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This transcript appears in the April 5, 2019 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


President Trump Wants
To Put Women on Mars!

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This is an edited transcript of Barbara Boyd’s comments on the March 28 LaRouche PAC Fireside Chat.

All right, gather around folks, I’m going to tell you a story tonight. With the collapse of Saint Robert Mueller’s inquisition against the Donald Trump, we really are at a very profound turning point in the battle for the United States. President Trump, on March 17, re-tweeted a tweet about the British origins of the coup against him. And then, two days ago, he made an announcement that we are returning to the Moon in five years, preparatory to exploring Mars. So, I think we can say without any doubt that we are being listened to at the highest levels of the U.S. government. Everything is possible, everything is up for grabs, provided we figure out how to seize, how to capitalize this particular moment.

Don’t worry so much about what is in the Mueller report. We largely already know that. All my analysis about what’s in it is posted on our website, www.larouchepac.com. I’m sure you’ve been there. All Mueller’s full report does—despite the crazy games being played by the Democrats screaming that they need the whole 400 pages—is report on his ridiculous indictments that already exist, and the reasons for them. I’m not going to dwell too much on that tonight because we’ve already covered it.

UPI/Kevin Dietsch
Robert Mueller, as FBI Director in 2013.

To summarize the real point here, the thug Robert Mueller, who, in the eyes of the media, the Democrats, and the intelligence community criminals on both sides of the Atlantic who were running the coup against the American President—in their eyes, he was Saint Robert Mueller,—didn’t possess the magic he was alleged to possess. He was not, like Rumpelstiltskin, capable of spinning straw into gold.

There was never anything there. His whole inquisition, his part of the coup, was put in place to continue a coup, already in motion; and each one of his indictments was simply timed to gin up a new round of the news cycle or to directly interfere with U.S.-Russia relations, such as what happened when he indicted the Russian military guys for the fake Democratic National Committee hack right on the eve of the Helsinki summit between Trump and Putin.

The report’s a cover-up, just like Mueller has always provided, for crimes already committed in the course of the insurrection against the President by the British, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Barack Obama, and their British controllers. When a new Attorney General was appointed—William Barr—who worked with Mueller in the Bush Justice Department and who was appointed undoubtedly because he knows all about Robert Mueller and has the goods on him, Mueller’s big investigation suddenly ran out of steam and deflated. That’s the story.

Oligarchical Corruption

I want to start out tonight by framing the present moment in two statements: one from Friedrich Schiller and the other from Lyndon LaRouche. These statements, I believe, portray the deeper roots of both the prosecution of LaRouche and the insurrection against the Trump candidacy and the Trump Presidency.

Friedrich Schiller

In his famous 1789 essay, “What Is and To What End Do We Study Universal History?” Schiller distinguishes between those he calls “bread scholars,” those in the idea industry for the purposes of money and prestige, contrasting them with those intellects who willingly give free rein to the creative powers of the human mind for the simple, pure joy of doing so. Of the bread scholars, Schiller wrote:

Who rants more against reformers than the gaggle of bread-fed scholars? Who more holds up the progress of useful revolutions in the kingdom of knowledge than these very men? Every light radiated by a happy genius, in whichever science it be, makes their poverty apparent; their foils are bitterness, insidiousness, and desperation, for, in the school system they defend, they do battle at the same time for their entire existence. On that score, there is no more irreconcilable enemy, no more jealous official, no one more eager to denounce heresy than the bread-fed scholar. . . . Thus, one hears no one complain more about ingratitude than the bread-fed scholar; he seeks his rewards not in the treasures of his mind—his recompense he expects from the recognition of others, from positions of honor, from personal security. If he miscarries in this, who is more unhappy than the bread-fed scholar? He has lived, worried, and worked in vain; he has sought in vain for truth, if for him this truth not transfer itself into gold, published praise, and princely favor.[fn_1]

So, in any corrupted society, such as the Washington, D.C. which confronts President Trump, the bread scholars in the institutions of the CIA, the intelligence community, the think tanks, all of the things which people actually characterize wrongly as the Deep State—the bread scholars will go after and attempt to kill the rebels, the mavericks, the geniuses . . . every single time.

That’s the universal principle that Friedrich Schiller just told you about. If you know how these games work, you will find that there is no more emotionally violent or sadistic world than that which you find in the internal doings of university faculties on college campuses or in think tanks that set the terms of present policy and intellectual debate in Washington. Lyndon LaRouche repeatedly attacked the bread scholars. That’s why he sought out and built a youth movement based on the fact that young people have not had their free minds, or their imaginations beaten out of them yet, by a system that fears creative thought.

Oligarchy: Crush the Leaders

Lyndon LaRouche said something very similar but more far-reaching than Schiller in discussing the reasons why he was prosecuted by the same British imperial foe going after President Trump. Here is what LaRouche said in his own words, in the pamphlet he largely wrote called, “He’s a Bad Guy But We Can’t Say Why”:[fn_2]

It is in the nature of any sort of oligarchical society to descend into self-inflicted crises of existential implications. In such crises, there tends to be a quickly spreading, popular receptivity, born in desperation, to consider new ideas. I have referred to this as a “Pearl Harbor Effect”: the often sudden changes in the temper and outlook of even the majority of the population in the moment “the bomb drops.” If there are voices which might qualify as new leaders, under such circumstances, important changes may be introduced to society. If such leaders are wanting, or have been culled beforehand, the old oligarchy will either retain power, or soon regain it, and “the same old crap goes on all over again.”

EIRNS/Stuart Lewis
These and other federal, state and local agents raided the Leesburg, Virginia offices associated with Lyndon LaRouche on October 6, 1986.

Since human nature itself is alien to the state of being human cattle, the impulse within the population, especially among the young, to establish new institutions consistent with actual human nature, is relatively strong, especially during shocking crises, then at least for a relatively short time. Great changes for the better may occur under such circumstances. The adopted self-interest of the oligarchy is either to prevent such changes, or to adapt to them with the intent to recapture their old, customary power, if perhaps in a slightly modified form, once the population has settled into preoccupation with the banality of narrowly defined personal and local self-interests.

If one views the case of President Franklin Roosevelt, and of President John Kennedy, from this historical vantage-point, the oligarchy’s continuing hatred of Roosevelt, and of Kennedy, to the present day, is easily recognized. Then, and now, the oligarchy and its lackeys think: Prevent that from ever happening again! That reaction is virtually a matter of instinct.

This reaction operates not only against mavericks who might become President. The oligarch’s rule is to weed out potentially troublesome persons of republican impulse at all levels. Either to kill them, imprison them, defame them, or neutralize them in other ways, including such tactics as the pure and simple personal, financial, or other corruption used to manufacture the prosecution witnesses for the Boston and Alexandria trials [of the LaRouche case].

Essentially, the culpable characters in the Justice Department, the FBI, the Democratic National Committee’s bureaucracy, and the mass media, are simply lackeys; but, as one might recall from the study of feudal and other history, it is the lackeys who usually do their masters’ dirty work, and who seem, like Nazi SS men, to enjoy it the most.

So, in 1973, Wall Street’s Justice Department lackeys said: “Kill him!” When I began to play a marginal role internationally, and then ran for President, the oligarchy reacted, by judging me to be potentially even much more dangerous than in 1973. By 1982, my influence internationally had reached the level at which the oligarchs decided to eradicate me, and everything associated with me. They did so because they were frightened, because they fear that someone might do as I was committed to doing: utilize the impending global crisis to bring back the American System and its legacy. That, indeed, I will do, if I am allowed.

That, in short, is the one and only true reason for the prosecutorial and other dirty operations against me and my friends, to which I have referred here.

The True Meaning of Citizenship

Now, reflect upon the ferocious fight we undertook as soon as the British-inspired outline of the coup against Trump became apparent to us, shortly after the election. Think about the aftermath of Donald Trump explicitly referencing the American System, deliberately seeking sane and friendly relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, endorsing the re-enactment of the Glass-Steagall Act separating investment from commercial banking, and campaigning on building huge infrastructure.

In LaRouche’s deeper view of the United States, which I have been refreshing myself about lately in order to contribute to a pamphlet we’re about to write, he says that we were given a sacred trust, dating from Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa’s proposal that the nation-state was the means to deal with the imperial and oligarchical systems that had plagued mankind throughout all of human history.

That sacred trust embodied the thoughts of the best minds of Western European civilization and was acted upon by our Revolution, by the enshrinement of its fundamental principles in the Preamble to the Constitution and in the Constitution itself, by Presidents including especially Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy, whom the British killed or tried to kill when they could not control them.

LaRouche said that making that heritage finally victorious against oligarchy was the mission of the American republic, as well as his own mission—a mission we have to complete if we are to tell our children anything good about ourselves. Today, this mission seems entirely possible because America is in revolt, and about to escalate that revolt—as never before—against our arrogant bread scholar elites of today and the imperial beast controlling them.

Shortly before this President took his oath of office, as we watched the Women’s March, with their pink pussy-cat hats and the accompanying anarchist violence, a comparison to the recent coup in Ukraine immediately popped up simultaneously in the minds of many.

That comparison wouldn’t come to those who hadn’t been schooled in history, as taught by Lyndon LaRouche or in his method of analyzing history and grand strategy.

EIR published an offprint of a feature package of EIR articles, “Obama and Soros—Nazis in Ukraine 2014—U.S. in 2017?” noting the similarities and nature of the regime-change operation that had been conducted in Ukraine—naming the names—with the regime-change offensive being conducted against the President of the United States.[fn_3]

Then, in May of 2017, LaRouche PAC published a pamphlet called, The Insurrection against the President: Or Who Really is George Soros Anyway?[fn_4]

In that pamphlet, we traced the post-war history of the British imperial takeover of the United States, and most importantly, the takeover of our culture, what LaRouche called “our corruption.” That takeover began in earnest the day Franklin Roosevelt died.

In September 2017, we published the Mueller pamphlet, Robert Mueller is an Amoral Legal Assassin: He Will Do His Job if You Let Him,[fn_5] demonstrating that the British had called for LaRouche’s head, and had used the same types of tactics, which they were now employing full-scale against the sitting President of the United States.

Veterans of the Ukraine Coup

Because of those publications and our saturation of Congress and the general public with them, and the relentless pursuit made by Representatives Devin Nunes, Mark Meadows, Jim Jordan, Doug Collins, and others, those members of Congress focused on the dissemination and use of the dirty dossier of the British agent Christopher Steele, in their investigations of the coup attempt against the President of the United States.

As a result of those publications and our mobilization, on March 17, President Trump himself re-tweeted a tweet specifically citing the British origins of the coup and situated it in the British geopolitical “Great Game” against Russia and any nation or individual attempting to develop Eurasia—the game which has persisted for centuries and of which Lyndon LaRouche was the specific target.

As a result of our efforts. and those of heroic Congressmen, whose names I have just mentioned, and a core of journalists supporting the Constitution and the President—many of whom we are still fighting with regarding Russia (in most cases on the right), or Trump (in most cases on the left)—we now know that the key players in the coup against Trump might be called “veterans of the Ukraine coup,” just as we hypothesized back in January 2017.

They are the very same people in the State Department, the Defense Department, the National Endowment for Democracy, the FBI, and the White House who were involved in the Ukraine coup; the same British circles of Sir Richard Dearlove, who were involved on the British side in the same operation. Long before Christopher Steele adapted his previous fake dossier about Russian interference in European elections, including the then-recent Brexit vote, Christopher Steele had been working as an FBI informant and a State Department asset in the Ukraine coup, targeting Paul Manafort, even back then, for destruction. That was all the way back in 2015.

Look at the full-spectrum information warfare apparatus that was turned against the President—MSNBC TV host Rachel Maddow being only a small part of it—in the daily media propaganda operations that went full throttle on November 9, 2016.

British Military Intelligence

Look also at the groupings around the British Integrity Initiative, a press operation of British military intelligence; the Democracy Integrity Initiative, which is a group here funded by George Soros and a bunch of billionaires in Silicon Valley and working with Senator Diane Feinstein’s chief FBI agent in the Senate Intelligence Committee; the Global Engagement Center at the State Department; a group calling itself StopFake; and more recently, the Committee to Investigate Russia, of Hollywood’s Rob Reiner, James Clapper, and John Brennan.

Clockwise, from upper left: CC/Cole Camplese; CC/LBJ Library/Gabriel Cristóver Pérez; LBJ Library/Jay Godwin; USCG/Richard Brahm
Clockwise, from upper left: Rachel Maddow; Movie director Rob Reiner in 2016; John Brennan; James Clapper

That’s the media response team that went into action on November 9, 2016 to start the coup against the President full bore; but all of that, that entire apparatus, was born of the Ukraine coup, because the British decided then and there that they had to have regime change in Russia and they needed to sell a plan for such regime change to Europe and to the United States.

Last night, the President told Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity that this is all going to come out. Believe me, I think this is indeed about to happen. Our job here is to insist that the British side of all this, is completely exposed to the American people, and that nobody succeeds in limiting this investigation to merely the top of the U.S. Department of Justice. You heard what LaRouche said about them in terms of his own case; they’re just the lackeys.

What must be made crystal clear to the American public are the reasons the British did this, first to Lyndon LaRouche, and now to Donald Trump. And most importantly, it must be made clear to our young people, which I will get to in just a moment—the full exposure of the British role in the coup and the reason for their action, set forth in LaRouche’s discussion which I just cited.

Schiller’s characterization of the bread scholars—if you think about it clearly—provides the organizing field for us, in which we can finally realize Lyndon LaRouche’s vision of the American System, something that only we can communicate; something which only we can incorporate into the thinking and acting of this Presidency. I don’t know about you, but I am really, really excited about this. I’m really excited about what I see as the opportunity opening before us now.

Provoking Young Minds

Now, as everyone should know, the game-changers in the 2020 election will be the young and the independents. These are people who are definitely not attracted to the stupid economics argued by the Republican Party baby-boomers, most of whom have full-blown infections with the British imperial disease. When Trump just opened up the issue of Space exploration as the next frontier for humanity, and put the nation on that course again right after he won the fight with Mueller, the President opened a whole new vista for our organizing and for his—which also can serve as a springboard for making LaRouche’s ideas finally hegemonic.

Kesha Rogers—as everyone knows—has done terrific work on this from Houston. If you’re thinking about it correctly, the President just expanded her audience by millions. There is nothing that stirs the American imagination more than space exploration, and the bolder we are in that respect, the better are this President’s chances of re-election on our program.

You’ve all probably heard about Jackson Oswalt, the Tennessee kid who, at age 13, perfected a fusion reaction in his garage. When I researched this, after I was told about it the other day, it turns out that there are lots of teenagers who not only are doing this, but are engaged in other areas of fundamental science. Think about how many more kids, bored by video games and decadence, as young Jackson Oswalt was, will now move forward and declare themselves because of the President’s adoption of the mission to Mars. They will make that mission their own if we push it exactly the right way.

Lyndon LaRouche counseled that we had to embrace our God-given mission here in the United States; we had to end our corruption, our littleness, and know and extirpate our imperial enemy. He insisted that we are better than our current state, because of the shoulders we stand upon from Western European civilization, and with that heritage comes an enormous moral duty. He said it was our sacred duty to situate ourselves as he did, in the great minds of history which created and founded this nation. So, I think, because of the fight we have made to date, and the courage of the maverick President Donald Trump, the doors are now wide open to us to accomplish exactly this mission.

Dennis Speed, the moderator of the weekly Fireside Chat, before opening up the microphone for discussion, referred the audience back to President Jack Kennedy’s famous words of May 25, 1961 to a joint session of Congress:

Now it is time to take longer strides—time for a great new American enterprise—time for this nation to take a clearly leading role in space achievement, which in many ways may hold the key to our future on Earth.

I believe we possess all the resources and talents necessary. But the facts of the matter are that we have never made the national decisions or marshaled the national resources required for such leadership. We have never specified long-range goals on an urgent time schedule, or managed our resources and our time so as to ensure their fulfillment. . . .

We go into space because whatever mankind must undertake, free men must fully share. . . .

I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth. . . .

[fn_1]. Friedrich Schiller: Poet of Freedom, Vol. II. Schiller Institute, Washington, D.C., 1988, pp. 255-256. [back to text for fn_1]

[fn_3]. See EIR magazine, Vol. 44, No. 8, February 24, 2017, pp. 4-20. ../../eiw/public/2017/eirv44n08-20170224/04-21_4408.pdf [back to text for fn_3]

The Jan. 27, 1989 Jailing of Lyndon LaRouche
Defined an Era, Which Now Must End

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