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This article appears in the September 14, 2018 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


Major British Effort Now Underway
To Impeach Trump ‘Sooner Rather than Later’

It’s Open Sedition: Now Is the Time To Organize the Counter-Coup

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Sept. 6—If you have been following the ongoing coup against the President, you know by now that its “events” are not things in themselves; they are part of a constructed narrative, a British information warfare effort whose objective is to drive this President from office. So it is with the most recent series of “events”: the conviction of Paul Manafort and the guilty plea of Michael Cohen, John McCain’s absurd and orchestrated funeral, Bob Woodward’s outrageous new round of political pornography aimed at the President, and now, the anonymous op-ed from a “senior official” in the Trump Administration, published on the Sept. 5 Opinion page of the New York Times.

The gutless author of the New York Times op-ed claims to be a member of the “resistance” inside the Administration and doubles down on Woodward’s ludicrous fake portrait of the President as an unhinged child from whom the nation must be protected. The Times says it is protecting the identity of this creep to save his or her job, to wit, to ensure that he or she can continue outright sedition against the President of the United States. The op-ed lauds John McCain and explicitly references the President’s alleged rage at being boxed into adding more sanctions against Russia based on the Sergei Skripal poisoning hoax in Great Britain.

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Upper left:
While Special Counsel Robert Mueller (above right) picked the “low-hanging fruit” in the conviction of Paul Manafort (above, upper left) and the guilty plea of Michael Cohen (above, lower left), Theresa May (below, left) says her government has now identified and charged the Russians (below, right) who poisoned the Skirpals.
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Left: Xinhua; right: Salisbury England Metropolitan Police

As Glenn Greenwald appropriately commented, “The irony in the op-ed from the New York Times’s anonymous White House coward is glaring and massive: s/he accuses Trump of being ‘anti-democratic’ while boasting of membership in an unelected cabal that covertly imposes their own ideology with zero democratic accountability, mandate or transparency.”

At the same time, the British have undertaken new strategic provocations against Russia, both carrying the label “poison.” Charges were announced Sept. 5 by Theresa May against two “Russians” for the Skripal poisoning. A new false flag chemical attack in Syria, which is to be blamed on Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin, has also been in the works for several days. Undoubtedly the Brits will now escalate, calling for new military actions against Russia and threatening the world with a new war. Senator Chuck Schumer gave the game away over the weekend when he said that impeachment must come now, “sooner rather than later.”

To accomplish this, a whole series of events has been planned between now and the U.S. midterm elections. At the very least, they aim to depress and suppress the turnout of pro-Trump voters and jack up the increasingly Jacobin base of the Democratic Party. God only knows what will launch from this crowd if the now imminent financial collapse occurs, in Schumer’s words, “sooner rather than later.”

A Prelude to Nuclear War

Former German Assistant Defense Minister Willy Wimmer, in a strongly worded statement published September 3, outlined the stakes precisely. If the Democrats take the House in the November midterm elections and impeach the President, Wimmer warns, it would be the prelude to a nuclear war against Russia, the foremost enemy of the circles identified with the names of John McCain and Hillary Clinton. The buildup for the confrontation has been assiduously pursued in Europe during recent years, he wrote, so that the removal of Trump from office “would be the breaking of the dam which is keeping the peace alive.”

This is not to say that the President’s enemies are winning. In fact, they are totally exposed and increasingly desperate, having tried just about everything to oust this President for the last two years, to no avail. Each new attack exposes more and more of the apparatus and machinery by which the U.S. population was tamed following 9/11 and the financial crash of 2008, prior to their revolt in the 2016 presidential election. The backfire potential in these crazed actions is enormous and will only stoke the fire that is still very much alive in the American population.

So, organize, vote, convince your friends and neighbors to vote, and register new voters. These aspiring viceroys stand on the verge of a huge defeat if we do our job. Do it with humor and ridicule directed toward the “resistance,” the overrated, self-important professional windbags who already have done almost irreparable damage to our republic under Bush and Obama and now have the audacity to ask for a return to their insane policies.

The current round of potentially deadly nonsense began right after the President was experiencing a notable uptick in his approval level, even within the rigged polls, and as the “blue wave” forecast for the midterm elections was fading. Anyone not living in a cave knows that if the Democrats prevail in the midterms, the President’s impeachment will be launched in the House with the very corrupt Special Counsel Robert Mueller providing the pretext. As we have repeatedly stated, the reason for this coup is very clear: Trump threatens the worldwide Anglo-Dutch monetarist empire, the sponsors of what people mistakenly call the Deep State, or the Establishment.

At this very moment, that Empire teeters on the edge of a new and thunderous financial collapse. At the same time, a new paradigm of relations among nations, under the rubric of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, is proceeding, rapidly, to replace the decadent Anglo-Dutch Empire and its grip on the world’s finances and resources. Instead of being kept in poverty through free trade, outsourcing, cheap labor, and austerity, formerly impoverished nations and continents are now being developed with modern infrastructure. In the past few days, at the summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, huge new infrastructure and development initiatives were announced between China and most countries on the African continent.

Trump is a threat because his endorsement of the American System of political economy, fundamental scientific research and space exploration, and his pledge to build large-scale infrastructure, signals the very real possibility of an entirely new order of international relationships in which China, Russia, the United States, and others collaborate on physical development of the world. Trump has absolutely no loyalty to the failed old order of permanent war, Wall Street bailouts, and post-industrial society. This is why, according to Schumer, the Senator from Wall Street, impeachment must occur “sooner rather than later.”

Now, let’s take these recent propaganda stunts in reverse order, to better unwind their intended cascade effect on the popular mind.

Woodward, the Post, and the New York Times

Forget about Bob Woodward, the pompous darling of the Washington establishment, whom the press have loved to celebrate ever since he and Carl Bernstein functioned as human dead drops for the leaks from the FBI and others that brought down Richard Nixon. In all of his books, Woodward has always relied on anonymous sources, primarily from the U.S. intelligence community that leaks salacious bits of gossip to him for their own political and institutional purposes. Christopher Hitchens famously called Woodward “the stenographer for the rich and the powerful.”

In the case of George W. Bush, that meant propping up and giving substance to perhaps the most mentally vacant President in U.S. history and supporting the Iraq War and the other disastrous military interventions, which wrecked the U.S. military and much of Southwest Asia. Woodward’s much ballyhooed account of a deathbed conversation with former CIA Director Bill Casey has been widely debunked as fabricated and drew a rare public rebuke from President Ronald Reagan who called Woodward an outright liar. This is why President Trump is right to ask whether the New York Times’s “senior Trump official” actually exists or is simply another Woodward “source.” Woodward’s book on the 2008 bailout of Wall Street, following the collapse which broke most of the country and destroyed our middle class, is a vicious lie, painting the totally corrupted officials of the Bush and Obama administrations as well-intentioned public servants.

The late, great actual investigative reporter, Robert Parry, took Woodward to task for not reporting Richard Nixon’s crime that caused the Watergate cover up: Nixon’s deliberate sabotage, using Henry Kissinger and others, to subvert the Vietnam Paris peace talks, prolonging the Vietnam War for years in order to win the 1968 presidential election. This successful game cost thousands of U.S. and Vietnamese lives. Woodward had the story at the time, exclusively, but chose not to report it.

Writer Joan Didion best summed up Woodward and his “work” in a famous essay published in the Sept.1996 New York Review of Books. She said that after Watergate, “measurable cerebral activity” in Woodward’s books was virtually absent, and that the books have “a scrupulous passivity, an agreement to cover the story not as it is occurring but as it is presented, which is to say as it is manufactured.” She calls his method “political pornography.”

The Washington Post—now in the hands of Resist member and pirate capitalist Jeff Bezos—was, for years, owned by the Graham family and functioned purposely throughout the post-World War II period as a psychological warfare and propaganda vehicle for the CIA and intelligence community. Complementing the Times’s effort at sedition, the Post coverage of the op-ed by the gutless “senior official” had the headline, “Sleeper Cells Have Now Awoken.”

As for the New York Times—well, anyone who is literate can cite its early support for Mussolini and Hitler and its history as the propaganda vehicle of record for Wall Street and the City of London. The Post and the Times have been outpaced only by CNN and MSNBC as purveyors of hate against this President.

The McCain Death Extravaganza

John McCain deserved a decent funeral based on his war record and his long, if destructive, public service. McCain and others in Washington’s arrogant and narcissistic elite decided before his death, however, to use his demise to advance the coup against the President, and to make claims about the late Senator and themselves which are totally and utterly false and delusional. The funeral was a national media extravaganza, achieving a status normally enjoyed only by former Presidents.

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Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Former Presidents Barack Obama (front left), George W. Bush (front center), and Bill Clinton (front right), united in their eulogy of their deceased comrade Sen. John McCain, and in their war against President Trump, attending McCain’s televised funeral extravaganza at the National Cathedral, Washington, D.C., Sept. 1, 2018.

It was, according to New Yorker magazine, also the “biggest resistance meeting yet.” President Donald Trump was not invited, so that the cowards in the funeral crowd, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush, could freely take potshots at the President. McCain picked these leaders of the country’s descent into hell deliberately, to romanticize his death, and to trash-talk the current President, albeit in eloquent and lofty language and knowing allusions. In effect, they wrapped the murderous crimes of empire in the American flag.

McCain was a protégé of the founder of neo-conservatism, Senator Henry Scoop Jackson, a crazy servant of the British imperial agenda who constantly sought military confrontation with Russia. The British were so enamored of Jackson’s views that they have dedicated an entire society of British intelligence spooks to him, the Henry Jackson Society. The former U.S. incarnations of this group were the Committee on the Present Danger and the Project for a New American Century. Leading members of both groups hastily retreated to the British mother ship after they led the U.S. mobilization for the failed and disastrous Iraq War. Former MI6 head Sir Richard Dearlove, who has shepherded the Christopher Steele and other British aspects of the coup against Donald Trump, is a leading member of this group.

Funding for McCain’s political adventures came from his second wife, whose brewing company fortune was completely mixed up in the Arizona mob and mob funding during its earlier years.

With respect to McCain’s activities, Max Blumenthal characterized them accurately in an August 27 Consortium News article: “McCain did not simply thunder for every major intervention in the post-Cold War era from the Senate floor. . . . He was uniquely ruthless when it comes to advancing imperial goals, barnstorming from one conflict zone to another to personally recruit far right fanatics as American proxies. In Libya and Syria, he cultivated affiliates of Al-Qaeda as allies, and in Ukraine, McCain recruited actual sig-heiling neo-Nazis.”

Following the NATO-orchestrated murder of Libya’s leader, McCain tweeted: “Qaddafi on his way out, Bashar Al Assad is next.” He backed the installation of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood to govern Egypt, another failed and insane project. More than $5.6 trillion was spent chasing John McCain’s idyll of democracy in Southwest Asia. Six thousand seven hundred Americans died, more than 50,000 were wounded, entire countries were reduced to rubble with accompanying genocide against their populations, and the largest mass human migration ever was sent into Europe, resembling something akin to the desperate mass flights of the Middle Ages.

It is these horrific actions by McCain, not the myth peddled at his funeral, which are the source of the conflict between Trump and John McCain, and between Trump and George Bush and Barack Obama. Trump promised to end the imperial policy of endless religious and population wars and Wall Street bailouts, and the voters responded resoundingly by electing him President.

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Left: White House/Pete Souza: right: U.S. Government
Left: John Brennan; right: Peter Strzok

The Manafort and Cohen Convictions

The media posited that these two convictions, one by trial, one by plea, gave Robert Mueller newfound credibility and “momentum” at a moment when both were dissipating extremely rapidly. This claim, like the others we have examined here, has no relation to reality.

Mueller’s problem is that his entire investigation has been revealed to be permeated with illegality and based on concepts of dubious constitutionality. As the result of investigations by Congress, we know that as of December 2015, British intelligence agencies were frantically signaling their fears about Donald Trump to Obama Administration intelligence officials, primarily the CIA of John Brennan. The British were demanding that Trump be taken out by any means necessary because he was “soft on Russia.” They were demanding that Trump be taken out by criminalizing the idea for which the American people ultimately voted, that of having a rational relationship, rather than war, between the U.S. and Russia.

We now know that by early spring 2016, Brennan was operating out of the CIA with a taskforce investigating Trump based on British “leads,” despite multiple legal prohibitions against precisely such domestic activity by the CIA. That task force included Peter Strzok, the now-fired FBI agent who said he would do anything to prevent Trump’s election. This operation included sending informants to plant fabricated evidence on peripheral figures in the Trump campaign, including George Papadopoulos and Carter Page. The fake evidence suggested that Trump was using Russian obtained “dirt” against Hillary Clinton.

The evidence planting operations, mostly conducted on British soil, were designed to back up the bogus and otherwise evidence-free and indefensible dossier authored by MI6’s Christopher Steele—a dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign and promoted by the Department of State, Department of Justice, the FBI, and selected reporters. The dirty British Steele dossier claimed that Trump had been compromised by Putin. Based on this, Trump was targeted in a full-set counterintelligence investigation by the FBI, including surveillance of his campaign and anyone associated with it.

The goal of this surveillance was to put those who were around Trump under an investigative microscope stretching back years, to find any crime or misdeed for which they could be prosecuted. That is the illegal and unconstitutional backdrop to everything Robert Mueller has produced thus far. Nothing produced by Mueller has shown Trump to be a puppet of Putin as claimed by the British, the Clinton campaign, and the national news media. Nonetheless, the entire episode has damaged relations between the U.S. and Russia and between the U.S. and China, which was the British strategic goal in the first instance, continuing the dive into a new form of head-to-head confrontation between nuclear powers, bearing no comparison to the Cold War of the 20th Century.

Paul Manafort was hired to handle delegate selection at the Republican National Convention and then brought on as campaign manager. He worked for Trump for six months total until his legal problems became known and he resigned. He was charged by Mueller with tax, Foreign Agents Registration Act, and bank fraud offenses for his lobbying activities on behalf of the deposed government of Ukraine. That government was overthrown in a coup in which John McCain played a critical role, a coup which empowered outright neo-Nazis.

Christopher Steele, British intelligence, and the U.S. State Department also played major roles in the Ukraine regime change operation. Manafort was targeted by both Ukrainian and British intelligence because he, in effect, backed the perceived Russian side in the coup. For this, he was being investigated by the Obama Justice Department well prior to any campaign association with Donald Trump. Mueller simply adjusted the focus of this already political investigation, a focus aimed at turning Manafort into an asset against Trump by means of the terror of potential prison sentences numbering in the hundreds of years as the result of overcharged and duplicative indictments.

Michael Cohen, who worked with Trump as a lawyer, also had his share of prior legal problems, primarily related to taxes concerning his taxi medallion business in New York City. For months, the mainstream media has featured the claims of porn star Stormy Daniels claiming a one-night stand with the future President, ten years ago, as if the nation could draw some lesson from Daniels about public virtue. Cohen apparently arranged to pay off Daniels and another woman concerning their allegations about sex with the President. Among other suspicious dealings, Cohen made audio recordings of conversations with his client, Donald Trump, during the campaign, a complete and total violation of legal ethics which would independently cost him his law license. For many months prior to his plea deal, Cohen had been a target of intense investigative interest based on his tax problems.

In recent months, Cohen has repeatedly signaled that he was willing to betray the President and say whatever prosecutors in the Southern District of New York wanted him to say about Donald Trump in order to avoid jail. The problem is that prosecutors thought Cohen an obvious desperate liar and were not buying. Ultimately, the deal which Cohen struck has him claiming that candidate Trump asked him to pay hush money to the women, resulting in Federal Election Campaign Act violations. This is what the Justice Department claimed against John Edwards in a widely ridiculed and failed prosecution. It is exactly the type of claim by which the British and our Establishment impeached Bill Clinton.

Cohen hired long-time Clinton operative Lanny Davis to represent him in recent months and to make a deal. Following his plea, Davis claimed that Cohen had two made-up morsels to offer Mueller, in return for a reduced sentence: a claim that Trump knew about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer, and a claim that Cohen knew about Russian hacking of Hillary Clinton’s emails. Davis has since admitted that both these claims were totally false and has had to walk them back publicly.

So, if you are tempted by the media to think that either of these “convictions” is germane to the President’s fitness for office, or Robert Mueller’s credibility, please, seek medical attention. The madness which now infects much of official Washington may have claimed you.