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This article appears in the November 27, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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What Action Is the Committee Taking?

During a November 21 webinar addressed by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, a retired general of the U.S. armed forces, who is a member of the Committee for the Coincidence of Opposites, offered a comment that was read by the moderator. Zepp-LaRouche then responded.

Said the general, “I’m proposing that we do a humanitarian Marshall Plan to deal with COVID, which is a crisis throughout the world. If we don’t solve the world problem, then we will never solve the COVID crisis as a whole.”

He references Operation Warp Speed, which in the first phase is going to be primarily focused in the United States, but looking at a second phase of Warp Speed coming right on the heels of it, he says, “What we should do is to use assets to buy the vaccines,” by buying the pharmaceutical companies out—that’s what he’s saying. (I think that should be at a 2% profit myself.) The comment continues, “transfer this to generic composition and then begin to manufacture these in multiple places throughout the world, to make this quickly available all over the world, through all kinds of countries so you don’t have a lag and potentially lose hundreds of thousands of people or more.

“We have the capabilities throughout the world, in India and China, for instance, which can manufacture generic drugs. I see that as a second phase of Warp Speed. I think if this were brought before President Trump, he would want to do this.

“On the food crisis, with our assets, the capacities of our famers and lots of food in storage, it can be brought out through what Beasley and the World Food Program have, as well as food that is now subject to [eventual] spoilage, brought immediately into countries facing famine. The other thing we should do is to terminate ethanol, turning corn into gas; that would free a tremendous amount of corn that could be used in various ways. These are not difficult solutions. It’s a matter of wanting to put your head down and demand that you’re going to do it. This is a matter of getting these ideas in front of the right people. The Committee has to make sure that that happens. This has to be put in front of decision-makers, and let them take credit for adopting it, whatever that may mean.

“The main point is that President Trump is a good guy; he would do it, and it’s a matter of getting it in front of him.”

Zepp-LaRouche: I fully agree with what the general is saying. Warp Speed now has resulted in several vaccines. The first one was the one of Pfizer and BioNTech, a German firm in Mainz. Obviously, I’m a little bit proud that Germany was one of the first countries to participate with an American company to produce it. Now there are two or three others.

And I think speed now is really of the essence, because it takes a tremendous logistical apparatus to get these vaccines quickly to the countries which have the most difficulty in getting it, and it does require—that’s why this idea of the Committee for the Coincidence of Opposites, which I think would have really worked—well, that’s a different matter—but I think now is the time to go with it full-speed, and I think if we mobilize quickly, as long as President Trump is there, he could go with it now! I’m afraid that with Biden and his Green policy, this will not happen! That is very clear.

But I think the reason why we need to do it is not just the vaccines, but we need to build a modern health system in every single country. A top German virologist, Dr. Christian Drosten, who I think is extremely competent, said that he is now preparing to go back to his research in virology. He has had a leading role in explaining the pandemic to the population and had a daily podcast, and was very helpful. He says he wants to go back now to intensify his research because he thinks the next pandemic will probably be from the MERS [Middle East Respiratory Syndrome] virus, because all the signs are that that is going to be the next virulent problem. And that’s not the last one.

So the danger of new pandemics will be there until we have a modern health system in every country. And I think that is really the larger fight: Not just an emergency mobilization to get the medicine, but to actually create the condition where these pandemics don’t break out so massively as we have seen it!

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