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This editorial appears in the August 14, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


A Campaign Unlike Any Other

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Aug. 7—As we, as a people, move through the month of August 2020, with a Presidential election now only three months away, the question is posed to each of us: Do we have the moral fitness to survive? We are not outside observers of these events, nor is it our job to “report on” or make commentaries about what is transpiring. The issue before us is, as Abraham Lincoln posed it: Will government of the people, by the people, and for the people—the greatest experiment in the freedom to do good and foster human creativity in history—survive and prosper into the future? The responsibility to ensure that this occurs lies within each of us, and the decisions we make and actions we take over the next 12 weeks will determine the outcome.

The election of Donald Trump in November 2016 delivered a profound shock to an establishment which assumed that Hillary Clinton’s election would ensure continuity in strategic and economic/financial policy. Decades of post-industrial wreckage had transformed America from an industrial powerhouse to a nation dependent on cheap goods imported from poor nations. At the same time, the destructive effect of non-stop wars and military adventures destroyed thousands of the nation’s young people and wasted trillions of dollars in actions that made the country less secure. These developments triggered a restless anger among the people, but the nation’s political leaders and pundits were blind to this, and the pollsters missed it entirely.

Trump’s insurgent campaign decimated the old guard of the Republican Party on the way to his nomination, then repeated this in the general election. While Hillary Clinton arrogantly assumed she would be the inevitable victor, voters in states between the two coasts rejected her intent to continue the devolution of the Obama presidency. Trump’s campaign rallied support by calling for an end to the wars of the George W. Bush and Obama years; overturning the trade deals worked out by corporate cartels, through which they profited obscenely at the expense of America’s productive work force; and providing an optimism that America’s best days were ahead,—in contrast to the pessimism imposed by the anti-growth, fake science of “man-made climate change,” and Green ideology.

Most significant among the challenges that Trump posed was the idea that a strong national economy and defense capability opened the door to peaceful cooperation with those nations designated by previous administrations as dangerous adversaries. In particular, he ridiculed the mainstream geopolitical dogma which asserts that Russia, under President Putin, is again an enemy, and should be confronted. For example, in Syria, where Clinton was willing to risk a war by imposing a “no-fly zone” to oppose Russian intervention to defend the government there from CIA-armed and trained terrorists, disguised as “moderate rebels.” It was Trump’s oft-stated desire to establish friendly, cooperative relations with Russia, which triggered the fraudulent narrative, fabricated by imperial forces in British intelligence and their allied War Hawks in both U.S. parties tied to the military-industrial complex, that Russia had “rigged” the 2016 election, and/or that Trump was a Russian puppet.

The Overdue Demise of Russiagate

A series of events sponsored by LaRouche PAC in the last week have thoroughly shredded the narrative of Russiagate, exposing it as a fabrication of deeply entrenched operatives in the permanent bureaucracy, directed by leaders of the UK’s MI6 and City of London financial interests, in coordination with leading figures of the intelligence community under Obama. Presentations by long-time Trump ally Roger Stone and former Technical Director of the National Security Agency Bill Binney provided conclusive evidence that there was no “Russian meddling” in the 2016 election, and that the fabric of lies woven by the investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller was intended to prevent the Trump administration from pursuing peaceful collaboration with Russia and China.[fn_1]

The continuous chanting of the mantra of the War Hawks of “Russia, Russia, Russia,” followed by the equally fraudulent war drive against China, are expressions of the desperation of those savage forces to keep the era of endless wars alive. This has been typified by bipartisan Congressional opposition to Trump’s efforts to remove U.S. forces from Syria and Afghanistan and reach a peaceful resolution with North Korea.

In his comments, Stone—whose prison sentence from a corrupt conviction in a federal courtroom was commuted by Trump—reminded viewers that Trump’s attacks on the strategic and economic policies of the entrenched establishment were what provoked the enmity reflected in the continuous campaign against him. Stone said that he foresaw this destructive behavior as early as the 1980s, with the attacks against Lyndon LaRouche. He emphasized that the key to Trump’s re-election is to return to the theme of peaceful cooperation, centered on ending the endless wars, and restoring the optimism of a pro-growth economic policy, oriented toward reviving U.S. industry through fair trade, and investment in infrastructure.

Binney, in addition to elaborating his forensic investigation—which decisively proved that there was no Russian hacking of the Clinton and Democratic National Committee computers in 2016—presented a compelling case against the “weaponization” of intelligence gathering. It was this process, accelerated over Binney’s objections after the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., which made possible the illegal spying on the Trump campaign, as well as the collection of data on every American, in the name of security. Binney described the present crisis as the most threatening to the constitutional republic since the Civil War.

Biden and the Old Regime

As the election nears, leaders of the British and Anglophile American establishments are becoming hysterically desperate to prevent a second Trump term. Every conceivable effort is being made to demoralize Trump supporters and to portray a Biden victory as the likely outcome, this coming from the mainstream media that hates Trump and takes its orders from the Bush/Obama apparatus. The same polling companies that predicted a Hillary Clinton victory as a certainty, are now deployed to brainwash Americans into believing that Biden is “way ahead.”

This is all psychological warfare and part of the ongoing coup attempt. There is nothing objective or true about any of this “news.” The demoralization and despair resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and the accelerated collapse of the economy associated with the lockdowns, is being weaponized politically to bash Trump. Add to this the deployment of violent extremists who are burning American cities while proclaiming that Trump is a racist, and the latest attacks against Trump personally by the Manhattan District Attorney, who leaked that he is looking into “criminal” financial practices by Trump’s real estate companies. Meanwhile a major initiative is underway to allow nationwide voting by mail, which will create the basis for massive vote fraud. All of this is designed to spread despair among Trump supporters.

Apparently, the cognitively challenged Joe Biden and his advisors believe there is a yearning for the days of the Obama presidency. But do they truly believe Americans want to continue the endless wars? Go back to trade agreements that destroyed the goods-producing capacity of America’s work force? Reject scientific and technological advance in energy production and space exploration, in favor of the false promises of a fascist Green New Deal?

A lot of the Biden message is mere PR fluff, which no one takes seriously. As his handlers well know, there is no love for Biden among voters. Given his inability to formulate coherent policy ideas—as his appearances often demonstrate signs of extreme mental deterioration—he has spent most of the campaign in his basement, emerging only for short, highly-scripted statements to selected media accomplices. Thus, the plan will be to keep Biden as invisible and silent as possible, while escalating the incessant smears and slanders of Trump in the mainstream media.

The unraveling of the lies of Russiagate, which has been spearheaded by Bill Binney, has the potential to blow up this entire fragile scenario. The outcome in November will be determined by the ability to mobilize voters around a program that can accomplish what Trump promised to do in his 2016 campaign—to reverse the disastrous plunge towards war and bankruptcy, which is the legacy of Bush and Obama, and to rebuild the scientific and productive capabilities within the U.S. economy. To that end, LaRouche PAC is circulating a battle plan, its “2020 Terms of Battle,” which defines a positive direction for the nation, in the tradition of the American System policies that Trump enunciated before the all-out war to remove him from office.[fn_2]

It is in the Artemis program—to return to the Moon and go on to Mars—that we find the best expression of cultural optimism and the basis for mobilizing the American people. That optimism—as elaborated in LaRouche PAC’s Terms of Battle—defines the basis for Trump’s reelection and a successful second term.

As Roger Stone has suggested, this is the ultimate reason for Russiagate, for the entirety of the coup attempt,—the recognition by the corrupt and bankrupt establishment that the prophetic ideas of Lyndon LaRouche could be implemented by the “outsider” Donald Trump. It is now up to each of us to take these Terms of Battle and deploy with it, to rebuild and mobilize the coalition that led to Trump’s 2016 victory. This is not only a winning strategy, but the means whereby an unprecedented rebirth of the productive U.S. economy might be realized.

If we act in this way, we will make this campaign unlike any in recent memory, one in which voters reject the mass media manipulation and act to become the deciding factor in directing the future of the American constitutional republic.

[fn_1]. The most significant of these events are an August 1, 2020 LaRouche PAC conference, and an exclusive interview Stone gave to this author. [back to text for fn_1]

[fn_2]. LaRouchePAC’s “2020 Terms of Battle: Secure the American Revolution, Crush the British Empire.” [back to text for fn_2]

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