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This article appears in the April 26, 2024 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Guest Opinion

The Global Attack on Agriculture
Is a Threat to the Planet

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April 19—The following article by Taylor Haynes, M.D., President of the Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM), appeared in the OCM Member Newsletter for October-November-December, 2023, and is reproduced here with permission. OCM describes its mission as, “Fighting for Economic Justice for America’s Family Farmers and Ranchers.” Dr. Haynes is a Wyoming cattle rancher, a physician, and national policy leader.

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Robert Baker
Dr. Taylor Haynes addresses the annual convention of the Organization for Competitive Markets in Kansas City, Missouri, July 2023.

‘Facts Are Stubborn Things’

This quip made famous by the late great Ronald Reagan is most appropriate for these times. At the risk of being redundant, I must again communicate the truth regarding the essential function of CO2 in food production and the recycling of oxygen in our atmosphere. The depth of ignorance regarding this natural process called photosynthesis has become critically dangerous.

CO2 is largely stored in the oceans and the oceans cover 75% of the Earth’s surface. The amount of CO2 stored in the oceans is exponentially larger than what can be stored on land. Its release is driven by the relative efficiency of sunlight striking the earth, oceans and land. This efficiency is regulated by the complex gravitational relationship between the Earth, Moon and Sun. This was designed and fixed into place by Almighty God.

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In photosynthesis, the plant’s leaves ingest CO2 which, energized by sunlight, is converted to carbohydrates, with oxygen given off as a byproduct.

Carbon capture is all the rage. In and of itself, carbon capture is not new and is a good thing. It has been done for years. One use is to make dry ice, which is critical for the shipment of foods. Another use, which is not really known to the general public, is pumping it into declining oil fields to rejuvenate their oil production. This process is called Enhanced Oil Recovery. YES, CO2 is used to produce the much maligned oil. There is ongoing research funded by the Department of Energy to continually improve this technique.

One might criticize and say “lighten up” with science. The problem is, that the misconception has been so well established that the people believe we must take drastic measures to save the planet. These drastic measures will greatly decrease the production of food, drive global economies into depression, and ultimately produce starvation and the untamable chaos that starvation causes.

What are these drastic measures? The notion that wind and solar energy can replace carbon-based energy overnight is a falsehood. They have been dismal failures wherever they are employed as the base grid. People have been freezing in the winter and suffering through the heat in summer in Texas where solar and wind are the base grid. The power companies have been forced to modulate energy delivered to individual homes and businesses as the total demand has not been met by wind and solar power. They cannot respond to the sudden increase in demand.

Even more dangerous and disturbing is the global attack on agriculture as a threat to the planet. The “30 x 30” proposed plan here in the U.S.A. would remove 30% of food- and fiber-producing lands from production.

The Dutch Government is proposing the outright closure of at least 11,600 farms and forcing 17,600 farmers to drastically reduce their herds. Holland is a significant source of food for Europe. Compounding the problem of food production in Europe, the Irish government is proposing the liquidation of 1.3 million cattle to meet ludicrous climate goals.

The human-caused climate hoax is now ripe for more land grabs and further reduction in food production. The New York Stock Exchange, in partnership with other global asset managers, is rolling out an investment product. Landowners who sign up for this partnership will find their production curtailed and control of their land lost. The conservation-easement scheme promulgated and made popular by the Nature Conservancy is the foundation for this diabolical initiative.

In summary, the loss of agricultural production can in short order reduce the world to a violent, dreary place not known since the dark ages.

We must press on our elected representatives to avoid these traps. They must legislate such that we continue to produce food and goods that advance civilization in a responsible manner. We must avoid giving in to those globalists who want to reduce us to working tenants on our own land.

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