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This article appears in the July 30, 2021 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


To Save South Africa, Create the New World Economic Order Now!

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Citizens Electoral Council, Australia
Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane

July 23—I address you today as the leader of the LaRouche movement in South Africa and as a patriot of my nation. I must address the recent rioting and violence that has swept through a part of our nation and has caused some to call for severe measures to suppress it.

First: This rioting was not the result of an organized effort by the supporters of our jailed former President, Jacob Zuma, and does not benefit him. Yes, the rioting did begin after Mr. Zuma voluntarily turned himself in on July 7 to begin a 15-month jail sentence for contempt of court. The Constitutional Court had ordered him to continue his testimony before the Zondo Commission—not itself a court—that is investigating allegations of “state capture,” corruption, and fraud in the public sector. His questioning there was a fishing expedition in support of a later prosecution. Mr. Zuma refused to continue testifying because, he said, he would be cooperating in his own persecution.

But, despite the efforts by the enemies of our nation in London—and their local lackeys—to create a narrative blaming Zuma’s supporters for organizing the violence, there is strong reason to believe that those same accusers and their agents may themselves have sparked and stoked the violence—like 9/11, an “inside job.”

It could be done by manipulating the justified anger among the people over the economic collapse that has unemployment at 43%, while food and fuel prices increase more and more rapidly towards hyperinflation, and while the government is unable to stem the relentless thrusts of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Zuma’s jailing provided a pretext for the violence and the coming repressive countermeasures.

This attack on South Africa should be understood as part of the blistering assault by the City of London—the financial center of the global monetarist British Empire—on all BRICS members (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). The assault includes the relentless attacks on Russia and China, but also destabilizations of India and Brazil, which are magnified by the effects of the pandemic. The intention is to prevent the BRICS at all costs from serving as a seed crystal for the new global system.

These matters need a competent investigation, conducted by a commission of inquiry if necessary. We must deal in facts and not in the ideological propaganda coming from media infected and, in many cases owned, by enemies of our national interest.

Orders from London

The orders issued to the Ramaphosa government for its policy response to the violence are coming directly from the City of London. The Economist, the weekly public mouthpiece for that Empire, barked its orders to the government in an article posted July 14, “South Africa’s War for the Rule of Law,” demanding that South Africa make corruption the focus as the supposed chief cause of the country’s poverty. No mention of the policies of imperial finance and of vaccine apartheid that have been killing the country. The Empire’s unspoken policy for South Africa is for continued austerity, with all that means for the continued spread of the virus.

“Clean up your corruption,” snaps the Empire, meaning, wipe away any opposition to the rule of its South African minions—and make an example of our former President Zuma. He had, during his time in office, dared to oppose the Empire’s policy hegemony, aligning South Africa instead with the BRICS countries for policies of development—policies opposed by the City of London and its U.S. assets. The Economist article leaves open the threat to do worse to South Africa if the City is not obeyed.

Repeatedly in the past, I have warned you that South Africa needs to break sharply and completely with the British Empire and cast its lot fully with the emerging New World Economic Order (NWEO) that would discard the inhuman assumptions of monetarism—money as the measure of all things—and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity through economic development. You will find my warnings documented in the Executive Intelligence Review, for example in 2015, 2016, 2018, and 2021.

In my past statements, I echoed the call of that great man, the late Lyndon LaRouche, the world’s foremost physical economist, and his wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the Schiller Institute President, to create a non-monetarist NWEO in which credit will be mobilized for great development and infrastructure projects, lifting the developing nations, including those of Africa, out of enforced underdevelopment. It will put an end to the Malthusian depopulation and de-industrialization now taking place under the mantle of the global Green New Deal and related atrocities. Given the collapsing state of the monetarist global system, no half measures could work. This understanding should be increasingly obvious in these many long months of pandemic, in which London and Wall Street have sought to perpetuate their rule by using the virus to slaughter especially nonwhite populations, by delaying and even denying us life-saving vaccines.

Phapano Phasha reads the 21 demands of the Free Jacob Zuma campaign, addressed to President Cyril Ramaphosa, in a July 16, Johannesburg press conference widely covered in South African media. She said the campaign will continue until former President Zuma is released and South Africa is “truly liberated and economically empowered.”

Listen to the People

On July 16, leaders of the Free Jacob Zuma campaign—including ANC members Phapano Phasha; Carl Niehaus, member the ANC National Executive Committee; and former Nelson Mandela Bay Councillor Andile Lungisa—in a press conference and interview covered by state broadcaster SABC, issued a set of 21 demands on behalf of all South Africans, including the hungry, the poor, the sick, and the unemployed, some of whom have taken to the streets.

These leaders, guided by Mr. Zuma, represent the views of the large wing of the ruling African National Congress that formulated the Radical Economic Transformation (RET) platform that was then adopted by the party at its elective conference in December 2017. The 21 demands are largely based on that platform and include a strengthened state sector, national banking, increased manufacturing, and less export of raw materials. The leaders demanded that President Ramaphosa implement this program adopted by his own party.

While some aspects of the RET, including its land reform program, are problematic, Phasha—who presented the demands—also emphasized that South Africa must renew its commitment to the BRICS and its development perspective, and educate citizens on what this will mean. None of this has been done by the Ramaphosa government; and Zuma, who brought South Africa into the BRICS, fell short in educating the public.

The Free Jacob Zuma leaders have demanded the pardon and release of Mr. Zuma. Former President Thabo Mbeki, in an undated video clip now circulating on the internet, categorically insists that you do not jail an African head of state. He was talking about the wrong things done by the International Criminal Court (ICC), but the principle is relevant to the case of former President Zuma. You don’t do it, he said, because it may lead to the loss of hundreds and thousands of lives. In a 2015 lecture, he spelled out the principle in detail, saying that you must instead “protect an advance to peace,” which is going to save those lives.

There is also a South African precedent: When former President P.W. Botha was found guilty of contempt in 1998 for repeatedly refusing to testify before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission investigating crimes of the apartheid period, he was given the option of a modest fine to avoid jail.

I believe that the demands presented by Ms. Phasha, including the demand that the government respond by July 30, are necessary steps and should be supported. But we must go much further. We must finally make that break with the British Empire of money which has continued to enslave our people to the yoke of monetarism and which will now kill as many as necessary to preserve its global rule. We must act as Mr. LaRouche demanded we act, to create a New World Economic Order based on the human principle of the General Welfare, not on the drive of a financial oligarchy to loot profit at the expense of human well-being and life itself across the planet.

The British seek to destroy South Africa which, as the Economist correctly points out, is the most industrialized nation on the African continent and a global economic power. By destroying it they will render all African development plans much more difficult, if not impossible. I, for one, cannot let that happen.

What Will You Do, Mr. President?

So, I make this appeal to you, President Ramaphosa: You did not choose these difficult times to rule in. I understand that. They chose you. However, the response needed by you, as President, to this challenge, has so far been inadequate and at times counterproductive, playing into the hands of those British imperial forces who would destroy us.

Now, you must make a decision: If our nation is to survive, you must reject orders from the Empire and its bankers. You must listen to people in your own party, such as Ms. Phasha, who are calling on you to finally serve our national interest. If you can do that, then our nation has a chance. But if you will not, or cannot, or are too afraid to do so, then you must step aside in favor of someone who will act, lest this great country plunge, as the British imperialists desire, into a bloody civil war.

For orders within the U.S., visit larouchelegacyfoundation.org

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