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This transcript appears in the November 25, 2022 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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Jackson Hinkle

Look at Europe: What Are Schwab and Von der Leyen Mandating?

This is the edited transcript of Jackson Hinkle’s presentation to Panel 1 of the Schiller Institute’s Oct. 15, 2022, conference, “Build the New Paradigm, Defeat Green Fascism.” Mr. Hinkle is a California political activist and journalist. The video of his presentation is available here. The videos of both panels are available here on the Schiller Institute website.

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Jackson Hinkle

What’s up everybody? How are we doing? Good morning! It’s early for me, I’m on California time, so bear with me here. It’s good to be here. Manhattan is beautiful. I don’t know how I can go back to LA [Los Angeles, CA] after being here.

I’m here to talk about what I think is probably the most important story today that no one is talking about. For those of you who don’t know me, I have a YouTube show called “The Dive with Jackson Hinkle.” I started it about three years ago, after I had gotten into politics. I’d run for City Council in my hometown of San Clemente, California, in Orange County. I got into politics initially through being interested in environmental issues, so it’s kind of interesting that I find myself here now.

When we think of environmental issues, at least when I thought of environmental issues when I was growing up, I always thought of it in the scope of—well, I’m a surfer, I’ve always been a surfer. So, let’s get trash out of the oceans, let’s fix that. I live in Los Angeles now, so let’s get the trash off the streets. It’s terrible there. And I think most people can agree that’s an admirable cause; we want to live in a clean society, clean cities, all that stuff.

But this was always done under the guise of having a better place to live, a higher standard of living, cleaner cities, all this stuff. And now, environmentalism, at least the environmentalism that’s advocated by the likes of Greta Thunberg or those climate activists yesterday who threw the tomato soup on the Van Gogh painting—I don’t know if you guys saw that; it’s crazy. But the environmentalism touted by those people today doesn’t champion a higher standard of living; it doesn’t champion more prosperity, industrialization, growth, these sorts of things.

Environmentalism Today Is Scary

In fact, environmentalism is the opposite of that. It’s de-growth, it’s depopulation. And it’s a Malthusian worldview that tries to eliminate human life; it’s very scary what they’re doing right now. We actually have a manifestation of it that’s underway in Europe. Helga Zepp-LaRouche discussed that a little bit in her keynote address that you just listened to. It was great. I hate following great speakers, but I’m going to try my best.

Right now, the environmentalists are telling us that food is poison, and poison is food. That’s essentially what they’re saying. They’re saying that we shouldn’t look at any of the benefits of high-yield energy, of oil, fossil fuels, fracking, coal, any of these sorts of things; and we should only look at the negatives. That’s dangerous for a lot of reasons. If we were to look at modern medicine, and only look at the negatives of modern medicine, we’d probably all be dead. You have to look at the positives, and with fossil fuels, there are many to look at.

Fossil fuels are the reason we’re here today. Fossil fuels are the reason we have the country that we have. And the lack of fossil fuels is the reason why so many people all across the world are suffering so greatly. There are 1.2 billion people all across the world today who have no energy. None whatsoever. There are another 3 billion who rely on wood and dung to heat their homes. As this energy crisis in Europe hits, there will be more people who rely on wood and dung to heat their homes.

That same 3 billion people rely on just a refrigerator’s worth of energy to live their lives every day. So, the refrigerator you have in your kitchen, they rely on just that amount of energy every single day to live their lives. It’s scary to think about that. But it also highlights a real issue, that being that we don’t have enough energy that we’re producing today. A lot of people in the environmental movement will tell you that we have too much energy; that we need to focus on reducing output and reducing growth. If you look at the facts that I just listed, the fact that 1.2 billion people have no energy whatsoever, then you see that that’s a lie! We actually need a lot more energy if we want to lift people out of poverty. We need a lot more energy if we want to address the real crises surrounding infant mortality, low standards of living, low life expectancies, all that’s plaguing so many people across the planet today.

Again, this isn’t being done by these people’s own decisions. It’s being done maliciously. The fact that we don’t have energy, the fact that we don’t have enough production, the fact that we don’t have enough resources for people all across the world; it’s being done maliciously by globalists. Globalism, for those of you who don’t know, is a religion, of sorts. Atheism I think is probably at an all-time high across the globe right now, but there are a lot of atheists who actually worship globalism. It’s like their own religion; Ursula von der Leyen chief among them. She’s head of the European Commission. I love her; she’s great.

The Horror in Europe Right Now

You heard about [Foreign Minister Annalena] Baerbock and [Vice Chancellor Robert] Habeck in Germany. These are the sorts of figures that truly embody what globalism is. Globalist imperialism is an effort by these global elites to press their worldview upon the masses; whether it’s their economic worldview, their atheist worldview, their worldviews surrounding energy and the Green fascist push. Whether it’s woke ideology; whatever it is. They’re pushing that ideology on the masses, and in the EU, it’s hitting pretty hard. In the EU, that’s where we’re probably seeing it the most. And it just shows the failures of globalism, of Green fascism in particular.

The Eurozone is an interesting experiment. It’s a failure, we know that by now. But it was an interesting experiment. What we’re seeing unfold in the Eurozone right now is pretty incredible. For the past several decades, led by Germany of course and people like Ursula von der Leyen, the Eurozone has invested hundreds of billions of dollars into Green energy.

With stats like that, you’d think that Green energy makes up 50% of their entire energy portfolio. But globally, that’s not the case; globally, solar and wind only make up about 2% to 3% of the entire world’s energy portfolio. Fossil fuels are still the largest—80% of the world runs off of fossil fuels, and that number is increasing; it’s still growing. Again, as the 1.2 billion people without power seek power, they seek high-yield power that’s cheap. That is fossil fuels.

But the Eurozone is failing, not just for this reason, not just because they pursue Green energy; not because they have it forced upon them. But because it is mandated by the globalists; people like Ursula von der Leyen, people like Klaus Schwab, people like the World Economic Forum. They mandate this, because at the end of the day—again, as we started our conversation here—their professed worldview as globalists is a Malthusian worldview of de-growth and depopulation.

It sounds a little tin-foil-hat conspiracy theory of me to say that, but you can go look at people such as Henry Kissinger who, in U.S. government documents, stated his professed goals of depopulation and de-growth; particularly in developing parts of the world. Not just that, they want to target individuals, families, communities that have revolutionaries like all of you here today. That’s who they want to try to eliminate from humanity. They want humanity to be a boiling pot of the world’s richest 1 billion people who all think that men can get pregnant and these sorts of crazy ideas that are just insane.

But Europe’s mandate of Green energy that they’re trying to push on all these EU member states is failing right now. Poetically almost, this bloc has sanctioned themselves into a crisis the likes of which we’ve never seen before. This is the story I reflected on at the start of this speech that I think is the most important story that no one is talking about.

What Americans Don’t Know

I had a family event last week; it was my sister’s wedding. At that event, I saw many relatives I haven’t seen in a long time. A few of them were going to Europe this winter, they were telling me, “Oh, Jackson, we’re going to Paris this winter. We’re going to Germany; we’re going to the UK this winter.” I looked at them and I was like, “Why? Out of every winter that you could ever choose, you’re going to choose this winter to go to Europe? Do you understand what you’re getting yourself into here?” They said, “What do you mean? It’s great! Maybe Los Angeles is a little bit warmer for you, but France is great, the UK is great. What do you mean?” I said, “No! The energy crisis. They’re not going to have energy this winter.” They looked at me like I was insane. But we’re not insane.

Probably most of you know what’s happening right now. The West has manufactured an energy crisis in Europe, and it’s a big one. It’s not an energy crisis the likes of which we’ve ever experienced here, where you just have higher gas prices, or you pay a bit more on your monthly energy rates. It’s an energy crisis which looks like grandma and grandpa having to go and chop down some wood in the forest to make sure that they don’t die this winter. That’s what it looks like. It’s so funny and sad, because they told us for the past two years—the politicians and the mainstream media—they wouldn’t shut up about how much they care about saving grandma’s and grandpa’s lives throughout COVID. We need to secure public health; we need to make sure that everyone stays alive. We need to look out for our communities.

But then, as soon as [Russian President Vladimir] Putin decides that he wants to protect Ukrainians in the Donbas, then all that goes out the window, and we need to sanction Russia into oblivion and manufacture this energy crisis in Europe to pursue our globalist agenda.

Now, when it comes to Europe, what this is going to look like, this winter, is them probably running out of energy at least in France, in Germany, and the UK. That’s where it’s going to be really bad. Energy prices in some of these areas, in some of these regions of Germany, the UK, and France are already skyrocketing to 500% year-on-year increases. Governments are coming out now, saying that they’re going to protect the people by covering half of the cost increases in utilities. People are going to suffer; people are going to die; people aren’t going to have enough money to pay for basic living expenses. That’s a shame; that’s a problem.

Malicious Globalism

But the problem isn’t going to end there. The problem is going to be much worse next winter, and the next winter, because it’s cyclical. This isn’t a problem that just solves itself. [Germany’s Chancellor] Olaf Scholz isn’t just going to create new LNG terminals over the next two months, and the problem will go away. This is a problem that they’ve created by design. It’s a problem that is going to last many years, and the economic crisis that’s going to fall out from this will be massive. It’s going to cause mass human suffering.

What is fascism at the end of the day? What is the common denominator with fascism? It’s war and power; control of the masses. When they can control the masses because the masses don’t have power, the masses are desperate. The masses don’t have a livelihood to sustain themselves; the masses are in debt. That makes it much easier to treat all of you like lab rats. It makes it much easier to remove your free will. It makes it much easier for people like Ursula von der Leyen and Olaf Scholz to tell you how it is, and force you into accepting whatever cultural or socio-economic policies that they put forward.

Many refer to this as the Great Reset’s agenda. When people talk about the Great Reset agenda, they oftentimes highlight verbiage used by people at the World Economic Forum, that declares that the masses are going to be ruled and governed; they’re going to own nothing and be happy, essentially. That’s what they tell us at the World Economic Forum. What that means is loaded. If you talk to average MAGA [Make America Great Again] supporters in the United States, when they hear the term “Own nothing, and be happy,” they think that Klaus Schwab is a follower of Lenin, and he’s going to remove all private property. That’s not the case of course; you all know that.

What it means though, is what we just discussed. They’re going to govern all of you by debts. Why do you think they’re going after the farmers all across Europe right now? They’ve told these farmers for years, increase your cattle production; increase your livestock production. What that means for the farmers is that they have to buy more fixed assets every year to produce more and more for the mandates that are put forward by the governments. Then, this year, they go back to all those Dutch farmers and tell them, “We have a nitrogen issue, and you have to cut your nitrogen production by half.” That leaves all these farmers with fixed assets that they still have to pay off, year on year, but they can’t do so because they are in debt, and they can’t produce anything to make money.

Ruling Through Debt

So, you can look at all these various examples of how they are absolutely screwing us over, and then they attempt to govern us further by debt. But understand that we all here are going to fight back against that. We’re going to have to challenge it. I think that we’re better equipped than those in Europe and the UK, because we’re not beholden to the liberal establishment. It’s just insane to look at what Europe is accepting and believing right now. They literally think that the Azov Battalion is Superman and his band of heroes, who are going to save the world. But we are equipped; and there are people fighting back all across the world right now.

To finish off here, my prediction is that when this winter hits, the ramifications of these policies begin to impact average people across Europe—Germany, France, the UK, in particular, Sweden probably as well. People are going to riot in the streets. People are going to lose their minds. People are going to demand answers of course from their politicians at the start; that’s already happening. There are massive protests all throughout Europe. Tens of thousands of people are getting out on the streets saying, “Freeze the energy crisis; don’t freeze us this winter.” The politicians won’t respond; we know that’s already happening. And they’re going to respond in kind with state-sanctioned violence. This is going to create a massive dilemma for the global community.

I have no idea how it’s going to unfold. I don’t know if any of us do, but all I’ve got to say is, stay vigilant. Continue to educate your peers about what’s going on in the world, because clearly most of them don’t know; like my relatives at the wedding last week who thought it would be a good time to go and visit Europe this winter. Stay vigilant; educate your peers.

I believe that at the end of the day, we will overcome this, for the reasons that Helga just listed in that keynote address. The SCO is rising, BRICS is rising; they will be developing new global reserve currencies. Iran and Russia are working to replace OPEC-plus, and OPEC-plus really isn’t all that much of an ally to the West anymore, as we saw this past week. Decreasing oil production by 2 million barrels per day, just to shove it to Biden.

So, I am hopeful—I don’t know about you guys—I am hopeful, and I think that together we will rise above the globalists.

Thank you so much.

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