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This editorial appears in the September 26, 2008 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

LaRouche: No Bailouts!
Send These Crooks to Jail

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Lyndon LaRouche responded instantly to the proposed bailout legislation from Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson on Sept. 19, by declaring a firm "No!" "No bailout can be permitted," LaRouche said. "Freeze all the speculative paper, for purposes of auditing. If you go with any kind of bailout, you lose control over the situation."

LaRouche explained,

Congress has got to get ruthless with these swindlers. I am afraid too many members of Congress are owned, outright, by the likes of George Soros and Felix Rohatyn. I don't think Congress, collectively, has the guts to act on behalf of the American people.

LaRouche warned, that if Congressmen, over the next week, actually sign into law, anything resembling the multi-trillion-dollar bailout scheme proposed on Sept. 19 by Hank Paulson, they will be greeted by swarms of furious constituents, who will see them as the slavish tools of the swindlers and thieves who brought the nation to its knees. Congress will be driven, LaRouche forecast, to return to Washington, to undo the damage, and "kick the foxes out of the henhouse."

LaRouche demanded that Congress has to

scare the Hell out of these characters. They have been looting the American people blind for the past thirty years or more. They have sent people off to jail, because they dared to get in the way of their thievery. Now it is time to turn the tables. This is not the time to make nice deals. This is not the time to be reasonable.

The nation is being robbed blind. These guys don't have anything coming to them. Poor people have been denied health care because of these swine. Millions of manufacturing jobs have been lost, millions of homes have been foreclosed, and millions of American families are living at or below poverty, explicitly because of the massive swindles perpetrated by people drawing eight-digit salaries as so-called investment bankers. Let's start frog marching them off to jail, where they belong.

LaRouche warned that to fail to take these measures, virtually assures that the nation, and the planet as a whole, will plunge into a New Dark Age, similar to the Dark Age that destroyed Europe during the middle of the 14th Century. At that time, the investment banks of the Lombard banking system, led by the House of Bardi, looted all of the kingdoms of Europe, through wars that presaged the recent Blair-Bush-Cheney Iraq War, until there was nothing left to loot. At that point, the whole system collapsed overnight.

Now, what has collapsed in Washington today, most conspicuously," LaRouche said, "is investment bankers who have repeated essentially the same practice that the Lombard bankers of the 14th Century practiced. And we are on the edge of a global, financial, economic collapse, comparable to what happened in Europe in the so-called new Dark Age of the 14th Century.

Then, as now, the world could have been saved from the horrors of a Dark Age, by a bankruptcy reorganization. In 14th-Century Europe, LaRouche warned, the bankruptcy reorganization was prevented, and, as the result, half of the parishes of Europe ceased to exist, and one-third of the population was wiped out in just two generations.

In the past days, LaRouche warned, the United States reached the same moment of truth that Europe faced when the House of Bardi collapsed.

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