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This article appears in the May 15, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The British Empire is the Only Enemy Of America, China and All of Humanity

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CC/Policy Exchange
Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of England, promotes imperial “green financing.”

May 8—From January through April of this year, as the COVID-19 pandemic swept around the world, the overriding dynamic shaping events was one of cooperation and solidarity in the face of this threat. Nations and world leaders stood shoulder-to-shoulder, offering aid and support in the battle to save lives. But now, even as the deaths continue to mount, we see a shift. A new dynamic, something entirely different, has been created and threatens to propel the world in a direction with unimaginably dangerous consequences. There is now a deliberate intervention to split nation from nation, to sow mistrust, to provoke confrontation, and most importantly, to destroy the relationship—so carefully built up by Donald Trump and Xi Jinping—between China and the United States.

It is a matter of the utmost urgency to recognize the danger of what is now transpiring on the world stage and to identify those powerful interests that are pushing this new agenda. To do this, however, and to stop the current devolution in affairs from worsening, the necessary change in thinking that is required will mandate that American citizens, as well as government leaders throughout the world, must now do what they have so far refused do,—think through what Lyndon LaRouche has been telling them for almost fifty years about the British Empire.

Throughout his mature years, Lyndon LaRouche fought to educate world leaders, as well as the American people, as to the nature of the “Oligarchical Principle” and its historic evil role in human society. Specifically, LaRouche directed teams of researchers to study and document both the historic and continuing role of the British Empire as the primary enemy of the American republic and of all sovereign nation states throughout the world. The historical, scientific and philosophical evidence compiled by those teams, and then analyzed and developed further by LaRouche himself, has been published and presented personally by LaRouche, over the span of decades, in many international settings. Yet many otherwise intelligent individuals of good will have failed or refused to think through what LaRouche has said on this.

We have now arrived at a point where this is no longer optional. On the one hand the global war against the COVID-19 pandemic offers the immediate potential for greater cooperation among nations, including efforts aimed at a rebuilding of the physical economy and a massive upgrading of the world’s health systems. This is clearly the tendency of Donald Trump, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin. On the other hand, we are now witnessing an escalating campaign to use this crisis to turn the United States against China and Russia, and to turn those—and other—nations against the United States, to forcibly plunge the world into a deep strategic crisis. U.S. relations with Russia and China are to be destroyed, and the economies of all three nations massively damaged.

This deepening crisis will also be used to escalate the attacks on Donald Trump in an attempt to deny him a second presidential term, as has been repeatedly demanded by the British ruling elite. At the same time, the British will step in with former Bank of England Governor Mark Carney’s proposals for imperial “green financial reform” and former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s proposals for the weakening or elimination of national sovereignty. Under this scenario, the Belt and Road Initiative will be crippled, if not stopped altogether, Trump’s efforts to rebuild the productive economy of the United States will be stopped, and tens, if not hundreds, of millions of human beings, particularly in the poorest countries, will be consigned to die.

Yes, we must win the war against the invisible enemy of COVID-19, but it is vital that we also win the peace, that we emerge from this fight with prospects for a brighter future, not locked into a downward spiral of crisis, confrontation and decay. It is time—past time—for the false geopolitical narratives to be discarded and to finally heed LaRouche’s warnings.

Left: CC/www.vegeldaniel.com; right: swiss-image.ch/Monika Flückiger
Two voices attacking China and national sovereignty: Niall Ferguson (l.) and Gordon Brown, former UK Prime Minister.

If you are an American,—recognize that it is the British Empire who is our enemy, not Russia or China. If you live outside the United States, in Africa, Asia or South America,—recognize that anti-Americanism is a carefully cultivated British creation, that it is only the British financial oligarchy which benefits from this divide-and-conquer tactic. Recognize where actual evil resides. COVID-19 is the enemy of all of humanity, but there is a greater enemy, and if you don’t comprehend the nature of it, you will be manipulated over and over again, a mere pawn who has been captured and now deployed to serve the master who oppresses you.

British Push U.S.-China Confrontation

The current onslaught of anti-China ranting has its origin in Britain. It was at a meeting of British leaders at the Cabinet Office Briefing Rooms (COBRA) in London, as reported in the London Daily Mail on April 6, 2020, that the accusation was made that the Chinese government was lying about the origin of COVID-19, that the virus actually emerged from a Chinese medical lab in Wuhan. According to the Daily Mail article, the COBRA meeting prepared a report detailing the accusations against China, and this report was then transmitted to a selection of governments and agencies world-wide.

Within twelve days of the appearance of that article, the story went viral worldwide and became the basis for increasingly rabid attacks against China. On April 15, the former head of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, Sir John Sawers, publicly called on the United States to officially hold China, not the World Health Organization, responsible for the coronavirus pandemic. The next day, in an interview with Britain’s Sky News, Sawers continued to attack China, including saying that “We need to do more to protect Western technology from being bought up by Chinese companies.”

Earlier, on April 5, the pro-British Empire historian Niall Ferguson authored an article in the London Sunday Times accusing China of deliberately spreading the coronavirus to other nations by allowing international flights from Wuhan to continue after January 23, when all domestic flights in and out of Wuhan had been cancelled. This now discredited accusation was then used to blame China for the pandemic.

CC/Policy Exchange
Dominic Raab, UK Foreign Secretary: “No more business-as-usual with China.”

On April 16, Britain’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, in a London press conference, stated that there could be no more “business as usual” with China when the coronavirus pandemic is over, saying “There absolutely needs to be a very, very deep dive after the event and review of the lessons, including of the outbreak of the virus. I don’t think we can flinch from that at all.”

On the same day, the UK Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee warned that an orchestrated disinformation campaign by China is “costing British lives,” charging that China has sought to “obfuscate” what was really happening when the outbreak began.

The London Guardian also reported, on April 12, that the British spy agencies, MI5 and MI6, are both urging the British government to take a tough stance against China and impose “tighter controls over high-tech and other strategic industries.”

On April 17, a featured posting appeared on the website of London’s Chatham House (the Royal Institute of International Affairs), the unofficial mouthpiece for the elite of the City of London establishment, titled “Avoiding a Virus-Induced Cold War with China.” Presented under a thin veneer of the need to “work things out” with China, is the demand to apply more diplomatic and economic pressure on China, with the argument that only substantial concessions from China will prevent a new cold war.

A Warning for Trump Supporters

In the material presented above, the role of MI6 is particularly revealing, since it has been irrefutably documented by EIR and others that MI6 and its former head Sir Richard Dearlove were deeply involved in the Russiagate conspiracy against Donald Trump, including the use of Christopher Steele in the initial phases of Robert Mueller’s investigation. It is proven that the entire “get Trump” operation was hatched in London and then conduited through corrupt elements of John Brennan’s CIA and other sections of the U.S. intelligence community into the Mueller operation.

It is also useful to remember that in December 2018 the Select Committee on International Relations of the UK House of Lords issued a report, “UK Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order,” in which the committee argued that it was a matter of vital strategic importance that Donald Trump be prevented from serving a second term as President of the United States.

Outright British or British-worshipping outfits such as the Henry Jackson Society and the Atlantic Council, both of which have deep ties to the intelligence community and elements within the military, are violently anti-Trump, and they helped lead the charge in attacking President Trump’s efforts to improve relations with Russia. Today their websites are dominated with anti-China vitriol. The London-based Henry Jackson Society has initiated the demand that China be forced to pay trillions of dollars in compensation to the rest of the world, and both of these organizations are arguing that the deepening crisis is a golden opportunity to reinvigorate the NATO alliance and deepen U.S.-British relations.

The domestic political problem inside the United States is that the majority of Trump supporters have never learned the most obvious lesson of the “get Trump” operation. The insistence, which prevailed for some time, on applying the term “deep state” to the attackers of Trump,—or the even more erroneous viewpoint that it is the “socialist Democrats” who initiated the “get Trump” vendetta—despite massive evidence of the British authorship, is indicative of this failure of judgment. The evidence is overwhelming that the British forces who have vilified Trump for almost four years and tried to remove him from office are the very same people now demanding a U.S.-China confrontation, in direct opposition to President Trump’s intentions.

The initial phase of the “get Trump” operation, i.e., Russiagate, was intended to destroy U.S.-Russian relations. This is now superseded by Chinagate, intended to destroy U.S.-China relations. At the same time, the failed impeachment effort is now replaced by a determination to defeat Trump, come the November elections. All of this is directed from London.

A Warning to Anti-Americans—
Understand Your True Enemy

The current intention of the British oligarchy is not only to turn the United States against Russia and China, but to also turn those two nations, as well as a host of others, against the United States, to manipulate all sides into irreversible geopolitical conflict. In so doing they rely on the ability to profile ideologies and weaknesses in various nations and cultures. In America, anti-Communism is easy fodder for British intentions, and this has been augmented by the “human rights” lobby which names China, Russia and a slew of other nations as “totalitarian states,” thus enemies of our “free democratic system.”

Elsewhere in the world, the decades-long effort to portray “Yankee Imperialism” as the primary force for evil in the world has been an easily accomplished British ruse, gobbled up by credulous leftists, among others. A failure of historical memory prevents many nations from recognizing that up until 1945 the United States was the premier anti-colonial nation in the world, and that it was only with Franklin Roosevelt’s death that the British were able to sabotage the original intention of the Bretton Woods System and to prevent the intended rapid economic development of the former European colonies.

Today, very few national leaders recognize the face of the true enemy. We are dealing with an imperial financial system, one which now dominates nation-states that are increasingly “sovereign” in name only. It is that system which is the 21st century British Empire. Its emergence began with the 1960s creation of the London-based speculative Eurodollar market, a development which led to the downfall of the Bretton Woods system in 1971-1972. Since that time, step-by-step, we have moved into a realm governed more and more by the principle of “financialization,” and the world center of this financialization is the City of London.

It is this imperial financial system which has looted nations, prevented development, killed millions, and pushed nations into war. This is the system which not only loots Africa and South America but also has imposed forced de-industrialization on the United States and Europe and prevented productive economic investment everywhere. All sovereign nations have been its victim.

How It Came About

The creation of the post-1971 “floating exchange-rate” financial system signaled the end of a paradigm based on physical economic development. A full chronology of the 40-plus years’ transformation that ensued would read like the script of a bad 1950s sci-fi monster film, and is beyond the scope of this article.

Of particular note, however, was the City of London “Big Bang” financial restructuring carried out in 1986 by then UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. This not only reestablished London as the financial capital of the world, but forced the entire world in the direction of financialization and deregulation, resulting in developments such as the 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall bank separation in the United States, as well as many other catastrophic changes. Additionally, since 1971 a network of what have been dubbed “offshore financial centers” (OFCs) has been created. A 2010 report by the IMF lists 46 of these, but this is probably a serious undercount. The financial power of these completely unregulated OFCs, together with their sponsorship from London, has changed the entire face of world finance and placed sovereign government increasingly in a secondary role in regard to banking and monetary policy.

Today, enormous volumes of money flow through the OFCs, none of it under the scrutiny or supervision of sovereign government, and almost all of it used in pure financial speculation, as opposed to actually building something useful, like a hospital or a factory or a power plant. Of the ten largest OFCs, eight are located in British Crown Dependencies, British Overseas Territories or former British colonies, and their financial operations are tightly integrated with the City of London. Whole nations are now dominated by the London-OFC financial octopus, and the axioms of this speculative financial system are pervasive on every corner of the planet. The operations of the so-called “too-big-to-fail” major banks are also incestuously intertwined with this global speculative colossus.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the world, one thing that everyone has agreed upon is that “We were not ready for something like this.” The reason for this universal unpreparedness is to be found directly in the policies and practices of this post-1971 British imperial system. Today, hundreds of trillions of dollars flow through purely speculative investments, while infrastructure rots, manufacturing disappears and farms go bankrupt. In nation after nation, budget-cutting austerity has resulted in the under-funding of hospitals and health care. The people of China didn’t do this. Neither did the people of the United States. Look to London and the system it has imposed on the world since 1971.

Prince Philip

The British Spoor

Prince Philip has repeatedly—and publicly—indicated his desire to reduce the world population to fewer than one billion human beings. He has been flagrantly open on this matter. This intention, however, is no mere eruption of his own personal perversions. As Lyndon LaRouche has demonstrated, that intention encompasses a broader and endemic imperial outlook as concerns the human species. That oligarchical outlook is grounded in a deep hatred of humanity, a denial of human creativity, and a fanatical determination to prevent human scientific progress. Every waking day, anti-human filth drips from the lips of Prince Charles and Prince Philip, but their sentiments are echoed by many underlings in government, finance and academia worldwide.

Today, we are essentially dealing with a “global British party.” Since 1971, emanating from London, they have created a global oligarchical consensus, one which now subsumes both Wall Street and the European Union, as well as the majority of the so-called “supra-national” institutions, like the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and World Trade Organization.

This oligarchical consensus has an agenda: to limit—or to entirely eliminate—national sovereignty; to impose Malthusian population control; to prohibit industrial and scientific progress in the name of combating “man-made climate change”; and to implement further “financial reform” of the type which will enhance the already over-arching power of the City of London-based financial interests.

If one looks at the recent proposals of Mark Carney, Gordon Brown and others—such as Carney’s article in the April 16, 2020 issue of The Economist—it is crystal clear that the British interests they represent intend to use this crisis to advance precisely the agenda enumerated above. London’s intention is to emerge from this crisis with a more powerful global financial “green” dictatorship, accompanied by an increasing surrender of national sovereignty.

In thinking through the implications of this oligarchical agenda, it becomes possible to recognize the spoor, the malodorous scent of the true enemy of humanity.

A Common Mission

Ask yourself: Who does a China-U.S. friendship hurt? Who does a Russia-U.S. friendship hurt? Certainly not the people of any of these nations. Also, think of what friendship offers: a lessening of strategic and military tensions; increased cooperation in trade and manufacturing; increased cooperation in science and space exploration; and collaboration in rebuilding the world’s health system.

Swiss-image.ch/Monika Flückiger
Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia, is gleeful that COVID-19 might destroy U.S.-China economic cooperation.

On the other hand, consider the comments to the South China Morning Post on April 15, 2020, by former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, now president of the Asia Society Policy Institute. Rudd was positively gleeful that the economic repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic will likely, at least in his view, cripple the Belt-and-Road initiative, confront China with an existential financial crisis and completely destroy U.S.-China economic cooperation.

That is the British gameplan. If you fall for it, please don’t call yourself an American, or for that matter, don’t claim citizenship in any nation which stands to be destroyed if the world is propelled into the abyss.

The crucial axiomatic problem is that too few individuals understand the difference between the Oligarchical Outlook, as Lyndon LaRouche has scientifically defined it, and the pro-human Republicanism inherent in the General Welfare clause of the U.S. Constitution, as that republicanism flowed from the European Renaissance and also exists, in principle, in other cultures throughout the world.

To overcome this crisis, you must recognize the mind-set and intention of who it is that you are fighting. You have to defeat the actual foe, the British Empire. Shown: Lyndon LaRouche at a New Paradigm for Mankind webcast on May 14, 2014.

It is critical to recognize that this fight is not fundamentally about money. Yes, the financial empire which squats in the City of London, with its tentacles spreading to the European Union, Wall Street and elsewhere is bankrupt and determined to save itself at the expense of the rest of the world,—but there is a deeper motivation to their actions. The neo-feudalist British oligarchical system hates humanity, hates the agapic creative potential within each human being, and is determined to halt all scientific and technological progress. And they hate national sovereignty and the potential of nation states to work together on behalf of the common good.

In this crisis the only solution is to extirpate this British disease and bring sovereign nations together in common cause to rebuild health systems, rebuild the physical economy and cooperate in science and space. Nations must reclaim their sovereignty over monetary and credit policy and begin to work together to build things that humanity needs.

But first, you must recognize the mind-set and intention of who it is that you are fighting. You have to fight the actual foe, not the one who has been chosen for you.

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