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This transcript appears in the September 23, 2022 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Moderator’s Introduction

Panel 3, Presenting the Digital ‘LaRouche Library’: LaRouche in Dialogue with the Nations of the World

This is the edited transcript of Dennis Small’s opening words to introduce Panel 3, Sept. 11, 2022, of the Schiller Institute’s Sept. 10-11 Conference, “Inspiring Humanity To Survive the Greatest Crisis in World History.” Mr. Small is the head of the Advisory Committee of the LaRouche Legacy Foundation (LLF). The full video of Panel 3 is available is here.

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Schiller Institute
Dennis Small

Welcome to Panel 3 of the Schiller Institute’s Sept. 10-11 Conference, “Inspiring Humanity To Survive the Greatest Crisis in World History.” The subject of this panel is historic, and appropriately part of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of that abiding universal genius, Lyndon LaRouche. This is an event which, I am convinced, has the enemies of Mankind, from Satan on down, trembling in their boots.

The Larouche Legacy Foundation’s (LLF) stated mission at its formation at the end of 2019 at the initiative of its founding Director, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, was to preserve and extend the monumental intellectual contributions in innumerable fields of knowledge and endeavor of Lyndon H. LaRouche. At that time, we committed ourselves, among other tasks, to begin publishing Lyndon LaRouche’s Collected Works, and to prepare a complete digital archive of his life’s work.

We knew from the outset this would be a daunting task, to put it mildly: to locate, digitize, preserve, and make available to the world public, free of charge, the entire corpus of Lyndon LaRouche’s prolific intellectual output over more than 50 years. This includes, we have discovered, over 2,600 articles published in EIR magazine, going back to 1974; perhaps another 2,500 articles printed in the newspapers Solidarity, New Solidarity and New Federalist; more than 250 lengthy cultural and scientific essays from Fidelio, Fusion, 21st Century Science and Technology, and other magazines; dozens and dozens of books; well over 1,000 videos (we don’t even have a true count, yet) of his conference speeches, classes, foreign trips, seminars and webcasts; hundreds of audio tapes; thousands of photographs—you get the idea. We are convinced that we will also be uncovering heretofore unpublished, and even unknown, writings by LaRouche. And a large part of the total material—old videos and newspapers—has to be digitized first before we can include it in the library.

Thanks to generous contributions and bequests to LLF, which is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity, we are able to open the doors to the LaRouche Library today—with just a small sampling of what will be coming: there are currently 272 articles from EIR, 22 videos, some 60 photographs, and so on. My colleague John Sigerson—whom you will be hearing from shortly—suggested that I should publicly commit to getting all of LaRouche’s works uploaded to the LaRouche Library at least before the complete works of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz are fully curated and published—which, as you may know, has been going on for some time. And so I do—so long as all of you continue to provide LLF with the wherewithal to carry out that job.

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