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This transcript appears in the September 30, 2022 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Diane Sare

The Best of All Possible Worlds

This is the edited transcript of Diane Sare’s keynote presentation to Panel 2, “Defend the Right To Deliberate! Speak Out Against Blacklists and the Suppression of the Search for Truth,” of the Schiller Institute’s Sept. 10–11 Conference, “Inspiring Humanity To Survive the Greatest Crisis in World History.” Mrs. Sare is the LaRouche party candidate for U.S. Senate from New York. The full video of Panel 2 is available here.

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Schiller Institute
Diane Sare

If you’re one of a tiny group of ultra-rich elites who thinks the world can only sustain about 1 billion out of the 8 billion people now living here, one thing you better make sure of is that the 7 billion people that you’re intending to eliminate don’t talk to each other. Even if you don’t want to kill all 7 billion of them, but plan to starve only about 1 or 2 billion and loot and impoverish the rest, you’re really going to be much more successful if your intended victims can be induced to believe that some of your other victims are the enemy.

Think of the irony of Americans fuming at the “illegals” streaming across our borders. It’s popular to call them “illegals” as opposed to migrants, refugees, or displaced persons. But to take a lowly adjective with a negative connotation—namely “illegal”—and convert it to a noun so you can keep your distance from their humanity. Don’t you realize that if you do nothing about the plight of these people that you will meet a similar fate? It is true that if you consider the cause of their misery, and who is using them as a political tool, you will confront an evil which is most uncomfortable to countenance.

We had a perfect example of this old British royal principle of divide and conquer a week ago Thursday, when President Biden asserted that 75 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump were, in effect, enemies of the state. So, if you’re not with Biden, you’re a traitor. And no decent American should be seen associating with you, because that would imply that they’re a traitor too. People are programmed to be divided from their peers. That is, you’re not supposed to talk to people who disagree with you.

As a candidate, I get asked all the time, “Where do you stand on X?” with the frequent result that the questioner storms off saying that there is nothing more to discuss; throwing me into the heap of the untouchables. The people in this binary mindset also have no sense of humor or irony. For example, when one woman asked me, “Where do you stand on a woman’s right to choose?” I said, “Well, I certainly don’t think babies should be aborted up until the age of 13.” She hissed that “People like you were always saying that,” and slammed her car door in my face. End of conversation.

When I point out that no one—and this is still true—has yet asked me where I stand on the fact that 14,000 newborn infants died of starvation in Afghanistan just between January and March, people aren’t interested. They think my position on Roe v. Wade is far more important, or my position on Donald Trump, whatever that means. I can’t even figure that one out, so I’ve been unable to fit into their box. That’s a good thing, because this box that they’re trying to put me in, and put all of us in—the binary box—is probably somewhat like the box that Genghis Khan used to put his victims inside of, where they were suffocated to death while he used the box as a dining table to gorge himself on an extravagant dinner.

Survival Requires Creative Thinking

This problem of Americans and Western Europeans, as I’ve encountered, in not being able to think outside of the box so to speak, has had me very concerned about whether we’re going to be able to survive. After all, the first step toward making a change is to recognize that perhaps there’s an element in your underlying hypothesis of life which is anomalous; it doesn’t fit in. A paradox that bears some investigation, which might cause us to completely alter our world view if we stop to examine it.

So, while we and our friends and family members are all being self-righteously divided from each other, I would ask you to consider a few things that are pretty obvious.

Take the price of gasoline for your car. I know all of us are thrilled that the price is going down so fast because of the fantastic policies of the Biden administration, which has been lowering the price of gasoline at a greater rate than any administration ever in history. Of course, if they hadn’t tripled it to begin with, we might be happier about this. But at any rate, does the person who voted for Donald Trump pay the same price for gasoline as the guy who voted for Liz Cheney or Joe Biden? Or is it different?

And when New York City experiences a major power outage because we foolishly shut down the Indian Point nuclear power plant, will it be only the illegals in the decrepit homeless shelters who suffer the consequences? Or will it be your 90-year-old aunt on the 10th floor of her apartment building? I’m sure if they could figure out how to only have the blackouts affect the poor—and they’re doing some of that—they would do it. But believe me, when you insist on being an immoral bastard, you become stupid as well.

When we have a trans-Atlantic coalition spearheaded by the witless Biden administration, which is actually controlled by the UK’s GCHQ, deciding that Putin must be brought down, even if every last Ukrainian between the ages of 18 and 60 has to die, including the 50,000 women soldiers whom President Zelensky is bragging about, whom does that affect?

Do you think all of the Ukrainians are cheering “Slava Ukraina” with their dying breaths? I doubt it. In fact, we know that probably most of them don’t want to be in this war. Ukrainians who would wish to surrender are prohibited from doing so, and even Zelensky was prevented at least twice from negotiating an end to the war by then UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and/or the Biden administration and NATO. After having slaughtered millions of people around the world through wars, as in Vietnam, through Iraq, and beyond, or through policies of economic privation as Malcolm X warned us would happen, the chickens are coming home to roost.

LaRouche Saw This Coming

We are now experiencing the full force of the results of our policies against humanity. The soaring inflation of the price of food and fuel, the lack of parts for our automobiles, the lack of fertilizer for our farmers which will result in a lack of food. We have brought this down upon our own heads. Lyndon LaRouche saw this coming already in the 1950s, and he warned about it. He recruited an entire movement to do something about it. He became a figure of Presidential stature and ran for President eight times, using those campaigns to mobilize the American people through publications and nationwide television broadcasts.

As a result, LaRouche became the target of this Anglo-Dutch liberal cabal which then moved to silence him, not only through attempted assassination. Consider that his publications, which had hundreds of thousands of subscribers, were declared involuntarily bankrupt by the U.S. government and shut down, that his formerly extremely effective half-hour nationwide television broadcasts were priced out of reach. He was called a “political extremist,” “conspiracy theorist,” and “lunatic fringe.” All to prevent people from publicly associating with him, for fear of what their neighbors would think.

With the assault on Lyndon LaRouche, the American people had been placed in Genghis Khan’s box. And they didn’t even know it. Americans thought it was Lyndon LaRouche and his associates who were in prison; but it was actually you who were in the torture box as a result of our government’s treatment of LaRouche. And I say “our government” advisedly, because we know that it was the British so-called intelligence that gave the orders to silence LaRouche’s voice.

So, now we get back to Ukraine. What kind of unfathomable evil is this, where people are sent off to a horrible death, and our government is willfully pushing them over the cliff? The same goes for the mass starvation and the horrors unleashed by the sanctions our government is imposing on literally dozens of nations. And finally, we too are suffering from the results of the actions of our government. Many Europeans and Americans—as was mentioned in Panel 1—are about to have a very cold and hungry winter ahead. I’m getting messages on Facebook from people saying, “My Social Security check doesn’t cover the price of meat, so I’m just eating rice and beans.”

A Win-Win Option?

To the great dismay of the recently-departed Queen of England, and her son—now the ruler of the collapsing wreck known as the British Empire—two leaders decided to break out of the box. That was at the February 4th meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, meeting on the sidelines of the Olympics, and signing an agreement to stand with each other for certain universal principles, human dignity, and scientific and economic progress. This powerful combination will certainly not be defeated by economic sanctions, especially since the number of nations now joining this new order probably exceeds 40% of the world’s population. Maybe it’s substantially higher—even more than a majority. So now, the more we talk about isolating them, the more we discover that it is we ourselves who are isolated.

It was with great relief that I discovered—not having bothered to think about it recently—that the United States, with our 332 million people, only represents 4% of the world’s population. And we run around lecturing people about democracy? “We 4%, we’re going to tell the rest of you how to live your lives and run your countries.” Seems a little undemocratic to me; seems to be maybe only the nuclear bomb that makes us capable of enforcing this kind of “democracy.” The population of the UK is not even 1% of the worldwide population, so perhaps you get a glimmer of why it is so necessary to keep the rest of us divided.

That’s the purpose of the kill list; both to silence us through fear, using examples like Darya Dugina or Julian Assange, and any other number of whistleblowers who are currently incarcerated; and of course, the case of LaRouche. And to make sure that the 7 billion people who are being herded into the boxcars don’t talk to us, by labelling us as “information terrorists” or “political extremists” or “insurrectionists.”

As I said, the number of people getting on the boxcars is probably less than 7 billion, because so many of them are getting off the boxcars and getting onto a high-speed train for a more promising destination. This is why the Russian soldiers have the morale to keep up what is a very difficult fight against an enemy which is both sadistic and irrational, including Nazi Azov Battalion soldiers who, like ISIS fighters, are drugged in order to be able to carry out unthinkable atrocities. This is why the young people in Iraq, after 30 years of war, remain optimistic. This is also why the American people are so deeply pessimistic; because we’re on the wrong side of history. We’ve abandoned the principles which once made us a beloved nation which inspired the whole world.

Courage Begets Courage

We have seen time and time again how courage begets courage, which is why Helga Zepp-LaRouche in particular is so important, and why each of the panelists here today represents an important spark of resistance to the would-be rule of law by the less than 1%. My greatest fear is not that these sadistic genocidal perverts will be successful in their schemes of global dictatorship, because I know they won’t be. But, when their bankrupt and collapsing system finally implodes of its own toxic weight, will we be sane enough to work with Russia and China as LaRouche insisted, or will we unleash a New Dark Age from which the human race never recovers?

This is why the censorship must be ended; this is why in this year of his centenary, Lyndon LaRouche must be exonerated. Thank you.

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