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This transcript appears in the November 29, 2019 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Here and There, Now and Then,
God Makes a Giant Among Men

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Courtesy of Jack Stockwell
Jack Stockwell

Dr. Jack Stockwell was for years a talk-show host on the KTKK radio station near Salt Lake City, Utah. This is the edited transcript of his video message to the Schiller Institute conference, “The Future of Humanity as a Creative Species in the Universe,” in Bad Soden, November 17, 2019.

Guten tag! Here and there, now and then, God makes a giant among men.

My name is Jack Stockwell, and it was my special privilege to know of, and to know personally Lyndon LaRouche in the late 1990s. I have stood before him in conferences, I’ve interviewed him over the radio several times, sat with him and Helga at dinner more than once—and can honestly say, I do not need even the finger of one hand to count a more commanding and imposing character in my life.

My first response to Lyn in my first radio interview with him, nearly—more than 20 years ago—was to find the nearest Oxford Dictionary! In all my radio experience, I had never interviewed someone where I felt so compelled, to not miss a word that fell from him mouth.

I have never heard such a concise, clear and conclusive understanding, of not just world events, but world history, as he gave me the tools to cut through the morass, the disinformation, the outright lies of modern media. He gave me a roadmap, a thread, to follow in understanding the great dichotomy, between the lowest evils and the greatest virtues of mankind. To me, it simply boiled down to a basic understanding of economics and the source of credit, and the intent of one man upon another.

As many of you know, I had asked Lyn to be a guest once again, on my show, on Sept. 11, 2001. We started the show, as usual, with me trying desperately to sound his equal. And Lyn, once again, making the complicated seem so simple!

I did not have a television in the studio, but several lines started lighting up, as one caller after another shouted, “Turn on the TV! Turn on the TV!” I told Lyn to hold on while I went to an internet news feed—and there, in front of me, the Twin Towers were under attack. I fell back in my chair, just stunned beyond expression, as I tried to force the words to Lyn, as to what I was seeing. And he simply reacted, with what seemed to me to be his basic understanding of everything, as business as usual—only this time, unfortunately, it’s on our own soil.

And then he said something stunning to me, right after that. He said, “They’re going to blame this”—within minutes of knowing what happened, he said, “They’re going to blame this on Osama bin Laden.” Without any evidence, “They’re going to blame it on bin Laden,” and words to the effect that this would be the excuse for an invasive war in the Middle East, and it would be all over the control of the oil. And one more thing he said about that, he said: Middle Eastern terrorists would not have the capability of carrying this off all by themselves. They had to have inside help.

And much of this has been proven true to my satisfaction.

Awareness of the Potential of Mankind

Now, what I’ve said speaks to my history with Lyn, but what about now? Does that influence, the summit of greatness that he instilled—is it still there? Was he just a passing fascination of mine, that dwindles as time passes? No! Not at all. In giving me and my listeners something higher to reach for than some knee-jerk conclusion, or options thrown about by every wind of doctrine, my worldview now focusses upon the best among us, the higher expressions of mankind, in art, in music, and social relations. He’s given me a world paradigm that reaches beyond this world, beyond the Moon, beyond Mars, beyond imagination.

His concepts of the American System of credit, of just the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, were regular topics on my show. And I felt, by the time I left that daily program, I had received a college-level education of the motive forces behind world events—and even more, a solution to the meaning of what it means to be human.

In some anthologies yet to be written, regarding the American political, social, and financial history, a name is going to figure prominently among those volumes yet to be written, the name most unfairly attacked, suppressed or otherwise defamed, as that voice exposed to criminality, the usury, the outright fraud, behind the current systems of government and finance.

His was an understanding that all Americans and all those that love freedom ought to bring into their lives quickly, while there is yet life to see.

Whenever I hear the name the “LaRouche,” I pause for a moment and silently express gratitude for two things: One, he raised my understanding and increased my awareness of the world, and of the potential of mankind, to a higher level than I had ever expected or imagined before. And number two: He was my friend.

Thank you, everyone, for letting me share a rare moment of appreciation for a true giant among men. [applause]

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