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This article appears in the June 17, 2022 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


London’s War-Mongering Attack on
the 2022 U.S. Mid-Term Election,
and the Cult of Accelerationism

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CC/Gage Skidmore
Tech-billionaire Peter Thiel. His neo-reactionary “Accelerationism” movement exerts a dangerous influence on U.S. politics and military policy, especially in the Biden Administration’s proxy war against Russia.

June 11—This strategic exposé of tech-billionaire Peter Thiel’s expanding role in the Biden Administration’s proxy war against Russia, and its related account of Thiel’s data analytics companies’ engagement in the secretive deployment of what has become known as the NRx (neo-reactionary) movement of “Accelerationism”—which is being media-hyped to control the 2022 Mid-Term election—has been released by EIR as a wake-up call. The study is shaped to reveal and root out through political intervention, the deeper process by which an Avatar-like know-nothing such as Peter Thiel, largely by throwing money around, could emerge over a 25-year period as an ominous, haunting influence over the U.S. political stage, as well as a factor in empowering a Silicon Valley-spawned “tech-industry” inner circle of billionaires to exert dangerous influence over U.S. military policy.

The study continues a set of EIR strategic reports published since 2021, exposing London’s and Wall Street’s imposition of the privatization of the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex,[fn_1] with Thiel’s Palantir growing in its core, in the wake of the fall of the Soviet Union, and then the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack. Economist Lyndon LaRouche, who pre-warned in early 2001 that the U.S. was being set up for a “Reichstag” Fire incident modeled on the 1933 trick which put Adolf Hitler’s dictatorship in power, harshly denounced the financial elite’s drive for private corporate control over the U.S. military, which advanced with the revenge wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. LaRouche underlined, the model for this “financialization” of military output was the 1933 Hitler coup, whereby the Bank for International Settlements handed Germany over to insane, corporativist conglomerates committed to war with the Soviet Union.

On June 2, Defense News pinpointed the role that Thiel’s Palantir system of data analytics companies is coming to play in the Ukraine/Russia proxy war. Defense News appears to be the only publication which reported the arrival in Kiev, Ukraine that week, of Alex Karp, CEO of Palantir and intimate friend of Thiel’s, whereby Karp was scheduled to be the first “executive of a major Western company” to meet face-to-face with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The subject the two discussed was “defense cooperation and the opening of an office for the data analytics company in the war-torn country.” Zelenskyy’s office issued a statement calling the meeting a “positive signal that despite a full-scale war, Ukraine is open to business” and that he is “delighted Palantir is ready to invest in Ukraine and help us in the fight against Russia on the digital frontline.”

Founded in 2004, for over a decade Palantir was a minor factor in military contracting. Thiel and his string of analytic data tech firms dressed up with kooky names were being groomed during those years by intelligence agencies to shake out the more traditional, and even patriotic circles embedded in the military supply systems of the armed services. According to Defense News, after years of being in the background, Thiel and Karp launched a federal lawsuit against the U.S. Army, charging Palantir was being illegally barred from bidding on contracts to upgrade the Army’s Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS). Palantir’s complaint and lawsuit helped stoke a diversionary fight within the Armed Services, since the real issue then was the utter failure of the senseless Afghanistan war, which really needed to be brought to a quick end. Nonetheless, in 2018, Palantir won the case in Federal Court, swinging the door open for Thiel and Karp to beat traditional military suppliers like Raytheon for over $1 billion in contracts, to provide more rapid intelligence analysis for military deployments.

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BKA/Arno Melicharek
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Office of the President
Thiel’s friend Alex Karp (top), CEO of Thiel’s Palantir Technologies, met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy (bottom) for military contracts.

Now, with the proxy war with Russia underway, the eccentric Karp[fn_2] drums up war contracts from his base of operations in Europe, while Thiel deploys the profits delivered to him as President of a hedge-fund linked conglomerate to finance select Republican Party campaigns for the 2022 election. Thiel’s funds are also being used to build youth brigades of podcasters and 30-year-old media stars to shape voter perception of what the leading “issues” of the 2022 Mid-term election are supposed to be. His projects to attract youth in the 20-35 age bracket to become followers of his perverse political and philosophical views date back many years, to the time he was being groomed by intelligence agencies as a potential asset. Thus, the Palantir network has a dual function as an intelligence warfare asset.

It is widely reported that Thiel overlaps his efforts with Steve Bannon, who still aims to control Donald Trump, who had earlier fired Bannon as his Chief Strategist. Trump and Thiel, according to media reports, have met at least twice over the past year, while Thiel has poured an unprecedented $30 million into two statewide Republican Senate races, in which the candidates are former long-term employees or partners in his investments. J. D. Vance, former principal at Thiel’s venture capital firm Mithril, recently scored victory with a $15 million campaign war chest from Thiel combined with endless free publicity provided by a much-harassed Tucker Carlson, taking the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Ohio. Blake Masters, who has known Thiel since student days at Stanford University, and who worked 2018-22 as chief operating officer at Thiel Capital, is running for the Senate in Arizona. Thiel has named another 13 Republican candidates he “endorses.” When Thiel persuaded Trump to endorse his Senate candidates, Trump’s own grass-roots base in Ohio erupted in protest, viewing Vance as a fake who could not be trusted.

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Both photos: CC/Gage Skidmore
Thiel has poured $30 million into the 2022 midterm elections, supporting the U.S. Senate campaigns of his associates, J.D. Vance in Ohio (left), and Blake Masters in Arizona (right).

While “Thielbucks” pour into election activity from the Palantir system’s speculative slush funds fueled by contracts with the U.S. military and NATO, Thiel’s clique of candidates put on a show, pretending they “have no interest in Ukraine,” and have no position on the $40 billion-plus the Biden Administration and both parties in Congress have spent on delivering weapons for the proxy war. Prancing around like characters in a Silicon Valley tech movie, Thiel’s operatives behave in lockstep with a deep ideological pathology, named by supporters and opponents alike as the “Neo-reaction” (NRx) movement—a name invented by tech guru Curtis Yarvin—or with the older name, “Accelerationism.”

Multi-Generational Psychological Warfare

“Accelerationism” refers to a cult designed by Anglo-American intelligence services as part of the Cold War agenda after World War II. In recent years, this fairy-tale formation, which over decades has promoted the inevitability of a Dark Age breakdown of Capitalism and the post-World War II system of nation-states into global chaos, has received a sharp rise of media attention in recent times, particularly over the Internet, but increasingly in major print media as well.

Generally, the message of the “Accelerationist” ideologues gathered around Thiel, is to promote the elimination of “politics,” particularly snuffing out the principle of government by consent of the governed, in order to redesign civilization through imposition of top-down corporate dictatorship. This is, in fact, the same program being pushed by the World Economic Forum and the London-Wall Street axis through such fascist ploys as “privatization” where government no longer has any role in promoting the General Welfare of human populations.

The target for the spread of this cult is primarily youth—namely the section of humanity most susceptible to idealism and hope for a better world when young people are permitted to nurture and develop their inherent potential as human beings for creative powers of discovery. To counter this targetting of youth, it is required that our analytic study of this phenomenon briefly embark upon a detour, pointing the way to defeating the Thiel-financed drive to hijack the direction of the 2022 election. Once having traversed this detour, the Dark Age/satanic character of this cult’s political ideology will come more clearly into view, and be recognized as a vulnerable weak flank within the ranks of mankind’s enemies that can be defeated, rather than feared as an epidemic of madness that has leapt beyond control.

The Death of FDR and the Onset of the Cold War

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Courtesy of the FDR Library and Museum
Within hours of President Franklin Roosevelt’s passing, globalist bankers determined to suppress his legacy and restore their control over the world’s economy and resources. Here, FDR delivering one of his Fireside Chats.

We ask our readers to now review with us a pivotal three-year sequence beginning with the devastating impact of the death of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt on April 12, 1945. That is the platform, the starting point, for comprehending the battle ground we live on today.

As Lyndon LaRouche often noted, the London/Wall Street alliance which had supported Hitler until he turned against them, aggressively reverted to a genocidal “right-wing” agenda literally within hours of FDR’s passing. In London and New York, globalist bankers were determined to suppress FDR’s legacy, and to restore their elitist control over the world’s economy and resources. Winston Churchill and British intelligence moved quickly to take over the Harry Truman Administration, using the deployment of the atomic bomb to lay the groundworks for near-term confrontation with the Soviet Union, no longer recognized as the war-time ally against Hitler. Top of their agenda was crushing FDR’s dream of economic development of the poorest regions of the earth’s population, which was still dominated by European colonialism and the looting of the raw materials of most of the planet by London-centered financial cartels.

From 1946-48, an Anglo-American combination of psychological warfare operations were put into motion to alter the cultural characteristics that had allowed the Allies to win the war against Fascism. A profound spirit of scientific optimism and concern for the General Welfare which had been unleashed, for example, throughout the United States as the foundation for the war mobilization, had to be wiped away and forgotten if the London/Wall Street axis were now to restore their political control over economic policy.

A reshaping of popular and academic culture was put on the intelligence-warfare agenda.

Insisting, absurdly, that computers would soon be developed to be “smarter” than human minds, these two “wizards” of the newborn computer industry and Cybernetics, Norbert Wiener (above) and John von Neumann (below), were part of an attack on real science and human creativity, shifting the culture away from the scientific optimism and concern for the General Welfare that characterized the nation during the FDR presidency.

In 1946, the Josiah Macy Foundation put up funds for a seven-year colloquium to be staged at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under the title “Macy Conferences on Cybernetics.” Dominated by two wizards of the newborn computer industry, John von Neumann and Norbert Wiener, the assembled academics at these carefully scripted gatherings included some of the most twisted, pro-imperialist minds to be found in academia.[fn_3] The subject for the prolonged dialogue was defined as “a general science for the workings of the human mind.” As a young veteran, Lyndon LaRouche blasted the Macy conferences, recognizing it as a sophisticated ploy based on von Neumann’s and Wiener’s absurd insistence that computers would soon be developed to be “smarter” than human minds. Much of LaRouche’s intense work on economic theory at that time was aimed at demonstrating the falsification of science underlying the Cybernetic clan’s attack on human creativity.

The extravagant design of the MIT program became a foundation for a sequence of psychological interventions into western culture. The goal was to set up the Cold War and to give control over atomic research, which embraced so much potential for prosperous development of mankind, to a clique of London/Wall Street power interests, typified by the Rockefellers, the British banks and the colonialist mining interests that ran world trade in raw materials.

With Winston Churchill’s takeover of Harry Truman by 1947, the U.S. and Britain signed a “Secret Treaty” also known as UKUSA, to integrate their intelligence services. In 1948, “the English-speaking” clique of Canada, Australia and New Zealand joined this program, which still exists to this day as the Five Eyes.[fn_4] NATO soon followed in 1949. CIA chief Alan Dulles, in 1948, formed the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF), a bastion of anti-USSR propaganda, to be run by academics, artists, and media, but specifically to promote “modernism” against the Classical Principles of education and art, which had been the foundations of the American Revolution and its roots in the 15th century European Renaissance. For the financiers in London, Classical Principles were dangerous because they demonstrated to human beings that our inherent, God-given potential for creative discovery is in fact the source of finding solutions to mankind’s problems, proving that humans are not mere cattle to be herded by control over money and popular perceptions.

This very brief review of modern history is essential to grasp how the game underway in the 2022 Mid-Term election can be defeated. “Accelerationism” emerged as the name of a political cult in the 1970s, reflecting the terrible damage the postwar psychological warfare programs inflicted upon the western world. According to researchers, the name first appeared in France (see below). But the fact that such a designation continues to exist to this day, illustrates the tremendously harmful effect the crafted psychological warfare games of the 1940s have left upon the western world.

Take this matter one step further.

“Acceleration” is, in fact, a classical scientific term developed by the Renaissance genius Johannes Kepler, the founder of modern astrophysics. In his forty-year project, Harmonies of the World, and other works, Kepler demonstrated in the 17th century that the variations in time taken by planets to traverse their orbits (i.e., their “speed”) was determined by an interplay of motion with the elliptical curvature of their orbit in space plus constant variations in the distance of each planet from the sun. Kepler’s beautiful metaphorical mastery of the harmonious solar system, gave birth to the only competent analysis of what is called “the principle of gravity” ever developed by mankind. The root of his discovery was a literate form of language culture, borrowing both from musical and scientific discoveries of humanist predecessors, which enabled this remarkable man to communicate over the duration of centuries, the power of a metaphorical idea to yield knowledge fostering human progress.[fn_5]

Without such a literate form of language, rooted in Classical Principles of composition, science cannot function.

The degradation of the word “acceleration” from its scientific meaning to its modern political jargon use points towards the solution to the problem we face. In the barrooms and hotel lobbies where election frenzy is being crafted, “acceleration” means nothing more than “increase the speed” of the breakdown of civilization.[fn_6] The glitzy term, and its NRx variant introduced by tech-guru Yarvin (a.k.a. Mencius Moldbug) is used, like an amphetamine, to jack up young people into a “groupthink” state, where they are socially accepted, as they muse about how they are going to survive the breakdown of politics, reason and the social fabric of civilization’s survival. The most disgusting interpretations of human civilization are mixed into this ideology. As the recent media coverage of “Accelerationism” documents, its spread is functioning as an Armageddonist heresy, with many suspect connections to armed militia groups steeped in anti-immigration/racist ideologies, to demoralize and stall out the resuscitation of citizen participation to solve the crises we face.

The solution is to organize a greater margin of youth around human creativity.

Yarvin/Moldbug, Nick Land and the British Occult

On April 20, Vanity Fair reporter James Pogue wrote a lengthy story, “Inside the New Right, Where Peter Thiel Is Placing His Biggest Bets,” on the environment around the accelerationist cult, highlighting Thiel’s circle in promoting this phenomenon within the youth strata of the Republican Party. The centerpiece of his report was a 2021 Halloween gathering at a Hilton Hotel in Florida of the National Conservative Conference (NatCon) which Thiel finances. The attendance at this somewhat private gathering was modest, but it gathered a star-list of “popular” youth media specialists, involved in podcasts, movie making and internet crossfire, with focus on those employed by Tech companies. The keynote address for the occasion was delivered by none other than Thiel.

Pogue, who calls himself a liberal outsider of this movement, struggled to accurately describe the event. Characteristic of the dynamic he experienced is the group habit of the insiders dominating the social interactions at NRx gatherings to always speak in incoherent psycho-babble, where no one really knows what anybody else is saying. Characteristic of the confused cross-fire of talk, according to his report, was the way the participants gabbed about the mass shootings that have erupted and the Second Amendment. Amidst chummy incoherent blab about the death throes of traditional politics, and the dissolution of the meaning of life, media personalities sighed to each other affectionate references to mass killers such as the Unabomber—whom they all call “Uncle Ted.” Curtis Yarvin’s comments about Norwegian killer Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people including dozens of children in 2011 are well known among everyone in this crowd. According to NRx guru Yarvin, Breivik’s failure was that he was ineffective in overthrowing Norway’s “communist” government.

Yarvin is the provocateur who for over 20 years has been an influential Tech world blogger, spreading this perverse form of culture, with no limit to the perversities he will promote in his rants. Throughout this time, he has been a friend and advisor to Thiel. Under the absurd and famous pen-name Mencius Moldbug, Yarvin posted a well-known essay, “Why I am Not a White Nationalist,” in which he linked his writings to white nationalist attacks in the “spirit” of inquiry, he claimed. He has repeatedly published commentary claiming that the human species is subject to “race-based” IQ differences. Among his characterizations, memorized by his widespread readership, is that of Nelson Mandela, whom Yarvin nicknamed “St. Mandela,” cynically charging him with murder of his political rivals through the terrorist practice of “necklacing,” and ignoring Mandela’s role as an historic peacemaker and civil rights hero.

Pogue made a serious effort in his April report to convey the environment in which the NatCon gathering transpired. He said after the weekend was over, he felt sick to his stomach. However, it is when one turns from U.S. coverage of this phenomenon to British publications, that the deeper realities of why and how such a process exists becomes more intelligible.

In the UK and locations such as New Zealand, the impact of psychological warfare manipulation of mass behavior has been so devastating that from time to time, a so-called “lid” blows off, and someone in desperation is driven to make public deeper truths behind the game of imperial psychological warfare. A case example of such exposure is an extensive feature published by the New Zealand Herald in 2018 on the 10-year saga run by Thiel to acquire a New Zealand passport and citizenship, even though he failed to meet any of the legal requirements for this privilege. It has never been reported by U.S. sources that Thiel’s targeting of the conservative cabinet of Sir John Phillip Key created such anger in that small nation that there have been repeated Parliamentary requests demanding release of the documents showing that Thiel pulled a stunt against the country, and should not have been granted his request.

Even more revealing is a May 11, 2017 British Guardian exposé released by investigator Andy Beckett, titled “Accelerationism: how a fringe philosophy predicted the future we live in.” Beckett goes further than any American source in pinning down the ties between Thiel, Curtis Yarvin/Moldbug, and the criminally insane British professor Nick Land, an active promoter of “Accelerationism” in its most violent form. Beckett’s probe digs deep below the surface.

Beckett’s report provides critical investigative leads indicating that this quasi-philosophical cult movement was not invented by the psychologically demented Nick Land, who is well-known in the UK but generally ignored in U.S. sources despite documented ties to Yarvin. What Beckett indicates is that “Accelerationism” was transplanted into the UK from an earlier origin, namely the 1960s upsurge at French universities, where the anti-Vietnam War movement was turned into a political missile aimed against the leadership of President Charles de Gaulle. Like John Kennedy, de Gaulle was targeted by fascist, London-linked networks for assassination.

From Beckett’s standpoint, France was the fulcrum of the “1968er” student radicalism which exploded globally in reaction to the Vietnam war. Beckett recounts that in 1967, American science fiction writer Roger Zelazny published a science fiction book titled Lord of Light, in which he named a group of “revolutionaries” who wanted to take their society to a “higher level” by a sudden transformation in technology, the “Accelerationists.” Around the same time, at experimental colleges in France, “leading” philosophy professors such as Gilles Deleuze and Jean-Francois Lyotard published such books as Anti-Oedipus and Libidinal Economy, describing how a revival of Marxism had to be deployed along with anarchism and technology to “accelerate the process” of combining Capitalism with Marxism.

Similar ideological stew pots, under the label of fusing Marxist and Capitalist dogmas were being poured into California universities by Cybernetics and Frankfurt School of Social Research acolytes Theodor Adorno and Hannah Arendt.

Sidney Hook opens the founding conference of the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF) in Berlin, June 26, 1950. Founded by CIA Director Allen Dulles, the CCF was a controlled front group of anti-USSR propaganda, run ostensibly by academics, artists, and media, while promoting “modernism” against the Classical Principles of education and art.

The source of all of this ideological claptrap was the Congress for Cultural Freedom, which played this anti-classical, modernistic game for the reasons cited earlier in our report. Beckett doesn’t address this, but the purpose behind the CCF’s massive outflow of cultural propaganda was to bury the legacy of classical principles of human communication through literate language, and to intimidate the scientific community away from informing the western public at large about the great potentials in scientific achievement that could solve the crisis issues facing mankind.

Nick Land, a pathetic case, became the link between this phenomenon in France and its later re-appearance in the UK. The academic gurus in the French universities—far more sophisticated and schooled in the 18th century Kantian and Cartesian philosophical dogmas that developed to oppose the American Revolution, than the more illiterate generation around Nick Land—were highly effective in spreading this anti-science movement, which came to be linked to the label “Accelerationism.” These university professors, much in tune with the CCF mission, were radiating into the student populations exactly the “radical,” anti-scientific ideologies which the Cold Warriors required to run a globally directed world system of corporate dominance and showdown with the USSR.

According to Beckett, Lyotard eventually disowned his own book Libidinal Economy, calling it “evil” and admitting that radical “acceleration” of orchestrated changes in societies would lead to a new form of fascism. “Yet in Britain,” Beckett wrote, “Anti-Oedipus and Libidinal Economy acquired a different status.” These books were translated “into English [around] 1983 and 1993, respectively. But, for a tiny number of British philosophers, the two books were a revelation.” The books were approved in particular at Warwick University, another example like the earlier French cases of an “experimental” university program “founded in the 1960s as ‘universities that would experiment … with the contemporary world’.”

Former TV actor Professor Land rapidly degenerated as he became more influential on the Warwick campus. A specialist in the works of Friedrich Nietzsche and Martin Heidegger—both mainstays of the Hitler Nazi movement—Land started mass distributing drugs to his students. He huddled within a program funded by the University which he named the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit (CCRU), a title pointing to the von Neumann/Wiener MIT program.[fn_7]

In 1998, Warwick University disowned the drug-pushing Land and the CCRU, which moved off campus and re-assembled in a rental property that had once belonged to England’s most famous occult entertainer, Aleister Crowley. According to his own reports, at this juncture, Land blew the circuits of his mind with overdoses of amphetamines, but also began to communicate with Yarvin over the internet. Land left the UK and moved first to Taiwan, and then to Shanghai, getting employment in China with English-language newspapers.

Yarvin has served as the link between Thiel and Land’s movement for over 20 years. According to some sources, Thiel is an original investor in Tlon, Yarvin’s small tech company. Land’s movement has been kept going by Robin MacKay, a former member of the CCRU who lives in Cornwall, UK and runs a publishing house called Urbanomic which circulates Land’s ravings. According to Beckett, “On alt-right blogs [in the U.S.], Land in particular has become a name to conjure with.” Meanwhile, MacKay has maintained contact with the CCRU membership for over 25 years.

Yarvin and Land’s writings circulate the most violent and racist tracts from the NRx movement, though Yarvin uses a tongue-in-cheek style to tweak the impact of his ravings. Nonetheless, some sections of the “Accelerationist” global system have broken with Yarvin/Land, to forge their own cleaned-up version of the ideology and keep the structure of the movement intact.

Beckett describes the process: “Like other heresies, accelerationism has had generations of adherents, declared or otherwise … communicating with each other in a private language, coalescing around dominant figures, competing to make the faith’s next breakthrough, splitting around factions, burning out. There are, or have been, accelerationists from the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Italy, and France. The movement has produced” endless digital propaganda “with a dizzying range of political, cultural and economic theory. Occasionally, accelerationists have held teaching posts at universities.”

A leading case of the opposition to Land/CCRU within the movement is British philosophy professor Benjamin Noys. Beckett reports: “‘Accelerate is a sexy word,’ Noys says, ‘not a common thing in philosophy.’ … Noys says, ‘Accelerationists always seem to have an answer. If capitalism is going fast, they say it needs to go faster. If capitalism hits a bump in the road, and slows down’ as it has since the 2008 financial crisis, ‘they say it needs to be kickstarted.’ The disruptive U.S. election campaign and manic presidency of Donald Trump … have been seen by an increasing number of observers—some alarmed, some delighted—as the first mainstream manifestation of an accelerationist politics. In recent years, Noys has noticed accelerationist ideas ‘resonating’ and being ‘circulated’ everywhere from pro-technology parts of the British left to wealthy libertarian and far-right circles in America…. Commenters have excitedly noted the connections between some of his ideas and the thinking both of libertarian Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel and Trump’s iconoclastic strategist Steve Bannon’.”

Beckett also quotes Fred Turner, “a leading historian of America’s digital industries”: “In Silicon Valley… accelerationism is part of a whole movement which is saying we don’t need [conventional] politics anymore, we can get rid of ‘left’ and ‘right,’ if we just get technology right. Accelerationism also fits with how electronic devices are marketed—the promise that finally, they will help us leave the material world, all the mess of the physical, far behind.”

With such demonic ideology and a hand-wave, centuries of humanity’s effort to master the physical universe to humanity’s benefit, through reason and creative discovery, is supposed to be tossed to the wind. What we have been reviewing is a multi-generational process of orchestrated cultural degeneration into the grip of a fake, anti-science, anti-classical heresy, now embedded within the western political system like a disease.

It is no surprise to find in Thiel’s 2007 circular to investors, titled “A Straussian Moment,” written in honor of the pro-Nazi ideology of Chicago-based philosophy professor Leo Strauss, that Thiel declared the American Revolution to no longer have any significance whatsoever for the population inhabiting North America. Why is this hardened British imperial ideologue placed in such a sensitive position in the U.S. military-corporate system?

What oozes from this Anglo-American intelligence-warfare synthesis is a massive stench of moral stupidity, organized by leading intelligence institutions as an attack on human creativity and the classical principles underlying scientific discovery. Unfortunately, the bad habit of tolerating this media-pumped nonsense generates a kind of rigor mortis, which is what one smells these days from the swamp of U.S. electoral politics.

Perhaps in the English-speaking world, the time has come to recall revolutionary poet John Keats’ admonition “Ode to Indolence,” and state: “So, ye Ghosts … adieu,” and to bring on a Renaissance of scientific achievement which can sweep aside the boredom with life that induces humans to lose their humanity! Peter Thiel, an Avatar who doesn’t even own himself, should be no model for the young. He and his corporate structure should be removed from the U.S. military system as part of an in-depth investigation into the Military-Industrial Complex and its relationship to the devilish offspring of Cybernetics called Silicon Valley, a mission which is long overdue.

[fn_1]EIR, July 23, 2021: “How to Advance Beyond ‘Understanding’ the War Industry, to Ending War,” a book review of the study issued by veteran Christian Sorensen; and EIR, Jan. 21, 2022: “A Truly Evil Golem: Peter Thiel and his Palantir,” by Renee Sigerson. [back to text for fn_1]

[fn_2] Thiel re-contacted Alex Karp during the 1990s after Karp had moved from California to Frankfurt, Germany to study under Frankfurt School for Social Research “philosopher” Jürgen Habermas. Thiel and Karp teamed up at an early stage in the Palantir project, Karp having shown talent handling investments. Alex Karp is like a character from one of Berthold Brecht’s 1920s modernist plays, an exhibitionist who likes to freak out the elites he so admires by never combing his hair, dressing in ski attire for top-level business meetings. Five minutes of his interviews at the World Economic Forum or other Establishment events is enough to convince a sane person that Karp thinks the world is a game. Unlike Thiel, he calls himself “progressive,” rather than a conservative. [back to text for fn_2]

[fn_3] Anthropologist Margaret Mead, and her sometime husband Gregory Bateson, were among the six “core group” members of the Cybernetics committee. Bateson became a leading actor in spreading mass narcotics addiction at Universities in the United States. Among the 50 or so “experts” who participated at least once in a seminar was the notorious brainwashing specialist Kurt Lewin. [back to text for fn_3]

[fn_4] Today, the “Five Eyes” grouping has been expanded in mission under the name AUKUS, an alliance to drag Australia and New Zealand into war maneuvers against China, among other objectives. [back to text for fn_4]

[fn_5] See “Kepler’s Actual Discovery: Mathematics Is Not Science,” by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. in the November 21, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review. [back to text for fn_5]

[fn_6] On May 26, 2022, UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss pre-released to media a speech she was scheduled to deliver in Bosnia-Herzegovina later that day. Truss (whose last name meant “tight corset” in Shakespeare’s time), stated in regard to the proxy war, “We must be relentless in ensuring Ukraine prevails through military aid and sanctions. We can’t take our foot off the accelerator now.” Considering the Lady’s staunch imperialist mindset, underlined by the horrific speech she delivered in May announcing the restoration of British ideologue Halford Mackinder’s doctrine of “Geopolitics,” it is hard to imagine that her spitting out of the word “accelerator” was accidental. Whether coincidence or not, she exemplifies the cultish heresy addressed in this study. [back to text for fn_6]

[fn_7] During the 1980s and 1990s, John von Neumann’s “challenge” was a major focus of university “computer science” programs throughout the west. Under the guidance of professors such as D. E. Shaw of Stanford University and Columbia University’s Computer Science Program, von Neumann’s agenda was heavily pushed to build the tech industry. Von Neumann claimed that the key to all industry was reducing to an instant the time linking computers to their memory banks (or what are called now servers) so that electronic compilations could occur even faster than the human brain. Shaw played a major role in recruiting computer “whiz kids” on campuses to solving von Neumann’s “puzzle,” namely how to achieve this, and also, in training his students how to speculate with funds they could earn for their code work. It is no coincidence therefore that during that same time frame, Warwick University madman Land would link up to the Cybernetic legacy. [back to text for fn_7]

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