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This article appears in the April 12, 2019 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Prominent Persons Call
To Exonerate Lyndon LaRouche

Fouad Al-Ghaffari

Founder of an NGO



Rev. Andrew Ashdown

Priest, Church of England

Has led frequent truth-finding missions to Syria. Author, The Stones Cry Out: Reflections from Israel and Palestine

UK – Winchester, Hampshire


Dr. William Binney

Former Signals Intelligence Director, U.S. National Security Agency. Member, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

USA – Washington, D.C.


Abraham Bolden, Sr.

First African-American Secret Service agent in U.S. history, under President Kennedy. Author, The Echo from Dealey Plaza: The True Story of the First African American on the White House Secret Service Detail, and His Quest for Justice After the Assassination of JFK

USA – Illinois


Ellen Brown

Founder and President, Public Banking Institute. Author, Web of Debt, and other books

USA – California


Ambassador A.H. Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos of Greece

Former Secretary General, Black Sea Economic Cooperation



Hon. Edwin W. Edwards

Governor, Louisiana (1972-1980, 1984-1988, 1992-1996). Representative, U.S. Congress, Louisiana 7th C.D. (1965-1972)

USA – Louisiana


Mike Gravel

Former U.S. Senator from Alaska (1969-1981). Read the Pentagon Papers into the Congressional Record

USA – California


Fred Huenefeld, Jr.

Member, Louisiana State Democratic Central Committee

USA – Monroe, Louisiana


Sen. Tony Iwobi

Vice Chairman, Foreign Affairs and Emigration Committee, Italian Senate



Joseph Janco

Director, The Eurasia Center

USA – Washington, D.C.


James George Jatras

Former Foreign Policy Advisor to U.S. Senate Republicans

USA – Virginia


Dr. Vladislav Krasnow

Founder and President, Russia & America Goodwill Association

Russia, USA


Dr. Kirk Meighoo

Former Senator, Parliament of Trinidad & Tobago. Host of podcast “Independent Thought and Freedom”. Advisory Board Member, The Integrationist (Caribbean)

Trinidad & Tobago


Dr. Chandra Muzaffar

Founder and Director, JUST International



Dr. Eduardo M.A. Peixoto

Retired Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of São Paulo. Former Brazil delegate to the World Health Organization

Former Superintendent, Technical Board, the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES)

Brazil – São Paulo


Justin Price

Representative, Rhode Island State Legislature (R.-Dist. 39)

USA – Rhode Island


Gian Marco Sanna


Director, Camerata Geminiani

UK, Italy

The Jan. 27, 1989 Jailing of Lyndon LaRouche
Defined an Era, Which Now Must End

Sign the Petition to Exonerate LaRouche at lpac.co/exonerate

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