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This editorial appears in the May 23, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

A Wake-up Call

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Lyndon LaRouche directed a specific message to Americans on May 17, in light of the recent meeting of major Eurasian nations—Russia, India, China—which announced a de facto strategic alliance against the British drive for global war and chaos. He said:

Your government is taking you to hell. All Asia is uniting against the United States, which is now following the British lead. They know Britain is the enemy, but you must realize that as well. We need a change in policy now, not after the election. Get the idiot in the White House under control, and save our nation now.

Can our nation be mobilized around this perspective now?

Clearly, if you judge your options by what the general media tell you day by day, there is virtually no hope of getting off the road to hell. The media, which are increasingly controlled overtly by British outlets like the BBC, tell you that there is still a "debate" about whether we're in a recession or not, despite the fact that the financial system is in collapse. The media tell you that the United States is facing a hostile world, from Russia on down, and that no action can be taken. The media tell you that the Democratic Party nomination has already been decided—even though there are tens of thousands of votes yet to be cast.

Are you going to believe the media, or are you going to act for your future?

Time is running short for you to decide. You are fast approaching the same situation of the Eurasian nations which just announced their determination to fight the British plan for war and genocide: Either you fight, or you are going to see your future go down the tubes.

The British oligarchy, which is determined to destroy the nations of Eurasia, is not simply aiming at those nations. They know that the only nation which can actually confound their plans is the United States, the only nation which ever totally won its independence from Great Britain. From the days of the Union victory in the Civil War forward, the British have invested untold resources in attempting to subvert the United States, to the point of its destruction.

Under the current Bush Administration, in particular, the British have been extraordinarily successful in this objective. There is clear evidence that they were involved, through the BAE apparatus, in the 9/11 atrocity, geared to send the United States into losing wars, like that in Afghanistan. After that, it was child's play to get the Bush Administration to launch war against Iraq, a war the British knew the United States could never win, but which could destroy the U.S. military, and the morale of the American people. On the domestic side, the British control of deregulated financial markets made it simple to proceed with the dismemberment of the remains of the U.S. economy, not to mention the dollar. We are seeing the results in the hyperinflation in energy and foodstuffs, as well as the collapse in productive employment and the housing market.

Who is leading the fight against this British swath of destruction? Lyndon LaRouche and his political action committee are doing their job, but that is clearly not enough. The Congress which was elected in 2006 has been almost totally subverted by the influence of British financial interests like Felix Rohatyn, who controls House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. When it comes to anything significant, they kowtow to Bush.

In fact, the only political force so far which has been responsive to the LPAC drive has been the Clinton Presidential campaign, which, unlike all others, has put its emphasis on fighting to protect the lower income population from the ravages of the ongoing depression. It is for this reason that British interests have once again, as they did in the 1990s against her husband, mobilized all-out to try to keep a Clinton out of the White House.

As the declaration from the leading Eurasian nations, one-third of humanity, should tell us, we have reached the kind of existential crisis in which we have no choice but to act. Without a President in the tradition of FDR in the white House, we are facing a British-induced World War III. Isn't it time to join the fight?

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