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This editorial appears in the April 25, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

Mass Death Is Not Inevitable!

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Speaking in Monterrey, Mexico on April 18, economist Lyndon LaRouche called on the Mexican population to join the international fight against London, the British agent named Al Gore, and the Prince Philip-sponsored World Wildlife Fund. The battle against the catastrophic food shortage, which has been created by the British imperial free-trade system, is the leading edge of the battle for humanity today, LaRouche said. Now that the crisis has broken out, however, nations are already breaking with the British-style World Trade Organization which has fostered this disaster, and the way is open to solving the crisis.

Specifically in Mexico, LaRouche said, there must also be a fight to implement water projects, that have long been on the drawing board, in Northern Mexico, that will create the basis for a rapid expansion of agricultural production. Such great projects are doubly necessary because the global financial breakdown, as it hits the United States, is leading to the repatriation of millions of Mexicans, who will need jobs. The defense of Mexico's agriculture can lead to a huge increase in jobs for those returning workers.

LaRouche also identified the leading opponent of these water projects as the World Wildlife Fund, whose goal is to "preserve the Earth" for its oligarchical sponsors, by ensuring that population is "controlled," and economic development curtailed. Such a program, as we have pointed out for decades, and many of the higher-level spokesmen for these entities admit, will lead to mass death—by famine and war.

How appropriate, then, that the WWF has recently launched a program to "adopt a vampire bat," which can be found on its website's Gift Center page. As its name indicates, the vampire bat sucks the blood of its victim, while secreting an anti-coagulant to ensure that the victim's blood keeps flowing. A perfect description of the Brutish free-trade and anti-human policy which the WWF propounds.

In our next issue, we will report extensively on LaRouche's discussions in Mexico, precisely because the strategic and economic perspective he put forward there, should provide the guidelines for the global battle to save the world's people from mass death.

We have precious little time to reverse the globalization policies which have led us to the current crisis. Over the past decades, British imperial influences, working through private and government institutions, have succeeded in tearing down virtually all the protections for the world's populations that were put in place during the Franklin Delano Roosevelt period. In their place have come the shock troops demanding depopulation and rule by the "market," supposedly in the interests of helping those most in need. As you can see, just the opposite is the case—and predictably so.

On April 14, Democratic statesman Lyndon LaRouche issued the following preliminary policy guidelines for action:

  • Every nation must have the right to self-defense against famine, contrary to the genocidal free trade dictates which have been imposed by the IMF and World Bank. This means the right to carry out export controls, nation-to-nation agreements, and whatever price-fixing measures which may be required to guarantee food security to its people.

  • A coalition of nations must come together to immediately put measures into effect that will increase food production, and make it available to countries in dire need.

  • The biofuel policy pushed by British agent Al Gore must immediately be reversed. This policy is currently wresting food from the mouths of the poor, by using up to 12% of the world's corn harvest, and a large portion of oilseeds, and even wheat, as fodder for wasteful, inherently uneconomical biofuels.

Put these three steps in the context of LaRouche's March 17 three-step program, and we're on our way to durable survival. Those measures are:

  1. enact the Homeowners and Bank Protection Act;

  2. implement a two-tier credit system to permit long-term development at low interest rates; and

  3. establish a new monetary system in collaboration with Russia, China, and India.

Mass death need not be inevitable.

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