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This transcript appears in the November 20, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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The 2020 Election—An Intelligence War with High Stakes for the World

Vote Fraud and Intelligence Warfare

This is the edited transcription of opening remarks made by J. Kirk Wiebe to the Friedrich Schiller Birthday Celebration Broadcast, hosted by the Schiller Institute on November 10, 2020. A video of the entire program is available here. Subheads have been added.

Schiller Institute
J. Kirk Wiebe, former Senior Analyst at the National Security Agency.

Kirk Wiebe: We are at a decision point, and also a Constitutional crisis in these United States, and as Helga Zepp-LaRouche and others of the LaRouche PAC have noted in the past, what happens in the United States, here, now, in this moment, as we sort through the corruption that has been launched on our elections process, this will determine where we are headed, within a few short months. A President is to be sworn in on January 20.

Just so that you get an understanding of the greater picture in how this could possibly unfold, (1) the first is, the President’s team discovers so much corruption on a scale sufficient to change the election result that you’ve all seen, in favor of Trump, and then the states will be ordered to do everything from recounts to audits. A recount is just, go back, re-total the vote, and send it in. Unfortunately, that’s not good enough. It will uncover some fraud, but it will not uncover all of it.

And so, an audit is something more detailed. You actually have to go back to the ballot, and determine if the ballot was legally cast. In the United States, most states mandate that the election totals be completed on November 3. In our case, because of COVID, some judges in lower courts have taken it upon themselves to extend the counting period past November 3. In some cases, ruling that additional 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 days could be added. Some of those were disputed by the Trump Administration, and they were cancelled; but in others they were allowed to proceed.

Now, what you need to understand is, judges do not control the election process. The U.S. Constitution puts that in the hands of the state legislatures. They decide on how the voting process is going to be conducted, and they set the rules. So the Trump Administration is going to challenge any ruling where this counting was extended beyond November 3, and they will likely have to go to the Supreme Court, where the belief is, that Trump will get a favorable ruling. Then the question is: What’s the remedy? Do all votes that were postmarked after November 3, or, that came in late and back-postmarked to November 3, if that can be determined, will those be thrown out? And are they of such volume that it would change the election?

LBJ Library/Jay Godwin
James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence.
James Comey, former Director of the FBI.
John Brennan, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Fraud, Fraud, and More Fraud

There are other avenues that are being pursued. You may have heard of the Scorecard and Hammer, a computer-based, software-based method of cheating, wherein, the reports that are being reported to the state level, that contain the count of the vote, is changed as its being transmitted over the internet. That’s not really new technology, changing things in real time as they go over the internet; that technology’s been around, around 15 years, maybe even 20 years.

So, it’s nothing new. It’s just that the application of it against our national election process and against the American people is what’s new, and absolutely illegal!

In any case, what I want to do before I get too into the different types of fraud, I’d like to give you just a little quick background about this Hammer and Scorecard. First of all, this whole cheating going on before us is not one means of cheating. There are four or five involved, and I’ll talk about those a little bit more in a minute. But the one that everyone’s hearing about, besides mail-in ballots and ballot-stuffing, is this Hammer and Scorecard. That technology is really not new. That technology’s been around probably about 14 years or so, I would say. But it was designed as a tool, a weapon to be used in the war against terror, and that was the purpose, originally.

But in February 2009, and the names we hear associated with this activity, this illegal activity, are James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence; he’s been former CIA director. He actually teamed up with John Brennan, head of CIA, who wasn’t initially head of CIA in 2009, but was in the high levels of intelligence, to make a copy of the Hammer and Scorecard capability, and use it in a clandestine, hidden way in a valid, U.S. government facility, on the Eastern Shore of Chesapeake Bay, in the state of Maryland, at a location called Fort Washington, Maryland. And there is a secret compartmented facility at that location.

Now, it is said to have operated there. When the whistleblower on the Hammer and Scorecard came forth—his name is Dennis Montgomery—when he saw this happen, and he developed this technology, he couldn’t live with himself and he attempted to blow the whistle. People didn’t want him to blow the whistle. People in high positions of power during the Obama Administration, wanted to squelch, or stop Montgomery from getting his word out. And that worked, for a long time. And one of the steps that they used, was to put Montgomery under a gag order, and that even predates the time that Brennan and Clapper took the technology illegally, to use it for illegal purposes.

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Courtesy of Kirk Wiebe
Hammer and Scorecard: This schematic shows how the Hammer supercomputer, working together with a PC having the Scorecard application, controls switches on the internet and alters data within transmission packets according to an algorithm, without being detected.

He was put under the State Secrets Act, so that Dennis could never talk about the hardware and software capabilities he had built. So, Dennis, you have to understand, is under the threat of prosecution if he violates the classification, the classified information access documents he has signed, and also the one from the State Secrets Act. People say, “Why didn’t he come forth sooner?” He was gagged. And when he finally does come forth, in 2015, he goes to the FBI and gives them 47 hard drives full of evidence. Comey, James Comey is the head of the FBI at that time, and nothing happens! Nothing happens!

And so Montgomery tries to use different means to get this made known to good people, people who believe in the law, in government, but he couldn’t do it, and he had to be careful about what he said because of the legal threat sitting on top of him. Well, so in an effort to break this story loose, we were contacted by a journalist and she befriended Dennis Montgomery, and managed to ask him to provide evidence. When I saw Sidney Powell get on American television and talk about the Hammer and the Scorecard, and how it corrupts an election, I put 1+1 or 2+2 together in my mind and I’m fairly certainly that she must have ended up getting in touch with Dennis Montgomery. And thank God that is so!

How Hammer and Scorecard Works

Let me explain to you, a very short explanation of how the Hammer and this software called Scorecard works: The Hammer part of this two-part system is what opens doors on the internet. It controls switches on the internet. Everything on the internet goes through a switch and it’s routed according to the address of the data you’re sending down the internet, whether it’s you sending an email, a congressman sending a Word document—all data are packetized, put into little pieces of information, and they all have addresses. They’re like little bugs going down the internet.

And if you only open one or two pieces, you actually can’t do that. Your system, your computer will say it’s a corrupt file or there’s data missing, and won’t know what to do with it. So all the parts of an email, all the packets of a Word document must arrive, not necessarily exactly at the same point in time, but within a period of time, and your computer knows how many packets there are, and when the last one arrived. So once they’ve all arrived, it will show up in your email queue, as an email with Word document, or whatever, and you can click on it and read it. And that’s the way the internet works.

Guess what? When the election process is reporting votes, they do the same thing: They take numbers, put them in a document of some type, some format, could be an Excel spreadsheet—it’s up to the various states—and they send them to the state level to be part of the final total, for that state. Now, when that report is sent over the internet from the counting machines, and you need to know, [that] the counting machine, at least, of all the voting process, is connected to the internet for this reporting purpose; that’s why it is connected to the internet.

But it’s not secured internet. And so, a device, a program can come in—and I’m going to give you this metaphor, this illustration of what’s happening: Imagine you are driving down a major highway. It may be I-95 in the United States, over here in the East Coast, a very famous route for going north and south; it may be the German Autobahn, it may be some other, but I’m talking about a modern highway with multiple lanes of traffic going both directions.

That’s the internet, because, really, traffic, these little packets go both directions. Some are going out, some are coming in, and being transmitted all over the world, accordingly to their addresses, that I just mentioned. And the switches know the addressing scheme, so they are the gatekeepers that open a lane there, close a lane there, open one there; and everything gets—it’s amazing, but it’s not rocket science. It’s logical and it’s understandable; it’s actually quite simple.

So, here’s what happens: The Hammer opens up the switches and routes, for the Scorecard portion. So your car is driving down the internet. Think of that [car] as a packet of information and your part of a voting total report. So you’ve got some numbers or parts of numbers in your packet, and the other 300 packets behind you, they also have numbers. So the Scorecard reaches out, grabs your car/packet, opens the door, takes that data out, an algorithm computes the difference between Trump and Biden, for example, or a senator and some other senator of opposing parties; and as long as the differential between the two is 3% or less of the total, the Scorecard will take votes away from Trump, put them in the Biden column, and debit the Trump. So there’s not really more total votes, at that point, but they’re switched, from Trump to Biden. The door is shut, the car is put back into the network, in this case, we’re talking packets, and sent on its way!

Now, what I just told you about, happens in microseconds, so that no one is waiting. They don’t even notice it! We all know that when you send an email to someone, it doesn’t arrive in one second. It takes 10, 20, 30 seconds, because of the switching an email has to go through as it makes its journey down the internet through these switches.

So, no one knows the better. The vote total is changed on the fly, and this is happening in multiple states across this nation! And so, it’s one of the other methods of cheating.

Dominion Systems Fraud

Now, you have heard about the Dominion, the Dominion problem. That’s a different issue. That’s software on a voting machine—not a counting machine, a voting machine. And so, it simply points out that software can be hacked and changed in a voting machine to do nefarious, wrongful, illegal things, like changing votes for somebody else. Oh, you didn’t vote for Trump, you voted for Biden, and that’s how your ballot gets counted! And so, that’s what that particular problem is.

Dominion is used in numerous states, many, many states in these United States, and the Michigan example, where Dominion took away 6,000 votes from Trump and gave it to Biden—people right now are investigating, if that same 6,000 votes or some thousands of votes, if that issue—that’s not a “glitch,” that’s a programmed-in software—if that happened in other states, on a large scale. And if so, you can imagine, there are hundreds and hundreds of thousands of votes, when you multiply 6,000 across numerous states, hundreds if not thousands of voting machines, throughout all the counties and precincts that make up our electoral structure.

Another version of cheating is happening, and that’s where the counting machine, that—remember, we talked about reporting the data and the Scorecard grabs it over the internet; there’s also a capability that Dennis Montgomery has told me about, where false logons were put into the counting machines. He used the number 5,000—5,000 logons; he didn’t say 5,000 machines, but it could have been 5,000 machines; or 200, I don’t know that number. I’m just telling you, false logon credentials were embedded in these systems, such that a remote user, through a computer via the internet, could log in to that counting machine, and change the total, before it gets reported.

So you may have cases where counting machines were changed already, reported up, along the internet, and the Hammer/Scorecard grabs it, and puts another delta, changes it yet again, and adds even more votes.

All right, so if this is beginning to boggle your mind a little bit—don’t feel alone—to keep all this straight.

Traditional Ballot-Stuffing

And there’s also ballot-stuffing; now, that’s really where you simply send out a bunch of ballots and people illegally fill them out, whether they’re not registered properly, or legal to vote in a voting precinct in a state; and just falsely fill them out, put them in boxes, and take them to the Post Office. We already have an example, again in Michigan, where a video camera caught a car drive up, unload three boxes of ballots, give them to somebody inside the Post Office, and drove off. So we have evidence that people in the Post Office were part of this conspiracy to throw this election.

And those people would then take those ballots, and they might even falsely postmark them to make sure they say “3 November,” if you’re in a state that must count them on 3 November; or at least wipe out the postmark so that no one could argue what it was. Because once you separate a ballot from the envelope, there’s no way to know whether something was in on time, 3 November, or post-3 November. Once you separate that, and mix all the ballots up, it becomes a nightmare, where you really have to dig deeper into the registration rolls to resolve whether a ballot was legal or not.

Traditional locations where vote fraud can take place: the polling place, the mail-in drop-box, and in the counting of ballots.
CC/Rob Pegoraro

False Registrations and Multiple Voting

And finally, there is the issue of false registrations. We have registration books that are kept; people are supposed to register to vote as legal, as legal residents of the area in which they vote. Those rolls are outdated. About 25% of them change every year, because people move! We’re a mobile society. People uproot, whether they get a new job, they want to be closer to the kids, and those records are not updated as religiously, as continuously, as they should be. And so, people may be voting twice, once in their new state, once in their old state. Most people don’t do that on purpose. But those who do it, are doing it on purpose—they know they’re registered twice, or whatever.

I hope this gives you a flavor for the breadth of the corruption. I am not privy on a day-to-day basis of what’s being discovered, so like you, I must get my news about this from the news, and not all news media are covering it, so if you do not have access to a reliable source, I’m hoping you will turn your attention and your sourcing to LaRouche PAC, because LaRouche—I know!—with every bone in my body, that LaRouche stands for the truth. And my God, in this day and age, that alone is golden. It’s very difficult to find truthful sources of information.

Sovereignty and Vote Fraud

This is the edited transcription of opening remarks made by Helga Zepp-LaRouche to the Friedrich Schiller Birthday Celebration Broadcast, hosted by the Schiller Institute on November 10, 2020. A video of the entire program is available here.

Schiller Institute
Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: I was the most shocked last week, when I watched some of the U.S. major TV stations, when Trump gave a press conference, and you could see how the heads of some of the TV stations interrupted the President of the United States by saying, “We don’t agree with what he’s saying; he is now putting forward fake news, and therefore we overrule the speech of the President of the United States.” And that came from several TV stations! This is a scandal so big, that if it had happened in any kind of banana republic, it would be an outrage, because it would still be a violation of the sovereignty of that country. But that this is happening to supposedly the most powerful man in the most powerful country on the planet, I think that fact alone should wake people up, that what we are looking at here is dictatorship: It’s the danger of complete loss of freedom.

I find it equally revealing, that immediately after Biden was declared by the media to be the winner—not by the Electoral College, but by the media—all the Atlanticists in Europe and elsewhere, said, “Oh, let us immediately congratulate Biden. It’s so good that the whole old system is back.” This was the view of EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and German Bundestag President Norbert Röttgen, all dyed-in-the-wool Atlanticists.

President Donald Trump

But the so-called autocratic governments said, “No, we have to wait for what the legal and democratic process in the United States will result in, and we will not congratulate Biden until that has been established.” And this was said by such “autocrats” as Putin, the Chinese government, the President of Mexico, of Bolivia—so, maybe the narrative concerning who is for democracy and transparency is not exactly what people are supposed to believe.

There Is a Limit to the Tyrant’s Power

We have reached historically a point of absolute decision. If you think about what is in the American Declaration of Independence, I think we are exactly at that moment. I just want to read you one sentence from that Declaration:

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.

That is the principle on which the United States was based as a young republic, and this is also an idea which was used by Friedrich Schiller, whose birthday we celebrate today, and that’s why I’m quoting it also, because he is the Poet of Freedom and he has written so many things which were really strategic studies of how to deal with such situations as we are experiencing now. He wrote a drama in which he referenced very clearly this fight of the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence. This was his very celebrated and popular drama—popular around the world—Wilhelm Tell; which takes place in Switzerland, and which posed to the Swiss people, will they accept the tyranny of the Habsburgs, or will they shed that tyranny?

Friedrich Schiller’s drama, Wilhelm Tell, poses the question: Will a people accept a tyranny, or shed it? Here (top), men swear the famous Rütli Oath to “seize their eternal rights” and defend their country against a tyrant’s power. Below: Friedrich Schiller.

If you compare the famous Rütli Oath to the Declaration of Independence, you can actually see how the same ideas inspired Schiller, as he writes there:

No, there is a limit to the tyrant’s power,

When the oppressed can find no justice,

When the burden grows unbearable—he reaches

With hopeful courage up unto the heavens

And seizes hither his eternal rights,

Which hang above, inalienable

And indestructible as stars themselves.


The primal state of nature reappears

Where man stands opposite his fellow man.

As a last resort, when not another means

Is of avail, the sword is given him,

The highest of all goods we may defend from violence,

Thus stand we before our country,

Thus stand we before our wives, and before our children.

Now, obviously, Schiller was very, very careful with the last scene of that drama, to make sure that people would not draw out of the play, the right to commit terrorism or violence—he’s very, very careful. So if you read this drama, which I want to encourage you to do, please read the last scene, because there have been performances where it was left out, and then people took that as an encouragement of violence in the streets, which is explicitly not meant by Schiller.

But otherwise, I think the idea of the Declaration of Independence, that a point has been reached, where there is enough that this must end; and the idea of Friedrich Schiller, that “No, there is a limit to the tyrant’s power,” is the message which everybody should carry in themselves in the next period.

We need an international mobilization, because the outcome of this fight is not just an American question: As Kirk Wiebe, Dennis Speed, and James Jatras all said earlier, if this fight is lost, I think the whole world will be under a dictatorship, and further, I also think the Biden team, if Biden becomes President, stands for war. The more patriotic forces in Europe have said so. Willy Wimmer is one of them, but also thinking people from the right and from the left have clearly said that the confrontation against Russia and China, the expansion of NATO into the Indo-Pacific, and the encirclement of Russia and China which has been going on with Bush and Cheney and Obama before, would probably really bring us to a catastrophe.

So everything is at stake, and therefore, we should take the words of the Declaration of Independence and Friedrich Schiller to heart.

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