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This article appears in the September 21, 2018 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Italy and China Cooperate To Develop Africa

From Liliana Gorini, Chairwoman of MoviSol, LaRouche Movement in Italy

Sept. 12—In the last weeks, thanks in part to the campaign of the Schiller Institute on the Belt and Road Initiative and the Transaqua plan for Lake Chad—which saw the first direct cooperation between Italy and China in the development of Africa—we have been in the middle of many initiatives of the Italian government and others in favor of closer cooperation between Italy and China to develop Africa. In this way we also contribute to the solution of the refugee problem, in which Italy has been left alone by the European Union.

Italian Finance and Economics Minister Giovanni Tria was in China for an important mission, and gave an interview to CGTN, in which he explained that Italy and China have many complementarities and can develop synergies in infrastructure investments, technologies, food, and aerospace. Italy is the second largest manufacturer in Europe and the seventh in the world. China is quickly developing high-quality industry and technology. We can put those technologies together and operate together in China, Italy and also third countries.

African countries should be a prime target of such cooperation, as was underscored by Undersecretary of State for Economic Development Michele Geraci, who created a Task Force China in the Ministry in Rome. In an interview with, Geraci explained that Chinese investments in Africa have a return for us Italians because it helps to stabilize countries where our companies are active. Furthermore, I believe, it is a duty for an advanced country such as ours, not so much to host those who flee from the African continent, but to help Africans to not be compelled to leave their own lands. It is the only win-win solution for everybody.

In an article for Global Times two days ago Fabio Massimo Parenti, Associate Professor of International Studies at the International Institute Lorenzo de’ Medici, in Florence, wrote that “Europe and China must come together for Africa.” Cooperating with China on the Maritime Silk Road—which involves the Italian ports of Genoa, Trieste and Venice—will also be the key to relaunching commercial activities in Genoa, which has been hit badly by the collapse of the Morandi Bridge, which killed 43 people, the result of budget cuts and lack of maintenance.

I therefore wish full success to your important conference in New York, which is key not only for the United States, but also for Europe and Italy.

The United States Must Help Save Africa

From Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane, leader of LaRouche South Africa

Sept. 11—Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, gathered in New York City to discuss the way forward, that we might emerge from these turbulent and crisis-wracked times, into the bright light of a new and better future for all mankind,— I send you greetings and best wishes for the success of your efforts from South Africa, a proud member of the BRICS alliance for peace through development.

I want to convey to you this afternoon two important, inter-related points.

First, it should clear, that with the developments of the last several weeks, the world no longer needs to exist under the foot of the bitch Queen and her globally extended British Empire. There is a pathway towards a new paradigm that rejects the basic assumption of imperialism—that there are two castes of people, the first consisting of those pre-ordained to be masters, and a lower caste—of those considered by the first caste as less than human, enslaved by birth and circumstance to service the masters. This pathway to a new world has been laid out in discussions and plans by our BRICS partners, China, Russia and India, with the extensive assistance of my country’s former president, Jacob Zuma, who was a committed, outspoken advocate of not only South Africa’s development, but the development of the continent as a whole, and who led South Africa to play an important role in the BRICS.

The focus of the BRICS on Africa is not from the standpoint of looting and exploiting its people and resources for some “master race,” but from the standpoint of development in the self-interest of Africans. Africans will no longer tolerate being treated as useless eaters, whose existence is permitted only so long as we can be exploited, and once that is finished, we should be eliminated by a combination of grinding poverty, wars, famine and disease. That is the way of all imperialisms; that it is the way of the British Empire. That way is now past.

Not so long ago in this world there were only two real “blocs,” if you want to call them that, for want of a better term. The first bloc consisted of the imperialists and those who promoted their inhuman system of exploitation, playing nations and peoples against each other, whose ultimate aim was to reduce the population of this world to a billion people or less, as this was once expressed by his Royal Virus, Prince Phillip. The second bloc was made up of the nations and peoples being exploited.

My second point is that under the leadership of especially China’s President Xi Jinping, author of the Belt and Road Initiative, with support and additional efforts of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, there is now a new way to look at the world. There is now a growing number of nations and national leaderships that reject the zero-sum games of imperialism’s geopolitics and believe there is no reason we cannot have a global grand design, in which all nations and peoples are dedicated to the improvement of the general welfare and well-being of all peoples—where there are no losers, only winners on the road to progress.

This revolutionary thinking now stands opposed to the British Empire and its system of exploitation. At this moment, when the Empire’s financial system is so fragile—when its system of profit-taking at the expense of human flesh is in an existential crisis—it is possible to throw off that system of oppression, and relegate it to the dustbin of history. Such a moment as this, in which fundamental change is possible, when the crumbling of the old social order encourages enough people to summon forth a new-found courage within themselves to challenge that order and seek something better, does not often occur. We are, right now, living in such an exciting moment, a moment of the kind the Polish revolutionary and economist Rosa Luxemburg called a “conjunctural crisis.” And in the manner of the great Russian strategist Vladimir Lenin, we must “seize the moment.”

Here’s how I look at this. The British and their accomplices globally are embarked on a dread policy that pushes towards global war, in order to save their power. Should they get their way—should they not be resisted, should nations and their peoples succumb to the British lies and behave as brainwashed zombies—then the lords will indeed “succeed” in reducing Earth’s population, in short order, to around a billion people—a genocide that would have made the British golem, Adolf Hitler, blush with envy. This insane plan presumably spares the so-called 1%, or around 75 million masters, plus all those whom they might need to service their interests. Around a billion people or less—that is, if they don’t miscalculate and kill everyone in a general thermonuclear war. As an African, I know, either way, I am toast.

China, and Russia, along with India—our BRICS partners—have done some heavy lifting to create the possibility of a new paradigm, extending credit directly and through such institutions as the BRICS New Development Bank, aimed at the building up the economy, both social and physical, that improves the creative productive powers of labour. This extension of credit is not intended to make monetary profit for the issuers. The Brits cannot comprehend this. Credit extended with the intent of productive development, builds a future, and is thus self-liquidating. Monetarist debt, as issued in the British system, is usury, plain and simple, whose intention is to loot and enslave, and ultimately cannibalize the debtor.

For more than a half century, Lyndon LaRouche, the leader of the global movement that I represent in South Africa, and his wife Helga, have fought tirelessly against the British Empire and its monetarist system of imperial looting. They have led us to a policy of peace through improvement of the creative powers of all people alive, and for those untold generations yet unborn—a globally extended, expanded reproduction of our species, with greater numbers at ever higher levels of creative and productive potential. That work has placed the nations of the BRICS alliance, most prominently China, Russia, and India, behind the idea of a new era for mankind, without geopolitical imperial wars and conflict.

Meanwhile, Africa has worked diligently, and with great effort, to put itself in a position to benefit from the course taken by the BRICS and its allies. That is shown, for example, by the dramatic concord at the just-concluded summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in Beijing, where the African nations collectively committed themselves to China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Africa’s leadership recognizes that such development programmes represent the only hope to raise its people from the murderously enforced underdevelopment of the British imperial system.

I conclude, with a final point. This new paradigm cannot be realized without the active support and full collaboration of the United States.

I am speaking now directly to the Americans in your audience: Your nation was founded on the two inter-related self-evident principles. First, that all men are created fundamentally equal by our Creator; and second, that governments are instituted among men to serve the best interests of all people, offering opportunities to realize their full creative potential, not by serving the interests of an imperial or any elite, but by providing conditions to promote their general welfare. Your great American President Franklin Roosevelt believed that, to secure the blessings of peace and prosperity of the American people, this principle of the General Welfare must be extended to all nations and all people.

Your President, Donald Trump, is being savaged, in an ongoing attack by the British Empire, which seeks a coup and regime change in your own country, such as it has accomplished elsewhere, with the help of its assets such as the Queen’s own lawn jockey, Barack Obama. I have invited Mr. Trump to visit my country and Africa generally, so that he may see for himself the damage, destruction and death wrought by British imperial policy, but also the great possibilities for change for the better. Africa needs Donald Trump to move America to stand with our friends the Chinese, Russians, and Indians, and thus create the Four-Power combination that Mr. LaRouche has said must be created, and thereby assert America’s desire and power to create a new and just global economic system to replace the decadent and dying British-dominated world order—joining with other nations to usher in a new era of peace through development. In that lies Africa’s salvation, as it does for the rest of the world.

So, I urge all of you who are Americans: To save Africa, you must defeat the British Empire and its plans to save the 1%, and to do that you must defeat the efforts to destroy Donald Trump and his Presidency! The Presidency of the United States is the most powerful institution on our planet. It was created by America’s founding fathers for just such a moment as this.

And to your President, Donald Trump, I say: Do not fail us! Make America great by finally defeating its historic enemy, the enemy of all mankind—the British Empire! Purge yourself of its vile agents and assets, join ranks with us now, and we will walk, together, into a bold, new future.

Thank you!

Every Step of Syrian Reconstruction
Is a Celebration of the New Silk Road

From Ulf Sandmark, Leader of the LaRouche movement in Sweden

A full report on the Schiller Institute delegation of Odile Mojon and Ulf Sandmark to Syria is included elsewhere in this issue. Sandmark’s greetings here are correspondingly abbreviated.

We are happy to report to you that we toured a major part of Syria, including the cities of Homs, Aleppo and Palmyra. We saw the shocking devastation brought upon huge areas of these cities by madmen sent by our own nations into homes, schools, hospitals, industry, and precious ancient sites that are part of the universal heritage of mankind.

Every child in Syria knows about the ugly staging of chemical attacks as a way to bring even more aggression. Indian journalists we met told us that the western nations supporting terrorists in Syria have broken with every principle of Human Rights in their wars against West Asia. It has gone so far that films with white people as the crooks are now popular there.

The Schiller Institute is opposing this geopolitical war and is fighting for reconstruction and development. We were very well received in two live interviews on national Syrian TV, as we spoke about our worldwide mobilization to spread the statements of Helga Zepp-LaRouche, encourage the phone calls to the White House, and support the actions of Virginia State Senator Richard Black, the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) and other allies in this cause.

Every step of Syrian reconstruction is a celebration of the New Silk Road. Especially the impressive 60th Damascus International Trade Fair, which we visited and where we saw the reunion of the old Silk Road nations.

Syrian reconstruction is everywhere to be seen, and we met great operational interest in our proposals as published in our two World Land-Bridge reports, volume 1 and volume 2.