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This article appears in the March 22, 2019 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Messages of Condolence
On the Passing of Lyndon LaRouche

The following is a further selection of the large number of memorials and messages of condolence on the passing of Lyndon H. LaRouche, and of tribute to his life’s work, which continue to pour in from around the world. (Compiled as of March 16, 2019.)


On Lyndon

I believe Lyndon was a genius. I believe he was courageous and that he loved people.

I believe he sacrificed his life for us common folk.

I believe he knew the potential for greatness inherent in each and every person,

And because of his cultural and political awareness he taught us to see behind the “curtain,”

How we have been conditioned, controlled and demoralized.

He battled the enemies of mankind with ideas.

His solutions were and still remain practical—common sense, yet brilliant.

I am grateful for his vision,

I am grateful for his fight,

Saddened by our loss,

But know that he is now standing in company

Before the Infinite throne of Grace.

And rejoicing

That the God the universe does hear,

Does answer, does act

On behalf of a heart that strove to reflect

His very Own.

Thank you, Lyndon LaRouche, for the life you chose to live.


Debra Konanez

Retired dance instructor

New York, United States


Thank you for sending me the biography of Lyndon LaRouche. It was beautifully written but most important was the quality of thought given to a correct appraisal to an outstanding man who gave his life to the advancement of humanity, and advance he did. What he said, did, initiated, originated, and implemented is worthy of our highest regard and respect. His writing about Gethsemane demands from us an enormous amount of regard and understanding. I keenly enjoyed what you wrote about him and what he said as a mandate to all of us.

I think I have appreciated him more than ever in his present stand for the world affairs and the desire to advance all of humanity. His deliverance of a speech had beautiful citations, especially those reflecting the King James Version. I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to him and what he said. Though I never met him, I have greatest respect for him and think that your support of him through the years is just a marvel. You are to be commended for your great love and devotion, and the rest of us can extend our reaction of commendation and highest regard.

I shall indeed remember the man and his ideals and how much they meant, not just to our country but to the whole earth. He is an individual to be regarded as one of the few who understood the nature of reaching out to humanity. I am grateful that you shared with me, and I am grateful that you let me see pieces from his speeches. You are very fine, my friend.

Your announcement of LaRouche’s passing was most dignified and beautifully done. I was grateful to receive the notification. Although sad, it once again prompted me to understand him better and to acknowledge the magnitude of his contribution to the earth for many years. He overcame the prison, misunderstandings, condemnations, criticisms, and never lost track of the real truths that advance this earth.

Thank you again.



Author and educator

Illinois, United States



Friends: I feel so deeply the passing of Lyndon. May God and the universe grant him the place he deserves for having cared about and fought for the wellbeing of humanity, and may you find strength and wisdom for the fight ahead. Let it continue.

Nicolás Amato

Autoparts businessman

Buenos Aires, Argentina


I feel [Lyndon’s] loss very greatly, and share your sadness, but also recognize that his legacy is very broad and valuable, a testament to which is his wife Helga’s great commitment, and that of all of you who, with such dedication have made it possible to learn about his thinking and his proposals for a better world for all.

Ana Michemberg


Buenos Aires, Argentina



This is undoubtedly a great loss for humanity. Few understood the magnitude of his proposals, but he leaves a legacy for those interested to continue on the path he charted. His absence will be felt.

Some people are no longer physically present, but their ideas and their fight abide. Philosophy and the sciences have evolved upon the foundations left by those who promoted them. Let us keep alive the flame which L.H. LaRouche has left us.

Gualberto Tapia


La Paz, Bolivia



LaRouche was a great patriot and citizen of the world, and his philosophy and ideas will continue on until the end of time. May God hold him in His glory. His ideas will ever continue to inspire us.

Carlos Julio Díaz Lotero

Director-General, National School of Trade Unionism

Medellín, Colombia



Thank you for having made me share with all of you the sadness that touches you so deeply.

I want to tell you, Lyndon LaRouche’s wife Helga, and all the militants of the Schiller Institute and Solidarité et Progrès our profound sympathy. This man, visionary and lucid, has transmitted determination and convictions that open up avenues which you help us to pursue together for a more just and more human world.

The word “gratitude” is the most appropriate in our days of mourning and we measure your sadness which can but transform itself in a mobilizing energy to remain faithful to his courageous will.

Very sincerely to you all,

Louis and Odile Reymondon

Dr. Louis Reymondon, Honorary Surgeon of French Hospitals

President, Association Vietnamitié (Franco-Vietnamese Friendship)




I want to express my gratitude to someone who dedicated his youth, adulthood and later years to always demonstrating his profound love of humanity through his contributions to science, economics, art and everything which a human being might transform for the Good.

From when I was a child, it was my good fortune to have had contact with and learn from his writings in countless books and documents which circulated in my house as a means of daily communication, because my father, José Antonio Ruiz González, was a great admirer of his.

Besides meeting him personally in my youth and talking with him about my artistic work, in which I taught music to boys and girls with few resources in the north of Mexico through choral singing, I have never forgotten that when I spoke with him about the reaction of joy from the children and their eagerness to continue learning something which was new to them, his response was: “That is the power of classical music!” Those words were the door which opened for me to find my vocation and dedicate my life to keep promoting the formation of choruses.

Thank you, Mr. LaRouche, and know with full surety that your seed of love for humanity was sown in countless people in the world.

I would like to think that you had a great smile on your face upon leaving this world, and that you will be received in that way where you have gone.

Ana Linda Ruiz Quezada

Children’s chorus director

Hermosillo, Mexico



I am deeply saddened by the news of the death of Mr. Lyndon LaRouche, Jr. My prayers are with you and with his family and friends. On behalf of myself, as well as on behalf of all the members of the Permanent Mission of the Syrian Arab Republic, I would like to express my heartfelt condolences. His memory will remain immortal in the hearts and minds of all who knew him and got the chance to know his valuable works, books and articles. May his loving soul rests in peace.

Please accept the assurances of my highest consideration.

Bashar Ja’afari

Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations

Syrian Arab Republic

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