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This editorial appears in the June 1, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

The Base Has Spoken:
Impeach Cheney!

For the second time in a month, the LaRouche Youth Movement has led a successful fight in a state Democratic Party convention, for putting the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney on the agenda. Add the LYM victories in California and Massachusetts to the 12 states that had already passed resolutions for impeachment—Nevada (first, in May 2004), then Wisconsin, North Carolina, New Mexico, Vermont, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, Washington State, and Oregon—and you have a resounding vote by the base of the Democratic Party for impeachment now.

What a contrast with the Democratic Party Congressional leadership! You would have thought that the Democrats had not taken both Houses of Congress in last November's election, if you judged by their pusillanimous behavior toward the Bush Administration.

"The Democratic leadership has lost the confidence of their own core political base," LaRouche declared in the wake of the Congressional cave-in to Cheney on the War Supplemental, "and they are unwilling to take the only steps that would regain it. You cannot mobilize public opinion," LaRouche continued, "without mobilizing the base of the Democratic Party. And the Congressional leadership has been running away from that base since the beginning of 2006, when they capitulated on the issue of the confirmation of Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court, and then totally caved in to the hedge funds, to Felix Rohatyn and his friends, and allowed the looting and destruction of the entire U.S. automobile manufacturing sector without lifting a finger."

LaRouche underscored that the only way to get the American troops out of Iraq is by the impeachment of Cheney. "This is the key domestic issue," LaRouche said. "All U.S. politics at this moment centers on the ouster of Cheney," warning, furthermore, that "The Democratic Party is finished for the time being if they don't go for Cheney's impeachment—now." It is time for the Democratic Party leadership to stop this practice of running way from its own base of political support from within the Party itself.

It is difficult to overstate the damage which the cowardly behavior of the Democratic leadership is inflicting on the country, and the party. By its screw-ups on the fundamental question of getting Cheney out of office, the party leadership is actually demoralizing the party base, and making them fearful. The gutlessness of the Democratic Party leadership is frightening people—especially in the face of the hell-bent-for-dictatorship-and-war attitude of the Vice President, and his insane captive Bush.

The ugly truth has to be faced: Despite all the "popular wisdom" about how the Democratic Party is a "shoo-in" for the 2008 elections, because of the incompetence of the Bush Administration, that projection is a pipedream. A party leadership—the Presidential candidates emphatically included—which insists on spurning its base, in the face of a national emergency such as that which the United States faces, on foreign and economic policy, has no future.

A reference back to the 2004 elections may help the reader to recall the political principle involved here. The Administration's total failure and lies about the Iraq War were already well-known going into that election, not to mention the Administration's sponsorship of the rape of the population through Enron deregulation, and the like. It was "inconceivable" that the American electorate, which probably didn't even elect Bush in 2000, would put him back into office again.

But it happened! There was undoubtedly vote fraud, but there is no denying that at least nearly 50% of the American population voted for the Administration, as against the Democratic challengers. Why? Because the Kerry campaign, and the Democratic Party apparatus, refused to provide sharp leadership, and solutions, on the issues of fundamental importance to the party base (and independents)—the war and the faltering economy.

The only issue worth taking up in the political arena in the United States at this moment is impeachment of Dick Cheney. That is the key to opening up the potential for joining the Eurasian Land-Bridge perspective being offered by Russia, and for returning the nation to the FDR-style measures proferred by LaRouche. The Democratic base is right, and the official leadership is wrong. Take the leadership of LaRouche and his Youth Movement—and move to impeach Cheney now!

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