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This article appears in the January 31, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Mike Bloomberg: The Dossier

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Left: EIRNS/Will Mederski; right: Creative Commons
Left: Mike Bloomberg; right: Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney

Jan. 22—As the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump gets underway, it is now possible to clearly see the overall strategy of the world’s globalist oligarchy that is determined to remove him from office and swallow any remaining independence of the United States in the process. That strategy consists of (1) a drawn-out impeachment proceeding challenging the very premises of the U.S. Constitution and its presidential and electoral system, (2) a continuous mobilization of extant imperial assets in the Middle East and in other world hotspots to pull Trump into another endless war, and (3) the use of a wall of billions of dollars in cash to fund information warfare and political profiling operations, centered in the campaign of Michael Bloomberg.

The immediate context for this attack is—as it has been—the coming, inevitable implosion of the fatally flawed present world financial system, centered in the City of London and Wall Street, and a President of the United States who is a builder and refuses to go along with the financiers’ plans to once again preserve their wealth at the expense of the world’s citizens, particularly its workers, whose benefit and creative potential Donald Trump insists must be at the center of all economic policies.

Following the collapse of 2007-2008, the world’s financial oligarchs have toyed with various options for maintaining their power following the next necessary bailout. The mass strike which resulted from the collapse and the 2008 bankers’ bailout, resulted in both Donald Trump’s election and Brexit, existential threats to their system which they have already gone to war to reverse.

These oligarchs have clearly chosen to sell the myth of environmental catastrophe known as global warming in order to impose the type of austerity and genocidal regimes necessary to preserve their holdings and power as their system undergoes its inevitable new collapse. Brainwashed and labile youth sold on the idea of an imminent climate apocalypse, and adult populations wedded to fixed, polarized, and manipulable identities in “left” and “right” political positions will be the political shock troops for their intended massive reordering of the world’s economies.

In two speeches, one at Jackson Hole, Wyoming on August 22, 2019 and a second at the UN on September 23, Mark Carney—the current governor of the Bank of England and erstwhile partner of Michael Bloomberg in all of the oligarchy’s green financial “regime change” operations—openly called for a central bankers’ dictatorship over the financial system and the economies of the entire world. According to Carney and Bloomberg, overcoming the climate emergency requires that central bankers control all financial outlays without government intervention. All investments must be green; otherwise no credit will be issued for them. At Jackson Hole, Carney proposed to replace the dollar with a new synthetic digital currency.

His collaborator in instituting financial regime change as the result of climate hysteria, BlackRock, the world’s largest hedge fund, seconded Carney’s program to replace the dollar, by proposing that central bankers should be the world’s financial dictators, immune from influence by governments or politicians.

This report will elucidate exactly who Michael Bloomberg is and who he represents, a necessary step in eliminating the threat of a central bankers’ proposed dictatorship and similar schemes. The actual path to victory lies, however, in the more profound issue: the principled form of a solution to the impending collapse of the system that Bloomberg is tasked to preserve at all costs.

Bloomberg and his friends are now very weak. They are pessimists who can only declaim against imminent disaster while the U.S. now has a president who insists on building and the optimism that generates. The solutions embodied in Lyndon LaRouche’s “Four Laws to Save the U.S.A. Now!” for economic recovery are now really on the table, ready to be taken up and implemented now that the enemy is so exposed. And the answer, just like Franklin Roosevelt’s overturning of Wall Street’s attempted military coup against him, lies in this President’s propensity to adopt this program by taking it directly to the people in 2020.

Left: SCID/Pan Asia Conference; right: EIRNS/Dan Sturman
Left: George Shultz; right: Felix Rohatyn
Edward Reed
Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg (right) with his friend, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, before touring the carbon trading floor at Credit Suisse in New York City on October 16, 2006.

Bloomberg’s Mercenary Army

Mike Bloomberg is proposing to personally spend $2 billion or more to win the Democratic nomination for the Presidency. That is on top of the estimated $8 billion he has already spent since he first began his tryout for the Presidency with his three terms as mayor of New York City as the conscious champion of Wall Street, selling the wonders of data driven government by a billionaire technician—himself. During that entire time, Bloomberg was busy buying up Democratic constituency organizations and traditional Republican and Democratic politicians alike, first in New York, and then nationally.

He flirted with a presidential campaign in 2008, building the national infrastructure for the campaign he has now undertaken. He was openly supported by Wall Street, the City of London, George Shultz and his poodle, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the éminence grise of popularizing deadly austerity regimes, Felix Rohatyn.

Bloomberg decided not to run in the midst of the financial collapse and as Barack Obama ascended as the preferred London candidate. After all, the arrogant technician, barely capable of talking to actual people, was hardly the man to pacify a population prepared, as Obama said, to use “pitchforks” on Bloomberg’s constituency on Wall Street. It did not help that Bloomberg’s “significant other” Diane Taylor, had been New York’s Banking Superintendent during the time a large portion of the 2007-2008 bubble was built, whose responsibility it was, technically, to prevent just such a thing from happening.

Bloomberg’s building of his mercenary political army has accelerated since he left office in 2014, as he devoted full time to the environmental fascism, financial regime operation, for which he serves as a primary spokesman along with the City of London’s Mark Carney. As a sideline, he has also provided huge funding to those determined to abolish the Second Amendment and end the right of citizens to bear arms in order to protect themselves.

The oligarchy’s scheme envisions very rich technicians, in the persons of the world’s central bankers themselves, presiding over populations who willingly accept austerity and massive population reduction on behalf of the greater good of Planet Earth. Under a rigorous surveillance and censorship regime, targeted infusions of cash, drugs, pornography, entertainment, and—in the last resort—private armies, will quell any dissent.

Since formally announcing his candidacy, Bloomberg has not only bought $248 million in television ads, he has set up his own digital campaign company, Hawkfish, staffed massively by Facebook and other Silicon Valley data veterans, and he has hired over 1,000 experienced professional campaign staffers deployed on the ground in the battleground states which will determine the election.

Most of the nation’s big city mayors have already received generous funding from Bloomberg’s philanthropies, inclusive of the American Cities Climate Challenge, his Beyond Carbon Campaign, and other initiatives directed at cash-starved cities and local governments. In his mind, through the mayors, he has bought an extant and powerful voter turnout machine. Thus, Bloomberg’s deployment of forces already dwarfs that of most full-fledged general election presidential campaigns.

On Martin Luther King’s birthday this year, Bloomberg announced a $70 billion plan aimed at buying the black vote by promising a reparations type program aimed, he says, at increasing black employment, and black home and business ownership in impoverished districts throughout the country. The plan was announced in Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Greenwood District, once dubbed the “black Wall Street.” It is the site of one of the most horrible racist incidents in American history, an attack by whites on a prosperous black population in 1921 that killed more than 200 black people, injured many others, and burnt many black-owned businesses to the ground.

In typical Bloomberg fashion, this proposed glitzy cash payoff is designed to overcome the fact that he presided over New York City’s infamous “stop and frisk” continuous police attack on that city’s black population while mayor. His cash apology tour seeks to erase that phase of Bloomberg’s political career from popular memory.

Defeating Trump Takes Precedence

Bloomberg’s electoral strategy skips the initial primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina in favor of the March 3 Super Tuesday primaries when 1,345 delegates will be awarded—34% of the delegates who will determine the party nominee. In the front-loaded Democratic calendar, almost all of the large states will have voted by April 28, electing the vast majority of convention delegates.

It is doubtful that Bloomberg’s wall of cash and bought people will be able to circumvent his obnoxious history and personality, and propel his personal candidacy. His primary purpose does not lie there. It is, rather, to profile Donald Trump’s constituency totally and completely, probing for weaknesses, while developing themes and on-the-ground turnout for the Democratic presidential nominee as well as Democratic candidates for the House and Senate. As he said while endorsing Hillary Clinton at the Democratic Convention in 2016, he is willing to do anything to defeat Donald Trump.

A Very Old Witch’s Brew

In November 1940, the Coordinator of Information (COI), the predecessor of the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS), prepared a classified report titled “Synarchie and the Policy of the Banque Worms Group.” The three-page confidential report began:

In recent reports, there have been several references to the growing political power of the Banque Worms group in France, which includes among its members such ardent Nazi collaborationists as Pucheu, Benoist-Méchin, Le Roy-Ladurie, Bouthillier, and representatives of the big French industrial organizations.

The report continued:

The reactionary movement known as Synarchie has been in existence in France for nearly a century. Its aim has always been to carry out a bloodless revolution, inspired by the upper classes, aimed at producing a form of government by “technicians” (the founder of the movement was a “polytechnician”), under which home and foreign policy would be subordinated to international economy. The aims of the Banque Worms group are the same as those of Synarchie, and the leaders of the two groups are, in most cases, identical.

Further exposés of the Synarchist International were provided in William Langer’s 1947 work, Our Vichy Gamble, and James Stewart Martin’s work, All Honorable Men, published in 1950. U.S. Army intelligence files from the war include one labeled, “Synarchy: Nazi-Communist,” identifying a private mercenary intelligence operation emanating from France, utilizing both political labels as cover, and planning attacks on the United States.

These and similar accounts reflected a deep understanding, within U.S. governing institutions of the time, that a top-down international financial oligarchy had been the chief sponsors of the Nazi and Fascist regimes that brought war and devastation to the Eurasian continent in a failed effort to create a post-Westphalian world without sovereign nation states, run by an international bankers’ dictatorship. Remember this when you are bombarded with Bloomberg’s endlessly repeated campaign theme, “Mike Will Get It Done.” As with Mussolini, the trains will run on time, but the republic will be lost.

EIR and LaRouche PAC have studied both Michael Bloomberg and the international Synarchy ever since Bloomberg began his political climb by buying the office of Mayor of New York City. We have published numerous articles on both. Our aim here is only to recount the most salient aspects of that extant dossier.

Mike Bloomberg 2020
Bloomberg’s campaign advertises, “Mike Will Get It Done.”

The Mayor from Wall Street and London

Bloomberg made his initial millions as a stock trader and partner at Solomon Brothers, the infamous Wall Street firm profiled for its gross perfidies in Michael Lewis’s famous book, Liar’s Poker. Deemed too arrogant and obnoxious for even this gang of thieves, Bloomberg was banished to the lead role in the firm’s IT department before being axed entirely. He left with a hefty severance package and plans to computerize Wall Street trading, providing instant access to financial operations and data. Starting with an initial sale to Merrill Lynch, Bloomberg’s proprietary computer terminals were adopted by financial houses all over the world as necessities. That is the primary source of his billions.

Since college, Bloomberg has declared himself worthy of three roles in life: President of the United States, President of the World Bank, or Secretary General of the United Nations. At five foot seven, the inevitable comparisons to Napoleon and Mussolini—who were exactly the same height and evinced and acted upon similar grand visions of themselves—have followed.

Joyce Purnick’s Bloomberg biography, Mike Bloomberg: Money, Power, Politics, provides more than adequate dirt for any opposition research effort focused on scandal. If you read it, it seems she is constantly holding back the full extent of what she has learned because she herself wants continued access. It still bursts forth, every once and awhile, in devastating vignettes.

Bloomberg began preparing his first campaign for Mayor in 1997, well before the 2001 election which would choose Rudy Giuliani’s successor, by announcing it in one of the two publications he reads regularly, the City of London’s Financial Times. Demonstrative of his rabid Anglophilia, his other regular read is The Economist. According to press reports, the style book for Bloomberg News and Business Week, Bloomberg’s publishing outlets, bans the word “oligarch” from usage. Bloomberg spent an astounding $74 million to become Mayor of New York City.

Among Purnick’s revelations: Bloomberg—who divorced his first wife before he began positioning himself as a politician—is a foul-mouthed sexist whose entourage at one point kept him surrounded because he would repeatedly approach women with such genteel profundities as “Nice Tits.” His company endured numerous sexual harassment lawsuits that included claims that he created a predatory and abusive environment. All resulted in payoffs and non-disclosure agreements.

He once threw a lavish party at Bloomberg’s London offices, focusing each room on celebrating one of the Seven Deadly Sins, leading with a room dedicated to “Lust.” He ruthlessly and relentlessly climbed New York’s social ladder in preparation for his campaign for mayor, enlisting and/or buying the companionship of Barbara Walters, Beverly Sills, and others, while bragging to New York magazine that socialites Annette de la Renta and Jayne Wrightsman, “see me as their boy toy.” In a 1996 Guardian interview, Bloomberg said:

Let me put it to you this way, I am a single straight billionaire in Manhattan, it’s like a wet dream.

New York for the Very, Very Rich

In undertaking the campaign, he already had the support of his Wall Street buddies, having previously sworn allegiance to their version of the City. Financiers Michael Steinberg, Michael Steinhardt, and Steven Rattner were all close confidants and supporters of Bloomberg. The dean of Wall Street, the recently deceased Felix Rohatyn, had been promoting Bloomberg’s political aspirations throughout his preparations to run for mayor. As fully documented in EIR, Rohatyn, along with George Shultz, have been the American faces of the international Synarchy from the cultural paradigm shift of the 1960s forward.

Bloomberg spent a cool million or more to buy the ballot line of the Independence Party of Fred Newman and Lenora Fulani, who, it has been claimed by former members, led a sex cult under the guise of providing psychotherapy to minorities. He changed his own party registration from Democrat to Republican in order to avoid a primary. The alleged sex cult’s ballot line proved to be the margin of victory in his first race. Due to the events of September 11, 2001, the day the election was originally scheduled, he also got additional time to organize amid a newly panicked population.

On the heels of 9/11, The Partnership for the City of New York, led by Rohatyn and the Rockefeller Foundation, along with New York’s financial and social elite, moved in to buy anything or anybody Bloomberg had not already purchased. They forged plans for a new financial district after the attacks and a new regime for the city. The Partnership provided all of Bloomberg’s marching orders, creating in effect two cities—the glitzy high-end home to aspiring world financial players and “luxury” capital of the world, and outer boroughs condemned to poverty. Lower Manhattan and Midtown were rezoned and rebuilt, the Upper West Side and Harlem were gentrified, as were areas of Brooklyn and Queens. The rest of the city, like “flyover country” in the United States, was largely abandoned, although Bloomberg did build housing which most could not afford.

Education, healthcare, and city services were all massively privatized while Bloomberg bought off any viable opposition through selected charitable contributions. The city became the province of the very, very rich, and the very, very poor, as its middle class largely fled. The press, with the exception of small outlets, was largely a Bloomberg praise club.

War on the Poor and the Black

Bloomberg rode a steady stream of small popular innovations, all heralded by the press, similar to Bill Clinton’s triangulation strategies for maintaining popular approval in Clinton’s second term. A 311 telephone system, for example, allowed citizens to talk to and complain directly to the government. Bloomberg ruled from an open office, which was touted as “transparent.” The resemblance to Clinton is not accidental. Steinberg, Steinhart, Rattner, etc.—Bloomberg’s crony Wall Street group—were all adherents of the Democratic Leadership Council and the Third Way of London’s satanic Tony Blair—both major and corrosive influences on Bill Clinton. Despite polling very favorably and having no viable opponents for his second term, Bloomberg nonetheless spent $84 million to secure four more years as mayor. At that point, however, the hyped facade began to fray; the fakery began to be exposed.

Bloomberg’s much-heralded takeover of the public schools was based on the drill and grill of George W. Bush’s failed No Child Left Behind program as well as privatization vouchers and charter schools funded by Wall Street’s noblesse oblige impulses. While it was claimed that test scores in math and science improved, Diane Ravitch, Sol Stern, and other critics demonstrated that Bloomberg’s claimed improvements were largely fraudulent. His massive rezoning and housing programs turned out to benefit only the wealthy. Bloomberg praised that result, noting that he wanted to attract the very rich “in order to pay for everything else.” By the end of his reign, New York City had 400,000 millionaires with over half of the rest of the population living at or below the poverty line. Homelessness surged to over 62,000 while Bloomberg simultaneously cut the programs designed to serve the homeless.

A ruthless policing policy targeted on minorities that might object to Bloomberg’s policies, was used to keep the peace. While Rudy Giuliani started the stop-and-frisk racial profiling and harassment operations, they surged under Bloomberg. In 2002, there were 100,000 stops associated with the program. Under Bloomberg, there were 700,000 such stops in 2011, with more African Americans stopped than the entire population of African Americans in New York City. The population of the city’s brutal jail, Rikers Island, surged.

Beginning in 2006, nonetheless, Bloomberg began to prepare to run for President, this time as an Independent. He stepped in to salvage the Senate re-election campaign of Joseph Lieberman, who was running on Dick Cheney’s straight permanent-war-and-dictatorship platform, also as an Independent. He began courting “independent” politicians throughout the country, including Oklahoma’s former Governor, David Boren, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Shultz, Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania, and similar figures.

Beginning in 2006, Michael Bloomberg (far right) began gathering “independent” support for a 2008 Presidential bid. Shown with him are (l. to r.): Judith Rodin, President of the Rockefeller Foundation; Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell; and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Rupert Murdoch began to sell the Bloomberg candidacy in London and New York accompanied by major puff pieces in the New York Times and Washington Post. With the financial collapse looming, the come-on of the planned campaign was supposed to be green technology and using private/public partnerships to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, creating thousands of new jobs. In reality, the scheme would only create a new and vast income stream for Wall Street and the City of London. In an article for the Financial Times on December 7, 2007, however, Bloomberg further exposed his hand, saying that in the wake of the looming collapse, America must avoid protectionism at all costs.

Both Rohatyn and Bloomberg attacked FDR’s recovery policies as “outdated,” including, obviously, Glass-Steagall banking separation. These arguments from the financial oligarchs were not new. After all, George Shultz’s doctoral thesis had been a ruthless attack on Roosevelt’s TVA, one of history’s greatest uses of infrastructure and technology to lift thousands out of poverty. Why? Because it used government credit as its funding mechanism. Boiled down, their edict is simple: The present globalist financial system must be preserved at all costs.

Nonetheless, as the full weight of the collapse dawned on the money masters of London and Wall Street, Bloomberg hardly seemed the instrument to calm popular outrage—Barack Obama, in their view, was that man. Bloomberg’s marching orders were to concentrate on ensuring continued survival of New York City itself as financial calamity hit. Employing $106 million, Bloomberg was able to overturn the term limits law and secure, barely, a third term. A series of outright governing disasters followed with the Deutsche Bank fire scandal, failure to clear the streets in the December 2010 blizzard, and the disastrous response to Hurricane Sandy in which damaged infrastructure and housing were never, ultimately, repaired.

Champion of the Extinction Rebellion and Putative Fourth Reich

Bloomberg’s disastrous third term ended in 2014, and he immediately plunged into renewed activities on behalf of oligarchy’s green fascism scheme, using his Bloomberg Foundation and its funds to lead the charge. The basic idea was to make “sustainable” or green requirements mandatory for any issuance of credit or investment internationally. As Mark Carney was to put it a few years later, if you don’t comply, “your business will cease to exist.”

Bloomberg and the Rockefeller Foundation set up the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board to establish “green standards” across U.S. industries and with the SEC, so that climate risk or meeting sustainable goals will be included on all 10K and similar instruments. At the same time, Bloomberg established a partnership with Tom Steyer and Hank Paulson, the former Treasury Secretary and primary author of the 2008 bailout, in the Risky Business Project. That project is mapping the “risk” of climate change across industries in the U.S. with the obvious goal of ending investment in “non-compliant” industries.

Bloomberg had already put $650 million into the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign, targeting the complete elimination of that fuel source in the U.S. Also in 2014, Bloomberg received his knighthood from the Queen while scouting for a second home in London, completing that multimillion dollar purchase in 2015.

On September 29, 2015, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, the guy who four years later would openly called for a bankers’ dictatorship at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, made a speech at a City of London dinner conducted in an august “room” at Lloyd’s of London, with the weird and, frankly, occult title, “Breaking the Tragedy of the Horizon—Climate Change and Financial Stability.” Since at least 2013, Carney, labeled the “most powerful man in the financial world,” had been regularly conferring with Prince Charles about how to impose the green fascist reorganization of the world’s finances. In his Lloyd’s speech, he called for all property and supplies to be managed with the purported future impact of climate change determining the control points.

Yes, It’s Synarchy

At the time of his Lloyd’s speech, Carney was not only the head of the Bank of England—a core bank of the Synarchy in and before World War II—he was also the head of the Financial Stability Board. The FSB, in turn was a major project of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). The BIS, created in 1930, is the central bank of central banks, and became the international center of the Synarchy in the critical interwar years that spawned the Nazis and fascists. See the EIR article, “The Bank for International Fascism.”

In the wake of the 2008 financial collapse, the FSB was set up by the BIS to assess and make recommendations to ensure the stability and survival of the present international financial system. Mark Carney authored the various bail-in policies which will govern the next financial collapse, internationally. Under that policy, depositors, not governments, will be required to bail out bankrupt banks. The banks will survive; their depositors will not.

Gage Skidmore
Self-esteemed wunderkind Michael Bloomberg.

In December of 2015, Mark Carney invited Mike Bloomberg to head a new task force under the FSB on “Climate-Related Financial Disclosures.” The task force includes the world’s biggest hedge funds, such as BlackRock; the world’s too-big-to-fail banks, like JP Morgan Chase and Barclays; HSBC, the dope money laundering bank; insurance mega-firms such as Swiss Re; and longstanding Anglo-Dutch entities like Unilever; along with a few well-known environmental fanatics, such as Al Gore’s partner, David Blood. Again, the intention was to set the standards by which the world’s finances are to be run—if these people get their way.

Similarly, the City of London itself launched its own Green Finance Initiative in January 2016, specifically targeting green finance standards for large-scale infrastructure projects, inclusive of China’s great Belt and Road project.

As EIR’s Paul Gallagher has reported, Mark Carney was so flipped out by Brexit, and its impact on his scheme to launch a new Fourth Reich from London, that he used his official Bank of England post to publicly campaign against the referendum. He wildly claimed that it would cause a recession. Mike Bloomberg, similarly, called Brexit, “the most stupid thing a people could ever have done.”

When then Prime Minister Theresa May questioned Carney’s “super low” interest rates and their awful impact on common people who saved their money, while benefiting only the rich, Carney shot back:

The policies are done by technocrats. We are not going to take instruction on our policies from the political side.

Exactly the recipe of the Synarchy. Exactly the selling point of Mike Bloomberg’s disastrous reign in New York City. Is it any wonder that these people are dead set on destroying Donald Trump, who, as the head of the most powerful nation in the world, openly opposes them and declares his loyalty to the common and forgotten men and women?


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