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This article appears in the March 4, 2022 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Schiller Institute International Conference

February 19, 2022

A Nuclear War Cannot Be Won and Must Never Be Fought

100 Seconds to Midnight on
the Doomsday Clock
We Need a New Security Architecture!


Panel 1
Who and What Are Driving the Rush Toward World War?
How Close Are We?

Moderator: Dennis Speed (U.S.), Schiller Institute

Opening Music
Johannes Brahms: Sonata in A major for Violin & Piano, Opus 100, Andante tranquillo/Vivace
Norbert Brainin, violin; Günter Ludwig, piano

Video Excerpts from Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. (1922-2019)

You Have Nothing To Fear as Much as Denial Itself,” Schiller Institute Conference, September 1, 2001

“Storm Over Asia, Take Two: I Told You So, and Now It Is Happening,” Schiller Institute Conference, September 2, 2000

Keynote Address: “What Happens After D-Day? Will Russia Invade Ukraine?”
Harley Schlanger (U.S.), Schiller Institute

“Ukraine’s Role in Present World Affairs”
Natalia Vitrenko (Ukraine), Chairwoman of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine

“Evaluation of the Strategic Situation: a French Perspective”
Col. (ret.) Alain Corvez (France), international consultant; former Counselor, French Defense and Interior Ministries

“Why We Need a New Security Architecture”
Jens Jørgen Nielsen (Denmark), former Moscow correspondent for the Danish daily Politiken; author; Director, Russian-Danish Dialogue; Assistant Professor, Communication and Cultural Differences, Niels Brock Business School

“The Evolution of NATO in the Post-Soviet Period”
James Jatras (U.S.), former diplomat, former advisor to U.S. Senate Republican leadership

“Imran Khan’s Proposal for Pakistan To Mediate Between the U.S. and China”
Shakeel Ahmad Ramay (Pakistan), political economist, director of the China Center at the Sustainable Development Policy Institute

Discussion Session

Panel 2
Crafting a New Strategic Architecture:
The Russian-Chinese Feb.
4 Joint Statement and the World
Land-Bridge Economic Development Perspective

Moderator: Dennis Small (U.S.), Ibero-America Director, Executive Intelligence Review

Opening Music
Ludwig van Beethoven: Violin & Piano Sonata in G major, Opus 96, Adagio espressivo and Scherzo, AllegroTrio movements
Norbert Brainin, violin; Günter Ludwig, piano

Video Excerpts from Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. (1922-2019)

“Winning the Ecumenical Battle for the Common Good,” Schiller Institute Conference, May 4, 2001

“The Idea of ‘the Good’ in the Year of Augustine,” Schiller Institute Conference, December 29, 1985

Keynote Address: “Long-Term Survival: A New International Security Architecture”
Helga Zepp-LaRouche (Germany), Founder and Chairwoman, Schiller Institute

“The China-Russia Agreement of Feb. 4, 2022”
Dr. Wang Wen (China), Executive Dean, Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies; Professor, Silk Road School, Renmin University

“Argentina Joins the Belt and Road Initiative”
Alejandro Yaya (Argentina), Vice-President, Civil Institute of Space Technology; leader of the Technology and Innovation Relations Unit, National Defense University

"The Validity of the Concept of Spheres of Influence"
Graham Fuller (U.S.), former vice chairman of the National Intelligence Council, CIA; 25-year CIA operations officer; author of numerous books

“Development Is the Name of Peace in South America”
Dr. Carlos Gallardo (Peru), President, Christian Democratic Party of Peru

“War Is Not Inevitable! Emergency Response to the Crises: A New, Human-Centered Paradigm”
Tony Magliano (U.S.), internationally syndicated Catholic social justice and peace columnist

Discussion Session

The videos of both panels are available here.

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