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This article appears in the August 21, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

What, After All, Is the Coup Against Trump? Sitrep: USA, August 17, 2020

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Gage Skidmore
Gage Skidmore
The identity politics and fake “caring” expressed by Michelle Obama(bottom) and Kamala Harris is no substitute for the reality of the deindustrialization, loss of jobs, and spread of opiates that voters rejected in 2016.

In rhetoric, the term, “bathos,” signifies false pathos. “Pathos,” as defined by Plato, is a sophistical appeal to the emotions, rather than arguments based on the search for truth. In “bathos,” this appeal becomes so crude that it is mawkish. It is abruptly so vulgar that it is almost comical. As we head into the Democratic Party’s virtual convention this week, that term, “bathos,” jumps to mind.

In prime time, the reality of the social carnage these Democrats have wrought over the past four years is supposed to disappear, washed away by the lofty rhetoric of Michele Obama and Kamala Harris telling us how, through them, America has triumphed over its “original sins” of racism and sexism. Any reference in this affair to the simple fact that slavery was a European and specifically British imposition on the young United States, a disease aimed at crippling the new nation, will be censored, the proponent’s social media accounts cancelled.

The smoking ruins of downtown Minneapolis and other areas where black and immigrant businesses have been burned to the ground and trashed will not grace your screen. The most you will hear about this is something concerning peaceful protests and the social justice revolution now allegedly occurring in our country. You see, nothing, but nothing will be allowed to interrupt the flow of bathos and sophism, except, perhaps, the technical incompetence of boomers attempting, yet again, to conquer the internet.

The Green New Deal, open borders, decriminalization of practically any and all behavior, Medicare for All, men competing in women’s sports based on their new-found freedom from biological fate, dismantling the police, the actual adopted Biden/Harris platform, are not scheduled for any heavy treatment. That deindustrializing and dystopic scheme, would, if implemented, mean the end of the United States as we know it. No, the actual platform will not really be discussed, except, perhaps, in passing, by Bernie Sanders.

Instead, the main theme will consist of 18 varieties of demonization of Donald Trump coupled with a lot of talk about “empathy.” Driven mad by the information warfare operation the Democrats have run against Donald Trump for four years now, suburban housewives, the professional classes, minorities, and enraged youth are the primary audience for this pretend Nuremberg rally choreographed from dozens of home “studios” redone for Zoom. And the “empathy?” Well, that’s just for balance. It’s the same type of “empathy” that Bill Clinton sold you on when he told you how he “felt your pain” as your job disappeared south of the border or across the ocean.

Barack Obama will speak in prime time Wednesday, the same night as vice-presidential nominee Kamala Harris. You are supposed to see that they are the same thing, that gauzy “hope and change” thing that didn’t work out too well the first time America bought it, the last time around. In fact, Obama’s failed presidency was outright perverse, a supreme act of fakery performed against a backdrop of suffering, deprivation, and pain inflicted on this nation’s lower classes by our Anglophilic elites stretching back centuries. Obama lied to millions that things were going to be better, if you only suspended your brain and believed.

Lyndon LaRouche saw what America’s perpetual political romantics fought so hard to deny. This was a British imperial product, a sophist wordsmith of color, packaged for a certain moment in our history. That is why LaRouche put a moustache on Obama—reminiscent of a similar fascist force in world history—very, very early on. LaRouche caught hell, as usual, for his precocity.

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U.S. Army/Lorenzo Ware
Hated by Americans, the endless wars in Libya, the Middle East and Afghanistan were only one ugly feature of the Obama Administration. At left, a U.S. soldier in West Paktika Province, Afghanistan, Aug. 23, 2010. Below: Obama, portrayed with the moustache he deserved.
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LaRouche PAC

A Brief Reminder About the
First Obama Administration

Obama and Biden presided over an economy which never recovered from the 2008 collapse. It was increasingly cartelized, including the entire agricultural sector. The middle class disappeared in most cities. The bubble which had caused the collapse was grown again at a vastly expanded scale. Entire former “professions,” like medicine and healthcare, were financialized when “Obamacare” bailed out Wall Street’s failed insurance giants in the wake of 2008. The underemployed and unemployed population was targeted with opioids. Suicide became rampant.

There were all sorts of programs to ameliorate racism, bad policing, homelessness, systemic inequality, drug use and addiction, and violence. None of them worked because they weren’t designed to. They were consoling and illusory band aids in a post-industrial society where the rich were intended to get richer and the poor were simply depopulated, physically and/or mentally, by one means or another.

His primary job, as Obama put it, was to protect Wall Street from the pitchforks of the population in the wake of the 2008 collapse. To accomplish this, he ramped up the national security surveillance state employed in the wake of 9/11 by George Bush and Dick Cheney. It aims at complete population control through censorship and soft totalitarian surveillance. Predictive behavioral analysis, information warfare based on it, and intervention psyops and provocations, came to the forefront as methods of social control, using social media, video games, and deviant cultural movements to produce the required results.

Obama, on Tuesday afternoons, engaged in drone kill sessions in which he ordered the assassination of alleged terrorists across the world, using baseball card descriptions provided by his mentor, the CIA’s John Brennan. Wars against Syria, Libya, and the people of Ukraine were undertaken and executed, utilizing terrorists and neo-Nazis as the mercenaries who carried out genocidal pogroms against targeted populations. It set off a human wave of migration and suffering from Northern Africa, not seen in such magnitudes since the Middle Ages. The war in Afghanistan, largely a massive training ground for the military’s hybrid warfare operations and a protection racket for the world’s opium trade, continued. Such was Obama’s gambit of “leading from behind.”

Why We Fight: The Decisive Battle Is Now

This was their picture of the United States as it was supposed to continue, in 2016, with the ascension of Hillary Clinton to the presidency, along with her plan to confront Russia and China—militarily, if necessary—based upon General Joseph Dunford’s emergent National Defense Strategy. The United States was to continue its managed decline, its absorption by the world’s globalist financial system, while maintaining its forward bases throughout the world and acting as the globalists’ gendarme, its mercenary killer force. That was all rudely interrupted by the American people and Donald Trump, who chose to fight it.

None of this, of course, will be told at the Democratic Convention. Again, the mood will be “empathetic,” a quality this President, who has been in a knife fight for his life from the moment he declared his candidacy, is said to “totally lack.” This knife fight involves both the inner circle which surrounded him, and the D.C. political Swamp he vowed to drain.

We have been fighting a very real war in the United States against an insurrection determined to remove the President ever since November 8, 2016. That war has been brutal, as this President, like Lincoln and like Roosevelt, has refused to accede to the forces of sedition, consisting of the oligarchs of the City of London, Wall Street, and Brussels, and their associated intelligence agencies, information warfare mass media allies, foundations, and the synthetic political movements they foster and spin.

In the course of their desperate campaign to remove Trump, much has been revealed about the actual institutions and persons who have been used since August of 1971, to convince the American people to put on chains and accept their role as a declining power in the globalist system managed from London and other European financial capitals.

As the result of the fight waged by Donald Trump and his allies and those who have fought for the Constitution, regardless of their personal political preferences, the traitors now stand extremely exposed; their plots against the Presidency are out in the open in all their gory details. But John Durham and Bill Barr can be forced to take on the whole corrupt mess if and only if Trump wins the election and by a significant margin. And, if this happens, the American Revolution can be reclaimed and won again. On the other hand, if the Obama/Harris/Biden ticket wins—Obama/ Harris/Biden is what it really is—then this war will have been lost, along with the Republic.

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CC/Rosa Pineda
The Biden/Harris campaign feeds on the rioting, violence, and destruction of America’s cities. Shown are anarchist protesters in Lafayette Square, Washington, D.C., May 30, 2020.

Hence, in this last round of the coup, our cities burn and large-scale violence is common as people of color are killed in large numbers by people of color every single weekend. Police have abandoned whole areas, fearing attack. Many are resigning. Children spanning the ripe ages of 14-24, brainwashed by social media and video games, are the recruits to the new terrorist, “off the pigs,” Youth Liberation Front formations emerging in Portland, Seattle, and other cities. And they vow the abolition of capitalism along with “the United States of America.”

Local officials, installed through the auspices of George Soros, the Democracy Alliance of Silicon Valley billionaires, and Mike Bloomberg and his Wall Street friends, refuse to prosecute the violence. Assault on a police officer is now a “misdemeanor” offense in RESIST cities. Criminals are freed, following arrest, without bail or detention. In Seattle, the City Council followed Minneapolis and New York City in defunding or significantly cutting its police department, freezing new hiring, and firing more recently hired and highly trained cops. That forced the resignation of the police chief, Carmen Best, the first female African-American chief in the city’s history, driven from office on the specious claim that disbanding the police advances black equality.

Determined to use COVID-19 as a singular weapon against Trump, blaming him for every death which has occurred along with his deplorable “heathen” and “anarchic” supporters, Congressional Democrats have refused to negotiate an immediate second economic relief package which does not include a bailout of the cities they have run into the ground, and which are erupting in riots against the President—riots assisted by the very officials demanding the bailouts. Tax the rich? Trump must do it, the Democrats clamor, but, Andrew Cuomo simply can’t be asked to even consider it. Their gamble is that Trump’s executive order relief package will not be enough, and that the desperate multitudes will blame the President rather than Congress.

They have also opened a new fake news front this mid-August, claiming that Trump is deliberately tearing down the Post Office in order to suppress mail-in voting. They are now demanding billions of dollars in new funding for the Post Office as an additional price for providing emergency economic aid to the unemployed and Main Street. Mail-in voting, of course, presents a huge opportunity for fraud and for uncertainty regarding the results of this most consequential election —an election which will take place for the first time in history amidst a pandemic and a full-blown insurrection.

While five states—Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Utah—have used mail-in voting for years without major incidents of fraud, other states are just now gearing up to do this based on COVID-19, in the shortest of preparation times. In New York’s 12th Congressional District, almost 20% of the mail-in absentee ballots ended up being disqualified and tossed in the tight Democratic party primary race between incumbent Carolyn Maloney and challenger Suraj Patel. The race was finally called six weeks after the election, with ballots still being challenged and counted. The Post Office has warned that if every state adopts this procedure, it may simply overwhelm the present capacity of the postal system, resulting in late results.

Now that the establishment Democratic and Republican Party elites have significantly divided the country in their quest to remove Trump, and trashed and deprecated the judiciary and the Congress, an article in The Spectator magazine of August 6th highlights how they would like all of this to end. They did a tabletop exercise concerning the election results. The fake news scenario in which Trump is defeated and refuses to leave the White House is what the mainstream media has fed to the public. But two other scenarios run by them involve the President winning the election, and have received little notice.

Assigned the role of Joe Biden in the exercises where the President won, John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, says he cannot concede. He pollutes the electoral college and promotes threats of secession by California, Oregon, and Washington. He demands that California be carved into five pieces, that Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia become states, that the electoral college be abolished, and that Supreme Court Justices be required to retire at age 70. These are the conditions under which Podesta/Biden says Trump can take his seat. Refusal of these demands leads to a standoff in the House of Representatives, which declares Biden the winner. Inauguration Day comes and goes without a resolution, as everyone waits for what position the military will take.

If you think this scenario for a new Civil War is based on whatever Podesta smoked that day, and elite fantasies without basis, you are wrong. These are long-held beliefs of the Democrats who prefer to eviscerate the strong presidency the founders intended under the Constitution and the deliberative vehicles which allow for republican rather than popular rule. They have long insisted that the U.S. would be better off with a parliamentary democracy, on the easily manipulated British and European models.

They are also actively pursuing plans to pack the Supreme Court and eliminate the Electoral College. They have advocated breaking California into smaller units, and openly talked about secession. A dry run for a military revolt occurred during the recent D.C. riots, sending retired generals into a heated argument, aired publicly, with the Pentagon’s current occupants, about whether the military should follow the President’s orders in quelling domestic unrest. Not only that. There is now a complete run on ammunition east of the Mississippi, and the suppliers of guns and protective vests also report very stressed conditions.

Winning the War

Joe Biden was questioned by this writer’s African-American husband in a finely appointed Manchester, New Hampshire living room during a fundraiser in 1988. The question posed to Senator Biden was, “Do you agree with Lyndon LaRouche that vocal and orchestral tuning should be at the Verdi tuning, C=256, especially to save singers’ voices?” Biden hemmed and hawed and tried to divert the questioner, only to have the question repeated. And then he blurted it out: “You know, the problem with LaRouche is that LaRouche believes the American people are more intelligent than they really are.” Therein lies the rub, doesn’t it? Two days later, Biden’s presidential campaign disintegrated, as his speech plagiarisms from the British Labor Party’s Neil Kinnock were revealed.

We are at a great moment in this country because those who have worked from the shadows to destroy us have been, as the result of their repeated failed and desperate efforts to remove this President, revealed. Thus the elements of surprise and successful deception, so significant in warfare, are lost to them now. Since the emperors can be seen to have no clothes, no one should really fear them either. In fact, the best approach toward them should be heavy sustained satire and ridicule.

The danger lies in the fact that those surrounding the President very often think like Biden does about the American people. They will make regular sophistical political appeals and engage in snarky negative campaigns pointing to past electoral success with such tactics. This, now, is the road to defeat. What is required to win is the optimism about the future which this President embodies, coupled with the type of bold programs which can inspire people to become greater than they ever believed themselves to be—a mission-orientation through great infrastructure projects, new city building, and space exploration in which we build our way out of COVID-19 and the recent decades of decline.

The ideas and programs of Lyndon LaRouche provide this road to recovery. They are based, in turn, on the great revolutions run by Hamilton, Lincoln, and Roosevelt which made America the greatest economic power on Earth and the universally acclaimed City on the Hill. That is how our small-minded, desperate, and decadent elites will, finally, be vanquished.

In the coming days, leading into Labor Day, we will be producing a series of exposés under the title, “Sitrep: U.S.A.,” to better inform this fight. The first will be on Antifa and the various “youth insurgencies” which have been unleashed on our inner cities, and their relationship to the Obama/Biden/Harris ticket. A subtle hint: the genesis for these groups, their ID formats and induced beliefs, derive directly from Britain and the European intelligence elites, just like the coup against this President.

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