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This article appears in the June 7, 2019 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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MI6’s Dearlove—Coup Leader vs. Trump
Now Leading the ‘Kill Huawei’ Drive

May 31—Former head of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), Sir Richard Dearlove, now known to have launched the “Steele Dossier” and the “Stop Trump” drive from British intelligence more than three years ago, is leading the attack on China and Huawei Corp.

Sir Richard also had a major hand in starting the disastrous Iraq War in 2003. He gave the UK’s then Prime Minister Tony Blair the infamous “Downing Street Memorandum,”—known ever since in London as “the dodgy dossier”—used to justify that war.

For that, and for his leading role in trying to instigate a coup against President Trump, Dearlove is at the head of the list of those that Trump should demand be brought to account, in his state visit to Britain this week.

Dearlove’s intelligence circles at the neoconservative Henry Jackson Society were used in the “Get Trump” operation. Now the Henry Jackson Society has released an 80-page “study” through its Asia Studies Centre, on May 16, titled “Defending Our Data: Huawei, 5G and the Five Eyes.”

The foreword was written by Sir Richard. He begins: “The greater part of my thirty-eight-year career in the British Intelligence and Security Community was defined by meeting the threat to the UK’s national security from Communist states.” He asserts that the Communist State of the People’s Republic of China uses Huawei “not only to control its own population (to an extreme and growing degree) but it also conducts remotely aggressive intelligence gathering operations on a global scale.” His evidence: That’s what communists do.

Dearlove demands that the UK must “black ball Huawei” and not worry about offending China or the cost to the UK.

The London Daily Mail on May 11 reported that Sir Richard rarely gives interviews, but he granted the newspaper an interview to escalate the campaign against Huawei and China, and to promote the Henry Jackson Society “study.” Dr. Strangelove-like, he argued that letting Huawei anywhere near the UK’s planned 5G network, could mean “you lose control of your robots . . . to a foreign power!” If “the Communist state” ordered Huawei to insert secret chips into 5G infrastructure, it would do so, and they could be “triggered” to disrupt British technology completely, Dearlove claimed.

This is the man who once had Tony Blair claiming Iraqi nuclear-armed ICBMs were going to be launched against England within 45 minutes of a command from Saddam Hussein.

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