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This article appears in the July 23, 2021 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Bust the London-Riyadh Global Terror Axis

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This article was the lead in a cover-story package in the August 16, 2013 issue of EIR, exposing the role of the British and the Saudi monarchy in fostering and financing radical Islamic terrorist organizations. That included the recruiting and arming of the mujaheddin in Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan war during the 1980s, giving rise to al-Qaeda and its many offshoots internationally. That full issue of EIR is here. The package included: “Bush and Obama Joined at the Hip in Shameless Coverup of Anglo-Saudi 9/11”; “Al-Yamamah: Funding Terrorism”; and “Graham: Hijackers Needed the Saudi Support Network.” Also in the issue is Lyndon LaRouche’s essay, “Mankind’s Existence Is Called into Question: Next?” which addresses the nature of the human mind, in the context of the decline of western civilization following the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, and especially after 9/11.

Aug. 13—If another major terrorist attack like the Sept. 11, 2001 hits on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, or the Sept. 11, 2012 armed assault on the Benghazi, Libya U.S. Mission occurs, you can blame it on George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and the British and Saudi monarchies. The wellspring of all significant international terrorism today is the Anglo-Saudi imperial alliance, expressed most vividly in the 1985 Al-Yamamah arrangements between London and Riyadh that persist to this day.

Al-Yamamah (“The Dove”) was ostensibly an arms-for-oil barter deal, first brokered by then-Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar bin-Sultan, and then-British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Under the cover of the arms-for-crude-oil deal, over the succeeding 28 years, hundreds of billions of dollars in cash have been squirreled into offshore banks accounts in such notorious havens as the British and Dutch Caribbean Islands, Switzerland, and Dubai.

Those funds have bankrolled nearly 30 years of global terrorism and coups d’état, dating back to late-1970s British and American sponsorship of the Afghan “mujahideen” which spawned al-Qaeda and every other Muslim Brotherhood offshoot now imposing a reign of terror across the entire Islamic world, and into Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

Beginning in the mid-1980s, Al-Yamamah slush funds bankrolled the Afghan “resistance,” separatist wars in Africa, and the 1990s conflicts in the Balkans following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. An honest and thorough investigation—yet to be accomplished—would all-but-certainly reveal that Al-Yamamah funds bankrolled the 9/11 terrorists.

The existence of an Anglo-Saudi top-down command over al-Qaeda and every other jihadist front group is well known within some circles at the highest levels of the U.S. government—dating back decades. But the successive Bush (41 and 43) and Obama administrations have presided over a brutal coverup of this Anglo-Saudi treachery, making them complicit before, during, and after the fact, in terrorist atrocities that have claimed tens of thousands of lives globally, and provided the pretext for every police-state tyranny that has been wrought on the United States over the past dozen years.

The single most glaring case of coverup of the Anglo-Saudi terror is the refusal of the George W. Bush and Obama administrations to release the 28-page chapter from the final report of the Joint Congressional Inquiry probing the 9/11 attacks, which catalogued the roles of the Saudi Ministry of Defense and Aviation, Saudi Arabia’s General Intelligence Directorate (GID), and then-Saudi Ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar bin-Sultan, in the financing and protection of the teams of 9/11 hijackers (see accompanying documentation).

Had Presidents George W. Bush or Barack Obama released those 28 pages, and allowed a thorough investigation into the role of British and Saudi intelligence in the September 2001 attacks, it is quite possible that Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the other American diplomats and security officers who were killed or injured in the 2012 attacks on the Benghazi Mission and CIA Annex, would still be alive today. Thousands of others, killed or injured in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Mali, and other frontline battlegrounds, too, might have avoided their fate. And the enormous buildup of the Big Brother espionage state that has now finally been partially exposed by the Edward Snowden, IRS, and other recent revelations, could never have been allowed or justified.

In addition, as the result of the failure to expose and wipe out the Anglo-Saudi authorship, funding, and protection of the global jihadist- and narco-terrorist nexus, the so-called “Global War on Terrorism” has been turned into one of the biggest criminal hoaxes in modern history.

Virginia Republican Rep. Frank Wolf has gathered the signatures of more than 160 House Republicans demanding the creation of a Congressional Select Committee to probe the Sept. 11, 2012 attacks on the American facilities in Benghazi, Libya. The Obama White House is desperate to block any such investigation. In tandem with the release of the buried 28 pages from the earlier Congressional Joint Inquiry into the original 9/11 attacks, such a Benghazi inquiry could unearth the actual roots of the two greatest terror atrocities against the United States since the British sacking of Washington and the burning of the White House in the War of 1812.

An Open Secret

The suppression of those 28 pages has been repeatedly cited by former Sen. Bob Graham (D-Fla.), Lyndon LaRouche, authors Anthony Summers, Robbyn Swan, and others, as the crucial element in a far-broader coverup of the roots of modern irregular warfare and terrorism.

Much of the evidence of the deeper oligarchical roots of global irregular warfare is hidden in plain sight.

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NASA/Paul E. Alers
Queen Elizabeth and her “deadly virus” consort Prince Philip run the Empire with one determined commitment—the reduction of the world’s population to less than 1 billion—by terrorism, famine, disease, and/or war.

• In December 2000, the editors of EIR submitted a memorandum to then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, calling for a formal investigation to determine whether Great Britain should be put on the State Department’s list of state sponsors of terrorism. The EIR document was based exclusively on formal complaints and evidence submitted by governments from every continent, all detailing the fact that Great Britain had provided safe haven and logistical support to terrorist organizations, including the Chechen separatists (Russia), the narco-terrorist FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), Sendero Luminoso (Peru), the Kurdish Workers Party (Turkey), Gamma al-Islamiya (Egypt), Ansar al-Sharia (Yemen), the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (Libya), and the Islamic Guerilla Army (Algeria).

The EIR memorandum named Osama bin Laden, who, at the time, was maintaining a home in Wembley, England, and operated a propaganda office in London under the protection of the British Crown, as a subject for investigation.

• In 2007, EIR published exclusive evidence about the true nature of the Al-Yamamah-BAE Systems project and the offshore terror funds. Among the evidence presented by EIR was material drawn from a semi-official biography of Prince Bandar, which detailed the offshore sequestration of Al-Yamamah profits and their use to arm the Afghan mujahideen, African governments, and other agencies engaged in “the fight against communism.” Prince Bandar boasted in that book that the Al-Yamamah deal was a product of the unique relationship that existed between the British and Saudi monarchies, which allowed for the build-up of a massive “black fund” with no governmental oversight.

That EIR exposé included details, provided in public locations by Senator Graham and others, detailing some of the evidence of the Saudi official funding of 9/11.

When the investigations into the BAE-Saudi program threatened to blow up the Anglo-Saudi controlling hand over al-Qaeda and other jihadist terror, British Prime Minister Tony Blair ordered the Attorney General to shut down the probe on “national security grounds.” To this day, Al-Yamamah barter deals between BAE and the Saudi Defense Ministry continue to feed the offshore terror slush funds.

• In 2010, Ian Johnson wrote a book-length account of the British and American intelligence services’ long-running sponsorship of the Muslim Brotherhood, A Mosque in Munich, which catalogued the 1960s emergence of the Muslim World League as the international recruitment arm of the Saudi-funded global jihadist terror. The Johnson account demonstrated that the Anglo-Saudi intelligence “special arrangements” predated Al-Yamamah by decades.

• Also in 2010, British researcher Mark Curtis wrote another book-length account, Secret Affairs—Britain’s Collusion With Radical Islam, based largely on declassified British Foreign and Commonwealth Office and MI6 documents, showing that the British Crown intelligence service has been the sponsor and controlling force behind the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and all of its even more violent offshoots, dating back to the organization’s founding in the British-occupied Suez Canal Zone in Egypt in the 1920s.

• The History Commons, a little-known but important online archive (www.historycommons.org), has assembled over 20,000 news entries—all from public sources—detailing the Anglo-Saudi links to the 9/11 hijackers and other brutal acts of mass terror. It is an open secret, frequently publicized in the British media, that “Londonistan” is the capital of global jihadist terrorism. Despite the EIReffort in late 2000 to shut down the British Crown’s transparent alliance with Saudi Arabia in sponsoring worldwide terrorism and separatist insurgency (Chechnya, Kurdistan, Kashmir, etc.), London remains the protector and recruitment hub for terrorism on every continent to this day.

The issue before us is not the availability of evidence. The issue is that leading government circles in Washington, London, and Riyadh are committed to covering up the Anglo-Saudi responsibility for 9/11, Benghazi, and other atrocities. Until and unless that coverup is broken, no one is immune from attack. The fact that two successive American Presidents—George W. Bush and Barack Obama—have put their personal imprimatur on the coverup of the British and Saudi monarchies’ role in funding and orchestrating terrorism is grounds for prosecution and impeachment.

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EIRNS/Stuart Lewis
The strategy of building up al-Qaeda and modern Muslim terrorism as a weapon against nations can be largely traced to “academic” and British intelligence agent Dr. Bernard Lewis, shown here speaking in Washington, D.C., in 2003.

Anglo-Saudi ‘Thirty Years War’

The British alliance with Saudi Arabia to promote global terrorism and genocide has been a dominant policy for more than 30 years. Back in the mid-1970s, Dr. Bernard Lewis, a leading British intelligence “Orientalist,” called for an “Arc of Crisis” extending across the southern tier of the Soviet Union, from the Caucasus to Central Asia and into Western China’s Xinjiang Province. Lewis called for Western intelligence sponsorship of an Islamic fundamentalist jihad against the “Godless communist monolith.”

The “Bernard Lewis Plan,” as it came to be known, gridded precisely with the official policy of the British monarchy to reduce the world population to below 1 billion people, through war, disease, and famine. Lewis was dispatched to the United States in the mid-1970s, where he sold the British new Thirty Years War scheme to such prominent American national security figures as Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, Dick Cheney, Michael Ledeen, Richard Perle, and the entire coterie of neoconservatives who would come to populate two Bush administrations.

In effect, the “Bernard Lewis Plan,” promoted by the British Crown and adopted by the Carter, Reagan, and Bush administrations, fostered a Thirty Years War that rages to this day. Starting in Afghanistan, London and Riyadh, with the complicity of dupes and traitors in Washington, it created a global “dark age” legion of fanatical suicide fighters, who have gone from Afghanistan to Iraq, Syria, Libya, and beyond.

The sponsorship of this “new dark age” project is a top-down affair. The policy of the British monarchy is vast population reduction. They have a witting ally in Saudi Arabia, despite the fact that some of the very jihadist forces unleashed with London sponsorship and Saudi funding will ultimately bring down the Saudi monarchy itself.

Senior U.S. intelligence sources have confirmed that the “new” British policy for the entire Islamic world is the promotion of a permanent sectarian conflict between Sunni and Shi’a, exploiting a 1,000-year-old split within Islam, with the goal of mass genocide.

One of the most important British assets in this global genocide scheme is Prince Bandar. Trained in Britain, Bandar was not only the Saudi interlocutor with the British Crown and BAE in forging the original Al Yamamah deal. As Saudi Ambassador in Washington (and as practically an adopted son of George H.W. Bush), Bandar presided over the Saudi intelligence officers who shepherded the 9/11 hijackers for a year, leading up to the September 2001 attacks. His wife, Princess Haifa, provided cover for Bandar’s direct financing of at least one team of the hijackers.

Today, Bandar is in an even more prominent position, as national security advisor to King Abdullah, and as head of the Saudi GID intelligence service. It is Bandar who is behind the deployment of thousands of “dark age” suicide fighters into Syria and Lebanon, to guarantee that the Sunni versus Shi’ite conflict reaches a critical mass of killing and hatred to last a century.

Bandar, however, is a foolish pawn in a much bigger game, a game controlled from London, not Riyadh. That oligarchical game is one of divide-and-conquer. Ultimately, it is a game of mass population reduction on a scale never before seen in history.

It is that British policy that must be stopped. The suppressed 28 pages from the Congressional Joint Inquiry are the crucial entry point for exposing the true nature of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and all that followed. Open that door and the entire Anglo-Saudi war against civilization can be exposed. From Bandar to BAE to the British Crown, the true masterminds of the heinous crime of 9/11 can be revealed. Those in the United States who have been complicit in the coverup of that crime can and must, as well, be brought to justice—including those currently occupying the highest office in the land.

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