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This article appears in the March 8, 2019 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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The Frontiers of Science, Man in the Heavens


It Is Time to Finally Heed the
Wisdom of Lyndon LaRouche

Mr. Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane, leader of LaRouche South Africa, sent the following greeting to the Schiller Institute conference in Morristown, N.J., held on February 16, 2019. Moderator Jason Ross read an abridged version at the opening of Panel III. The full text follows here.

On behalf of the LaRouche Movement in South Africa, I send my greetings to all of you assembled at this important conference, and offer my best wishes for your success. I truly believe that the fate of Africa, and for that matter, all of mankind, rests on the success of this relative handful of people—gathered here and around the globe—who are committed to moving the world into a new world order based on peace and progress.

We have come to a point at which mankind must finally grow into maturity, and throw off the shackles, both mental and physical, imposed by the dying paradigm of British Imperialism—shackles that have kept mankind enslaved. This is a moment at which revolutionary change is possible, but it calls for the actions of revolutionaries who are committed to the principles on which this new order must be founded: That each and every human being has been given by our Creator the power of creative reason, a power that enables us to both see into, and shape, a future that is born in the human imagination, and is brought into being by human actions in the present. This power of sentient reason is what distinguishes man from any other of our Maker’s creations—it is the most powerful force.

Every human being has this power of reason, and has the God-given right to have it nurtured, so that it contributes to the general welfare of all of us. Though it may be forgotten and buried by the teaching of false history, the United States of America was founded on this truly revolutionary idea—that governments are instituted among men to promote the general welfare of all, so that each may make a potent contribution to the progress of mankind.

The enemy of mankind is anyone who places limits on this principle of the General Welfare, as we have defined it, so that it might serve only this or that special interest, or the interest of one nation against another, or one group of people against another. Wealth, hereditary or otherwise, does not give anyone higher status or more rights. The British Empire, the system of oligarchical rule that treats men and woman as mere animals to be lorded over by an oligarchical caste, is an abomination and a sin against mankind, and must be ended once and for all! It is to this end that we are committed as brothers and sisters in struggle, to make a revolution in the affairs of men.

Africa is now a place of great hope for a better future and of great optimism to bring it about. But if the British Empire and some of its American lackeys have their way, then all the hope for development and progress will be drowned in the blood of hundreds of millions of dead Africans. For every development project under discussion with our fellow BRICS members China and Russia, there are plots and plans afoot to create chaos and war to prevent their implementation. That is true in my country, where our government recently suffered a regime change run by the British operating with American faces and names, with the financial backing of their golem, the speculator George Soros.

The British target South Africa not merely because we are a BRICS nation, but because we have the only “full set” economy on the continent capable of producing the machine tools necessary for the industrialization of Africa.

That the British can operate behind American faces is something that must be changed. It drives a wedge between the people who desire development and peace, and the United States. President Trump has said he believes in sovereignty of nations and is against regime change, and I believe him. Yet his State Department organizes and supports the regime changers.

Lyndon LaRouche meets with African political figures at the Schiller Institute conference in Bad Schwalbach, Germany (May 2001) on the task of the New Bretton Woods.

Make Africa Finally Great

To build a new world order, it is not enough to have Chinese and Russian, and even Indian support for development projects. We will need the active support and help from the nation that was born in struggle against Brutish imperialism, the United States. Otherwise such efforts must fail, as the British operating through American faces will plunge the world into a global thermonuclear war. That is reality.

It has taken Africans a long time to trust the Russians and the Chinese. In the past, both have betrayed us on behalf of their own interests. But with the emergence of new leaderships in those countries in this century, and through their work and commitment, that trust is building.

I can say that while Africans do not hate Donald Trump, as your fake news media might have you believe, they do not trust him. To build that trust, he must do something concrete to help Africans, such as joining in Chinese and Russian development programs. To make America great again, he must make Africa finally great, fulfilling the promise of a truly revolutionary America.

There has been one American whom Africans and the whole world could trust. Lyndon LaRouche and his movement have always stood for that better, revolutionary America, offering hope for a better world to be born out of the chaos of the dying old imperialist order. He and his wife Helga have kicked against the pricks, who have preached a neo-Malthusian genocide. He has fought for the greater and more powerful glory of men free from that slavery of prejudice and stupidity which is the policy of the Brutish system. The policies of the Chinese, especially their Belt and Road Initiative, find their inspiration in the program of Lyndon LaRouche.

So, Africa must turn to the LaRouche movement for leadership. Years ago, the then President of Mexico, José López Portillo, who had recently met with Mr. LaRouche, and would meet with him several times again, told the United Nations that, “the most constant concern and activity of Mexico in the international arena, is the transition to a New Economic Order. We have insisted that the entire gamut of economic and social relations of the developing countries and the industrialized world, must be transformed. . . .” López Portillo, a competent and courageous world leader who was himself targetted by the British and their lackeys, told a 1998 conference of the Mexican Society of Geography and Statistics in Mexico City, that “. . . it is now necessary for the world to listen to the wise words of Lyndon LaRouche.”

Had the world listened then, today we might have avoided the last twenty years of the tragedy, the bloodshed, and the horrors of British Imperial domination. There is now only one solution to the world’s current existential crisis: It must finally heed the wisdom of LaRouche and act to bring his revolutionary vision for a new world order into being. I, for one, commit my life to that endeavor.

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