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This article appears in the June 28, 2019 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


Marijuana Legalization:
The Murder of Our Youth

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June 22—In a few short weeks, on July 20, we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing. Most in the baby boomer generation will vividly recall where they were on that date, and probably will think of it as one of the most important anniversaries in the history of this nation. President Trump, in that spirit of exploration and science, last month signed a space policy directive, reminiscent of the Kennedy era, directing NASA to return U.S. astronauts to the Moon by 2024. That is only five years away. The first question on many lips was, “Do we have what it takes to do this? Is our present culture one that can support extended space exploration and colonization?” Sadly, the answer is not what one would have hoped.

Our nation is dying of drug abuse. The ones with the most to lose are currently in grades one through twelve. This is the age-group that should become the first space-faring generation. They are all now at risk. This means that every adult who truly loves children—whether his or her own, or those of close relatives, or with the profound agapic love of all humanity—will engage in a fight against Britain’s Dope Lobby today. Immediately, we must move to rescind the legalization of marijuana in the ten sorry states (and the District of Columbia) that opted for it, on the mistaken idea that somehow marijuana is a medicine, and should be legalized.

In January 2019, Simon & Schuster published a very informative and useful book by Alex Berenson, Tell Your Children the Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence. Everyone should read this book. If you are confident that you “know all I need to know about marijuana,” you are dangerously mistaken. The material in this meticulously researched book is shocking. This book will give you needed ammunition to destroy all the arguments that say marijuana is a harmless drug. Coupled with Berenson’s 2019 book, you will also need to read, or re-read, Executive Intelligence Review’s blockbuster, Dope, Inc.—Britain’s Opium War Against the World, which rips the facade from the oligarchy that controls the world’s drug trade.

You cannot run a nation when people are high on dope, or for that matter any substance that hinders clear and creative thinking. In the past, China, India and Egypt were all used by their imperial master—the British Empire—as petri dishes for the deployment of opium, hashish and marijuana as means of social control. These nations were massively hampered in their struggles for independence as the result of these British mass druggings. Exactly the same thing is being done to America today, only this time it is the result of our own foolishness, especially the left-liberal and libertarian outlooks so common today. Freedom is not the right to do what you feel like doing. Freedom is doing what is necessary for the good of all the people, not just a few.

Berenson’s Case Studies

Tell Your Children presents numerous case studies. I offer here only a few:

• December 19, 2014—Raina Thaiday, a 37-year-old mother in Cairns, Australia, stabbed to death seven of her children and a niece who happened to be present at the time. The psychiatrists who testified before Judge (Jean) Dalton “agreed she was psychotic when she killed her children. She stabbed herself and then waited outside her house, talking to herself and God, until her son, Lewis, found her.” In her report to the Court, Judge Dalton wrote: “Thaiday had a history of the use of cannabis since she was in Grade 9. . . . All the psychiatrists thought that it is likely that it is this long-term use of cannabis that caused her mental illness, schizophrenia, to emerge.” (In the introduction, pp. vii to xiv)

A new generation of commercialized THC products from Colorado.

• June 10, 2018—Kyle Tucker, a 34-year-old Harvard Law graduate, allegedly killed his mother with a baseball bat because he thought she tried to poison him, repeatedly; so, he burned her body in a backyard fire pit. He told police that God “got into my body and walked me downstairs with a baseball bat and it was very quick and almost even hard to remember.” In the month preceding this act, he told people he wanted the President to appoint him ambassador to Jamaica, so he could help local marijuana farmers. He was also obsessed with Bob Marley and singer Lana Del Rey, and he wrote, “If Lana keeps disrespecting me, I’m gonna burn that bitch with a slow bonfire on live television as I smoke weed and laugh in her inferior face.” (p. 183)

• August 2018—Blair Ness of Lewisville, Texas, allegedly “threw his one-year-old son, Ashton, down a concrete courtyard, then stabbed the boy to death as horrified neighbors tried to stop him. Neighbors told police Ness was yelling about Jesus; officers found his apartment reeking with marijuana.” (p. 206)

These are only three examples. Berenson supplies many more; other gruesome murders are described, with people going psychotic and throwing chopped up body parts in the toilet, and men making necklaces with the teeth of their victims. Also, it is believed that marijuana users with a family history of schizophrenia (a very serious mental disease), are more likely to become schizophrenic, and often at a very early age. There now exists a condition identified as marijuana psychosis. Young boys and girls are showing up in hospital emergency rooms, looking and acting very much like schizophrenics.

Today’s marijuana is an extremely potent drug. Back 50 years ago, in 1969, the average THC level in marijuana was only 0.5% to 2%. THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is the poison that gives marijuana users their “high.” Today, however, THC levels are at least ten times more potent, typically anywhere from 17 to 50%, depending on how “high” you want to go. There is also pricey 100% THC hashish that can be used to boost the high, or be added to candy bars and gummy bears, which are now sold at legal marijuana dispensaries.

As those who lived through those years know only too well, marijuana became popular back in the days of the genocidal war in Vietnam. Unlike America’s recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, the full horror of the Vietnam War was broadcast every evening into the living rooms of America by the nightly news programs of the major networks. Corpses, coffins and napalm strikes were all put on display in full color, every morning. Robert McNamara, the Secretary of Defense, would appear with the latest macabre “body count” of how many of the enemy had been killed that day. Over 50,000 young American men lost their lives in that conflict, with additional hundreds of thousands suffering severe physical and mental damage.

By 1968 the Kennedy brothers, John and Robert, and Martin Luther King, Jr. had all been murdered, and the war in Vietnam was in high gear. It was within this context that millions of young Americans opted to “tune in and turn on.” Thus was set in motion a process whose full fruit is only being seen today.

Murdering the Minds (and Potential) of Children

From 1970 onward, our youth have been victims of menticide. Drugs are only part of it. Their minds have been crammed with zero-growth ideology; they are told that they are using up precious resources, space, and food. Children who are made to think that they are unimportant, and who are force-fed the nonsense of man-made climate change, will turn to existentialist philosophies that promote suicide, drug abuse, and murder. That is exactly what we are witnessing now.

The popular lie today—which both the media and the school systems repeat ad nauseam—is that the world is over-populated, and that 7.5 billion people on Earth are not sustainable. Children are being taught that people who reproduce while the Earth is dying are evil, and that the life of a chimpanzee is more important than the life of a child! For example, the World Wildlife Fund, founded by Prince Philip of Britain and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (a Nazi Party member of Hitler’s SS) promotes the idea that saving the lives of animals is more important than saving the lives of children living in squalor in under-developed nations. Prince Philip, a particularly nasty racist, publicly said, “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.”

Today, this is a prevalent view among the young, as well as among adults who reached maturity after 1995. Every day the latest news on “catastrophic climate change” is broadcast across newspapers, radio, television, and the internet. Every hurricane, every tornado, every wildfire, every flood—these are all blamed on the adult population. What are the young supposed to think when they are bombarded with lies every single day?

Teenage drug addicts hanging out in a cellar of a building in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

For many of our children, the escape from such terrors is drinking alcohol or smoking cannabis. The real crime is that the media—and many elected officials—are openly pushing for marijuana legalization. One of the key turning points in this effort was the almost universally successful campaign for the acceptance of “Medical Marijuana,” a fraud based entirely on lies. The crucial importance of this effort was that it redefined marijuana, a Schedule I Controlled Substance, as “medicine.” The effect of this is that a large number of people now accept the argument, “Well, if pot is used as medicine, it can’t be harmful.”

Colorado has just ruled that medical doctors can use “medical” marijuana to treat opioid addiction, without a shred of evidence that this is a viable treatment option. The evidence is overwhelming that the lengthy campaign for “medicinal marijuana” was financed and led by the same pro-dope lobby whose stated aim, all along, has been full legalization of marijuana.

Here are some facts that can be proven about marijuana. We know that THC is drawn to fatty tissues in the body, the closest one being the brain! The human brain is not completely developed until age 24 or 25. During the period of development, neural connections are developing. It is known that cannabis can stunt the growth of the brain. Cannabis stays in the body for approximately 28 days. Women who regularly use cannabis can give birth to brain-damaged babies. Young children and teens who use marijuana can destroy neural links and do permanent damage to their brains—of which the last area to develop is the pre-frontal cortex, which isn’t fully developed until the age of 24 or 25. This is the critical area of the brain in which judgment takes place. Children depend upon the Amygdala (two clusters within the brain), which is where emotions and memory function. The development of the pre-frontal cortex is key to the transition to adult decision making, and this development is directly damaged by marijuana use. This issue is not obscure at all, and should make full sense to loving parents who have tried to guide their teenage children, and observed the many, many bad judgments that they make.

Pueblo, Colorado Physicians Code Red
Pediatrician Steven Simerville, MD

A video on YouTube, made by Dr. Steven J. Simerville, a pediatrician in Pueblo, Colorado, shows how deadly marijuana is to pregnant mothers. Seven to ten percent of mothers giving birth while under the spell of marijuana (perhaps having been told that marijuana cures morning sickness) have babies showing THC present in their system. One in fourteen newborns had damage to the prefrontal cortex, proven by neuro-imaging of the brain.

I have seen many other reports on marijuana’s effect on pregnancy. This is a crisis calling out to heaven. Women who suffer from morning sickness are told by pot dispensing personnel that marijuana will ease their symptoms. What many women don’t realize is the impact this drug has on the fetus, because THC crosses the placental barrier, going directly to the fetus. If the mother is a frequent, heavy marijuana smoker, her baby is at risk of permanent brain damage, and she is at risk for miscarriage. Mothers nursing their infants are told not to smoke marijuana, as it passes from the milk to the brain of the baby.

A storefront display window, showing a plethora of cannabis products for sale.

The pro-dope lobby has proven its intense hatred of the next generation. As I mentioned earlier, high potency marijuana is made into chocolate candy bars, gummy bears, and other products popular with children. It is known that children as young as eleven use pot. In every state that has so far legalized marijuana, there has been a resulting increase in marijuana use among youth under 18 years old.

It is also known that parents who smoke pot, often do so with their children. There are also cases of parents who deliberately blow marijuana smoke on their infants to keep them quiet. Many aging baby boomers have continued or returned to marijuana use, as they grow older, and have become more depressed about their future in such a zero-growth world. This is comparable to the current epidemic of alcoholism among aging boomers.


The British medical journal, The Lancet Psychiatry, in its May 2019 issue, released a thorough and exhaustive study done by a group of prominent psychiatrists, led by Marta Di Forti, PhD, on “The Contribution of Cannabis Use to Variation in the Incidence of Psychotic Disorder Across Europe (EU-GEI): a Multicentre Case-Control Study.” In this study, Di Forti and her team looked at patients 18 to 64 years old who “presented to psychiatric services in 11 sites across Europe and Brazil with first-episode psychosis, and recruited controls representative of the local populations.”

In their five-year study, using 901 patients with first-episode psychosis across the 11 sites, and also 1,237 controls from the same sites, they divided the types of cannabis used; low potency THC (<10%) and high potency (>10%). The report states that,

Assuming causality, we calculated the population attributable fractions (PAFs) for the patterns of cannabis use associated with the highest odds of psychosis and the correlation between such patterns and the incidence rates for psychotic disorder across the study sites. Between May 1, 2010, and April 1, 2015, we obtained data from 901 patients with first episode psychosis across 11 site and 1,237 population controls from those same sites. Daily cannabis use was associated with increased odds of psychotic disorder compared with never users.

The report goes on to show that if high potency THC were not available, “cases of first episode psychosis could be prevented.” The two sites that registered the highest rate of psychosis were London (30.3%) and Amsterdam (50.3%).

Parents Opposed to Pot

The Drug Culture Kills

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for ages 10-24 and the second leading cause of death for 12-18 year-olds, according to the Parents Resource Program at the Jason Foundation, a national organization “dedicated to the prevention of the ‘Silent Epidemic’ of youth suicide.” More teens and young adults die from suicide than cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza and chronic lung disease combined. Each week over 100 youth successfully commit suicide; about 17.2% have seriously considered suicide over the last year; 13.6 percent have planned a suicide; and 7.4% attempted suicide. These figures come from the Centers for Disease Control.

In addition to suicide, a substantial amount of evidence has come in from Colorado, which legalized marijuana in 2014, showing sharp increases in marijuana-related deaths. In a report published by the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (RMHIDTA) Strategic Intelligence unit, dated September 2018, I found the following statistics: Since legalization “marijuana related traffic deaths increased 151% and all other Colorado traffic deaths increased by 35%.” Traffic deaths involving drivers testing positive for marijuana more than doubled from 55 in 2013, to 138 people killed in 2017. The report states, “The percentage of all Colorado traffic deaths that were marijuana-related, increased from 11.43% in 2013 to 21.3% in 2017.” The RMHIDTA also reported that marijuana use (from its Sept. 2018 report) “shows a 45% increase in comparing the three-year average, prior to recreational marijuana being legalized, to the three years after legalization.” In the past month, marijuana use “for ages 12 and older is ranked third in the nation and is 85% higher than the national average.” The rate of Emergency Room visits (people in crisis/psychosis) increased 52%, while marijuana-related “hospitalizations increased 148%.”

The RMHIDTA also reports on 144 investigations of black-market marijuana in Colorado, carried out by ten task forces. The results: 239 felony arrests, 7.3 tons of marijuana seized, and with the marijuana destined for 24 different states.

RMHIDTA also reported that highway seizures “increased by 39%” and seizures via the U.S. Mail system “increased 1,042% from an average of 52 parcels to an average of 694 parcels.”

Adding insult to injury, RMHIDTA reported that the tax revenue from sales of marijuana was a piddling “nine tenths of one percent of Colorado’s FY 2017 budget.” There’s more: Violent crime has increased 18.6% “and property crime increased 8.3% in Colorado since 2013.” Some good news: As of this RMHIDTA report, now 9 months old, 65% of local jurisdictions in Colorado have now banned medical and recreational marijuana businesses.

Pro-Drug Politicians

The questions uppermost in many people’s minds must be, “How the heck can this be true? Is it true that the media, and even worse, our elected officials are all rallying behind this movement to commit menticide against the youth? Could it be that they don’t know this information? Are they in cahoots with the Oligarchy, who are determined to destroy the United States? Could it be they just want to make money? Could it be a conspiracy of all these elements?”

Almost all of what I have discovered about marijuana is information readily available on the internet. This means it is available to everyone, including those pushing legalization.

I should also report that when last I checked, all of the Presidential candidates support legalized marijuana except former Vice-President, Democrat Joe Biden, and New York’s attorney and Republican candidate, Richard Blumenthal. President Trump has so far stayed out of the fray, saying it is a “states’ rights” issue, and he would not involve the Federal Government. The other 20-plus candidates all support legalized dope! Almost all the candidates brag that they will federally legalize marijuana, and there is a big push for this in Congress.

It is now very late in the game, yet it is critical to recognize that this is a fight and the final outcome is not yet decided. Despite an enormous pro-dope mobilization nationwide, only ten states so far have legalized the “recreational” use of marijuana. Most recently, in both New Jersey and New York, efforts by Dope, Inc. to legalize marijuana were thwarted by citizen action. It is not a done deal, there is still time to bust this wide open.

NJ National Guard/Mark C. Olsen
Millionaire Philip D. Murphy, bought the Governorship of New Jersey. His major campaign promise: legalize cannabis.

New Jersey

In New Jersey, the push for legalizing marijuana by the pro-dope Governor Phil Murphy was blocked by the legislature in May of this year. Murphy, who never held elective office before becoming Governor, is an extremely wealthy Wall Street insider who served 23 years as a top-ranking official for Goldman Sachs. In that regard, it must be noted that the 1978 book Dope, Inc. demonstrated that the wealth of many of Wall Street’s top financial institutions derives from the drug trade. Wall Street not only benefits from the drug trade, illegal, and legal, but absolutely depends upon ever increasing its vast revenues from the drug trade. While at Goldman Sachs, Murphy also worked out of Hong Kong. Perhaps it is a coincidence, but the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), once known as the “Queen’s bank,” has been shown to be the largest drug money laundering center is the world.

Murphy spent $21 million out of his own pocket to buy the election. During the campaign, he stated that, if elected, one of his major goals was to legalize cannabis. The Republican Party suffered from ‘Christitis’ and simple gutlessness. No one in the Republican Party thought they could beat Murphy, so they offered up Chris Christie’s Lt. Governor, Kim Guadagno, as the sacrificial lamb. Murphy made legalizing drugs his number one issue (over poverty, teachers, homelessness, schools, unions, etc.—traditional Democratic Party issues). I am sure one person was very happy with that, namely the mega-speculator George Soros.

It should also be noted that Murphy is talking about a tax of $40 per ounce on legal marijuana. I can tell you, whatever the tax is, the drug mafia can sell it cheaper. It has now been shown, in the states where marijuana has been legalized, that this has had no impact on reducing the illegal marijuana trade. States that legalized were seduced with claims that organized crime would leave or be neutered; exactly the opposite has happened. People find it easier and cheaper to get pot from the drug mafia.

In lieu of immediate legalization, Murphy is attempting to massively increase the number of “medical marijuana” dispensaries. Currently, there are a fixed number of dispensaries in the state, and a handful of physicians who prescribe the drug. Playing to the millennial crowd, Murphy is demanding that this number be increased so that 30% will be owned and operated by women, minorities and veterans. In other words, an equal opportunity for menticide.

One of the groups responsible for defeating marijuana legalization in both New Jersey and New York was Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM). This group is for decriminalization but against legalization. SAM was co-founded by Dr. Kevin Sabet, who served as National Drug Control Policy advisor to Presidents Bush, Clinton, and Obama, and to former Democratic Congressman, Patrick Kennedy, the son of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy. The group just issued a report debunking the idea that opioid users can benefit from marijuana.

Since Murphy and New Jersey Senate President Steven Sweeney failed to get the necessary votes in the legislature to legalize marijuana, it is now reported that the question will be on the 2020 November ballot.

What Comes Next

On June 19, despite strong support for legalization by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the New York legislature refused to put marijuana legalization up for a vote. They did not have the votes to pass it. Reports from Albany state that the “mood changed” after New Jersey’s rejection of legalized pot the previous month.

In response to the failure of the legalization bill, SAM founder Dr. Kevin Sabet released the following briefing. It reads in part:

Today New York legislators learned that commercializing marijuana brings along a host of significant health, safety and societal costs that result in no tax money and no social justice. The predatory pot industry wanted legislators to believe that this was simple. Like they did in New Jersey, they said it was inevitable. The industry told people it would rain money for a host of pet projects, that our young people wouldn’t be at risk and drugged driving concerns were overblown. Thankfully, New York’s parents, doctors, law enforcement, teachers and many lawmakers didn’t fall for the con.

Our broad coalition, including the NYS PTA [New York State Congress of Parents and Teachers], Medical Society of the State of New York, NY Sheriffs’ Association, NY Chiefs of Police Association, County Health Officials, local elected officials, concerned parents, teachers, addiction and recovery activists made their voices heard.

As of June 2019, only three nations in the world have legalized the recreational use of marijuana: the Netherlands, Uruguay, and Canada. In Great Britain, marijuana was legalized until psychosis hit the youth population in London and nearby cities. Too close to the City of London, I suspect. They rescheduled the drug on Schedule B, as opposed to the liberal Schedule C. It seems that the country that drugged China, India, and Egypt—and America also—doesn’t think it advisable to have it legalized in its own backyard.

CC/InGodJake Trusts
Kevin Sabet, co-founder and President of Smart Approaches to Marijuana.

So, the last question today is: “How do we take our country back?” The measures proposed by Lyndon LaRouche and EIR back in 1978, in the block-buster book, Dope, Inc., have never been tried, and that’s because it is so elegantly simple and would work: Focus law enforcement efforts on the drug-money laundering! Make it illegal to deposit money in the offshore and numbered accounts in the Cayman Islands, Switzerland, and whatever other hidey-holes that exist. It’s obvious that the people who park their money this way don’t want others, especially the government, to know how much money they have.

We live in a democratic Republic, not a plutocracy-oligarchy. Let us act that way. Go after the money trail! If you want your progeny to go into Space, colonize the Moon and Mars—to have a future—the first prerequisite is to stop our children from spacing-out. Don’t sit on the sidelines! Find out what is happening in your area and act! For more details on marijuana and how it affects people, read Alex Berenson’s book, Tell Your Children the Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence.

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