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This article appears in the January 31, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


A Patriot’s Guide Through
Day Four of the Impeachment Trial (5 Biggest Lies So Far)

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Jan. 27—On Friday, January 24, the Democrats finally ended their marathon initial presentation in the impeachment trial of the President of the United States. They droned on and on and on with the idea that repetition, and treating the television audience like children at story hour, would somehow win the day in the Senate of the United States. On Saturday, Jan. 25, the President’s team began to present his defense. By the end of two hours they had effectively shredded most of the wild claims made by the Democrats by showing the testimony of the Democrats’ own witnesses contradicting, completely, the narrative the Democrats had just presented to the Senate.

Desperate, Adam Schiff had ended the Democratic presentation by informing the Senators that he knew of an alleged threat from the President. He claimed that unless they voted for the President’s acquittal their “heads were on a pike.” This threat, having never been made, resulted in astonished gasps from even moderate Republicans. Schiff’s lie had backfired as had strident statements by Jerry Nadler that the entire GOP delegation was engaging in a coverup for the President.

As we have repeatedly emphasized, these proceedings are the latest chapter in the full-spectrum information warfare conducted against the American people ever since 63 million Americans shocked the world by electing Donald Trump President in Nov. 8, 2016. A similar shock was delivered in Britain the same year, when the British people voted to reinstate the sovereignty of their nation, to withdraw from the European Union, and to reject the globalist regimes which have impoverished the world.

At the center of the Democrats’ case now, is the claim that Trump won by “cheating” in 2016—i.e., the Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) servers, resulting in WikiLeaks presenting truthful information about Hillary Clinton)—and Trump, unless impeached, will “cheat” again. Never mind that no evidence has been presented, ever, to substantiate any Russian hack of the DNC. In fact, the actual evidence points to a leak by persons or elements unknown.

Whether you consider yourself pro-Trump or anti-Trump, you are the target of this psychological warfare operation, begun with ruthless and reckless abandon in November of 2016. That operation has created the disease popularly known as Trump Derangement Syndrome, which now threatens to destroy the Constitution of the United States and render the nation itself a balkanized mess of red versus blue states not seen since the Confederacy and the Civil War. In fact, that is the intent of those running this operation, the same oligarchical force behind the Civil War which sought to swallow the United States, once again absorbing it into the British Empire.

The once-great party of John F. Kennedy and Franklin D. Roosevelt has become a debating club about gender identities and reparations—promoting subversion through local control of national policies and laws, drug legalization, Green Fascism, and, above all, a self-imposed “virtue signaling” and thought-police culture, which destroys the ability to create and think.

CC BY 2.0
The field of Democratic pre-candidates is fractured over identity politics. They are discredited by their climate hysteria.
Mike Bloomberg 2020
Billionaire green fascist and financial regime-changer Mike Bloomberg.

Cities where Democrats reign are becoming ungovernable, with exploding homeless and addict populations, and housing which is unaffordable, except for the upper middle classes and very wealthy, who live in gated and walled-off communities. Decriminalization of theft and other so-called minor crimes, and unsanitary conditions, are unleashing an epidemic of violence and disease. For the 2020 election, Mike Bloomberg, on behalf of the City of London and Wall Street, is buying up any remaining Democratic constituency leader whom George Soros and Tom Steyer have not already bought.

Is it any wonder, then, that articles of impeachment have been drafted which specify no crime? Do they realize what they have done? From now on, any political party majority occupying the House of Representatives that disagrees with the President of a different political party, can vote to impeach with the vague “abuse of power” charge. That means that the great genius of the American Constitution, a strong Presidency, will have been lost. Instead, like the British opponents we defeated in the Revolution, the President can be hobbled endlessly by parliamentary votes of no confidence, engineered by the ability of private banking and other interests to manipulate popular opinion.

The Democrats, throughout this proceeding, have lied that Alexander Hamilton would have approved of what they are doing. Hamilton was, however, the actual author of the Article II powers of the President, and their strongest proponent. He would never have stood by and seen Article II, along with the Republic itself, destroyed by a renegade faction in Congress.

President Trump Opens a New and Surprising Flank

To clarify the actual issues and open a new, surprising, and most intriguing flank against those at war against him, the President went to Davos, Switzerland, in the midst of his trial in the U.S. Senate, and made a speech to the gathered world elites at the Davos World Economic Forum about the standards for economic progress. He walked, calmly, into the lion’s den, speaking to many who are the authors of the actual coup against his Presidency, and presented an economic address that echoed central themes of Lyndon LaRouche.

First, Trump attacked the corrosive pessimism embodied in the apocalyptic warnings of the Green New Deal and similar programs. As we have noted, the Green New Deal will entrap most of the world in a new Dark Age, while leaving the oligarchical power, centered in the City of London and Wall Street, to rule. President Trump said that this group of wild-eyed Malthusians had been completely wrong in their predictions for most of his lifetime.

Portrait by John Trumbull, 1806
Alexander Hamilton

Instead, he touted technological and scientific optimism, and the creativity of a nation’s working classes, as the engine of economic progress. This is what LaRouche had called the Power of Labor, and what Alexander Hamilton, Henry Carey, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt called the American System of political economy. The President had referenced the American System repeatedly in his campaign.

At Davos, he said the well-being of workers had to be the center of any sovereign economic policy, the means to measure economic progress. He told the story of the building of the cupola of Florence’s famous Duomo, a 140-year journey in design and execution in which workers and geniuses collaborated to discover completely new laws of nature in the course of creating one of history’s most beautiful and inspiring cathedrals. They had no idea whether and how they would succeed, when they started this grand project. Dedicate yourself to unleashing that Renaissance spirit among your people, Trump told them, and anything is possible.

Brunelleschi’s Dome.

Ask yourself, if you think Trump is a monster, what mind composed what I have just told you? If you are a Trump supporter, it is well past time that you grew up and stopped acting reflexively. If the President is to bring this Republic safely to shore now, he needs an intelligentsia, what LaRouche used to call worker intellectuals and their allies, builders and producers, schooled in actual American history, economics, and the Renaissance tradition of Classical science and art from which this Republic emerged. He needs a citizenry passionately dedicated to the pursuit of truth, not the sophistries invented by the spin doctors for today’s water cooler agenda and phony opinion polls.

It’s our job to make the economic metric the President proposed at Davos, reviving the actual American System of political economy, and the cultural optimism he underlined as the heart of this process, a reality, starting now. This is the means to right the ship of state. And there is every reason to believe we can. Voices as diverse as Tucker Carlson’s are now echoing aspects of LaRouche’s science of political economy. A few days ago, Carlson noted that the right economic imperatives were simple: The candidate who can come up with a means of enabling young people to have children—implying access to well-paying and purposeful jobs, creating a true belief in the future—will win the next election.

The Five Biggest Lies of the First Four Days

Here are the five biggest and most important lies that have emerged in the impeachment trial to date, and which will continue as the Democrats weave their “narrative” through Friday, while the Republicans, so far at least, “deflect,” rather than telling the whole truth.

1. The President compromised national security by withholding aid to Ukraine. In reality, the President was correct in his initial position of not wanting to have anything to do with Ukraine. In reality, everyone who testified that the President compromised national security by withholding aid, even for a few weeks, is, beneath their three-piece suits, bow ties, and State Department and CIA lingo, a fanatic who is courting war with Russia and China on behalf of entrenched, incompetent, and delusional banking and other elites.

2. The President denied aid to an ally in a time of war against the Russians, and we have to fight the Russians in Ukraine so that we don’t have to fight them here. Ukraine is not yet a member of NATO, although those testifying against the President in this impeachment proceeding are hell-bent on bringing that about, despite warnings that this represents an existential threat to Russia on its western border. The Russians never “invaded” Eastern Ukraine and are not there now. The problem in Eastern Ukraine is a civil war, caused by the determination of the neo-Nazis, brought to power in the coup the Obama Administration conducted, to ethnically cleanse the area of any pro-Russian sentiment—an area which is, historically, Russian. The 15,000 casualties cited by the Jacobin Democrats in their presentations are the product of this ethnic cleansing operation.

Ukrainian Right Sector thugs.
Azov News
The Azov Regiment of Ukraine’s National Guard.
Gage Skidmore
Joe Biden
CC/Aimaina Hikari
Rioters in Kiev, Ukraine.

This nonsense is part of a continuing drive to prevent Trump from collaborating with Presidents Putin and Xi Jinping to ease tensions in the world, particularly in the world’s hot spots, like the Middle East, and to establish a new financial architecture for the world, serving large-scale economic development. That is what Russiagate and the current drive to demonize China have been about.

3. The “scandal” about the Bidens in Ukraine is solely about Hunter Biden’s role in the Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, and Joe Biden’s role in getting his son’s putative prosecutor fired. That is only a minuscule portion of it. Barack Obama and Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland and John Brennan and Christopher Steele and other components of British and NATO intelligence, and the Ukrainian World Congress, the Ukrainian Congressional Committee of America, and various Ukrainian officials, all illegally sought to defeat Donald Trump, the candidate, by smearing him as a Manchurian candidate, a Russian agent.

They then proceeded to instigate the ongoing coup against the President. They were all, also, up to their ears in the 2014 coup or color revolution in Ukraine which brought actual neo-Nazis into power, under U.S. and British sponsorship. They are using the “whole of nation” information warfare operations first employed in the 2014 Ukraine coup and subsequent civil war, to make Donald Trump a hated and reviled figure to be deposed in a “bloodless” revolution.

CC/Anna Bezulik
Ihor Kolomoisky

Joe Biden was the modern-day viceroy of this operation. Some of the mass shooters who have inflicted terror, subsequently, throughout the world, trained with the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion financed by Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, who also simply stole millions of dollars in U.S. aid through a scheme in his Privat Bank, the actual owner of Burisma. Kolomoisky played a huge role in President Volodymyr Zelensky’s rise to power. That is what President Trump is referring to in the famous July 25 phone call during which he said that he understood that Zelensky was surrounded by corrupt people.

4. The President did something wrong. As the President says, read the transcript of the July 25 call. What Rep. Adam Schiff and others are saying is that Trump speaks in coded language and his plain words do not mean what they say. Schiff’s narrative is a bizarre, self-feeding conspiracy theory in which reality is simply subverted, in favor of derogatory and deliberately inflammatory Manichean tropes and memes. The constant barrage and absorption of the products of this information warfare campaign, induces a state of infantile rage in its consumers, a cartoon-like distorted version of reality in which profound satisfaction is gained from simply rooting for the “good guys.”

5. The public is entitled to hear more facts and witnesses, and anything less is a coverup. The coverup is, in reality, about how and why this entire bogus proceeding came about. During the national nightmare of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s inquiry, the President waived executive privilege and turned over millions of documents, voluntarily, even allowing the White House counsel to be interviewed. Mueller came up empty, opening the way to a clear shot at investigating those responsible for the illegal attempt to prevent Donald Trump’s election and the ongoing coup against him. Ukrainegate began the very day after Mueller flopped in his testimony to Congress.

A big part of understanding the operations against Trump, and the Presidency itself, lies in what happened in Ukraine from 2014 forward. Ukrainegate, at a minimum, is designed to ensure that that history remains completely hidden from the public.

The Senate Judiciary Committee should launch an immediate effort to declassify all documents pertaining to the Ukraine coup and subsequent efforts to subvert the Trump candidacy and presidency. A key aspect of this is obtaining testimony from the so-called whistleblower, whose complaint started Ukrainegate, and key RESIST members associated with Congressman Adam Schiff.

The whistleblower was on Joe Biden’s staff during the Ukraine coup and in its aftermath. He stayed on in the Trump National Security Council. He openly bragged, along with a close associate on the NSC, that he was going to find a way to “take the President out” as far back as 2017.

That associate, together with the whistleblower and key individuals from the Obama Justice Department’s National Security Division—up to their ears in the Russiagate hoax—fabricated Ukrainegate. Two of the whistleblower’s former NSC associates, others involved in the Russiagate hoax, and the head of the DOJ’s National Security Division as the Russiagate hoax was spawned, now work for Adam Schiff. The Intelligence Community’s Inspector General, Michael Atkinson, who kicked off Ukrainegate by crediting the bogus whistleblower’s complaint, is the former counsel to Mary McCord, who headed the DOJ National Security Division and now works for Schiff.


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