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This transcript appears in the November 13, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Election 2020: If You Defend the Republic, You Will Keep It!

These are edited transcripts of presentations made to the LaRouche PAC National Town Hall, by Barbara Boyd of LaRouche PAC and Helga Zepp-LaRouche, President and founder of the Schiller Institute, on November 7, 2020. The meeting was moderated by Dennis Speed. Subheads have been added. A video of the entire meeting is available here.

Sidney Powell, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney, broke into the major media with the story of the domestic use of the Hammer and Scorecard vote tampering technology in this election cycle.

The Vote Fraud Operations

Barbara Boyd: First, let me update you on the present situation as it stands on the vote fraud operations.

You all probably saw that yesterday Sidney Powell, who is Michael Flynn’s attorney, broke the story on Hammer and Scorecard on Lou Dobbs, a widely watched Fox program. We’re putting up Kirk Wiebe’s exposition of this from Thursday in a Zoom conference call hosted by your hosts here today. I hope that Kirk will tell you more about that if he can today.

Another voting systems case being examined involves a company called Dominion Voting Systems, which may have been caught—as they say—in flagrante, in the act, in both Michigan and Georgia, changing votes, getting caught. Then, what happened is, votes mysteriously went back and forth between Congressional candidates, and between Biden and the President. It’s presently unclear to me how this operation intersects with Hammer and Scorecard, although Kirk [Wiebe] may have something more to say on that.

In Nevada, which sent mail-in ballots out to every registered voter, the Republicans did a survey in which they proved that at least 3,000 out-of-state voters or dead people voted, and they’ve referred their case on that to the Department of Justice, which presumably can undertake the relatively tedious task of examining voter rolls filled with dead people and people who have moved, but somehow managed to vote. Although the campaign may have to do that themselves. That is the tack which we found, as [moderator] Dennis [Speed] referenced, in 1976 going way back, where registration rolls are simply never cleaned up, because every time you try and clean them up, it’s alleged by the Democrats that you’re involved in voter suppression.

The major cities in each of the battleground states—Milwaukee, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Detroit—are famous for traditional vote fraud practices, such as the one I just mentioned. Dead people voting, late-night ballot stuffing, and other forms of fraud, aided and abetted this year under the cover of the emergency conditions of crisis created by the COVID epidemic. As I said on the Thursday night LaRouche PAC Fireside Chat, such emergency changes in the law under conditions of economic or pandemic-type crises in this case, psychological shocks to the population, is exactly how Hitler assumed power in Germany under emergency conditions.

One hypothesis on the patterns here which I think is worth entertaining, is going way back to the Iowa Democratic primaries of this year. Normally the way it happens in the United States is, the Iowa caucuses precede the New Hampshire, at which point, more or less, one candidate achieves front-runner status, and money flows accordingly into his or her campaigns. If you recall, Bernie Sanders was widely thought to have won the Iowa caucuses. Somehow, there was a complete computer glitch, which ended up in the caucus not being called until way into the New Hampshire season. They said it was a software problem. I think a question which has to be raised is, was Bernie Sanders defrauded in the same way by the Democrats, as they are attempting to defraud Donald Trump right now? In Iowa, what happened was, surprisingly after all of that, the guy I call “the upstart from Mackenzie Consulting,” Mayor Pete [Buttigieg], ended up being the announced winner, which was a highly irregular occurrence.

CC/Michael Vadon
Bernie Sanders, candidate for the Democratic nomination, was defrauded by his own party in the Iowa caucuses.

The Political Backdrop

The other thing I want to focus on in my short report today, but what I want to emphasize, is the political situation which is the backdrop to all of this, and has been the backdrop to the coup.

Last night—and all day yesterday, really—Joe Biden had his campaign calling every single media book in the world; particularly AP, who they pounded, demanding that the Associated Press, the traditional media caller of the election, regardless of whether the vote is counted or not, to demand that they announce right then and there—which they did—that Biden was the new President of the United States. That call was being made all through the afternoon, according to various reports. Finally, at 11 p.m. last night, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris appeared, to talk to a bunch of cars. This is sort of how coups work, and a coup in the COVID environment—that’s how this turns out to work. You’re trying to create an overwhelming psychological warfare operation in which the result seems obvious, completely intact. There’s no way to resist it; this is really what happened. So, people feel isolated, overwhelmed, or they resort—which is part of the scenario which is being run here—to a frustrated flight into violence, and wipe themselves out.

Gage Skidmore
Media-declared “President-elect” Joe Biden is part of a psywar operation telling us that resistance is futile.

At the press conference, as significantly, Biden announced that what his mandate was, was for the Green New Deal, his approach to COVID, and overcoming systemic racism. Today, when Rudy Giuliani was trying to hold a press conference about how every Republican poll watcher was effectively barred from the polls in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, despite a court order allowing them in, the Associated Press called the Presidential race yet again for Biden, and that call was actually affirmed by Fox. Giuliani got completely drowned out, trying to tell people what exactly was going on.

On Thursday, I called attention to the simple fact that Joe Biden’s campaign slogan—“Build Back Better”—like everything else with this guy, was stolen. It was stolen from a slogan of the World Economic Forum, otherwise known as Davos. Meanwhile, the World Economic Forum has adopted Biden’s campaign slogan for using COVID as a cover to impose what they call a new regime of “reinventing capitalism in the face of COVID.”

If it isn’t clear to you by now, these are the people who actually own the Democratic Party in the United States, lock, stock, and barrel. This is Bloomberg; Mark Carney from England, who’s running this through BlackRock; this is Google, with Eric Schmidt. This is [New York Governor] Andrew Cuomo, who said exactly the same thing: “We’re going to reimagine the state of New York in the wake of COVID.” That’s another term which is being used explicitly in the Davos publicity campaign. I would assert for you that the Democratic Party, to the extent that it wasn’t that already, has now become the party of overt fascism.

To give you just a taste of what I’m talking about here, [Ezekiel] “Zeke” Emmanuel, from the Obama administration, the guy who was the death panel guy for Obamacare, is the main advisor to Joe Biden concerning COVID. I’m willing to bet that if you actually listen, you’re going to wonder how many older folks will get prioritized for a vaccine, which will not be fully produced until significant numbers of the same older people have died off. If you recall, Zeke Emmanuel uses this metric which he calls the “quality of life metric,” how many good years do you actually have left.

Mike Bloomberg, who’s essential to this whole thing, got caught on videotape saying virtually the same thing. He was sitting shiva as mayor of New York, and he told people outright:

We’ve reached a limit as to what we can afford under our model of the economy in terms of the Baby Boomer population which is about to hit its older segment and older stride in numbers which are untold. We simply can’t afford to treat them. We can’t afford to deal with their diseases.

Clockwise from top left: YouTube; CC/New York National Guard; Gage Skidmore
The Democratic Party has become the party of overt fascism: Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel (top left) with his Death panels; New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (top right) and his central bankers’ “reimagining” America under their own dictatorship; and former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg (bottom), who tells us, “We’ve reached a limit as to what we can afford.”

These mechanisms have already largely been put in place, through the City of London, through BlackRock, through Mark Carney, through Mike Bloomberg, and other central bankers. So that any entity or industry which wants to exist in the world, has to conform to Green standards if they’re going to get any money.

To give you a flavor of this, I highlight just one statement from the quote—and this is up on the World Economic Forum’s website. “To Build Back Better, We Must Reinvent Capitalism,” that’s the statement I’m quoting from. They claim that the riots in the United States took the form that they did, because they represented a discontinuity created by COVID. Strange statement. Then they say, “Other possible COVID-induced discontinuities ahead range from a full-blown financial crisis to a steep change in the rate of global energy transition. Some analysts now reckon that fossil fuel demand may have peaked in 2019 for good.” Don’t need a lot of energy if people are dying.

On the good side, I can report to you that people are out in car rallies throughout the nation, and that part of the peaceful protests we have called for, and which must increase massively, are really underway. Our job right now will be to massively publicize the building and resounding case as to the stealing of the election, and to demonstrate to people the deeper implications of the world fascist program at the heart of the coup against this President, and why Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery must become the battle cry for saving the republic right now. So, we’ll be working further on this through the week.

The Nation-State vs. the Globalists:
Some History

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Hello all of you, and all the people watching.

Since you, [Dennis Speed,] mentioned Nikolaus of Cusa, who may not be familiar to many people, he was a great thinker of the 15th century; he was the first person to develop the concept of the nation-state. In most of history, especially in European, Western history, but also many other cultures around the world, up to the 15th century globalists were in power. I mean, an early form of globalist. This was the international oligarchy, the top aristocracy, the monarchs, who would all hang together, they would all serve each other’s interests, and would be very little concerned with the people of the region they happened to be the king or the baron or whatever of. They thought of themselves as a privileged class who would have a big effort to keep the mass of the population backward, because stupid people are easier to rule over. That was just the normal condition over the entire period until the 15th century.

Left: Andrea Bregno; right: engraving by Jacques Etienne Pannier
Nikolaus of Cusa (left), the first to develop the concept of the nation-state, implemented first by King Louis XI of France (right).

And then, there was a coincidence of several developments: In France, Louis XI, the first monarch of a different character; the writings of Nikolaus of Cusa who developed, for the first time, after many struggles—and this is a very rich and complicated story—how the concept of sovereignty of the nation-state developed through many battles, which we have written about in the past.

Now, why is the nation-state something different than this globalist conception? Nikolaus developed the idea that the governor has to have the consent of the governed, and that it is the reciprocal relationship between the government and the representative who represents both the government and the interests of the people, and the large number of people voting for these representatives. So this was the first time you had any kind of participation of the individual in government. Before, it was all decided by the ruling elites, by the privileged aristocracy and so forth.

View full size
Emmanuel Leutze
“George Washington Rallying the Troops at Monmouth,” in 1778.

The American Revolution

So this was a very important concept, because that is what was then the dividing issue for the next 600 years, up to the present time, and the American Revolution, which was, as you know, not an accidental occurrence, but a conscious project of the most progressive Europeans who wanted to escape the idea of that oligarchical system in Europe, because the different monarchies were so entrenched that it was not really possible to change.

When the American Revolution occurred, which was explicitly against the British Empire, which was basically going crazy over the loss of their most important colony, this was a breakthrough. It was a complete watershed in universal history, because the American Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, established for the first time this idea that the government is devoted and obliged to the governed, to the common good, not only of the present generation, but of all future generations.

In the Declaration of Independence, you have this beautiful conception of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” This idea of “happiness,” came from Gottfried Leibniz. It was not just being “happy,” like feeling good, but happiness in the Leibnizian sense, means that every individual has the right to a fulfilled life, to develop all potentialities of all the gifts given to him, and that he has the right to develop all of them, again, to the service of the common good of the present and future generations.

The American Revolution was recognized as something absolutely incredible by all the republican forces in Europe. Friedrich Schiller, for example, after whom the Schiller Institute is named, was absolutely convinced that this was the concept that had to be brought to Europe. The beginning of the French Revolution was intended to replicate exactly the ideas of the American Revolution. Unfortunately this failed, in large part through a manipulation, intelligence methods like the ones Dennis [Speed] and Kirk [Wiebe] were talking about, in the form of the Jacobin Terror, which was a reign of terror, leading to the decapitation of people by the guillotine and so forth. The French Revolution, unfortunately, failed.

Schiller, at one point, even wanted to emigrate to the United States, because he thought that that was where the future of humanity was really occurring.

George Peter Alexander Healy
President John Quincy Adams promoted a system of alliance of perfectly sovereign nation-states around the world.

Now, at that time, the American Revolution was known to be the “beacon of hope, the temple of liberty,” and when John Quincy Adams was President, he wanted to promote a system of an alliance of perfectly sovereign nation-states, around the world. This was so precious, that the British Empire, naturally, did everything possible to reverse that: in the War of 1812 and then the Civil War in which the British Empire was allied with the Confederacy.

When they realized they could not win the American colonies back militarily, they started to subvert the establishment by saying, we have to convince the American elite that we run the world together in the form of a British Empire: Create a unipolar world—this is what Harley [Schlanger] was referring to with the PNAC, the Project for a New American Century. And essentially, what the Bush, Obama, and now Biden, apparatus represents; it’s in the tradition of these old globalists, it’s just a different, modern version, but they think they run the world; they think they rig the system such that the speculators make money and that the interest of the masses you can forget. So this is really what is at stake.

Civilization’s Future Is at Stake in this Election

The significance of this incredible election fraud right now, is historic. I encourage everybody listening to go back to the spirit of the American Revolution. This is the same fight. Because if this can be done to the United States, if a method that has been developed by this apparatus, to manipulate elections around the world, to make the world’s democracies a farce, if there are no more [genuine] elections, then what is democracy? What are human rights? This all becomes completely farcical.

If this can be allowed in the United States, there will be no freedom, no democracy, no human rights anywhere in the world if these people succeed. That is very clear. Look at their policy statements, look at the intention of Obama, and what Hillary Clinton was up to at the point she was fortunately defeated. These people have been, and continue to be, on a rampage of war confrontation against Russia and China. We would have war pretty soon if they were to come back to power.

At stake here, is really the future of civilization. Go back to the spirit of the American Revolution. Keep the fight going until President Trump has the time to bring this to the Supreme Court; get all the state legislators into the act, because that’s actually their duty in all the contested states. And publish the documents of this incredible treason! There is absolutely the time and the chance to turn this around.

It’s very important not to capitulate, not to be intimidated by this incredible apparatus, but to really be courageous right now—like my husband was! He was a presidential candidate eight times: He got close several times to making a major breakthrough. They stole the votes every time from him! Did that mean that he gave up? Absolutely not! Because he knew what he was fighting for, was the soul of America and the good of the entire human species, and that is agapē, the love for humanity which you have to mobilize in yourself right now.

The Role of Optimism

Boyd: I think what Helga just said is the driving philosophic standpoint, which is how we raise the level of the battle for people, so that they can get through this thing. In war, you have to have an optimistic outlook if you’re going to win. The other side depends upon cynicism, pessimism. And it’s in the very ideas of the American Revolution, the conspiracy of the American Revolution, the fact that the American Revolution, through an educated populace, stood up against the dominant power in the world, the people who controlled everything, against overwhelming force. If you looked at a battle map then and asked, “Who’s got control, here?” you would not necessarily say, just looking at arrays of forces, “the Americans are going to win, here.” But we won, through the ideas of the American Revolution, the ideas that stretch, as Helga said, back to the European Renaissance. It was that superior form of thinking and optimism, never giving up—like the President is talking about—which won the day. So I think that’s essential.

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