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This article appears in the May 5, 2023 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

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15+ Million Watch Jose Vega ‘Strip-Roast’ Editors of NY Times, Reuters, et al.

April 27—The intervention by the LaRouche Organization’s Jose Vega on April 25, exposing the lying hypocrisy of leading news editors—including editors of Reuters, MSNBC, the Guardian, Los Angeles Times, and Washington Post, and the New York Times’executive editor Joe Kahn—has gone viral on multiple websites. In less than 48 hours (by midday April 27), more than 15 million people around the world had viewed Vega’s three-minute exposure of censorship and misreporting of news by these supposed news leaders at the Columbia University Journalism School’s two-day conference on “Policy and the Press” under the rubric, “Faultlines: Democracy.” The posting of the video on Dan Bongino’s conservative site, alone, had 4 million views. Jose Vega has had round-the-clock interviews internationally since his intervention.

Sy Hersh, when being interviewed by Aaron Maté April 26, was asked about Vega’s intervention. Vega had begun his intervention by asking why Sy Hersh was not on the platform, since his bombshell on how U.S. military personnel bombed the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines in September 2022 was the “news story of the year.” Hersh told Maté that he didn’t know what was going on at the New York Times, nor why they now won’t touch his articles.

Kanchan Gupta, a senior advisor to the Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, called on viewers to watch the video, in which, he said,

The editors who gathered to lecture on democracy and government got brutally strip-roasted alive.

The video was translated with subtitles at least into Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Russian. Interviews of Vega on April 26 included RT, Stew Peters, Shannon Joy, and the Revolutionary Blackout Network. The interviews continued April 27 with Radio Sputnik’s ‘Fault Lines’ podcast, Tara Reade, and Judge Andrew Napolitano, with One America News (OAN) on the schedule.

The intervention can be viewed here.

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