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This article appears in the April 24, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Build a Global Health System Now!

LaRouche’s ‘Apollo Mission’
To Defeat the Global Pandemic

We present here remarks by Dennis Speed and Dennis Small to the LaRouche PAC’s weekly Manhattan Project Town Hall Meeting of April 18, 2020. They were joined by Jason Ross and Diane Sare. The full video is available here. Subheads, graphics and links have been added.

Do You Really Want Thermonuclear War?

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Dennis Speed

Mr. LaRouche, who passed away last year on February 12th, was the world’s leading economist, and importantly he had forecast the particular conditions that created precisely the situation that the world finds itself in today, in its discussion of the coronavirus pandemic. That forecast, published 35 years ago, is contained in a report called “Economic Breakdown and the Threat of Global Pandemics,” released in 1985 by Executive Intelligence Review, which he had founded. Laid out there was the thesis that because of the financial looting policies of the City of London, of Wall Street, and particularly of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, the world was entering a condition in which the combination of those looting policies and practices and the effect of the non-existence of health care throughout the globe, could lead to a circumstance in which old pandemics would re-emerge and new pandemics emerge, that would begin to devastate the globe.

We began to see signs of that back in 1985 with the HIV pandemic. We’re seeing the same thing today. Many have trembled to realize that the prescience of LaRouche, four and a half decades ago, is inescapable in its effect on humanity today. Many have been playing a certain game that we will briefly address at the beginning of this meeting, which is to assert that the Chinese have developed a bio-weapon and that they consciously and with malice aforethought launched that bio-weapon against the “West,” as it’s called, to destroy the United States, and that they should be held accountable for the actual deaths of Americans.

This is not something that has been said directly by the President of the United States, contrary to the attempts to make that seem to have come out of his mouth. But it is being said by people in British intelligence. We will refer to that a little bit later, during the course of this webcast. A character by the name of Sir John Sawers, who was the head of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) from 2009 until 2014. He’s recently been quoted in various newspapers in Britain—the Daily Mail and others—urging the President of the United States to blame China for the coronavirus.

It’s important to recognize that anybody who is saying this, anybody that is attempting to assert this, is calling for war—including thermonuclear war—with China. If you state that we are “at war” with China under these circumstances, and you make that claim, that a bio-weapon has actually been made with malice aforethought and consciously launched against the United States, you are calling for thermonuclear war.

That’s not merely idiotic. What it does is, it prevents the actual collaboration that has to be brought into existence between Russia, China, the United States, and India, to address the global pandemic that has undeniably been released against humanity as a whole in the form of the coronavirus, and to address the fact that there is no known cure. The idea that this collaboration would be prevented, specifically as that is coming from British intelligence, fits entirely within the domain of what British intelligence asserts in general. That is, its Malthusian outlook. The British House of Lords has made it clear, and various individuals of the royal family—Prince Philip, Prince Charles as well—have openly declared, that the world has too many people; that there are ways in which the population can be controlled. In the words of Prince Philip, “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.”

Look at LaRouche’s report from 1985, and what he had stated was the policy that had begun at that time. And look at the idea of preventing collaboration to allow for the necessary working arrangements among the nations in the world most competent to stop this virus as it particularly enters Africa, the Indian subcontinent, other parts of Asia. You see that preventing international collaboration is a way of intentionally allowing the virus to spread and to mutate. And if such things occur, then you will see not only that the virus will return into the trans-Atlantic sector from which it hasn’t even left, but that you would be creating a circumstance in which the mass depopulation of the globe would be virtually assured. And that is the purpose, and the only purpose, of asserting the absurdity that there is a Chinese bio-weapon consciously launched against the United States.

This is important to state in this way because if you actually believed that story, there would be only one alternative left, which is thermonuclear war. Therefore, everyone who is saying that, needs to quiet down, and quiet down quickly. Competent investigation of these matters can be done, but it should not be in any way discussed, and it should not in any way be, at this point, a matter of discussion. We have a pandemic; we have tens of millions of people in immediate harm’s way. So, what we are doing at the LaRouche Political Action Committee is, insisting on looking at solutions and providing solutions.

The upcoming April 25-26 conference, “Mankind’s Existence Now Depends Upon the Establishment of a New Paradigm,” will be held by online. It will begin at 10 a.m. EDT on Saturday. You can get more information and register here.

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