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This article appears in the October 12, 2018 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Roger Stone Endorses
Kesha Rogers, Independent for Congress in Texas 9th CD

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Oct. 9—In what may come as a surprise, or perhaps a wave of fear, to so-called political experts, Roger Stone—a long-time advisor to many Republican candidates and a friend of Donald Trump—endorsed Kesha Rogers on October 8. She is on the November 6 ballot as an Independent candidate for the 9th Congressional District in Texas against incumbent Democrat Al Green, a fanatic for the impeachment of the President. Stone, who had encouraged Trump to run for President as early as 1988, and who played a role in shaping his 2016 Presidential campaign, has been outspoken in his opposition to the regime-change coup being run against President Trump.

He noted Rogers’ record of Democratic Party primary election victories for U.S. Congress in Texas, and praised her role against what he has called the two-party “duopoly.” Stone sharply stated, “these midterm elections are about more than which ‘party’ wins. It is a matter of whether the American people choose war or peace, a downward economic spiral, or economic development, through growing the real economy.”

Rogers has denounced “Russiagate” as a coup, led by America’s oldest enemy, the British Empire, against the duly elected president of the United States, Donald Trump. Stone, in his endorsement of her, all but called it by its proper name. He said “there is not a shred of evidence” of President Trump’s collusion with Russia in the “Mueller ‘witch hunt’,” but rather there is “collusion between British intelligence networks, which represent the bankrupt City of London, and Obama’s intelligence officials, such as Brennan and Clapper, and the corrupted elements of the Justice Department and FBI, who are running an unconstitutional coup to prevent President Trump from pursuing a policy of peace through negotiations, and support for the sovereignty of all nations, including the United States.”

Stone excoriated Rogers’ opponent Congressman Al Green for his gross hypocrisy and total lack of “concern for the people of his district, which is one of the poorest in the country,” saying of Rogers, “She has demonstrated the courage to stand up against both the Bush and Obama machines in Texas, and to stand above the parties.” Kesha Rogers is the central candidate endorsed by LaRouche PAC’s “Campaign to Win the Future” in 2018.