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This article appears in the April 9, 2021 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Schiller Institute/ICLC Conference, March 20-21, 2021
The World at a Crossroad

Two Months into the
New U.S. Administration


Saturday, March 20
First Panel: Reversing the Cultural Wasteland—The Urgency of a New Renaissance, Creating a Planetary Culture Worthy of the Dignity of Humanity

Jason Ross: Moderator’s Opening Remarks

Carlo Levi Minzi, pianist; Norbert Brainin, violin: Beethoven’s Violin Sonata, Op. 96, fourth movement

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Keynote Address: “Will Human History End in a Tragedy, or Continue with a New Paradigm?”

Dennis Speed: “Why and How America Must Return to a Classical Culture”

Liliana Gorini: “Dante’s Commedia: The Way from Hell to Science and Space Exploration”

Diane Sare: “Beethoven in the Garden of Gethsemane”

Carolina Domínguez: “How to Address the Crisis in Education: LaRouche in the Universities”

John Sigerson, tenor; Margaret Greenspan, pianist: Beethoven’s Abendlied unter’m gestirnten Himmel

Megan Dobrodt: “Three Mars Missions and the Galactic Species”

Anastasia Battle: “The Launching of Leonora”


Second Panel The Strategic Crisis Facing the Human Race

Harley Schlanger: Moderator’s Opening Remarks

Helga Zepp-LaRouche: Introductory Remarks

Ambassador Consul General Huang Ping: Address of the Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in New York

First Secretary Alexey Boguslavskiy: “Comments on Russia-U.S. Relations and the United Nations”

Dr. William Happer: “How To Think About Climate Change”


Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. (video clip from May 4, 2001): “What Should U.S. Policy Be?”

Dennis Small: “Make Space for the Belt and Road in the Americas”

Dr. Simón Levy: “The Americas: A China-USA New Path of Cooperation”

Alejandro Yaya: “Youth and Space”

Daniel Marmolejo: “Mexico, Argentina, and China: A Vanguard Strategy from a Viewpoint Against Hybrid Warfare”

Denys Pluvinage: “Is Turkey Just an Anglo-American Pawn?”

Col. Sultan M. Hali: “The New Silk Road and Pakistan”

Richard Freeman: “The Great Reset: The Great Leap Backward”


Sunday, March 21
Third Panel Southwest Asia: Pivot for War, or Peaceful Development with
the New Silk Road

Diane Sare: Moderator’s Opening Remarks

Hussein Askary: “Justice for the Nations of Southwest Asia”

Eng. Hisham Sharaf: “Our Goal: Peace in Yemen, and Joining the New Silk Road”

Haidar Al-Fuadi Al-Atabe: “The Importance of China-Iraq Cooperation for the Reconstruction of Iraq”

Shakeel Ahmad Ramay: “The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Connectivity, and Future Prospects”

Col. Richard Black (USA ret.): “The Truth about the Syrian Crisis”

Dr. Ziad Ayoub Arbache: “A Message of Hope from Syria”

Ambassador Michel Raimbaud: “A War Without End or an End to the War?”

Jacques Cheminade: “A Call to Action”


Fourth Panel The Challenge of Famine and Pandemics The Coincidence of Opposites,
or Mass Extinction?

Dennis Speed: Moderator’s Opening Remarks

Dr. Joycelyn Elders: “A Global Health Mission for the Youth”

Marcia Baker: “The World Famine, and the Need to Double Agricultural Production”

Dr. Khadijah Lang: “Overcoming the Challenge of Famine and Disease in Africa”

Mike Callicrate: “Will Humanity Prosper, or Perish?”

Dr. Shirley Evers-Manly: “Battle Report: The COVID-19 Vaccines and Their Distribution”

Bob Baker and Bill Bullard: “Stand Together for Food, Health, and the Future”

Dr. Walter Faggett: “ ‘The D.C. Project’: Community Healthcare Workers’ Indispensable Role in Defeating the Pandemic”

Nicole Pfrang: “To Help Solve World Hunger, Break Up the Meatpacker Cartel”

James Benham: “Reverse the Decline of Agriculture”

Dr. Frederick Wills (video clip from January 30, 1988): “The History of the Fight for a New World Economic Order”


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