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This article appears in the December 18, 2020 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Schiller Institute Conference

The World After the U.S. Election:
Creating a World Based on Reason

December 12-13, 2020

Videos of the entire conference are available here.


Hang Together, or Hang Separately:
Free and Sovereign Republics or
Digital Dictatorship?

by Rainer Apel

Dec. 12—The Schiller Institute opened its two-day, online international conference, “The World after the U.S. Election—Creating a World Based on Reason,” this morning with the first panel dedicated to the theme “Hang Together, or Hang Separately—Free and Sovereign Republics or Digital Dictatorship?” The panel, moderated by Dennis Speed, featured six speakers: Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche (Germany); two members of the recently created International Investigative Commission on Truth in Elections, Marino Elsevyf, Attorney-at-law (Dominican Republic), member of the 1995 Martin Luther King International Tribunal, and David Meiswinkle (U.S.), Attorney-at-Law; Viktor Dedaj (France), citizen-journalist; Harley Schlanger (U.S.), Board of Directors, Schiller Institute; and David Christie (U.S.), LaRouche Policy Committee.

Referencing the setback which the Texas State legal action just suffered at the Supreme Court, Zepp-LaRouche said in her introductory remarks that the fight against the vote fraud is not over, but what must be addressed is a fight for a solution to all the other big problems that challenge mankind at this present time: the Covid-19 pandemic, the new famine which is threatening 270 million lives, the financial collapse, the strategic confrontation of NATO with Russia and China—all of these being a threat to the human species as a whole.

A video clip featured Lyndon LaRouche’s remarks to a Schiller conference on September 2, 2000 on the mission of mankind to improve the universe as well as human conditions of life, by investigating the universal principles, this mission being the only aspect that makes man different from animals. LaRouche said in part:

So, what is action? What is relevant action? What kind of actions can we take, which the universe acknowledges to be a command?

Well, typical of those kinds of acts that we make—which we can prove, the universe will obey, otherwise the universe won’t obey them—are actions which conform to the discovery of a universal physical principle. If you can discover a validated, universal physical principle, and you can give that, as an order to the universe, the universe will obey. Man is the only creature that can do that! That can formulate an order, called a universal physical principle, validate that discovery, and issue that discovery as an order, a command, to the universe, and the universe is compelled to obey.

Zepp-LaRouche then addressed the need for a new Renaissance in the tradition of Plato and Nicholas of Cusa, for a new paradigm of human existence.

Marino Elsevyf and David Meiswinkle reported on the founding session of the International Investigative Commission on November 28, Elsevyf in particular recalling that this vote fraud pattern has been there for at least 20 years, and that Lyndon LaRouche was absolutely on the mark when also about 20 years ago he spoke about the Manifest Destiny of the United States to bring the world back to the principle of reason—a new principle of a kind that is needed now, continuing the work of the U.S. Presidents like Washington, Lincoln, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Meiswinkle gave a detailed account of heavy evidence of the vote fraud, also pointing out that this practice has been in place for a long time. He himself witnessed it many times in elections in New Jersey where he is based. This time, there has been a “mail-in vote tsunami,” he said, and all of that needs to be investigated. This is a challenge to U.S. citizens to stand up and fight for their Constitution which is so much disrespected now. But there is a revolutionary moment developing of people that realize that a massive vote fraud has been orchestrated, Meiswinkle said, so “The battle has begun!”

Viktor Dedaj then focused on “The Crucifixion of Julian Assange: A Journalist Committed to Truth and Peace,” as a striking example of breaches of laws and constitutions, of lies and fake news, of inhuman treatment and seven years of imprisonment, of an information war like never before. Dedaj portrayed Assange’s creation of WikiLeaks as a great contribution to breaking the conspiracy of lies and disinformation spread by the elites globally, saving the free press, making things public which would have been kept secret otherwise by the legacy press. Zepp-LaRouche noted later the urgency that President Trump pardon Assange, as his life is seriously threatened by the treatment he is facing in prison at the hands of the British.

Harley Schlanger, in his speech, “What Are the Principles and Facts Concerning the Recent U.S. Election?” lashed out against the vote fraud as occurring in the overall march into dictatorship and the danger of a new world war, caused by the U.S. military might and the military-industrial complex around it. This cabal is trying to impose extra-territorial dictates across the world, all states that stand in the way of that are being attacked—Libya, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine—while Russia and China are being provoked. Citizens must get the big picture of what is behind this—it is the physical economy and who has the power over it: the oligarchy of the Empire or the people represented by the Republic. This is what our forefathers have fought for, for several centuries. Harley called for a Special Prosecutor to be appointed by Trump to carry out the investigation of the massive vote fraud.

Under the theme, “The British Empire’s Digital Dictatorship: Censorship and Mass Social Control,” David Christie elaborated on the role of social control as the most efficient method of oligarchical rule, its beginning dating to the British Empire’s role in Africa in the 1930s, the role of the Tavistock Institute, such imperial bodies as the International Network of Social Analysis [INSA], the media aspects with their fake news, and the internet-based color revolutions which are not there to promote democracy but to install a digitized Empire. This manipulation machine is active in Hong Kong, in Belarus, and many other states, and the U.S. vote fraud apparatus is an integral part of that. What is urgently required, Christie said, is that people declare themselves to be fed up with all of the Reesian Tavistock methods and return to the higher poetical concepts represented by the great minds like Cusa.

The discussion period after the six presentations saw an intervention first by William Binney, on the fact that the FBI has known all the time that there is vote fraud in practice; the FBI knew it before Trump was elected in 2016 that there was an “inside job” done and not an outside one done by Russia. To this, the panelists responded, with Zepp-LaRouche stressing that the appointing of a Special Prosecutor was really urgent, with Meiswinkle calling on citizens to step to the forefront and fight for their constitutional rights, with Schlanger recalling that this prosecutor was even proposed by Trump himself, so he should do it right now. Elsevyf stressed again the need to return to the principle of reason and investigate all the evidence of vote manipulation, while Christie elaborated on the fake color revolutions allegedly fighting against “authoritarian regimes,” whereas the real issue is real leadership based on principles of the Republic against the Empire.

We publish below the full remarks by Viktor Dedaj and William Binney. Next week’s EIR will include David Christie’s presentation on the manipulation of social networks for social control by intelligence agencies and their minions in the fields of cybernetics, sociology, and anthropology.

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