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This editorial appears in the September 5, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

World War III Closer Than the Elections

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In a statement issued Aug. 21, former Democratic Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche warned that the world is closer to World War III, than it is to the November Presidential elections in the United States. Nothing that happened in Denver during the Democratic Convention, or which is likely to happen during the Republican Convention this week, changes that reality.

"November is a far distance away," LaRouche said. "The world situation, and recent events, show that we are at the point of breakdown of the world system, and the threat of a thermonuclear World War III is immediate. The provocations against Russia, via George Soros and British intelligence's Saakashvili government in Georgia, are but one leading edge. Despite the focus on the Caucasus in the past weeks, the Iranian issue is very much on the table. Do not put it past Vice President Dick Cheney and his British controllers to orchestrate a major provocation there."

In fact, as LaRouche has stressed in subsequent statements, the British—for whom Cheney is simply a stooge—are determined to escalate their efforts against Russia in the immediate period ahead. The British, and the forces under their control, are locked into the same kind of mentality that characterized Robert McNamara and Gen. William Westmoreland on the eve of the Tet Offensive in January 1968. They are signalling their intent to escalate against Russia on all fronts, but have not faced the fact that, as with Tet, they cannot possibly win—although they could create a confrontation with thermonuclear implications.

Cheney's upcoming trip to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, and Italy—to begin Sept. 2—threatens to be a major point of escalation in this lunatic onslaught against Russia. The Vice President, who bears primary responsibility, along with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, for having manipulated the Bush Administration into the disastrous Iraq War in 2003, is known to be hell-bent on provoking a new war, most likely against Iran, in the months before he leaves office. The confrontational stance which Cheney, Bush, and the British have taken against Russia, helps create the conditions for such an action, which would bring horrific results.

Unfortunately, both of the current Presidential candidates can, at present, be expected to fall in line with the British-steered provocation that could lead to a World War III confrontation between Russia and the United States. Obama's close ties with British agent Soros, who functions as a kind of godfather to the Saakashvili regime, make it unlikely he would break from the British script. In the case of John McCain, he is ideologically susceptible to precisely such a British-orchestrated provocation.

Without effective leadership from either political party—and an utter disaster in the person of the nominal President George W. Bush—the only leadership available to the American people is that coming from LaRouche and his associates. LaRouche has been unique in identifying the actual strategic threat to the United States—the drive by the British to finally establish its globalized empire, and destroy the FDR tradition in the United States. Similarly, only LaRouche has offered a workable solution to the current crisis, through reviving the American System of Economics, both domestically and internationally.

It may seem incredible to many, but it's true: To stop World War III, you must listen to LaRouche.

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