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This article appears in the March 27, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

A Presidency-Led Mobilization-in-Depth
To Defeat Two Viruses

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March 23—In a time of great fear, such as has gripped the world in its sudden recognition of the lethality of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to understand and discuss the role of the American Presidential System in its relation to the American people.

On the March 19 weekly LaRouche PAC webcast featuring health experts and a member of the LaRouche Science Team, in live discussion with hundreds of persons around the nation, that discussion was begun. The “two viruses,” the coronavirus, and the even more virulent epidemic of speculation carried out by the City of London and Wall Street, are manifestations of the same thing. Lyndon LaRouche had warned as early as the 1960s that the physical degradation of a U.S. and world economy wracked by the virus of monetarism, financial speculation, and “zero-growth” ideology would bring about a sudden moment in which actual pandemics would spread throughout the world, threatening all humanity. Such a moment has now come.

Dr. Joycelyn Elders, former United States Surgeon General under President Bill Clinton, joined the call, along with Jason Ross of the LaRouche Science Team and Dr. Debra Hanania-Freeman, a public health specialist and former spokesman for Lyndon LaRouche. In her opening remarks, Dr. Elders emphasized the “pulling together of the world for the purpose of defeating this challenge.” She said:


I think the thing that we all are aware of, is that COVID-19 has made us all realize that we’ve got a problem. It’s not in one community or one city, one state; it’s worldwide. We have a pandemic going on. We have many countries working on different aspects of this disease. First of all, we’ve worked hard to try and develop a test. How do we diagnose it? We’ve got to know. If we don’t know what we’ve got going on, there is no way that we will know how to prevent how much it’s spreading. We are doing some things, and other countries have done some things, that’s because they had the test to know where it was, how much they had, and what was going on.

So, I think this is something that has really been helpful. But we’ve not really been able to find out exactly where the disease is here in the United States and where it’s spreading.

But all the nations, all over, are working very hard. We’ve all found, we’ve all learned that once it gets out there and starts, one person with the disease will probably infect two to three more, or maybe even more than that.

So, the first big thing we’ve got to do is find out where it is, and do the real epidemiology of finding out where it is, so we can find out when we’ve been able to slow it down and stop it. That’s what we’re really trying very hard to do. Of course, we’ve got to be able to find a good treatment for it. There are certainly many people, many drug companies, and the pharmaceutical companies, major industries have gotten involved to try and find one. But before we do all of that, we’ve got to stop the spread. So the big push today, I think we found out, we’re trying find out how do we get simple things like masks. Number one, I think we have to educate our people; everybody has got to be involved.

All of our citizens have got to do everything they can to protect themselves. We talk about hand-washing for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, which everybody can do. But we’ve got to make people know they can and should do it, and to get them involved in making sure they do do it. We’ve got to stop our handshaking; cough into our elbows, which we’ve not done.

Dr. Joycelyn Elders, former United States Surgeon General.

With Us All Working Together

Dr. Elders continued,

I think with the help of all us—we’ve closed our schools; we’ve closed our churches. We’re doing all the things now. We’re doing almost too little too late, but it’s not too late. We’ve got to do what we can. We can’t let this disease keep going. We know it’s spreading; it’s a viral disease, and it does spread. It’s contagious; we know that, and we’ve got to do everything we can to stop the transmission. We thought at first it was primarily more in our senior citizens, but today we’re talking about five-year-olds and very young people, even younger than that. But we’re talking about the people that we know about.

We know that as we get older, our senior citizens have many other diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, chronic pulmonary disease, which are all far more prevalent in our over-60-year-olds. And if we get this virus, we’re far more likely to get in real trouble and die. Especially, to me, those ventilators that we’re talking about. Whereas very young people might be able to make the antibodies, fight it out, and survive.

But I think we’ve got to have all hands on deck; everybody contributing and doing their share. We’ve got to listen to what every country has to offer, and we’ve got to share the knowledge and whatever we have, all over the world. We’ve got to have every company that can make a difference, and if they change over and began to make the things we need. We can’t have our nurses, our doctors, our primary responders out there without the proper equipment to do the best job they can; because we don’t want to lose all of them trying to save lives, because they didn’t have what they needed to protect themselves.

Question from a High School Teacher

A retired New York City high school teacher made a statement and asked a question:

Dr. Elders, I think you’ve very eloquently answered, in terms of the medical part of it.... This is the perfect storm. There’s been the deliberate deindustrialization, willful prohibition of any development in supposedly developing countries, caused by a fraudulent, destructive financial system, which is now fully collapsing, and which is causing a massive pandemic. So it seems like the perfect storm lawfully demands the perfect solution....

My question is, given the time constraints, and given the speed in which we need to do this, how can we effectively organize a population which in many respects does not recognize the interconnections that you have gone through and has been conditioned, of course not—precisely not—to think precisely in the rigorous manner that is essential to making these global changes, and also are the victims of mass brainwashing, in which they see China as the enemy, in which they see people as the virus which needs to be eliminated, as antithetical to survival. So, given the amount of time we have, how can we effectively organize significant portions of the population, in time to triumph over this? The question is for anyone who wants to answer.

Debra Freeman responded:

You raised a question about what we have to change, cognitively. I think the principal thing that has to be changed, is a certain ideology that has emerged, and was reinforced most recently at several meetings, notably at the Davos World Economic Forum conference [in Switzerland] by Michael Bloomberg and others, who are proposing a bankers’ dictatorship. What we have to challenge cognitively, is a basic hatred for humanity, the idea that somehow, the basic problem facing this planet is caused by human beings, when in fact the only solution to the problems facing this planet, and the only progress here on Earth and in the galaxy as a whole will be generated by human beings. That’s a cognitive issue, and it has to be addressed.

Dr. Elders added:

We have a major problem and we’ve a crisis. Usually in a crisis, we work to try to come out of it. We have a lot of education to do. We have to have some real, strong, firm leadership, leadership that our people believe in.


Real Self Government

An in-depth mobilization of the American people, through the American Presidential System, depends as much upon the initiative of “private citizens” to deploy their power of self-government, through the office of the Presidency and on behalf of the General Welfare, as it does on the President himself. The famous example of the 1861 New York (later, the United States) Sanitary Commission comes to mind. Then, Henry Whitney Bellows, the pastor of All Souls Church, and Central Park architect Frederick Law Olmstead were the founders of that indispensable private agency which cared for Union Troops as a support for Lincoln’s America in the 1961-65 war, establishing modern battlefield medicine and saving literally tens of thousands of lives. All Souls congregant Louisa Schuyler, for example, established America’s first nursing hospital, Bellevue Hospital of New York City. This was created and staffed by persons, mostly women, with little or no medical background.

Today, it will probably be essential to involve at least hundreds of thousands of young Americans in a kind of national health extension service, acting as adjuncts to trained medical personnel who would otherwise be overwhelmed either now or later, by the onset of the present epidemic. Far more than this, however, is needed by our citizens in the short term. An “emergency alert system,” covering all areas of intellectual life, is instantaneously required. To that end, EIR, as well as the LaRouche Political Action Committee, will create such a system, involving expanded print, video and audio content. The Schiller Institute will conduct conferences, classes and interactive readings and discussions. Conference calls and other discussions of a weekly nature will be expanded.

A “psychological warfare inoculation bureau” will attempt to defuse and neutralize rumor, hysteria and prejudice, through a daily briefing. This will be pursued so that the American people can most effectively carry out their Presidential mobilization and function. It is not merely the activity of the occupant of the office, but of the citizenry as a whole, in defense of the General Welfare, that characterizes the Republican Presidential System that Washington and Hamilton founded.

Both the coronavirus and the Wall Street/City of London virus of speculation must be defeated now. To do so, requires not merely an adoption of the LaRouche Four Laws as a “program.” It requires grasping the fundamentals of the analytical method developed by LaRouche from 1946 to 1952, a method that runs directly counter to the systems analysis and economic modeling methods so popular today. LaRouche incorporated, through his 1952 breakthrough, the work of physicists Bernard Riemann and Albert Einstein into economic forecasting and policy making, as well as into military and diplomatic policy design, especially through his proposal of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) in 1983. It was this method that LaRouche’s colleagues used in 1974 to forecast the “inevitable” rise of pandemics as a result of the failed systems-analytical methods that has continued to be dominant in the trans-Atlantic world since the 1970s.

Now We End the Madness

Though it has yet to be acknowledged, soon it will be shown that the madness of five decades of City of London-led Malthusian monetary and financial policies has, over the past half-century, unleashed the greatest global physical breakdown in 700 years. Executive Intelligence Review, from its inception in 1974, has not only uniquely “owned” that story; its founder, Lyndon LaRouche, employed and taught the investigative method that allowed him and his associates to discover British-directed policy initiatives, kept secret at the time, that have resulted in the present, now unfolding “coronavirus” catastrophe, a catastrophe that was completely avoidable.

In 1974, a LaRouche-commissioned report, “The Potential Threat of Biological Holocaust,” discussed how, “at the current moment, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are waging extensive biological warfare in depth against the populations of Africa and other areas of the planet that they have arbitrarily chosen to ‘triage’ as so-called ‘Fourth World’ regions.” These actions reflected a policy, secret until its declassification in 1990 but adopted in December of 1974, called National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests. That document, also known at the time as “The Kissinger Report,” asked questions based on then- and now-discredited new-Malthusian premises. “Would food be considered an instrument of national power? ... Is the U.S. prepared to accept food rationing to help people who can’t/won’t control their population growth?”

The LaRouche investigative method used to expose these then-denied policies—policies that this magazine forecast would, intentionally or not, result in what was referred to then as “biological holocaust”—was identical to that deployed by American intelligence officer Edgar Poe—often cited as the inventor of the “detective story”—in such writings as The Purloined Letter.

Exposure of the policy-content of the neo-Malthusian National Security Study Memorandum 200, did not require EIR to engage in any break-in, or leaking of classified material. Today, to understand the truth behind what people are intentionally now misled to refer to as the “coronavirus disaster,” it is not enough to merely consult the unique cumulative record of this publication. It is necessary to rapidly construct an Emergency Alert System, to anticipate and therefore pre-empt the evolving anti-American-policy, and anti-human disasters that will certainly result from any continued existence of the U.S.-London—better called the Wall Street-City of London—“special relationship.”

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