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This article appears in the November 2, 2018 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Update on the Coup: Desperate Measures To Stop Trump’s Momentum!

The following are edited remarks from a presentation by Barbara Boyd to the October 27 Manhattan Project meeting in New York. A video of the full meeting is available.

We need a perspective, and we need to be laser-focused about where we’ve been and what happens right after the election. We have to take a step into the future. That’s not to say that we’re not facing an election which will, as we’ve said repeatedly, be historic and potentially determinative for this nation. There is not a lot to be said, however, about the outcome of the election itself, until it happens. That which can be said goes something as follows.

Should the Democrats take the House, they most certainly will move for the impeachment of Donald Trump, and Robert Mueller will most certainly slant his ultimate report to fuel it. The Democrats, who will then control the House Committees, will seek to investigate the President on every front in the hope of striking some form of gold which will move the public to accept his removal from office. That much has already been bought and paid for by $250 million provided by Tom Steyer, Mike Bloomberg, and George Soros to flip the Congress.

For those who have been following our coverage of the coup closely, you know that Soros, Steyer, and Silicon Valley billionaires also funded British spy Christopher Steele to the tune of at least $50 million to keep up the British information warfare campaign against Donald Trump, after Christopher Steele was fired by the FBI. This effort is entirely aimed at removing Trump from office—as they would say it, by legal means or otherwise—as well as permanently destroying U.S.-Russian relations, and relations with China too. The billionaires are conducting this British intelligence operation on U.S. soil through the Penn Quarter Group, which is led by Dianne Feinstein’s former chief Senate Intelligence staffer, Daniel Jones.

Impeachment will not work, if, as is probable, the Republicans not only hold the Senate, but expand their hold, based on Senators who have now staked their political fortunes to those of the President. It is probably completely off the table if the Republicans hold the house or the Democratic majority is very, very, narrow.

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Top left: NextGen Climate Action; top right: Bloomberg Philanthropies; bottom right: World Economic Forum
Top left: Thomas Steyer; top right: Michael Bloomberg; bottom right: George Soros; bottom left: Christopher Steele.

The Rudiments of Political Intelligence

Those of you who have not been closely following what we have been saying, have been asking over and over again, “Why haven’t the documents the President said would be declassified, been declassified? Why hasn’t Rod Rosenstein been forced to appear before the Congress prior to the elections, to testify under oath about the New York Times story saying he wanted to wear a wire to gather evidence against Trump and remove him under the 25th Amendment?”

About eight months ago or so, I found a really, really profound Lyndon LaRouche personal column from 1984, titled “A Passage from Cloak and Dagger, 101A,” and I forwarded it to some of my colleagues who were being somewhat reactive to the daily news cycle. They were thinking that they had to respond to what their contacts were bedeviling them with, based on the ritualized daily brainwashing which is performed by our corporate news media against this population. This is, of course, a complete fallacy in terms of what this organization’s actual role is in history. We are not commentators on “reality” as proposed by a propaganda apparatus purposely designed to control and limit what human beings think. I will make sure the entire document by LaRouche is featured on our website along with my remarks today.

LaRouche begins his discussion by stating that one of the biggest rules for conducting investigations, counterintelligence investigations particularly, is to highlight what you don’t know—what might have happened that you missed. LaRouche says, “The most important events, among those you have overlooked, will usually be the non-events, events which never happened. The most important fact about a wedding is not the guest list or the bride’s costume, but the fact that the groom is missing.” Otherwise, he says in that paper, that any sound investigation must use the methods of Poe and Gauss and Kepler to map the axioms determining how populations and individuals think and react, and to determine as an organizer how you will intervene to get people to think differently, to free up their creativity. The method of thinking described in this paper is antithetical to the Internet and our present manipulated universe of public opinion, which traps us into profiled actions and reactions, into operating within fixed limits of thinking in the present—a universe in which profiled opinions are the dominant forces and the term “scientific truth” is not something that is ever really found. The divisions which so many declaim and say are a dominant part of American culture today are really not of the character attributed to them. Rather, they are like the ancient Roman pantheon, where dearly held beliefs were allowed to exist so long as any notion of universal truth was banished from the discussion, and so long as the opinions expressed rendered those expressing them politically impotent.

LaRouche says in the paper that anyone who intelligently examines any social or political process should remember that things in themselves do not exist; only transformations in physical space-time exist. He instructs you to ignore syllogisms in the form of nouns. He says, never make a decision based on facts of the form A is B; a fact for you is never a fact unless it is a statement of a transitive verb, a precise description of a transformation in the physical space-time observed. “A” happened in the context of “B.” Finally, he details how to do crucial experiments involving mapping the underlying axioms of both social culture and the physical universe as thought by different populations, to determine the possible pathways for their future actions.

So it is with respect to the coup and the non-events of declassification and the public flaying of Rod Rosenstein. If you noticed, the coup stopped being a major focus in Trump’s messaging about a month ago. Trump came out of his meeting with Rosenstein obviously having received an account of the events in question, which he believed, and also obviously having received assurances about where the Mueller investigation is going. Whether that is true or not is yet to be seen. But, in that respect, as Joseph diGenova said in an interview last week, Trump is now in possession of what he needs to know about the coup; and if you think about it, so are you. It was launched from Britain for the geopolitical purpose of either forcing Trump into collusion with the British view of the world, or forcing him from office. There is ample evidence already in the public record which more than demonstrates that.

We did our job, as we always should, by being the strategically accurate catalyst—operating from the unique perspective provided by LaRouche over all these years, and issuing the clarion call to the Congress and the President as to who was doing this and why it was happening. That clarion call was picked up and followed, and a great deal has been learned since, about the greatest abuse of our intelligence services in American history. Trump now knows more than we do about the results of what has been found, and he will utilize what he knows appropriately. For example, if the Democrats do succeed in flipping the House and move for impeachment, Trump is now holding the cards to be played by the Executive Branch, including the Department of Justice. Moreover, as opposed to the media accounts, Trump is now fully confident in setting up further meetings with the Russians, and John Bolton is playing a role in moving this process forward.

Desperation of a Cornered Enemy

What we can say, definitively, is that certain events which have happened in the past month—the revival of the Skripal hoax, the Khashoggi murder, the Central American caravan, and now, the pipe bomb duds sent to prominent players in the coup by a low-life criminal and self-described male strip dance choreographer and promoter, Cesar Sayoc—reek of desperation; all of it aimed at stanching the President’s momentum in the elections and deflecting attention from the criminal actions of the President’s opponents, who were the very specific targets of the crazed Cesar Sayoc. If you think about it, the choice of the players this loser allegedly targeted with his non-exploding explosives, was designed to immunize essential players in the coup against the President and deflect from what they have been doing, at least as it is being played by the mighty Wurlitzer of our propaganda machine. These guys have managed to invent a new narrative, a new pulp fiction novel that says that Donald Trump’s crudity and profanity caused the deranged actions of Cesar Sayoc, and that this low-life is typical of the “deplorables around the President.”

You can’t even say at this point, although it would be inviting, that Cesar Sayoc is a police informant, although he most certainly smells like one; only that he is clearly mentally unstable, borderline retarded, and trapped in the conspirophile land of the Internet—all of which can be ascertained by looking at his now defunct Twitter account. The mental instability and deficiencies and the Internet fixation are sufficient causes, in themselves, for someone of this profile to act out.

So, it really is up to anybody with a brain to get out and vote accordingly, to repudiate this last, most insane, and irrational propaganda ploy, to turn it against those perpetrating it and to organize others to take the same action. Ask your friends and neighbors: Do the fake news mavens really think that people aren’t going to look at what George Soros or Tom Steyer have done and only discuss it in the language of snowflakes because some deranged low-life and probable police informant was manipulated into violence? Most people now know that one out of every two people or more sitting next to them, except in certain bizarre locations on either Coast, support the President and are sane and rational human beings.

Now just think about the context and the midterms. The Kavanaugh hearings presented the American population with a full look at the descent into anarchy and hell and irrationality—the type of world they will face if the so-called Blue Wave is allowed to occur—and they reacted very strongly. In response to that reaction, a former Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, called for physically “kicking them while they are down,” meaning Trump supporters. Hillary Clinton stared maniacally into a camera and threatened the population. She said, we can have civility if you give us back the House of Representatives. Finally, the New York Times ran an assassination fantasy story, with a Secret Service agent shooting the President—written, of course, by a Brit—the day before Cesar Sayoc’s bombs started arriving. That’s not to mention the antics of now “Mad Maxine” Waters or the sad and all used up figure of Al Green. So, these are desperate, desperate actions by an increasingly cornered British foe.

All of the events, cited above, as played by our media, are aimed at depressing the vote in the midterms. But it is also a fact that at this stage, the British ploy is losing its oxygen; it depends on insane events such as these for simple survival now. The Democrats completely overplayed their hand in the Kavanaugh hearings, striking at core features of the American identity: the presumption of innocence, due process, and fundamental fairness. The question before us today is how do we take the offensive now, rather than tolerating the continuing danger of the mortally wounded British beast? They have no choice but to fight to the end. They are staring at the very real possibility of historical collapse and jail for key actors. But if we win, what are we really winning if we allow this fight to be defined as it is being defined only right now in present time? Where are we, really?

The Future Determines the Present

Last week, LaRouche PAC released a mobilization statement for this election, emphasizing that we are really on the verge of making history for humanity—something you would not know if you allow your reality to be defined by current news events. We compared this moment to that of the lost chance of 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell and Franklin Roosevelt’s intention of ending the British Empire once and for all was on the table. That opportunity was lost through British imperial perfidy and, most importantly, populations who thought small, and who failed to rise to the appropriate level of historical necessity.

At that time, the imperial elites promoted two versions of social control with which they experimented in the intervening period to maintain their power. One was fashioned as neo-liberalism, and is embodied in the doctrine of the so-called “end of history” by Francis Fukuyama. The other was fashioned as neo-conservatism as practiced by Dick Cheney and his crew of fascist Neanderthals, who sought to reshape the world by military force. Although the neo-conservatives crashed and burned with the Iraq War, they now are seeking a wholesale revival in the United States. As to the neo-liberalism embraced by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Fukuyama himself says that it is the form of globalism embodied in the European Union and probably would not be accepted in the United States.

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Left: Wikipedia; right: Gage Skidmore
Left: Barack Obama, presenting his Nobel lecture after receiving the Nobel Prize in 2009; right: Former Vice President Dick Cheney.

We pointed out that these twin—allegedly competing—ideologies concocted when the Wall fell, are just really different forms of synarchism—a synthetic political movement spawned by the European oligarchy which Franklin Roosevelt’s intelligence units identified as Nazi-Communism. They are both a Satanic amalgam of Hegel, Nietzsche, Marx, Heidegger, and Kojève. It is no accident that Fukuyama later said that to really work, neo-liberalism had to include the complete abolition of technological breakthroughs and new scientific discoveries as essential features of his program. That is, mankind would have to be permanently trapped in the present, something which our present manipulated news cycle and Internet do actually accomplish. Add to that the myths about climate change, and you get Barack Obama lecturing Africans that their desire to live at a human level would destroy the planet because it would boil over.

Both these social control ideologies, neo-conservatism and neo-liberalism, have been smashed by Donald Trump and his call for reciprocally beneficial economic relationships between fully sovereign nation states. What is lacking now is something only the LaRouche movement can provide—an immediately actionable plan for the future which will work in the very short term, to create hope and prosperity in the wake of this destruction.

In our organizing, we have picked up the same thing the President picked up with respect to the public’s perception of the coup. The American population is prepared to revolt from it, but really does not ache to have that battle in the context of present axioms, particularly as presented by “identity politics” at any level, or right and left political axioms and assumptions, or the present posture of either partisan political party, or even any present way of thinking.

The people we are talking to—disillusioned Democrats, independents, thinking Trump supporters, young people—are really concerned about the economic future: creating an economy which is not based on Wall Street funny money; educating their children to be scientifically curious once again about the universe in which they find themselves; not relegated to such insane curricula as “gender studies,” or endlessly playing video games and plunging into the fantasy of their phones. The people we meet demonstrate over and over again a yearning for bold thinking about the future. That is where our job is now. That is the path to saving this Presidency and saving the nation. That is really the end of the long national nightmare of our recent experience in the wake of the Bush and Obama presidencies.

We have already made substantial headway in this election through the Kesha Rogers campaign in Texas, through the messaging of John James for Senate in Michigan, in ending the plantation in which the Democrats have placed our most vulnerable populations. Ron Wieczorek is doing a similar job with the farm community. Now we have to expand that into the thinking about a higher future human culture, one which does not presently exist, which LaRouche began to explore in his “The Coming Eurasian World,” and presenting it to a population thirsty for profound ideas.

Such a culture, as LaRouche imagined it, will have nothing to do with the boring homogeneity sought by Britain’s social control professors, or the genetically based “diversity” presently inflaming our national debate. It is more like the experience of the International Space Station, where patriotic astronauts who love their countries and their cultures collaborate to discover and create new physical realities and new laws for the universe. That effort holds the immediate potential for large-scale economic development for all, and an end to capricious and completely immoral poverty.

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STA-71 and Mir 18 and Mir 19 crewmembers in the Spacelab module aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis in the summer of 1995.

The Victorious Flank

This new culture can only come into existence based on the Four Power Agreement which LaRouche specified for ending the rule of British Empire. It is only possible through stable long-term investment and credit mechanisms of a New Bretton Woods system based on sovereign nation states, endowed with full-set economies, developing the rest of the world while moving the platform for human culture to the space between the Earth and the Moon. Getting there requires thinking from the future back into the present, looking at events on Earth, as Bruce Director put it in his Thursday night Fireside Chat conference call, from the perspective of the astronaut in space. Similarly, borrowing another metaphor from Bruce’s talk, the turbulence we are experiencing now can be seen, upon reflection, as like that turbulence associated with the initial flight which broke the sound barrier. As the breakthrough was approached, things got very, very turbulent. Once the plane went through the barrier, however, the flight was incredibly smooth and exhilarating.

And, if you are really surveying the entire domain, as LaRouche emphasizes in his “Cloak and Dagger” paper that I have referenced, you can see that this campaign of ours right now is absolutely urgent. The sword of Damocles in the form of looming economic collapse and war dominates the entirety of the present, if we continue to live in the intellectual universe of the present. This nation has been divided, not by Trump, but by years in which the search for truth was abandoned, and profiled emotion-laden opinions were substituted for thought. Fortunately, like the persons trapped by sense certainty in Edgar Allan Poe’s masterful stories, the Descent into the Maelstrom or The Pit and the Pendulum, LaRouche’s ideas and policies are there to rescue us, since the future always, lawfully, determines the present. And this is the victorious flank the enemy is really just incapable of imagining.

Thank you.