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This article appears in the June 14, 2024 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.


Expel Israel from the United Nations

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Donald Ramotar is the former President of Guyana (2011–2015) and has been a regular participant in the weekly meetings of the International Peace Coalition. His contribution here is a guest opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of EIR.

May 29—The Israeli genocide against the people of Palestine in general and those in Gaza in particular is now in its eighth month. In that time more than 36,000 Palestinians have been confirmed as being killed. Thousands of others are lying dead under the mountains of rubble, still uncounted, caused by the tons of bombs that were dropped on the people.

It is estimated that more than 100,000 have been seriously injured, most having lost one or more of their limbs.

In addition to the known dead, many mass graves with more than two hundred bodies in each have been found in almost every area that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) had withdrawn from. Many of the victims had their hands tied behind their backs and gun shot wounds to their heads.

Doctors have confirmed that some were even buried alive. This is the level of inhumanity that is occurring in this 21st Century.

Apart from the direct killings, thousands are dying from wounds as the IDF is making sure that medical services are unavailable. Hospitals are being deliberately destroyed. Almost all have been bombed, and those where the IDF soldiers enter are made dysfunctional by the deliberate destruction of medical equipment. Wounds are being infected and leading to death.

Professional persons such as medical personnel, journalists, and workers involved in the search and rescue are all prime targets for the fascist regime in Israel. More then one hundred journalists and some 500 medical personnel have been killed by the IDF.

Despite the fact that the two international courts, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the International Criminal Court (ICC) have pronounced on the industrial scale murder that is taking place and urged an immediate halt, yet the IDF continues the relentless killings disregarding their decisions.

The Israeli racist/fascist regime has even threatened to arrest the chief prosecutor of the ICC, Mr. Karim Khan, and his staff. In this lawless attack on the ICC the Israeli regime was joined by U.S. House and Senate members. They have expressed their intention to withhold funds for those International bodies unless the call for Netanyahu’s arrest process is stopped.

The U.S. administration is in full support of the Israeli regime and continues to pour in billions of dollars to keep Israel’s economy afloat, while supplying bombs and other military equipment to kill Palestinians.

The U.S. administration is supporting Israel’s regime in all of their murderous genocidal actions. They have remained deafeningly silent to Netanyahu’s government designation of the UN body, UNRWA, as a terrorist organisation. That is a direct attack on the relief effort of the UN. Starvation has become another weapon in the hands of the racist regime.

It is indeed nauseating to look at the press briefings by U.S. officials Matthew Miller and John Kirby. They have reduced themselves to being the chief defenders of the murderous regime.

The mask has fallen from the face of the U.S. government. It is now clearly seen as being complicit with genocide. It is even attacking its own young people at universities who are actually representing the conscience of the American people.

It is time for the world community to expel Israel from the United Nations for the terrible crimes against humanity. Israel, under its current government, does not belong to the civilized world!

The horrors committed by the Apartheid regime in South Africa decades ago, pale into insignificance in the face of this barbarism taking place in Gaza. Yet, South Africa was severely sanctioned by the United Nations and was even suspended. Incidentally, it was the U.S. and UK that prolonged the Apartheid regime in South Africa by their staunch support which they gave to the racist regime.

We must demand that the U.S. in particular must stop its total support for the butchers of Israel! It must be called upon to also respect international law and to show some sympathy for the human rights of Palestinians.

Eight months of the wholesale slaughter is far too much!

Any person or state with a modicum of humanity must demand a cease fire now! Finally, the call for Israel’s expulsion from the UN bears repeating!

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