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This article appears in the March 20, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


China’s Mission Can Also Be America’s:
Inspiring Young People for the Future

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A Chinese student.
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Working day and night in three shifts, over 3,000 workers in Wuhan, China built two large hospitals in just two weeks. Here, prefab panels are put in place at the hospital site.

March 15—As the American people move forward, under conditions of a now-declared National Emergency, into the unknown of the rapidly escalating coronavirus epidemic, it is urgent to pause and to consider the outlook required to meet this challenge, to counter any tendency toward panic or despair, to grasp the actual profound potential which now exists. I offer here observations from my own recent experiences.

I talk to kids in China every day, teaching them English over the internet. I’ve been teaching them through the entire period of the coronavirus epidemic. My observation is that there has been absolutely zero sense of panic, angst, anxiety or anything of the kind on the part of these kids and their families. Instead, what I notice is a huge sense of mission. The kids of this generation are going to grow up with extremely fond memories of this crisis, because they can reflect on the fact that they went through a mission, they fought against all the odds, and they won.

The kids talk to me about having to stay inside, and not being able to visit their relatives. But they’re not freaked out, even though this happened during the Chinese New Year and Spring Festival, the biggest holiday and travel season in China. In fact, they’re very proud, especially proud of the fact that China built two hospitals in ten days. The names of the hospitals are Huoshenshan, or fire mountain, and Leishenshan, or thunder mountain. The doctors, nurses, and medical personnel are known as “angels in white.” They are the heroes of China. Everyone pulled together, from the top officials, to the food delivery drivers, and everyone in between. “Stay Strong China”—Jia Yao—became a rallying cry throughout the nation. You can find videos of people in Wuhan shouting it from their apartment balconies.

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In Wuhan, a lack of building materials and deficiencies in transportation for those materials had to be overcome to complete the hospital construction.
Young Chinese students in traditional uniforms.
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One of two large hospitals, purpose-built to treat patients with COVID-19, under construction in Wuhan, China.

Igniting Passion for Mankind

This reminds me of how Americans came together for a common purpose during World War II and during the 1960s space program. We were proud of sending a man to walk on the surface of the Moon, and it was a bright promise to the young people of that generation. We had a common mission, we worked together, and sacrificed for the greater good.

It’s that sense of operating as one nation, pulling together as a people, which characterizes China’s accomplishment in combatting the coronavirus, and this is precisely what we can revive today in America. President Trump’s initiatives and the initial signs of bipartisan cooperation to defeat the virus must be supported and furthered. The British-directed attacks against Trump that began from his first day in office must be put to rest, and the job of safe-guarding the American people and rebuilding the nation be given the highest priority by all. The exoneration of Lyndon LaRouche would go a long way toward reviving the real mission of America. The young people of America deserve and should be given the same bright future as the young people of China.

Great change for the better can be born from this crisis, if we embrace the mission before us.

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