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This article appears in the February 10, 2023 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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To Be, or Not To Be—
The Dangerous Fallacy of Guilt by Association

Jan. 31—A message from Diane Sare:

On February 19, there will be a demonstration at the Lincoln Memorial (how very appropriate) of Americans who are so alarmed about the potential for a nuclear war, thanks in no small part to the policies of our own government, that we have decided to put aside our differences, many of which are substantive, to unite our voices against the “war machine.”

I would like to remind everyone that nuclear war is final. It is the end—of everything on this planet. If we get to that point, nothing else will matter. We are aware that some people clearly disagree with that notion, and believe that there is something called “limited nuclear war,” or that Russia (as it has never done in history) will back down if we threaten them with enough gusto.

Is it surprising, therefore, that stringers for the FBI and other alleged “intelligence” agencies are seeking to spread gossip and lies to prevent this rally from coming off in the most potent way possible?

Speakers are being nagged not to associate with “the Libertarians,” or “the Communists,” or “the LaRouchies.” Many of us are familiar with these tricks, having been targeted by exactly such operations for many years. In the past such tactics have been only too effective, which is why we are now facing thermonuclear war.

Some of us, like myself and Scott Ritter, have been placed on Ukrainian “kill lists” because our words are so damaging to the wartime propaganda which has swept into our nation like a tsunami, submerging every voice of reason. Doesn’t it appear at least a little “totalitarian” that the former head of the CIA, John Brennan, is now a news host at MSNBC?

Perhaps the one time Mike Pompeo told the truth was when he bragged in a speech at Texas A&M that the job of the CIA was to “lie, cheat, and steal.”—Oh, and wasn’t he also plotting to assassinate Julian Assange?

We are committed to preventing a thermonuclear war. We are calling for negotiations to occur between parties who have been killing each other in large numbers. Has anyone involved in this rally been accused of the kind of crimes which occur in war, and which are encouraged by our own “intelligence” agencies, who fund and deploy neo-Nazis and ISIS terrorists without the slightest pang of conscience?

Are we now going to allow those criminals to weaken this rally, because we must each stick to our own “pure” ideology, or “precious bodily fluids”? Where and when are the pure and noble actions which our detractors are organizing? Oh, they don’t exist.

See you in DC!

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