East Bloc countries. Not surprisingly, Miller is an associate at Steele’s firm, Orbis Business Intelligence. Speculation is rife in British intelligence circles that Skripal played a role in the composing of the fake dirty dossier against Trump, and had become a liability to his controllers.

Given what we now know about Steele, and the dodgy, completely fake British intelligence dossier used to conduct a new British insurrection against the United States, why should the President tolerate the sanctions imposed by his State Department and manufactured by the same group of people who have tried to destroy him? It is really now time to take up LaRouche PAC’s call, Mr. President: End the Special Relationship and Declassify All British-Spawned Documents Concerning Your 2016 Campaign. Fish really does stink from the head down.

[fn_1]. See “A Conspiracy of Morons: the CFR Project 1980s” in the May 15, 1979 issue of Executive Intelligence Review. [back to text for fn_1]

[fn_2]. Professor Cohen was able to bring up these facts during a late-July appearance on CNN. [back to text for fn_2]

[fn_3]. A thorough timeline of events is available on Adam Carter’s website of Guccifer 2.0 analysis, [back to text for fn_3]

[fn_4]. Guccifer 2.0 (G2) became a central element for blaming Russia for hacking the material later released by WikiLeaks. As its name suggests, WikiLeaks mainly publishes leaks, and for this reason, takes great care to prevent exposing the identities of its sources, who may face legal and other repercussions for revealing classified or private material. It was therefore quite unusual for G2 to appear publicly at all, and to claim to be the source via a hack. While G2 claimed to be a lone Romanian hacker, a series of obviously planted clues (the computer equivalent of monogrammed handkerchiefs) revealed, to the supposedly intrepid reporters and analysts who found them right on cue, that G2 was not Romanian, but actually—gasp!—Russian, and trying to cover his tracks. This G2 persona has been central to both the January 6, 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment blaming Russia and to Robert Mueller’s July 2018 indictment. It is therefore important to use any tools available to determine whether there is any evidence that G2 actually hacked the DNC. [back to text for fn_4]