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This editorial appears in the December 11, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


Don’t Give In to the Psywar—
The Fight Can Be Won!

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Dec. 1—Don’t give in! Although there is a nearly universal call from all the legacy media—including Fox—as well as such government officials as Attorney General William Barr, for President Donald Trump to accept his defeat and move on, to submit to the claims that there is “no evidence” of fraud, and that any such claims are “baseless accusations,” the legislative battle being waged in hearings in Pennsylvania (last Wednesday), Arizona (Monday), and Michigan (Tuesday and Wednesday) are bringing to light numerous direct witnesses to voting irregularities and fraud, and expert testimony as to the extent of that fraud.

The election watcher yelled at and shoved out of the room, the data analyst who has identified tens of thousands of votes cast by people ineligible to vote, the legal teams that are fighting to ensure that evidence is maintained and examined, to the volunteers staking out election warehouses, the citizens participating in rallies, the President who has no intention of giving up—will you join in expressing such a passion for defending the American republic? One of the witnesses in Michigan warned today that if the fraudulent election is allowed to stand, “we’re seeing our Republic slipping away from us.”

In Wisconsin, Trump’s campaign has filed a lawsuit to invalidate over 200,000 votes in Dane and Milwaukee counties. Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem, who chaired the hearing in Phoenix on Monday, November 30, is calling for the legislature to retake control of the appointment of the state’s electors: “We are clawing our Electoral College votes back, we will not release them,” he said. He noted that a simple majority can call the House and Senate back, “and in a day pass a resolution, and cause those electors to basically be held. And it is binding. I’ll see you in court.” Also in Arizona, a judge has agreed to allow GOP lawyers to examine a random sampling of mail-in ballots to see whether the signatures match those in the voter registration system. And in Nevada, a judge has ordered the maintenance of records and voting machines, for inspection.

Such evidence, and the multi-faceted account brought to life at the Schiller Institute’s International Investigative Commission on Truth in Elections on November 28, must be brought to light. And the wacky QAnon-style claims introduced to discredit these efforts must be discounted as the elements of psywar that they are.

While the action of this fight appears to be located primarily on the stage of the United States, the implications are worldwide.

Will the world embrace the green, Malthusian outlook that demands energy poverty, a return of farmland to its “natural” state, the early death of the elderly (better to die by 75 says Biden’s would-be Covid commission member, Dr. Ezekiel “EZ-Kill” Emanuel), and submission to the idea that human beings are fundamentally destructive consumers of nature’s finite bounty? Will the geopolitical worldview in which one’s gain is another’s loss, be allowed to drive the NATO alliance to war against China and Russia, to prevent their rise and independence?

Or will we look to our common destiny as a spacefaring species, whose future lies not in spats on this planet, but in developing the technologies to colonize Mars and beyond, and recognizing that people of all nations, as human beings, have the innate ability to contribute to the mission of advancing human culture?

Tuesday evening, Beijing time, China’s Chang’e-5 lander touched down on the surface of the Moon, where it will carry out its mission of bringing samples back to Earth—the first such sample-return mission in over 40 years. China will be the third nation, following the United States and the Soviet Union, to have brought to Earth pieces of our celestial neighbor. This success reminds us that in times of turmoil, it is useful to reflect on what the human race is capable of. In his 1983 book, There Are No Limits to Growth—written in response to the Club of Rome’s Malthusian work of fiction, The Limits to Growth—Lyndon LaRouche touches us with a vision for the future:

Imagine Mars fifty or sixty years from now, and so imagine yourself seeing a square kilometer thickly planted with young trees, each grown already to approximately a meter in height. Is this “science fiction?” Unless we destroy civilization with thermonuclear warfare, or, alternatively, famines and pandemics caused by neo- Malthusian policies, between A.D. 2030 and 2040, there should be a significant beginning of large-scale colonization of Mars by humankind….

Why shall we do this? What is the purpose behind such developments of the century ahead?… “Because it is there?” For sake of curiosity, love of adventures?…

The most profound thinkers among scientists will direct this space effort to a religious purpose, a purpose consistent with St. Augustine’s emphasis upon insertion of the Filioque into the Nicene Creed.

Mankind is unique. The same creative powers of mind which enable mankind to increase willfully the potential relative population-density of our species on Earth by three orders of magnitude, are a creative power to discover, ever more perfectly, that lawful composition of the universe by which the universe as a whole is governed….

What endures is our contribution to the advancement of culture … an increase in the creative powers of mind of those who come after us.

What can you do today to contribute to this universal mission?

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