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This article appears in the September 11, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


Antifa: Back to the Future, 1967-68 —A Counterintelligence Primer for Further Investigation and Action

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Left to right: Photo by Gustav Adolf Schultze; CC BY-SA 3.0; MSC/Kuhlmann
Left to right: Friedrich Nietzsche; Herbert Marcuse; Nancy Pelosi

Sept. 3—As one who as a young student, who entered college in 1968, at that petri dish for the New Left, known as the University of California, Berkeley, the current Jacobin Democratic Party and the ideas permeating their terrorist division, Antifa, are horribly familiar. In fact, in typical baby boomer and British intelligence fashion, nothing has really changed at all, with respect to the nihilistic worldview, violent music, and romance with gang violence, permeating the tracts of Antifa, as well as of its nominal Alt Right and neo-Nazi opponents.

The big names on my political science and English literature reading lists were Herbert Marcuse, Norman O. Brown, George Lukacs, Mikhail Bakunin, Franz Fanon, Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean Paul Sartre, Georges Sorel, and Hermann Hesse. And, like the Democratic leadership of today, the more my professors played with and articulated the ideas of these sick philosophers, the more crazy most of them became—although I don’t recall any of them, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently, labeling the President of the United States an “enemy of the state.” Nor do I recall them, as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo just did, stating that the President of the United States would need an army to protect him should he choose to travel to the State of New York.

One of my professors, a leading political scientist, simply broke down in front of our seminar, manically drawing a Tower of Babel and what he claimed were its appendages, over and over again, on the blackboard.

In studying the rise of fascism during the interwar period in Germany, I was shocked to find out that Hitler was an environmentalist. Around the same time, I first met Lyndon LaRouche’s movement, then factionalizing the New Left. I read a pamphlet LaRouche wrote, “The New Left, Local Control, and Fascism,” and realized that the anarchist-syndicalist views which surrounded me had actually been the bread and butter content of Mussolini’s rise in Italy and the early Nazi movement in Germany. Both left- and right-wing anarcho-syndicalists in Italy and Germany had campaigned for popular support. The elites rewarded the winners with totalitarian control of government for purposes of war.

Believing myself the ultimate anti-fascist, I was actually surrounding myself with fascists.

Needless to say, Cotton Mather, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Henry Carey, Abraham Lincoln, Edgar Allen Poe, James Fenimore Cooper, William Shakespeare, Gottfried Leibniz, Jonathan Swift, Friedrich List, and Friedrich Schiller, the great authors of the American Revolution and the fight for its further development, were nowhere to be found at Berkeley in 1968.

A Remarkable Precursor to the Present

Lyndon LaRouche’s political movement was a major target of the FBI COINTELPRO operations aimed at beheading and otherwise destroying political organizations in the late 60s and early 70s. Contrary to popular myth, COINTELPRO was not the sole province of J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI. It was actually run by the British agent and actually fascist poet, James Angleton, at the CIA, and Angleton was, in the words of his biographer, “obsessed” with LaRouche.

LaRouche’s wartime service in Burma and later work in India had shown him the full brutal and murderous face of British imperialism, which he vowed he would eliminate from the Earth. LaRouche, like Angleton, understood that the key to subjugating a nation lies in destroying its culture, erasing its history, eliminating the sense of mission and purpose uniting its people. Angleton recognized that this insight and LaRouche’s genius made him very dangerous, a foe to be eliminated.

In our counterintelligence studies of the entities and groups which were attacking us, by far the most startling discovery for me, was about the violent anarchist gang, known as the Black Mask, or the “Mother Fuckers” (short for “Up Against the Wall, Mother Fucker!”). This violent gang, it turned out, was funded and wholly controlled by the private and very establishment Ford Foundation, led then by McGeorge Bundy, the dean of the U.S. establishment. The Foundation has a long and storied history as a cutout for the CIA.[fn_1]

The credo of Black Mask was the ID format of most terrorist gang formations throughout history, including the Antifa of today. As memorialized by the Jefferson Airplane song, “We Can Be Together,” it was:

We are all outlaws in the eyes of America. In order to survive we steal, cheat, lie, forge, fuck, hide, and deal.... Everything you say we are, we are.... Up Against the Wall, Motherfucker!

The Black Mask began with a violent campaign against Modern Art and New York City’s high “culture” on behalf of futurism, surrealism, and Dada, violently disrupting “cultural events” throughout the city. To quote from their own description of themselves:

From the start they demanded complete identity of theory and practice.... Which at the time left only one force with which they could identify: the post-Watts BLACKS. Only the Blacks’ rejection of everything was as highhanded and demonic as their own ... BLACK MASK and the French Situationists were the only whites at the time who really grasped the revolutionary feeling coming to boil in the U.S. race riots: understood that there was a really positive content to the looting, arson, and tentative gunplay, sensed the real joy and affirmation in what the whole Left shrugged off as complete nihilism.

The group quickly descended into murderous violence, becoming an inspiration for the Weathermen. Run by the ex-convict, Ron Morea, they claimed to have shot at cops from rooftops on the lower East Side and to have dynamited California’s electricity grid, and Berkeley’s water supply. Valerie Solanas, a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic associated with Black Mask, wrote the S.C.U.M. manifesto, arguing that patriarchy and men had destroyed the world. This is exactly the same attack on “patriarchy” and the “nuclear family” which Black Lives Matter publishes on its website today.

The initials, S.C.U.M., stand for the “Society for Cutting Up Men” and was widely adopted as a statement of belief by major feminist groups of the time. Solanas took her beliefs further and shot New York modern art icon Andy Warhol, several times—an assassination attempt that Warhol barely survived. She said it was a publicity stunt for a play she wrote.

Later, the white remnants of the Weathermen and this gang would team up with the Black Liberation Army in a murderous rampage aimed, for the most part, at deliberate murders of cops.

And, again, this was all funded and supported by the Ford Foundation, the same Ford Foundation that funds both Black Lives Matter, and Antifa (albeit indirectly) today.

CC/Fibonacci Blue
Many who believe they are acting organically on behalf of necessary social change, become impotent in the face of violent anarchists among them. Here, a protest against police violence in Minneapolis, May 26, 2020.

Some Relevant History

Synthetic violent political cults, like Antifa and its nominal Alt Right opponents, have been created and/or fostered by state intelligence agencies in a history which stretches back to the machinations of Lord Shelburne in mobilizing the terrorism which ended the French Revolution. It was a mob-driven bloodbath which decapitated, literally, the French collaborators of the American Revolution. Like today, the mob toppled statues, and tried to purge all past history. Napoleon Bonaparte emerged as an imperial dictator from this “transformation,” launching numerous new imperial wars. You can find this history in EIR’s issue devoted to the “Palmerston Zoo.”

The immediate motivation of our student outrage in 1968, was the genocidal Viet Nam War, which, all of us sincerely believed, was an entirely American-led genocidal disaster. Through the researches of such historians as Derek Leebaert, it is now clear that British strategic planners, led by Malcolm MacDonald, and his salons for foolishly transfixed American military planners in Singapore, along with Anglophiles in the State Department, procured this strategic disaster. Even those of us who thought we were honestly and earnestly protesting had the wrong target.

All of the operations of terrorist formations since those days follow a similar pattern. State intelligence agencies or related private intelligence forces manipulate controlled violent gangs within larger political movements. Those within the larger political movements believe they are acting organically on behalf of necessary social change, changes which are marketed as “just” among all right-thinking people. The protesters who oppose violence, become impotent in the face of the violent anarchists among them. It is like the common tactic of terrorist militias who use civilians as a shield.

And those controlling the terrorist actors, for the most part the international Anglo-Dutch financier imperium, are doing so on behalf of larger geopolitical goals and stratagems, not the causes declared by the terrorists or the demonstrators.

There is one caveat which must be added to this familiar picture. It is that many of the young people in our country today have been literally brainwashed in their schooling to believe, irrationally, in the myth of catastrophic climate change. They have also been brainwashed to believe that America is structurally racist, has been so since 1619 when the first slaves arrived, and that identity is completely determined by your genes. That is why an intellectual war to bring back into currency fundamental ideas of science, classical culture, and the American Revolution, will determine whether the battle for this nation is won or lost.

The coup against Donald Trump, and his steadfast fight against it, have exposed these elites and their appendages as never before, and there is a dawning realization that they are weak, bankrupt, and acting out of desperation. The question is, can we recover the ideas of the American Revolution and take up our national mission again as the City on the Hill? Can we again define our mission as the Puritans’ last great leader, Cotton Mather defined it, as an all-consuming mission to “do good”?

Or, are we stuck with the elites’ definition of the United States, a Spartan-like military force willing to sacrifice entire generations of its youth on behalf of geopolitical aims: chiefly, depopulation and control of resource rich areas of the world, but, if necessary, new wars with both Russia and China?

Are we stuck with the decadent Republican Party elites and political class or can we assist President Trump in rapidly transforming the Party back to the working man’s party of Lincoln? According to Foreign Policy magazine, the Republican Party elites propose that Nikki Haley or Mike Pompeo has already been chosen to succeed Donald Trump in leading the Party. If so, Trump’s intentions are down the drain and we are back to the Bush War Party.

Will the insurrectionists win in the 60 days now remaining before the election? Does that not mean some new Civil War as they seek to wipe out their opposition—something they already appear committed to unless the President wins the election by a very, very wide margin with a program which truly inspires the electorate to become greater than itself?

As importantly, will patriots fall into the traps now being set for them, founded on rage and reaction, forgetting that the American Revolution was won by superior ideas, not a superior force of arms, or tolerance of the same anarchism, appealing to racial identity, which impels the Jacobins?

In examining any of these synthetic political formations, like Antifa, the most fundamental question that needs to be asked is the one Lyndon LaRouche asked in every piece he wrote and every time he spoke: Are we, humans, no different than beasts, fallen and evil upon the earth with no redemption? Or, are we, as Christianity and Judaism assert, made in the image of God the Creator and meant through the powers of our minds, to participate fully in changing nature toward higher and higher orders of existence?

Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence fashioned a nation whose institutions were intended to foster individual creativity within a mission to accomplish the “good” for all. Antifa, and similar anarchist formations throughout history, including the anarchist materialism of Ayn Rand and Friedrich von Hayek, stipulate that men and women are but feral beasts, seeking pleasure and tribal affirmation in a tormented natural universe of pain. Both Antifa and its claimed neo-Nazi antagonists cite the anarchist philosophers, Friedrich Nietzsche and Georges Sorel as primary philosophical mentors.

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Azov News
U.S. neo-Nazis and white supremacists have trained with Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Brigades.

Some Very Pressing Questions and Further Specifications

The internet, the 2014 coup in Ukraine, and the war in Syria, mean that this generation of insurgents has a significant militarily trained component, both in street and guerilla warfare and in total information warfare operations shaping public opinion. The internet, and the use of the encrypted applications Signal and Telegram, along with the mastery of both social media recruitment and its use to inflame and enrage, have been significant accelerators of the violence. The internet itself, of course, deliberately fosters alienation and anomie, desensitizing children, many of whom fit the profile, “lonely, adolescent, white male,” for the purpose of committing murder.

Matthew Banta, age 23, who calls himself Antifa Commander Red, was arrested in Green Bay, Wisconsin on August 29, with a flamethrower, as he and others proceeded to a Black Lives Matter demonstration. Banta has a previous charge for pointing a loaded gun at a police officer and assaulting him. According to an August 28 posting in The Post Millennial, Antifa gangsters from Seattle, Washington were arrested in Kenosha as they filled dozens of large gas cans at a service station, their car loaded with illegal fireworks, gas masks, and body armor.

Elements of Antifa, internationally, served with the KPG Kurds force in the Anglo-American effort to dismantle Syria. What does John Brennan know about this? U.S. Neo-Nazis and white supremacists have trained with Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Brigades. ISIS itself formed a battalion fighting against the Ukraine’s rebellious citizens in the Donbass during U.S./British instigated Ukrainian Civil War. What do John Brennan and Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s Ukraine “point man” know about this?

These are some of the genuine questions which need to be asked, urgently, about what the intelligence community, particularly those serving in the Bush and Obama years, and among its private contractors circling the Beltway—the people who actually run the intelligence community—know about the present parade of violent destruction. They know a great deal about just such regime-change operations generally, using just such anarchist troops. They have been mobilized against Trump since the election—many of them were part of the spying operations against the campaign itself.

What role is Silicon Valley playing in all of this? After all, they have funded much of the RESIST coup against Trump and are now engaged in outright censorship of many supporting him. Don’t explicit calls to kill people and commit arson and general bedlam violate the “terms of service” used to censor Trump and his supporters?

Some of their financial angels, like Reid Hoffman and Ron Conway, consider their friends in the Democracy Alliance far too mild. Conway, a longtime left Democrat is generously funding the so-called Lincoln Project, a multi-million-dollar negative ad campaign advertising itself as Republicans opposed to Trump. Hoffman has already been caught funding a false flag internet dirty tricks campaign, which pretended to be Russian, against Roy Moore’s 2018 Alabama senatorial campaign.

How come, when teenagers google certain words, Silicon Valley’s algorithms lead them down a path of increasingly extreme and antisocial views? This was the case with the ultimately psychotic white supremacist Dylan Roof, who, at the grand age of 20, murdered nine black congregants of Mother Emanuel Church in 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina. This already mentally ill young man, diagnosed as schizophrenic, became a killer based on his Google searches.

Bill Binney, a former technical director of the National Security Agency, invented a system, ThinThread, which could, if utilized, actually pinpoint those involved in fomenting the present disorders, both here and abroad, in full compliance with the U.S. Constitution. It was shelved and transformed into something else. Something which was aimed at Donald Trump and his campaign from the NSA’s sister agency, Britain’s GCHQ. Something which works solely for the present elites. Do you really believe that the cryptologists at the NSA can’t make it past the encryptions of Telegram or Signal?

President Trump asked then CIA Director Mike Pompeo to meet with Binney back in November of 2017. Pompeo, a snake on the side of the globalists, heard Binney prove that large elements of the intelligence community were outright lying to this President, and then deep-sixed Binney’s evidence showing there was no Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee resulting in the files released by WikiLeaks. Thus, the necessary investigation which must occur at this point, cannot involve anyone even tangentially implicated in the assault against the President. It should involve a resort precisely to Binney’s Thin Thread to quickly track and arrest those responsible for the violence and the people who are funding them.

But, again, the most important aspect of going to war to save the nation means simultaneously exposing the false and satanic philosophies and decadent culture fostering these movements while conducting a contrary campaign featuring the profound ideas and principles which can actually lift the nation. It means rescuing the present generation of youth through the national mission to explore space, conquer disease and poverty, and to build new cities and a new economic platform. It means rescuing actual American history from the trash bin in which it has been placed. It means a return to teaching classical forms of culture, music, poetry, great works of drama, in our classrooms.

Both Antifa, and the various eco fascist white identity groups who are their deepest alleged foes, are tied directly to the burgeoning, world-wide Extinction Rebellion—the revolt led by high school age students internationally espousing the degeneration of society to feudal modes of existence in order to deal with allegedly pending and catastrophic climate change. The main perpetrators of the ongoing Antifa violence in Portland, the Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front, consists mainly of high school age students.

All of these terrorist youth gangs, steeped in the violent culture of Funk, Heavy Metal, and Gangster Rap, and brainwashed to believe fake climate science and Critical Race Theory (CRT) from a very young age, seek the dismantlement of the nation state and its replacement by communitarian small city states where wealth and status are distributed on the basis of genetic identity. Obviously, this leaves the complex and larger scale functions, like running the economy at large or navigating the boundaries of war and peace, navigating the great social transformations advanced science has on its doorstep, to the oligarchs the small enclaves were supposed to displace.

On August 29, when Patriot’s Prayer member and Trump supporter Aaron Danielson was executed by an Antifa supporter on the streets of Portland, the woman holding the bullhorn said:

And tonight, I just got word that the person who died was a Patriot Prayer Trump person. He was a fucking Nazi! Our community held its own and took out the trash. I am not going to shed any tears over a Nazi.

Left: CC/Pat Arnow right: WEF/swiss-image.ch/Michele Limina
Left: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo; right: Democratic Party megadonor George Soros.

The Current Insurrection

The British House of Lords, in its 2018 missive, “UK Foreign Policy in a Shifting World Order,” has declared that under no circumstances will Donald Trump be allowed a second term. Anything and everything will be thrown at this result; the actual hand guiding it all concealed in the crescendo of manufactured events constituting the 24-hour news cycle. Psychological shocks administered to the population, in the present case through political neutralization of the president, political weaponization of a pandemic and economic shutdown, race riots, cancel culture and total censorship of thought, and assassinations (if necessary), are intended to prepare the way for the “re-imagined” world they want to build.

They will try even more shocks. The year 2001, for example, looked to be Antifa’s year for a major terrorist incident. After all, they had been violently attacking, under the banner of Anti-Globalism, most of globalization’s conferences in the U.S. and Europe, beginning here with the Seattle WTO riots in 1999. They were being financed then by the oligarch Teddy Goldsmith, a patron of Prince Charles and an ally in the Prince’s genocidal Malthusian global agenda. Goldsmith turned his idea of “Deep Ecology” into the motivation for terrorist operations on behalf of “Mother Earth” herself. See “Washington Is Oligarchs’ Next Target for Genoa Treatment” in EIR.

Instead, in 2001, we got another British/Saudi/American intelligence sponsored gang, known as Al-Qaeda. With it, the Iraq War, blind religious based terrorism internationally, and the institution of a full-blown surveillance state in the United States following in the wake of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and the deliberate murder of nearly 3,000 Americans.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said that post-COVID, New York’s “re-imagined” world will be re-imagined by Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, and that ultimate brainwasher, Eric Schmidt, formerly of Google. At Davos, the globalists who seek total control of the future, outline a “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” centered on the application of artificial intelligence to the human body itself. They believe they have already conquered human behavior through their predictive behavioral drivers of mental life.

It is a world in which central bankers will control finance and resources in the “Open” borderless society imagined by the British philosopher Karl Popper, his aging protégé George Soros, and younger oligarchical wackos like Nicolas Berggruen.

As described by Diane Johnstone, in a piece in Consortium News, it is a world “in which borders and nation states dissolve into a kaleidoscopic mix of cultural identities with major decisions taken by financial oligarchs.”

The same type of shock-induced cultural revolution occurred in 1968. The fundamental American belief in scientific and technological progress and the optimism embodied in the generation which fought World War II, stood in the way of the design to wholly reconfigure and deindustrialize the U.S. and other advanced sector economies, maximizing profits for the financial elites. Their plan, begun with the takedown of the Bretton Woods system in 1971, could only be implemented if this fundamental cultural tenet, the optimistic belief and mission for progress, was attacked and smashed.

Donald Trump is seeking to revive that optimism with crash programs to conquer COVID-19, colonize the Moon, and journey to Mars. It is the most powerful weapon in the patriots’ arsenal, along with an actual understanding of the American Revolution and the ideas about the nature of humans and nature which arose from it—an understanding of the history which the mobs have been deployed now, to deliberately erase.

“Creative destruction,” and “purgative violence” were au courant watchwords of the Berkeley rioters in 1968—violence accomplished while pulsating to atonal rock bands, imbibing huge quantities of now freely available psychotropics, and exploring the outer limits of pornographic sexual brutality.

“Feeling,” we learned from the Berkeley’s counterculture, rather than thought, was the essential mode of individual human existence. Genetic identity and equality concerning identity, rather than creativity or intellectual achievement were the pillars of a just society. And, again, that’s really all we heard at the Democratic Party’s recent Convention.

We’re told, now, that the burning and looting the country is presently experiencing are justified forms of “reparations,” although the victims have been disproportionately Black and Hispanic. What was still deemed to be criminal and edgily nihilistic back in 1968, is now decriminalized, mainstream, and routine. Looting, rioting, assault on the police, will get you now a misdemeanor summons in New York City, if that.

And, in Washington, D.C. something that Consortium News called the Transition Integrity Project, is gaming out how to overthrow the United States government should Donald Trump win the election. On September 3rd, the nominal leader of this project, Rosa Brooks, published an opinion piece in the Washington Post instructing Americans to prepare for war should Joe Biden not win the election by a landslide. As reported by Axios, Michael Bloomberg’s millions are now being devoted to a huge vote-fraud-by-mail operation which his company, Hawkfish, claims will reverse the results of the November election after Donald Trump appeared to have won by a significant margin.

As this article is being completed, CBS News published an interview with Mark Zuckerberg, where the Facebook CEO said his platform would not allow anyone to declare an election victory while mail-in votes were still being counted, that any such claims would be treated as “disinformation.”

January of 2017, Backwards and Forwards

Beginning in November of 2016, a dedicated movement was put into place to immediately remove Donald Trump from office. The spying and information warfare operation run directly from Obama’s Oval Office had failed to win the election for Hillary Clinton, a result which had seemed assured.

Those who ran this operation, the information warfare operatives from Ukraine and U.S. intelligence agencies, the FBI, Britain’s MI6 and GCHQ, and the State Department, key Congressmen and Senators, the mainstream news media, were so convinced they would succeed that they were reckless, leaving a neon trail leading right back to them. That trail has been exposed through Congressional and Justice Department investigations, and declassifications which are continuing. The remaining issue is how much light Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham will shine on all of this through their investigation.

For our purposes here, it is sufficient to state that the conspirators had no choice if they were to maintain their own power, but to proceed with a coup, a regime change operation in the United States itself which is well-nigh four years old now. It has ceased to be a regime change operation or a coup; it is now a full-blown insurrection.

They had counted on Hillary Clinton’s victory to cement the managed decline of the United States begun so forcefully under Barack Obama. They had committed crimes on behalf of this goal. If they did not continue their operation, their discovery and demise was pretty much a foregone conclusion.

This part of the current insurrection, call it the D.C. Swamp supplemented by the British, was immediately complemented in early November of 2016 with a campaign apparatus utilizing extant progressive Democratic Party organizations and new ones engineered singularly to remove Trump, like Indivisible.

Under Obama, from 2008 forward, the Democrats always sought to shape and control public opinion through creation of a fully scripted echo chamber, dedicating millions of dollars to exactly this project. WikiLeaks released a document from John Podesta in 2008, describing it. Writing to Democratic Party megadonors George and Jon Soros, Peter and Jonathan Lewis, Herb and Marion Sanders, Steve Bing, and John Sperling, Podesta described creating “grassroots organizing; multi-issue advocacy groups; think tanks; youth outreach; faith communities; micro-targeting outfits; the netroots and blogosphere … to drive the content of politics through a strong ‘echo chamber’ and message delivery system.”

Willful property destruction in Minneapolis, May 29, 2020.

Hundreds of organizations have come into and gone out of existence in years since Podesta’s memo, training thousands in the methods of non-violent protest, and funding selected others in street fighting, riots, arsons, and targeted killing. The primary private funders of this effort have been grouped in the Democracy Alliance of billionaires and millionaires.

Beginning right after the election in November 2016, Move On and other organizations began placing ads on Craigslist and similar outlets promising to pay significant sums for protesters against Trump. At the same time, in December of 2016, a group called Refuse Fascism was formed. It was a project of the Revolutionary Communist Party and was intended to coordinate street violence, including various otherwise longstanding U.S. Antifa operations. The extant Antifa organizations—and they are that, despite anarchist pretensions claiming they are solely “affinity groups”—were particularly centered in the Midwest, including prominently, Minneapolis, the South, and the West Coast, particularly Portland, Seattle, and Oakland.

Refuse Fascism’s leading lights in its initial organizing calls were the aging Maoist Bob Avakian, Obama friend and former Weatherman Bill Ayers, and Cornel West. Avakian and his Revolutionary Communist Party have been studied by the LaRouche movement since the 1970s. It is a terrorist formation heavily penetrated by British intelligence.

The Weathermen, as most know, engaged in a series of bombings in the 1970s with splinters still engaged in violent attacks on police as of the 1981 Brinks robbery. Their writings about how to survive underground and how to foment terror are wildly popular in the anarchist underground today.

Refuse Fascism and Antifa, in the U.S., have been funded by the Alliance for Global Justice (AFGJ). AFGJ is written up repeatedly as a solidly radical left-wing funding source whose original purpose was to support the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. But its donors substantially overlap with the Democracy Alliance and mainstream Democratic Party funders. They include Soros, the Tides Foundation (a conduit for various other “investors” including the Robert Woods Johnson and Ford foundations), the Surdna Foundation, and other lesser billionaire funders.

Since the events in Charlottesville, where Antifa was mainstreamed as a legitimate left organization, its violence ignored or justified, money has poured in and new organizations have sprouted.

Take Minneapolis, for example. In 2017, the Black Visions Collective was formed there. It has received $19 million, much of it in the wake of the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis cops. The multi-million-dollar haul came from a coordinated Democratic Party fundraising drive featuring Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, former Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro, and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel. Black Visions played and is playing a significant role in the Minneapolis riots.

Refuse Fascism’s 2016 mobilization resulted in the street violence during President Trump’s inauguration. That violence was motivated by the inflammatory and false portrayal of Trump as a new Hitler in a propaganda campaign primarily oriented to labile, well-meaning, but completely uneducated young people.

CC/Lorie Shaull
Triumph of the anarchists: The Lake Street area of Minneapolis, May 28, 2020.

Refuse Fascism and their Democratic Party echo chamber absolutely lied about the nature of fascism and the reasons for its actual rise in Europe during the interlude between World War I and II. It was, in actuality, a synthetic political movement, financed by the British Crown, the Banque Worms in France, and fully supported by the Harrimans, their agent Prescott Bush, the Rockefellers, and other Wall Street families, along with the Bank of England. The force behind it was called “the Synarchy” by American intelligence, which kept a file noting its ideological flexibility. That flexibility was even noted in the file name itself: “Synarchy: Nazi-Communist.” EIR reported on this in 2003 in an article by Anton Chaitkin, and another by Lyndon LaRouche.

In August of 2017, another round of staged violence occurred at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Following the President’s election, Charlottesville, the city itself, had declared itself the organizing center for the anti-Trump “Resistance” nationally. In Charlottesville, Richard Spencer, the founder of the racist Alt Right, a rich young man sent to elite private schools who was for years a permanent student at the University of Virginia, University of Chicago, and finally Duke University (as a PhD candidate in European history), led a disgusting and completely set up rally allegedly aimed at preserving the statue of Robert E. Lee.

Spencer, aptly described as a “Nazi in pinstripes,” cites Nietzsche and the German Conservative Revolution (including Carl Schmitt, Ernst Jünger, and Martin Heidegger) along with French New Right theorists Alain de Benoist and Guillaume Faye, and Julius Evola, Francis Parker Yockey, and Aleksandr Dugin, as his major mentors. He seeks the creation of racially homogeneous entities, such as a transformed European Union, as the answer to inevitable, genetically derived, racial tensions.

Antifa was in Charlottesville in force to protect counter demonstrators from the Alt Right Nazis. Numerous conflicts and fights erupted as police drove the two groups into one another. A protester, Heather Heyer, was killed when James Field, a violence prone 20-year-old psychotic from Ohio, who was mesmerized throughout adolescence by Hitler and video games, drove his car deliberately into the protesters.

When President Trump condemned the Nazis and Antifa and noted that some people in Charlottesville simply showed up to defend the Lee statute, the media and the Democrats went wild: The President was ambivalent or against calling out Nazis and racists, they screamed. Yet, he had condemned racists and Nazis several times in the same remarks as the out of context and altered single quote cited repeatedly since, by Joe Biden and the news media. See Politico.

Today, both Richard Spencer and Bob Avakian have made a big point of endorsing Joe Biden. Are you beginning to understand how this has all worked?

Mark Bray’s Very Tall Tale

Mark Bray, a professor and Antifa advocate, wrote a book, Antifa The Anti-Fascist Handbook, about the history of this actually fascist formation, which was released and reviewed in August of 2017, the same time as Charlottesville was otherwise mainstreaming these thugs.

Since then, Bray’s book has become the staple of every news media account about Antifa. The book is false in almost every respect.

It contains some useful information about what Bray calls the first explicitly Antifa group in the U.S., the Anti-Racist Action group, which emerged from a group of skinheads opposed to Nazi skinheads in Minneapolis in 1987. Both the Nazis and their Antifa opponents were devotees of Funk outlaw culture. They modeled themselves on a British organization of the same name. Bray traces their evolution, which was largely based on their collaboration with the Weatherman-dominated John Brown Anti-Klan Committee. He also notes that Portland’s Rose Antifa formation has been in continuous existence since 2007, consciously modeling itself after European Antifa organizations with exchanges of personnel and internet collaborations.

Antifa counter-protesters made sure that a peaceful Patriot Prayer rally in Portland, Oregon on June 30, 2018 turned violent.

But Bray assumes, like the propagandists of Refuse Fascism, that fascism is some biological secretion of the nation state, technological progress, and the “authoritarian” personalities which lead national entities, made authoritarian by the leadership position itself. He totally endorses the central premise of Critical Race Theory: racism is in the genetic code of white people, particularly genetically concentrated in white males. All of the institutions and ideals white people salute, such as equality, merit, character, and a “color blind” society, are the actual machinery of structural and institutional racism, it claims.

Bray deliberately ignores publicly available evidence about intelligence community control of recent Neo-Nazi and White Nationalist entities. For example, the World Church of the Creator, which played a huge role in neo-Nazi and white identity movements in the U.S. and Canada in the 1990s, turned out to be a wholly owned entity of the Canadian intelligence services. See “British Commonwealth Secret Services Deploy Neo-Nazism” in EIR.

Examination of the East German Stasi files following the fall of the Berlin Wall demonstrated that almost every neo-Nazi movement in post-World War II Germany had been a product of Stasi operations aimed at destabilizing West Germany and other western states. See “Thirty Years of Collusion Between the ADL and Stasi” in EIR.

Having completely fabricated a Leviathan monster, Bray announces that violence and totalitarian suppression of dissident speech is the only remedy against it. The same “remedy” was proposed by Hebert Marcuse, the former State Department intelligence employee and member of the Frankfurt School, who left his post at State to become the philosopher of the New Left. Marcuse invented the totalitarian “cancel culture” advocated by Bray and rampant in our society today. According to Marcuse, “repressive toleration” is a cultural imperative if society is not to fall into another round of fascism. And, “repressive toleration” means toleration of the ideas of the so-called left liberal elite and cancellation of all opposing viewpoints.

Most important, Bray’s mythical account simply ignores the fact that anarchists from the time of the French Revolution forward have always been used for specific strategic ends by the financiers controlling them. In 1970s Europe, the anarchist gang, the Red Brigades, killed the Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro, leading to years of instability in Italy. The Moro family claimed, continually, that Moro’s assassination had been ordered by Henry Kissinger.

Tony Negri, a leader of the Red Brigades, developed the key guiding concepts for the Autonomen political movements in Germany and Italy which were deployed against the continued use of nuclear power in Germany and in numerous other operations destabilizing the German state.

The body of Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro, assassinated by the anarchist gang, the Red Brigades, May 9, 1978.

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, Margaret Thatcher’s British government launched a full-scale information warfare campaign against the German government of Chancellor Helmut Kohl, centered on the idea that a sovereign and united German nation state would necessarily become a Fourth Reich. The Antifa and Autonomists were deployed to terrorize the population and contributed to the cover for the professional assassination of Alfred Herrhausen, the President of Deutsche Bank and one of Helmut Kohl’s closest advisors. The Maastricht Treaty, creating the disastrous, globalist European Union, followed. See “It Is Time to Name Herrhausen’s Killers” in EIR.

Fascism’s rise also occurred in the midst of extreme popular pessimism, flowing from the total destruction of Europe in World War I and the continued economic devastation dictated by the Versailles Treaty imposed by the British and Wall Street after World War I. Helga Zepp-LaRouche has chronicled the actual dynamics in play better than anyone. See “The Historical Roots of Green Fascism” in EIR.

The Frankfurt School’s Role in
Modern Hybrid Warfare

Instead of revealing the actual forces responsible for World War II, the Institute for Social Research, also known as the Frankfurt School, created a myth as to the causes of fascism. This myth has animated the synthetic “left” and “right” in extremist politics ever since, including Antifa and the Black Lives Matter movement today. It is at the center of Mark Bray’s fraudulent history. Its ideas are also the enemy arsenal which anyone wanting to take this nation back must confront and completely refute. As should have become clear throughout this essay, ideas and culture are what shape history. Superior cultures and superior ideas are what move humanity to higher and higher levels of development.

Initially funded by the fortune of the world’s largest grain trader, Hermann Weil, the Frankfurt School’s leading lights included the British agent Karl Korsch, George Lukacs, the “Communist” proponent of purgative violence and terror, Max Horkheimer, Theodore Adorno, and the Nazi Martin Heidegger’s lover, Hannah Arendt.

They were neo-Marxists and Freudians, recasting Marx. Their project was originally a joint endeavor of the Communist International and the British Fabian Society. After Hitler’s conquest, the Fabian Society arranged their move to Columbia University in New York under Rockefeller Foundation sponsorship. Following the war, they moved back to Germany again.

They claimed that the “authoritarian personality” (like that displayed, they claimed, by Franklin Roosevelt and most Americans), produced fascism, and that the nation state, the belief in absolute and universal truths, and Judeo-Christian religion were its drivers. Fascism, they argued, was an organic secretion of the state itself and the alienation resulting from the “industrial age” and “technology.”

The police, or other repressive representatives of “authority” are, of course, the enemy.

The Frankfurt School called for an all-out Kulturkampf (cultural struggle), overturning all of the popular assumptions of the nation state system. Their preposterous and satanic myths were foundational to the New Age 1960s counterculture, along with the brainwashing studies of London’s Tavistock Institute, and the control of huge chunks of the western intelligentsia and media by the MI6-CIA Congress for Cultural Freedom.

“Critical theory,” the bizarre method of thinking which denies that there are any universal truths, and claims all events need to be “deconstructed” based on individual subjective experiences of “power relationships,” is based wholly on the original Frankfurt School thinkers and their protégé, Jürgen Habermas. The writings of outright terrorists, like the Italian Red Brigades member Toni Negri, are also significant in its modern incarnations. It is a cult religion which has been used to brainwash now, entire generations of youth, and dominates every university course in the political or social sciences, or in languages and law, today.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Democratic Party candidates for President and Vice President.

Complementary to “Critical Theory” itself is “Critical Race Theory,” a field begun in law schools in the late 1980s and early 1990s, principally by Derrick Bell, Jr. and Richard Delgado. If you are wondering why lawyers seem to have lost any real idea of the law and are now leading the jihad against the President of the United States, this is a good place to start. Angela Onwuachi-Willig, dean of the Boston University Law School, recently noted, “You’ve got this open generation that grew up exposed to this language in middle school, high school, and certainly in college. It’s not called ‘critical race theory,’ it’s just something you know.”

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is presently being mandated by Human Resources departments throughout the government, including Sandia Labs, NASA, and the FBI. It claims that the European Enlightenment, and other dead white male philosophers promoting the belief in universal truth, have created the “structural” institution of racism. A review of its central tenets reveals that CRT is actually focused on the ideas of the Renaissance, the very ideas that animated America’s Revolution.

As analyzed by John Murawski, “racism is understood” in CRT “not as a smattering of intentional acts of bigotry, but as an entire system that runs on auto-pilot and operates imperceptibly to whites who are punch-drunk on the myths of color blindness and individual self-achievement.” The white beliefs in individualism, objectivity, neutrality, meritocracy, and color blindness are what keeps black people down, the views of Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King to the contrary be damned.

Derrick Bell, Jr. wrote various prose stories to illustrate CRT. One of them, The Space Traders, is a story in which white Americans trade black Americans to space aliens in order to pay off the national debt and receive advanced technology such as environmental decontaminants and alternatives to fossil fuels. His story demonstrated that whites act to protect their own white self-interest. Bell explained “[It’s] better [to] risk the unknown in space than face the certainty of racial discrimination here at home.”

Imagine what black space pioneer Catherine Johnson, who, as documented in the movie, Hidden Figures, changed her discriminatory work space and brought astronaut John Glenn safely back to Earth from space, would think about Bell’s dystopian view.

Or, as enunciated by Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris at the Democratic National Convention, there is no “vaccine” for structural American racism. There is no economic solution as Dr. King and anyone with a brain knows and believes. Instead, various forms of virtue signaling, the pacification of language to exclude “micro-aggressions,” and an endless stream of reparations, are supposed to mitigate the impact of a permanent cancer which will take generations, and a complete obliteration of the tradition of the European Renaissance and the American Revolution to heal.

This, of course, is a recipe for permanent sectarian and racial conflict, a recipe for an unending internal national devolution. The stakes on November 3rd, could not be higher.

[fn_1]. See Frances Stonor Saunders, The Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters, The New Press, New York, 2013. [back to text for fn_1]

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